Will Kanye Eboue feature against Bolton?

Hello again, glad you could make it.

It’s Saturday and that, for me, means the start of a two-week holiday. But don’t despair – unlike the festive period where I did virtually no posting I will be here every day of the week bring you your fix of all things Arsenal. I’m also looking at improving and auditing the blog as well as building a bit of social network among the regular readers, so if you’re a consistent commenter then expect an email at some point in the near future.

A more pressing matter is of course the Premiership game against Bolton and it goes without saying that we need to win this one. We’re 10 points off the top and three points off fifth and with Liverpool and Villa likely to beat Stoke and West Brom respectively we need a win to stay with the front-runners. Add in a very spicy-looking Manchester United v Chelsea match and it should be quite an interesting weekend.

Team news going into the clash is mixed. William Gallas and Mikael Silvestre have been ruled out while Kolo Toure and Denilson have returned. The timing of the Gallas injury and the return of Toure means it will be a straight swap with the manager also revealing the Ivorian will captain the side. He will partner Johan Djourou at the back and it is a great opportunity for Toure to show what he can do and perhaps force himself back into the side on a permanent basis.

In the midfield I’m hoping Wenger goes for Alex Song in the holding role with Abou Diaby a little more advanced and Denilson and Samir Nasri on the wings. There is a case for Kanye Eboue/Emmanuel West (cheers to ‘The Guardian’ for the photo) to start on the right in place of Denilson or the Brazilian being moved into the middle but I think the combination I mentioned would fair best against a Bolton side who are likely to sit back and hit on the break.

The combination of Emmanuel Adebayor and the in-form Robin van Persie means we should have goals in us at home to Bolton. I don’t normally do predictions but I’m hoping and feeling that the boys might slot home a few and see us exit with a two or three-goal win which would be exactly what the Doctor of Confidence ordered. Let’s see how it pans out.

In other brief news before I go the manager has hinted that negotiations with Andrei Arshavin are progressing while Adebayor has given his backing to injured ex-captain Gallas. His comments are quite interesting and you can read them here.

And that’s about it. Have a lovely weekend and here’s to Arsenal getting a big win over Bolton. I’ll be heading to the Pig ‘n’ Whistle Riverside in Brisbane to watch the game so if you’re a Gooner in the area be sure to get down there and we can share a beer or five.

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  1. SF, i didnt think they were showing the game on Aus tv? Has your friend, Mr. Pig ‘n’ Whistle got a special hoodicky watchimacallit thingamagig satellite?

    BTW, i do expect us to win this game.

  2. Oh man… I just checked tvguide.com and it lists other games on viewer’s choice at 1am… How can they not be showing Arsenal?? I’ll kill them… Right after I check the actual foxtel listings…

  3. 4 games on viewers choice at 1am, no Arsenal game. What are they thinking? Looks like im hooking my lappy up to the plasma 🙁

    3 points are vital tonight cause i rekon Villa will smash WBA.

  4. By the way… Where do people stream the games from? I know SF posted about that ages and ages ago, I’m just too lazy to search for it.

  5. What does everyone make of Wenger making Toure vice captain? Is he giving him this so he feels wanted or is there a hidden nessage in the demotion of Almunia… Maybe Given is an option? Im probably being way too optimistic…

  6. @SF
    I can see Eboue playing on the right and Nasri on the left with Diaby and Denilson in the middle…i know youre a huge Song fan (Kanye West by the look of todays post!!lol) but i think this is our strongest available midfield….lets hope the strikers are in the mood for it today…when they are theres no stopping them!
    @MoMoney..im confused by this as well…..im assuming this must have been part of the talks;promises AW made Toure to stop him leaving…still seems odd to be requesting a transfer one day then a few days later leading the boys out on to the park…..im a big fan of Toure and Im glad he~s staying so maybe this is a good thing….not sure what Manuel~s thinking about it thogh!!

    Also just in case anyone fancies it the game is on over here on ESPN Brasil….1300(Brasilian time) more than welcome to pop over…beers are in the fridge!

