Why Rosicky and Eduardo CAN be relied up this season + Fabregas’ slick new look

Hello again fellow Arsenal FC Blog buddies – hope you’re feeling good this fine Thursday.

It’s a long post today so I’ll get straight on with it with an update on Samir Nasri’s broken leg. In yesterday’s post I reported that he was likely to be out for between 2-3 months however the news today from Arsene Wenger is much better, with the manager indicating Nasri should be back in a mere 6 weeks

Although it doesn’t change my opinion that we need to make a signing in the centre of the park, I do feel we’ll get by quite comfortably in his absence. Our attacking options are superb and even in the event that Wenger wants to nurture Tomas Rosicky back slowly, we have the likes of Theo Walcott, Andrey Arshavin and Emmanuel Eboue who can do the job. Nasri will certainly be a loss but as with all injuries, it will give another player the opportunity to prove themselves.

Just on the topic of injuries, one thing that I noticed on the blog yesterday – and indeed in previous weeks – is just how worried people are about Thomas Rosicky and Eduardo getting through this season without some sort of significant relapse. Although I can understand where people are coming from, I feel I need to provide some information as to why these two CAN be relied upon this season and why they are NOT an accident waiting to happen.

People seem to think that Rosicky’s body is made of glass but it should be remembered that he spent 18 months out of action to repair a chronic hamstring problem via lengthening and strengthening exercises. Rosicky’s problems in the past came from a lack of insight from doctor’s which meant he was unable to get to the core of the problem and subsequently, complete the proper rehabilitation to get his career back on track. Now he has completed that rehabilitation he is as unlikely to sustain an injury as at any other point in his career.

Meanwhile, Eduardo’s lengthy and measured rehabilitation process to recover from his awful leg break means he will far more reliable this season than people think. The Arsenal medical staff have been very careful with Eduardo and although he sustained his fair share of niggles and false-starts on his return, it would be naive to think that he will have the same problems this season. Several more months of strengthening exercises and gym work, not to mention time on the training pitch means he’ll be ready and raring to go this season – as indicated by these comments.

It needs to be remembered that what Rosicky and Eduardo have had to deal with are exceptionally specific injuries. They are not the sort of random niggles that have plagued Abou Diaby’s career or even Robin van Persie’s time at the club a couple of years ago, they are specific problems that have been carefully managed and rehabilitated.

As a result, I strongly believe that Rosicky and Eduardo can be relied upon to stay fit this season. While I can’t make any guarantees – anyone can sustain a break or damage a ligament in a collision – I really think the view that Rosicky and Eduardo cannot be relied upon needs to change. I know it’s asking a lot and there’s plenty of people who will think otherwise, but I think the best thing is that we get completely behind the pair and support them as if we do.

Anyway I’ll leave that topic there for now. I’m sure it’s one that will divide opinion and as always I’d love to hear what you think. So get commenting!

Moving on to less serious news and Cesc Fabregas has a new haircut. Indeed, after rocking such looks as the mullet, the scruffy look, the Robert Pires and the mohawk, our captain has gone for the Roy Keane. Looking at the image below you can see how far he’s come as a Style Monkey and I only expect it’s going to add to his legions of female fans. And maybe a few male fans too.

Fabregas - Before & After

Just to finish off today you might have noticed a couple of changes in the layout of the blog. I was up until 1.30am last night working like a maniac and I think it’s a much more user-friendly and enjoyable look.

I’ve included interactive Facebook and Twitter links and if you go to the main page you’ll notice a section setup for regular video updates as well as ongoing football comics via Studs Up. I’ll shortly be adding a weekly poll to the homepage and the intention is just to have as much fun stuff to do as possible as well as the regular daily posts.

The changes are representative of the direction I want to take the blog this season and are also a product of the Arsenal FC Blog joining up with Football Media, who are going to help me with significant technical assistance with running the blog going forward. I’ll talk more about how things will work in the near future but for now enjoy the layout changes and be sure to let me know what you think.


Have your say on Rosicky, Eduardo, Cesc’s new look or the changes to the blog by leaving a comment.



  1. It wasn’t that log ago that Fab looked like the Boomerang Boy from Mad Max III.. now look at him, our little boy is all grown up ‘sniff’

  2. NO! Rosicky & Eduardo cannot have the burden of being 100% full on from day 1. Come on Arsenal – start spending some cash. Grab Huntelaar b4 the yids do and get over to Fulham and offer at least £10m for Hangelaand. Fabby is cool no matter what he looks like.

  3. Enjoyed your comments we definately need to strengthen our defence and i hope gallas stays.im
    pleased to note no bad language on your websight,thankyou.

