Wigan v Arsenal: Open Thread

Hey guys, just opening up a discussion thread for tonight’s game against Wigan.

We should really knock off Martinez’s Wigan, who sit second-from-bottom, and with a good squad available that looks likely.

Enjoy the game and play nice!

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  1. We’re currently stuck in 7th place. Wigan is (as usual) in the relegation zone. And they are particularly bad this season. So bad, that after one of their rare wins against Sunderland, Steve Bruce was promptly sacked. On paper, this is not really a contest, especially if we play our big guns (van Persie, Walcott, et al). But if anything, the worldwide Gooner community should have learned a great deal of humility over these past few seasons. Anything can (and indeed HAS) happened.
    All that being said, it would be a real disappointment to drop points after our recovery to the dreadful beginning of our season. This is a great opportunity to continue our progress, get some more plus on the our goal differential (which isn’t good), bag three points and rest our top guys before the Champions League tie against Olympiakos. But it’s been a long time since the Arsenal ever made it that easy. My fingers are crossed,,,and I say 5-2 to us. It’s breakout time…

  2. Arsenal need to recover, as the past two games have seen the Gunners unlucky not to come out with a win, anything but a win will not satisfy Arsene Wenger

  3. Back to the p league,what an unpleasant day at emirates,hard work which was reward with a smack n slam of the door behind our backs,no league cup so where to now probably fa cup but will the players even be interested in it,as arshavin, squalluci,miguel n surely chamakh will definitely cleaning their locker room out for elsewhere,but that another story for january.
    I had a look at the euro 2012 and I feel its justice served its not great but interesting there A group of life, everyone has a chance to get out of the group n B group of death,we always say can’t wait for quarter finals and get to see the stronger teams, sometimes the strong teams don’t get to meet each other n drop out of the competition,but now we get to see them play and still get to see which strong teams meets in the quarter finals.

  4. Morning All,
    Thanks for the gameday thread Drew,much appreciated.
    Chelsea just took the lead at Newcastle (0-1) in the 42nd minute despite looking very dodgey at the back and conceeding most of the possession. I hope it ends in a draw and gives us the chance to pick up 2 points and some goal difference on both of them.
    @the Flyingdutchmen
    Dutch you are too upbeat dude. Oh well, as long as we continue to do our part and beat Wigan that is all what matters. It would be nice to see someone else besides Robin bag a goal or two. Walcott and Giant Brain seem likely what about a BFG header from a set-piece? Now I’m really California dreaming.

  5. Well, Newcastle put up a scrap for 80 minutes than rolled over and went down like the Bismarck. 3-nil Chelsea FT. So we can pick up ground on the bloody Gordies but we will have to come up with a four goal win to get any differential on the Chavs.

  6. After a pretty indifferent start 2 quick goals, a bomb by Arteta from the run of play and a header from TV5 from a corner has us up 2-nil.
    Great work from Song and Ram in the midfield and a fine tackle by BFG as the first half ran down,
    45′ to go but we have our noses out in front (so far).

  7. @leftcoastgooner: “So we can pick up ground on the bloody Gordies but we will have to come up with a four goal win to get any differential on the Chavs.”

    >>>as requested.

  8. Nice job by our guys for a four goal win and a good follow-up victory by Fulham over Liverpool.
    With Chelsea hosting Man$ity this and S***s at Stoke we could concievably get back into a champions league spot before Christmas. However, Aston Villa will not be pushovers so we will have to keep the ball rolling so-to-speak and collect all three points.
    I wonder who will play in Athens tomorrow? Park? Arshavin? Maybe Frimpong,Coq and Ox. I still think we could win it.

  9. Wenger you have only yourself to blame for this,we didn´t really need this match,so why field some1 like andre santos and TV5? You knew this was the only left back we had left,but still played him.now he´s out i don´t know for how long,that means playing TV5 as a left back against everton.pushing Kos back into the middle,and what happens at the right back position? Is jenkinson back? Cause honestly speaking,i don´t feel comfortable with djourou playing there,

  10. That performance this morning was shocking.

    For everyone who wants arshavin to play centrally, this morning was the reason why he does not play there or get a start. wayward passes everywhere. lack of an effort, slow. he is now past it unfortunately.

    Chamakh has the touch of a rapist and fabianski and mannone for absolutely terrible.

    I can not say that anyone arsenal player on the pitch today actually played decently. Except maybe benayoun and Ox… even though Ox barely saw the ball..

    We played completely different to how we have been today. Through the middle more than through the wings…

    Chamakh is so so so bad.. untilnow i had been backing him and thought his touch and general play would improve… but he really is a donkey isnt he?

    did santos get hurt?? I didnt notice that i must have been making breakfast then. Miquel was not terrible.. but he also was not very good.

    Backline for the weekend looks like being:

    djourou mertesacker kos TV5

    Djourou at right back was terrible tonight…. I can only hope he brings back his form from the previous games at right back when he looked more solid than usual… we need some cover at right back from the january window if possible.a loan but I do not think this will happen.

    We definitely need another striker though… I have a feeling podolski will be coming in.. i don’t think kalou will as he is Cup tie for the CL…. but you never know..

  11. I missed the game.but saw the final scoreline. I take it from gunna sha’s statement that Santos got injured. That;s not good even if it does’nt change the group standings. He has become an important member of our back four and we may miss him in up-coming premiership battles that we really can’t afford to lose if we want a top four finish.
    Hopefully it’s not too bad. I’m going to the team website to see if the is any news on the possible severity.

  12. Hi, just want i didnt want for an early christmas present, santos n fabianski injury scare and whether the boys can weather the storm with out them.I was too surprised that wenger played that side, i would rather wish we that winning the group came to the last game, when the boys went to the final they stay undefeated and went without conceding now its just history, but the boys will get on the barn wagon again, hey leftcoastgooner i am here in singapore airport where there is free movies, tours, free feet massages and a rexaling venue just what all the gooners need, just waiting for the plane at 9 to auckland. cheers!

  13. @the Flyingdutchmen

    Dutch you lucky dog! I’m at work sneeking peeks at the Champions League matches and hoping my Gila Monster of a boss has a very long lunch.
    Manchester United down to Basel 0ne-nil at the break. Maybe Sir Alex will have to walk out on another post CL interview, Hyuk,Hyuk.
    The only scare I get from Fabiansky is when he’s in goal.
    Have fun Bubba I gotta get back to work here.

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