  7. I cant believe they still dont show anything but a select few champions league games in the states…

  8. @MoMoney
    Just to rub it in a little Im completely spoilt over here…Brazil show on average 6 games each weekend…two at 3oclock on a saturday..a novelty for an englishman as these are never shown in the uk on any station.

    My only gripe this weekend is they keep hyping the Man U Chelsea match as the Classico….which i find annoying seeing as its only been a big game for the last few years…id understand if liverpool Man U was termed as a classic.

    @SF…is it me or have you written this on your old blog server….the normal page hasnt updated so im guessing only subscribers are reading this one!!

  9. Good find on the photo SF . I had a laugh. It would be awesome if Eboue put one in the net and pulled out the Kanye glasses and put them on.

    And I’m with MaMoney over in the states so sometimes there really is no option but stream if you can’t make it to the pub. I use the same site to stream that AR posted. Although I do have a large enough cable package to get more than just the Champions League.

    I have to imagine the Toure-Wenger conversation went something like this.

    Wenger: No. You’re staying. Be patient.

    Meanwhile Gallas gets a knock.

    Wenger: Told you so.

    Kolo: You’re the professor Boss thanks for the vice captaincy. Gunner till I die.

    C’mon lads lets show Bolton how we play.

  10. Generally agree with you Spanish about the team for today, although I’d like to see Denilson play in the middle. I’ve always seen him as an understudy to Cesc, as he doesn’t really have the pace to play wide and he’s definitely not a DM. He’s got the vision and the passing ability to play in central midfield. I salute all you Gooners based in parts of the world where you have to stay up half the night to watch the games live. I used to think you need to be able to go to the ground and support the team live to be a real supporter, but reading this blog over the last year or so has definitely changed my mind.

    You guys are all true Gooners!

    You’re all right about us needing all 3 points today. I’m afraid I disagree with you Spanish that we still have a chance to win the Premiership. I’m firmly in ramugunner’s camp in thinking we’re fighting to retain our 4th place “top 4” status and make sure we’re playing CL football next term.
    Interesting to see Rafa Benitez’ rant against Ferguson yesterday (see link below):-


    He’s definitely got a point. That bastard gets away with murder, and it seems the FA are scared stiff of him. He needs bringing down a peg or two. What do you guys think?

    It’s bleedin’ freezing over here at the moment (-10C last night), so it’s back on with the thermals for today’s game!

  11. @Fatboy
    I loved his rant….the fact he had it all written down….im not sure whether its good for benitez tho as it shows hes feeling the pressure but as far as summing fergie up he got that right!!

  12. @ Luxinbrazil:-

    You’re right about him having it all written down. I’m glad someone’s finally come out and said what most of us have been thinking for ages; the bloke thinks he’s God. His comments are becoming more and more outrageous, especially the claim that the fixtures are deliberately set against Man U, when all their games at home to other top 4 teams are all in the second half of the season. I just hope the FA start to show some bollocks and clamp down on him a bit.

  13. normally i don like eboue playin at all. he sacks, i’m hopin for wenger 2 sign arshavin so that he[eboue] con be gone 4 good.KENYAN GUNNER

  14. Anyone remember when Ferguson went mad at the referee after the portsmouth game, and then there was a massive issue with the FA wherein the appealed against their own decision. He has far too much power and has been getting inside the heads of referess for a long time now. Benitez has done well to stand up to him, and I hope that some of the best refs will try and stand up to him now.

  15. Not a very convincing 1st half for us!!!!We defntly need to sign Arshavin, I hope this will wake PHW up, by breaking his bank and go shopping.This cant caryy on like this guys, only one single shot so far!!!@ the Emirates!!!!Scared Bolton!!!!,No creative play, either from the wings or Midfld centre.I just wanna smash my head into my Tv, to get myself in The emirates’dressing room and talk to those guys.