  4. Great post, I’m glad that you brought up the topic of Rosicky and Eduardo, bloggers and journalists alike keep saying the same things over and over, that they can be relied up when/if fit. And you’re right, neither have been injury prone, per se. Its been a matter of having to rehabilitate two very complex and sensitive conditions. I mean, its too soon to say that neither of them will have further injury issues, but I think that both of them, particularly Rosicky, will surprise a lot of people this season, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they do so in a way that reunites us with the league trophy!

  5. i think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the injuries, rosicky especially, having finally taken the time to appreciate what was actually wrong with him, they’ve been able to put it right once and for all, we all saw how after sending van persie back to holland to really sort his problem out the season before last, it resulted in what we saw last year, our first season with a fully fit robin. i have no concerns over either player’s fitness and just like walcott i think they’ll come back stronger. with that mystical central midfielder finally coming in, this could be a year to remember!

  6. Am not so sure with AW and the six weeks…..I feel he is trying to ease the pressure on himself against buying a replacement if it is indid the foresaid 2-3 months….
    We have heard make such promising statements only to change them as the anticipated time approaches….Rosicky comes to mind!

  7. “we have the likes of Theo Walcott, Andrey Arshavin and Emmanuel Eboue who can do the job”, sorry buddy… but i cant remember a game where Eboue did a decent job in midfield.. Walcott needs to cut in from the right more often, he and Bacari cross the ball way too often into a toothless aerial arsenal attack. Remember the INVINCIBLE days, hardly anything was crossed from the wings into the box. As for Nasri, the man is pure class hope he recovers quickly. Nice piece on Rosicky and Eduardo, I really hope they come through this season and show everyone wat they really made of……..

    Gunner- SOuth Africa

  8. Ed and Tommy7 are world class players who have had to physically get stronger just to over come their problems, add to that the mental strength they both now have coupled with the faith of the club in them they will flourish and could partner up pretty well on the pitch too. yes, we have to wait for them to get back to match fitness but they will want to prove they are there for the fans, clubs and that they can play at the highest level as they did before getting injured – also remember that both will want to play in their world cup squads also next year so will be competing on all fronts – we need that player that sits in midfield and allows these players to do what they do best though.

  9. Good points SF. But you forgot to mansion that Rosicky was injury prone even before he came to Arsenal. Im sure that Eduardo will be fit for most of the season but Rosicky still has to convince me.

    Anyway, Cesc is looking good with that simple haircut. Im not a fan of those crazy rockstar haircuts, they can be pretty nasty.

    PS. Keep up the good work with the blog SF. This is by far the best Arsenal blog on the net.

  10. I am a loyal gooner.. and i believe that its high time we should start to win trophies coz we are now lough pieces of the day with United and Chelsea loyals that we shall loose our 4th place to City which we are now acustomed to achieve.

    we need a true Gun man of Henry’s or Beckamp, Benzema, Toures Calibre,

    Why we did not even try Eto’o, Trezguet ??? they are mature.
    Any way, lets Sign the french top scorer Andrea, i have been thru his profile , he’s class.

    We need some one to lead the team when having games of high intensity.
    Lets not rely on Kids net (Velas, Bentner) for strikers , its a position which can ignite or destroy moral & perfomance of the midfield if they create more chances which are not converted to results.

    Furthermore, harmless strikers will pose no fear to the defenders therfore the whole team is held.

    Mr Manager, the prob with our team is we are forcing players who are not meant for defense to hold the midfield for us, Cesc is Like Zedane he needs Makelele for him to perform. I looked into other teams we have Alonso Macsherano , Balak/ Essien – Lampard, Pirlo – Gatuso combinations, with united an exception coz they subscribe to the stregth of their strikers.

    Well, We need a heavy duty, and one top class perfomer to help and Teach Song and Denilson at the middle eg Sena, Alonso, Esien, Yaya of barcelona.

    we just need two players Mr Manager
    Thank your and all the Gooners i say the building process is over its now our time to win triphies

    (South Africa)

  11. Nice comment deano , it nice to see dudu and rosicky back i hope aw can get a striker cos a lot of gr8 strikers are waiting to be called upoo. As for d fab hair cut it nice i hope he will continue his good run. Up gunners , Up Nigeria

  12. If AW doesn’t sign any more palyers and the kids fail again,you can be sure of one thing. There will be fireworks with AW resigning a strong possiblity.Then what will the board do?
    A new man will have his own ideas and Arsenl will start from scratch and valuable time will have been lost.
    Of course the season hasn’t started but the bookies will be 75% correct in thier assessment of Arsenal.if AW continues to shop in the flea market as opposed to Harrods,the board has only itself to blame.
    There is genuine feeling that the ES could become a white elephant instead of the glittering jewel it was supposed to be especially if the gunners continue to underperform and emphasise pretty soccer at the expense of winning.

  13. Wenger should buy a striker+a DM.Otherwise arsenal can’t win nothing the coming season. It’s almost impossible to rely on someone like edu or rosicky the long whole season,they are too fragile.
    I prefer fab with long hair,but he looks good and sweet all the way.

