Will Diaby and Denilson make it to the World Cup?

I’m not sure how happy Arsene Wenger will be about this but both Abou Diaby and Denilson have been talking up how much they’d love to play in next year’s World Cup in South Africa.

In-form Diaby has said making the World Cup is a big aim of his and he will “do everything to be part of that” while Denilson declared that it would be his dream to play in the World Cup for Brazil”.

While I’m sure every Arsenal supporter – most of all the manager – would like the pair to be focused on the current season and not the World Cup, it’s good to hear the pair stating their ambitions. It shows they are stepping up as players and expecting to achieve more than they have which to me suggests their confidence is up and they’re beginning to fulfill their potential.

I have tickets to both Brazil vs Portugal and a Round of 16 match featuring France’s group so personally I’d love to see them play in South Africa.

But will they make it?

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  1. Hrm, if Denilson can play well while Song is away, I’d say he might get a call up to the squad. While sometimes I’m disappointed by him, I am fond of legohead.

  2. Interesting point made in a comment on goodplaya.com comparing Diaby’s big improvement in the last two games and consistency with the progress of Song over the last two seasons. It does say somethign that when a player with obvious talent avoids injury and plays regularly, they begin to shine.

    Case in point – Song (obviously), but remember Flamini – even a legend such as him took some time to come to fruition. Toure was fairly rotten when he first came to the Emirates (I recall him playing in the midfield/up front though!). Hopefully, Diaby’s current renaissance is a sign of things to come.

  3. I think they are not good enough for the WC. They are still young and have many oppotunities in the future.

  4. Diaby will certainly be in the France squad if he is fit, Denilson may need to wait for the next world cup…but i still think he is better than that melo

  5. diaby is a great talent……i really do see him improving his game……but i dont think he will make it to next years W.C……denilson definately nooo…..

  6. Diaby has a 50% chance, as for Denilson, I don’t see it happening not even the next world cup.

  7. Provided that they don’t get injured and play consistently at a higher level for Arsenal, they certainly don’t hurt their chances for selection.

    Dunga has an idea of how he wants to play and selects his team based on that. Two defensive midfielders and quick counter attack. Brazil is awash of midfielders of every trade, but a lot of them have been left out of the team. Melo is not doing well at Juve right now, but Deni has to get at least one friendly game under his belt before being selected for the final. I don’t know how that works for him if he doesn’t even get a look in.

    Since Domenech arrived, the French never looked the part. Everyone will point out the 2006 WC run as a proof, but I believe the team would have got to the final regardless of who the coach was. Domenech is unpredictable and don’t think he knows what he is doing. He never figured out how and who to play. May be if Diaby’s stars lined up right, he may get in. Seriously though, barred any disaster, Diaby has every chance to be in South Africa.

  8. i dont believe either will unfortunately, but both are key components for arsenal, and i hope they both continue to improve. both will make world cup appearances in the future

  9. Diaby has been in the picture for France for years. Unless he has injury problems he’s got a very good chance. As for Denilson, remember how long Edu had to wait…

  10. Well Dunga has to get his foot out of his Arse. He is currently playing Melo (who is shit for Juventus), Gilberto (Who is a legend but not half the player he once was) and Lucas Leiva (Truly a shit player). The fact Denilson hasn’t received a call up is just beyond me

  11. @ Oskar – Yep. Personally I’d probably have Melo, Gilberto (who is the leader in there) and Anderson but that’s just me. Lucas is fairly rubbish.

  12. Well, Melo has been awful this season. If he is picked ahead of Denilson, ill be shocked.
    Diaby will go if he stays fit.

  13. Both should get called up because they are far superior to many of the options who are already in the squads.

  14. Diaby, yes. Denilson, no. Denilson does’nt have the skill to be in Dunga’s team. Sorry guys… I’m just being honest.

  15. Denilson and Diaby, I cant say who’s better. But when it comes to World Cup, Denilson’s totally out. As for Diaby, it’s 50-50 for me.

  16. In the last two games, Diaby was really outstanding! Sometimes, when watched him play, I think someday he might be as skillful as Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. Sounds impossible but it can happen. Just believe in him ( Diaby ).

  17. i thnk denilson really has chance if he does well in da second part of da season… diaby has always been selected 4 france wen he is fit… nd rockn gunz is an idiot 4 sayn denilson has no skill

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