  16. Eboue has been one of our best and positive performers today. Diaby has to move wide left for Nasri to play AM. He offers no creativity and assistance to his strikers

  17. Amen. Nasri now in the middle. Tighten yuor seatbelts ladies and gentlemen. That is if your couch has one

  18. 1-0 to the Arsenal. We are becoming like Manure, Chelsea and ‘pool, we are managing to scrape through against defensive teams, i love it. Bolton had 10 players in their box 95% of the time. Bendy the goal scorer.

  19. I hate to say I told you so…but I said on here just yesterday that Bendtner will score important goals. What happened when he came on? Putting himself about, being a nuisance and then getting a foot on the end of that ball. How can you not love this guy?
    Also, Taygoon, were you not defending Diaby yesterday? We were better when he came off.

  20. That was a poor game, to be fair, but a great result against a Bolton side that were rather defensively minded, to say the least. The tenacity to keep going and eventually break through is a trait that I think we are learning this season, and should allow us to pick up more points on the leaders. Also hats off to Bendy for coming on and making the difference in the end.

  21. I would like to send a big ‘Boo’ to Diaby. I’d like to think that after yet another rubbish performance from him today we will soon be saying ‘By’ to him as he is ‘Dia’-bolical.

    Apart from that – well done Gunners! Foolish Bolton to try and sit and defend for 90 minutes at The Grove! They’d a stood a chance if they’d attacked judging from our last shaky few mins. Ar-sen-al!!

  22. Diaby was rubbish, honestly. Vela, Vela, Vela, that boy has earned his place in the team, Wenger has give him a chance. Again, we started with Diaby and Denilson in CM and we were pathetic, but Nasri switched to CM when Vela came on and we were far better. At the moment, a Eboue-Nasri-Denilson-Vela midfield is our best option.

  23. Yes, Gibbs. And then when Cesc and Rosicky come back – Rosicky, Nasri, Fabregas and Vela with Eboue on the bench. Also Ramsay and Wilshire need to be gradually integrated.

  24. just glad for the three points. 21 games gone and villa are lookin real dangerous. being from n.ireland myself i hope arsene and the team arent underestimating the wee irishman, cause he has built a young and hungry team there. a couple of mature and sensible signings in the defensive department should see us havin a good run in. peace out peeps

  25. got to agree….Diaby was very poor today….nasri impressed yet again….Ade didnt…..RVP was better and the subs were sublime!…..i even thought Toure and Djourou had a great time at the back
    Its always tough when a team play with ten men behind the ball and i thought we were going to struggle to break them but a fantastic ball by RVP and an even better finish by the green booted bentner saved us…i believe we had about 70% of posession too……lets hope Stoke can pull something out of the bag now and its game on!

  26. A win is a win is a win.

    Eye-witness report of motor accident in tunnel under Manchester Airport states “The Ferrari was lightly touched from behind and then suddenly rolled over three times”. The driver later complained that the wall was not 10 yards away!

  27. BRRRRRRRRR it was very cold in the Emirates today! Frankly, the perfromance didn’t exactly warm me up either. Still 3 points in the bag, and yes Spanish and Old Timer, a job well done by Bendtner! Perhaps he’s good for 10 mins at the end of each game! I agree with you guys that Diaby was poor again, and that Nasri had a good game. It’s good that we’re finally beginning to learn how to overcome teams that come to the Emirates and park the bus, but with 75% possession and 19 shots, a single goal is a poor return. I thought Spanish’ prediction of a 3 goal win was a bit optimistic, but we only just scraped through today. This was a game where we needed the vision and precision of Fab in the middle. Liverpool 0-0 at the moment, let’s hope it lasts and Chelsea-Man U is a draw tomorrow!

  28. Yeah herrykissingher, Villa are only 1 point behind the Chavs and just 4 behind ‘pool im starting to get worried. We have to get them out of the top 4 asap, still think they wont last, but they are certainly making the most of the oportunities they get.

  29. Liverpool 0-0. A great result for us. We need another draw tomorrow now, and well at last start clawing our way nearer the other top 3. I’m with you Gibbs, Villa aren’t showing any signs of letting up. I think we may have to rely on them getting a few injuries in the second half of the season. They’re squad is even thinner than ours, so a few knocks to key players may mean they drop a few vital points.

  30. @Old Timer;

    Yes, I was defending Diaby yesterday. But if you read my posts yesterday I “categorically” said “Diaby is too selfish at the moment” and I wanted Nasri as AM with Vela on the left and Bendtner on the right. Diaby is trying to impress to hold a position in the team and is becoming too desperate. Once he gets over that he will do very well.

    I said since dec 2007 that my pecking order for our strikers is Van-Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, and then Adebayor. I have always said Vela should START at LM even if it meant Nasri sitting on the bench. Now I have second thoughts about Cesc position as I believe Nasri brings more to it than the maestro does. What I said yesterday also was that we can be deadly if we have Nasri partnering Denilson at CM, RVP partnering Eduardo up front, Vela on the left and Theo/Bendtner on the right. I went on some length to eplain why I think Bendtner would be useful on the right. What I didn’t say was I believe strikers-cum-wide MF are deadly attacking crosses at the far post than conventional wingers.

    I do think Diaby has managed to play himself out of CM contention for this season and Vela has played himself in at LM. Eboue should be worried about Bendtner at RM, although it was not his day as far as passing goes, but he was effective in pegging them back and throw himself about. Like I said yesterday “he can not be ignored there”.

    I once had food poisoning and couldn’t start a final game for my team and everyone of my team mates thought I was just being a prima-donna. So they were pissed at me. My name remained on the team sheet though, and after they couldn’t open up the opposition, I dressed up and was put in with 5 mins to go. My team mates were so furious with me they would rather kick the ball outside rather than passing it to me. I had only one CM who was willing to pass the ball to me and I was double marked all the time. One clever pass with 2 defenders and a GK in front of me I blasted the damn thing through both defenders and the ball hit both GK’s legs before blasting in. It was the ugliest goal I have ever scored, the sweetest( I saved the arses of the players who did’t want to play me on the day) and we lifted the trophy on a 1-0.

    Point here is with strikers like Bendtner and Vela lurking wide, as long as they can run and cross the ball and get themselves in the box, they can get you an odd goal or two.

    By the way I am heavily right footed and was played on the LM that day!

  31. Pple, Ade should be shipped to Cambodia to rot away and get in a striker that is really hungry for GOAL,the man is getting me mad week-in-week-out. The bookmakers will be put to shame when we grab the EPL title few months to come. with the Stoke vs Pool result today and possible same moro. The sky will be our spring board for winning CL,FA and EPL. That is the sole reason why we need someone that will take all opportunity that comes his way in front of goal. (Not ADE-B4)

  32. I hope AW start with the same lineup that ended the game today for our next game with the exception of Ramsay out for Adebayor. I am getting sick of the Manager waiting for 60 mins to change the team. We were a deferent team with Vela in and Nasri in the middle than we were in before the changes. I know that with those changes we are very effective and I believe the AW knows it too. Why he doesn’t start some player in certain positions, I don’t know. But unless he is under contract to only make subs at the hour’s mark, he should get serious and start the game the way he wants to end it.

  33. Pple, we definitely need that deaf player like ARSHAVIN who is highly creative and can take risk. I must say that if we had gotten his class in 2day’s game, he would have unlocked Bolton’s 9man defence earlier and we would have produced not less than 4 wonderful goals.

  34. The emergence of Nasri as a very effective CM means we don’t need Arshavin. We have Vela who has looked stronger today than before, to cover LM and with Rosicky to come back, we can just save the money we may spend on Arshavin. Diaby is VERY good. His needs to accept the fact that he does not have to do it all on his own. otherwise he is very good.

    With AW comments about not signing anyone in the “defensive side” means NO defender, and NO Defensive Midfielder. Denilson haters will just have to live with him. Bischoff on the bench today also says something about possible signings this window.

  35. @Taygoon,I’d love to see Eduardo and Rosicky back again but franckly we cant rely on them for now or expect them miracliously to perform the way they used to so quickly.They will still take sometime reach that performance and it wont be days or weeks but months.2ndly, We need Arshavin if we can get him,I think this is a must.Bemdtner is good,no doubt about that, but he just doesnt have the quality of a winger to give a gud run.He did it today and during the few recent games he played for the last 10 or 15mn,becoz there was sometime that he’s been totaly left on the bench, so he had to proove himslef.But give him more time on the pitch again then you will see!!!!Striker or winger,he just doesnt have that fast run to go and launching himself and ask for the ball.i would always prefer to see eboue on the RW.
    “Walcott/Bendtner” on the RW?????You cant even put him next to Eboue on the wing so how can you put him next to Walcott???? Bendtner is good as a striker, the guy is ofcourse a goal minded player which is a huge point for him but he needs to work on his run,not standing there,waiting to be passed with the ball and then trying to be a hero like Diaby.

  36. .The four full back were all wonderfull today.I loved that shot from Toure,Gallas doesnt do that so often.
    Diaby has been very ugly today he shud have played right in front(might have shown different performances,I think thats his best spot but must give up RVP in that case which would never happen),Eboue has been wonderfull today but dont know why has he got tired so quickly, Ade was not convincing, for not saying ugly,Nasri was wonderfull to watch in term of individual performances but in term of team work, I think he was a bit selfish on his dribble.There was a lot of time that we could have outplayed Bolton with their 10 men defence line, where nasri could have passed the ball to Clichy from his gud run and could have possibly ended with a nice goal attempt or a cross, but Nasri kept the ball so long and Bolton 10men backline were back again to defend.
    RvP was hard working,Deni played too deeep in the flanks, he could have given some more run on our attack which Diaby has never been able to do.Vela really showed difference,Ive always liked the boy.And finally the Dane,He’s more lucky when he doesnt wear his Pink boots!!!!I dont know abt him and cant comment so much on his concern, all I know is:the guy has defntly got something thats why AW is havin faith in him for not selling him or sending him on loan, but his run was just wonderfull today.(Which is not his usual quality)
    To me,I always look at the runs, the way the players run and position themeselves on the pitch.I like watching players spreading all over the pitch with good runs, cutting from side to side with a very fast attack launch.Thts why im a gunner fan coz thats what Arsenal does best.And I havent seen much of that kind of play this season so far.
    En breif,most of our players are always standing and waiting to be passed the ball and then dribble,They can only run when they have the ball but cannot run to launch an attack without the ball.AS ICE BABA said above, nobody want to take risk and do something.We still dont have that usual fast and good quality Arsenal way attack.And this actual team is still far to be able to perform that kind of play.We defntly need Arsha or somebody else of Hleb-like or especially Rosicky-like, Pires… anybody close to those lads, otherway we will sink.We were just so close to a draw today again.Vela must find his way to be on the starting 11, so that Nasri can be pushed in the middle with Deni and Eboue in the RW.We really miss that good runs from the midfld, its seems like they are all tired down there on the pitch,I could see Toure really hungry of launching it but our Midfldr cant just perform a speedy run attack launch.

  37. I fully disagree about Diaby. Of all of the people in the squad I feel he is the least capable at his job. He has the physical skills but most people at that level do as well. To be a creative influence you have to see and understand the game and how it develops. Diaby does not. Even his moments of brilliance are the result of being in a situation where he only has one guy to beat and goes by him with his dribbling skills. All that being said he is not a horrible player and could develop into a good one, but at the moment if I had to replace anyone it would be him.

    As for Arshavin, i didnt watch the game but creativity was lacking according to what I read. He will provide that along with making up for some of Adebayor’s horrible finished by doing it himself. Im all for the signing and if it is for 12 million like is being reported then I will be ecstatic. A DMF should still be pursued though. Even if it is on of Wenger’s young French starlets that nobody has ever heard of. We need someone with the capability of being a physical presence in the middle field, and with all of the injuries they will get a chance as well…

  38. P.S. In the summer if there is a chance of a swap of Adebayor for Benzema or any other capable big striker I am all for it. I dont hate the guy but he is not the deadly striker we need up front. He is basically used to hold up the ball and attract the defense while the others try to score… He is serviceable but can be upgraded and if Bendtner develops like he should, learning to hold up the ball and pass, he will provide us with everything Adebayor does.

  39. There is no chance of that happening MoMoney. Benzema has come out and said he “dreams” of Real Madrid.

    But then again, i can remember Arshavin saying he “dreams” of Barca too 😉

  40. Doesnt have to be Benzema- just someone who is big and is a natural scoring threat- Something Adebayor is not IMO

  41. Well, kids, as the week draws to an end we still haven’t bought anybody – despite further evidence, in Saturday’s game, that someone – or preferable ones – is/are needed. You wouldn’t have thought, with an hour of the match gone, that many of our players were staring into the abyss of any last vague League Title hope as they dithered about, passing the ball back and forth to each other. Fortunately The Great Man made some subs and they proved positive. But still…

    I was a bit shocked to see us so nearly give away the points again right at the end. Seems like they never learn – which is why a 1-0 is not a good win for us anymore, unlike the George Graham days when the defence was as tight as a gnats arse. Of course I prefer us under Arsene, but not this season as we’ve lost that attacking spark.
    Ade seemed terribly lazy again to me – it’s not that I don’t rate him but if we did buy Arshavin maybe Ade could be sacrificed in some way to let Vela in? At least until he either pulls his finger out or f*cks off to another club which is what he looks like he wishes he was doing.
    Oh god I’m boring myself with the complaints –

    It was nice to see Kolo back and he played well. Let’s hope he can keep Gallas out. I hope everyone was happy with Almunia as I thought he also had a good game.

    I think our complaints are fair. Week after week we’re not watching the Arsenal we love. But the truth is that absolutely any team might have struggled against such a defensive performance from Bolton. And let’s not forget that Bolton have given us many problems in the past when we still had Henry, Pires, Viera etc.

    Villa got lucky again – another OG. The bright side of this season is that although the matches aren’t great (and I include the other challengers in that too) the competition is very exciting.

  42. Boys,

    Without fail you can always catch a game on http://www.atdhe.net! We are well on are way to the best PL campaign ever. I am conviced with some proper reinforcements Arsenal may capture a few trophies this year.

  43. Radads RSA;

    “Walcott/Bendtner” on the RW?????You cant even put him next to Eboue on the wing so how can you put him next to Walcott???? ,,

    That Walcott is a striker, so is Bendtner. When I want to go with 4 strikers, Eboue doesn’t fit in.

    The thing about conventional midfielders/wingers is that they are good with striking the ball from a distance/crosses and some good dribles but don’t necessarilly have the calmness and the ability of the strikers when very close to goal. With strikers, it is always a menace to leave them hanging around the box. The way we play, our RBs pushes alot up and end up delivering the crosses and runs wingers should do. In that case, whoever we have on the wings will move inside and we end up of having 4 midfielders(part time assassins) at the edge of/or just inside the box. With strikers, you end up having 4 full blooded assassins in the box, since they are strikers, they tend to take positins closer to the goal than MFs, and it should scare the heck out of any defense. One stray ball and 1 poke can get you a goal.

    Arshavin has a return, of a goal in every 4.39 appearances(average over his carreer) in the Russian league and you will bet he gets 90 minutes most of the time. Compare that to Bendtner in the EPL with an average of a goal every 3.79 apps, most of them as a 70+ mins sub. Eduardo 1 in 1.59 apps, Nasri i in 4 apps, and Rosicky 1 in 4.6 apps playing wide in the EPL.

    Either the guy has to improve his form and returns or he is already inferior to a lot of what he is supposed to replace.

  44. Arshavin also averages close to as many assists as goals each year… and he is the focal point of his team no doubt… I think he will slot in real nice

  45. Adebayor needs to be fed, and do well with Cesc feeding him killer balls. The more creative and selfish CMs like Nasri and Diaby tend to hog the ball, go at defenders before they try to pass, which cut down Ade’s supply that is why he had to get outside the box too much to get the ball himself and when the ball gets in the box, he is nowhere to be seen. It is how certain players play that makes the likes of Adebayor or RVP tick. RVP on the other hand can thrive with selfish players around him because he looks for them and he is in position to help when they get themselves into trouble. How many times did Adebayor drift Offside today???, and Last games without Cesc?!?!?

  46. Good point MoMoney. About 1 assist in 3 apps. Now is he a first choice penalty taker? free kick? corners? some of those thing can do wonders on ones assist tally

    Just to add to the stats, RVP has averaged 1 goal in 1.91 appearances, with Adebayor 1 in 1.81 so far for the season(1 in 2.93 for his carreer) with an improved 1 in 2.21 for his EPL carreer.

    We may just be buying another luxury player imo. I don’t deny that he is good though.

  47. Bendtners return for this season is 1 in 2.71 apps. Not shabby for the kind of criticism he gets

  48. To do justice to Arshavin( I used carrer stats) his return this season for his club is worse than his carreer return, 1 goal in 4.86 apps, 7 out of 34 apps with 8 assists. Is he starting to go downhill??

  49. @ Tay
    Arshavin is tired of playing for Zenit. Maybe he is doing it on purpose to lower his pricetag?

  50. Ade really should have tucked away that goal, yeah you know the one. It’s very interesting to see Nasri playing better in CM.

    Geez, someone’s a stat freak, lol.

  51. Like I said Arshavin is also the focal point of that entire team… Every opponent is aiming to stop him. He is a natural footballer are will succeed at Arsenal. I actually like Ade but I think in a years time Bendtner will give us the exact same things… A big physical dangerous header who can hold up the ball and finish when needed (not deadly by any means). We should swap Ade this summer for someone who is a natural deadly goal scorer while he still has value…

  52. Ade has never been the same since the Eduardo injury. Eduardo was a major contributor to Ade’s goal scoring spree last season. The guy misses too many chances at times, and it does get a little annoying.

  53. BTW, i still think he is a good striker. He must not be sold.

    Bendtner = super sub. Maybe super striker in the future.

  54. Bye Arshavin, we’ll be listening to Wenger’s speeches 2 years from now about how he almost signed you.

  55. Yea but I was being naively optimistic because I really feel like Arshavin and a solid young DMF of any type would seriously put us back on track for the season… I guess our only hope now is that Arshavin insists on Arsenal which I doubt… Though I read that Arsenal offered 13.5 million and 6 million in incentives depending on how much he plays… Either way Man City will probably offer more… I will be heartbroken… I was already preparing the messages I was gonna send all my Man U friends…

  56. “There are lies, damned lies and statistics” to quote Disraeli. I really don’t think you can judge Arshavin on those stats. I like to think that he’s a bloke who’s managed to draw attention to himself by playing good, attractive football and is desperate for the chance to shine in the spotlight, playing for a classy footballing team – and where better than Arsenal for that?
    Of course I may be wrong and he may be a completely over-hyped flop but it’s worth a punt isn’t it? He can’t make us any worse! And Arsene generally buys well. When he buys…

  57. Chillout MoMONEY, nothing has been confirmed yet. Like i said, those rumours may not be true.

  58. Yea it could bu Zenit trying to drive the price up tbh… This has happened a few too many times for me though. All I want is to see the Arsenal of old dominate in style…

  59. The story about City hijacking Arshavin is just Zenit trying to drive the fella’s price up. Don’t believe it.
    Thank God for 1 – 0 to the Arsenal.

  60. Hey Spanish Fry. I think u were overly optimistic over the goals we were gonna get yesterday. I think we should just expect a max of 2 goals a game from now on.

  61. The more i think about it ..the more i disect Wengers comments the more i believe Arshavin is a smoke screen….i reckon hes not even a target but players like Arteta and Ireland are but while the media hype up the Arshavin move Wenger can get good quality deals for good quality players!

  62. Lol, Chavs 0 Manure 3. Chavski got the beating of their lives. If they keep this up, they might lose a CL spot.

  63. @Taygoon, you are talkin abt winger’s alternative jobs here, if I really understand ur comment.
    My point of view is all about the basics of a whole team work, which is basically the normal and logic way of each players on the pitch, depending on their job and their spot on the field.Wingers are meant to launch attack, thats their primary job.They score goals like Gerrard or Lamps or Ribery etc..Yeah thats wonderfull!!!!but they are wingers and are appointed to that job coz they are good at launchin an attack for the team.Bendtner is good at scoring goals, and I really regret abt all the bad things Ive said abt the guy but I can see that he has got bright future ahead of him.I saw all the 19 and 20-21yrs old plyrs in other clubs and I could say that he is one of the best.But for now I just dont see winger in his blood,I see a lot of goals.
    Arshavin is dfntly gud for us my friend.If the speculation abt Mancity is true, then Id say that we will dfntly say gudbye to the title race.I dont know but this is just my opinion.I started to forget abt CDM,I personnaly think that our football is 80% based on our attack, and thts why we ve always lost those games coz our players couldnt perform the attack tactics which is basically launched by our gud attacking midfld wingers and thts why we need a guy like Arshavin.There is no threat at all agst our opponents and this situation will give them the chance to attack and reverse the situation.Our strong attacking quality has always decreased the attackin ability of our opponents,and Rosicky is one of the players who can perform that kind of game but We cant rely on him to be directly fully fit when he is back.Walcott and Fab will reco0ver very quickly on the pitch coz they have already had some game durin the startin of the season but Rosicky and Dudu arent yet ready to give us that performance even if they will be ready tomrw.They will start on bench and then will start slowly on the 11 depending on the club we will play agst and only after 4 – 5 games that you will see them really gud.Look at Drogba today agst Manu, he has always lost the ball, after a few months of injury.

    They are trying to push Arsenal on the price, and I beleive that Arshavin is really starving to play for us.The guy cares a lot abt Club’s reputation, but still we will loose him if somebody else will put down a better offer.

  64. Pple, let us keep it kool for now about ARSHAVIN in or not so that we well not be worked up. As much as lots of us want him in I dont think it will be a problem if finally he slips to Man City or elsewhere. My take is that AW should dig deep into the Jan. window and get those 2-3 world class we need. As 4 Chavski, they have passed their time. If anyone cares to listen, I say this is our year, all we need is Wenger BUY!

  65. Haha good news… I have calmed way down (mostly because my favorite NFL team the Steelers dominated and are now in the semi-final)… It was more of a spur of the moment post/ reaction. Great news though. Foolish to think Wenger wouldnt consider the chance of Man City… He knows what he is doing. Cant wait to see the kid play

  66. Unreal performance by man united today….

    Coaching genius playing giggs and fletcher in the middle…tell you what i was shocked to see that pairing. Enjoying see berbatov playing at his best again. Pure class on the ball when his in this form.

    Only reason im posting here is to show the importance of the experienced players.


    wenger has made a big mistake getting rid of the boys who have done it all before for him. Kids dont win you tournaments

  67. What a disgrace Chelsea is all of a sudden… Lost to all 3 of the other big 4… Mourinho must be so happy haha

  68. Radads RSA; I agree with you on wingers launching attacks, but in our setup it is our full backs doing it most of the times. In that case, why not have actual strikers waiting to pounce?

    Arshavin is good, I will say it again. The reason I brought up the stats(Sorry AR, it has become something I haven’t been able to avoid for about 15 years), is that I see people here are setting their hopes up too high. He is by no means our saviour and I for one wouldn’t flinch if we don’t sign him.

    By the way, Chavskis are just 4 points ahead of us and if we beat them, we are just 1 point behind them. That means they can not afford to drop any point more than us and we are on them. With Villa only 1 point behind Chavskis, it will be interesting to see if people will write off Chelsea’s chances of finishing above Villa.

    Somehow I get the feeling that it will be Man U and Arsenal in the end with us nicking it at OT on May 16th! Anfield ’89 anyone?

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