  14. I think the majority of Arsenal fans already know that Wenger will not be buying a striker to replace Adebayor nor will he buy a defensive midfielder, he will stick with the same defenders (crocks i.e. Silvestre). We will end up with no silverware yet again and although I hate to say it there’s a definite possibility that Man City could end up higher than Arsenal next season. I have a feeling that when we meet Man U on 29 August we’ll get well and truly beat.

  15. Hold on, didnt I hear Eduardo was supposed to undergo another operation? Why dont we sign up another midfielder? Anyway just leave it to time. Cesc please, I liked and adored your looks with long hair but if at all dorning a new hair cut has something to do with new energy in the club then I adore it more.

  16. Hey guys i just saw on dot.com that Eduardo is fit and AW said he should start in Monday’s game. Injury rumours were fake.

  17. eduardo is a great player- but i think not good enought to play up front with robin…he is a great player to have on the bench…when it comes to injuries and red cards, eduardo wilol be there for us.

    rosicky is world class…was…i don’t know about now, but i think it will be a massive battle between samir and tomas for the left wing.

    a believe that eduardo and rosicky will be a very important piece of arsenal in champions league and in premier league.

  18. why isn’t anyone considering podolski??? he is at koln am sure he’ll come cheap i mean….

  19. hey guys i hop everything will be o.k this time am sure we can make it let have hop with our players. and lets pray to GOD that thing will be o.k am AHMED MOHAMED FROM KENYA

  20. an interesting blog, particularly on tommy and eddy, but i must say they’d really have to prove that while we hope they stay at least 80% fit thruout d season.
    But Oga wenger still needs at least 2 more signings if we dont lose any more player to other clubs. he might also consider bringing alexy on loan frm barca.
    as for ade, i wish him good luck with man city.

  21. @ Gibbs – Cheers mate. The thing about Rosicky is that all of his problems have stemmed from these chronic hamstring problems. I remember the doctor from the Czech national team saying he needed a significant amount of time to sort out a problem that occurred in his development, and I’d suggest it has had a big impact on his injury prevalence over the years.

  22. @ ALGunner – Haha, I NEARLY ran that story as a bit of a payout on Cole. However, I read that he said the bit about City beating Arsenal quite tongue-in-cheek so I decided to let him off. Lucky though.

  23. It’s OK, Tomas and Dudu will be fine I have unequivocal, irrefutable proof they will not miss a match this season.

    Why you may ask? Because I’m not going to pick them in my fantasy football team. Only players I pick in that team get injured each season ergo they will be fine.

    I do, however, plan on picking Rooney, Lampard, Terry, Bentley (no that’s a waste, he won’t get a game for spurs anyway), Ferdinand (see a trend?), Gary Neville and Phil Brown as manager.

    Oh, and Emmanuel Adebayor. That team will do nicely (muuaa ha ha ha ha generic evil laugh etc. etc.)

  24. @ SF – love the new look changes.

    I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and not quite energetic enough to make any posts, but good piece on Rosicky and Eduardo…can’t wait to see how they perform this season.

    It’s nice to see some of the negativity disappearing. I understand people want to see at least one and maybe two players brought in, but I think Arsene will do what’s best and what is needed. Plus, this could be the year that another youngster “steps up to the plate” (as we would say in the states)and shows us something great. I am still holding out for another striker to join the squad and would like to see another central midfielder like the rest of the gunner world, but I do have faith in AW and the club as a whole.

    I may be an optimist, but why would I want to get down on my favorite team before the season has even started? I can’t wait for August 15th!!!

    @ White Ox – great guest post on Tuesday! I can relate to most of your story. I honestly have only been a fan/follower for about 2 years now, but I check up on our Gunners at least three times a day on various websites.

  25. in my own opinion i think we need to strenthen our defence and we also need to sign a prolific striker,because any of our current striker could develop an injury at any point in time so we shouldn’t relent.

  26. i still belive in Rosicky and Eduardo.They will come back even stronger and prove it to all the haters that they r made of what everyone else is made of.As for the new Fab look,i don’t like personally.I prefer him with the mohawk.

  27. VATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    podolski just came to koln…why would he leave the club.

    koln wouldn’t sell there favourite players for 100 mil, cause the people of koln raised money for poldi!!!!!!!!

  28. YaYa for the middle of the park nuff said and Cesc I dont care if your hair is pink just keep playing 🙂

  29. Nicholas, your comments are spot on. I hope Wenger allows Fabs the chance to do what he is really good at by purchasing a hard man who can play a little in midfield. Better haircut than before.

  30. Al lets not spend time talking about Cole especially as thats not what he said. He was asked if he thinks City would crash gate the top 4 after spending so much money. He said yes. Now lets all move on please and comment on more important things.

  31. That’s great news about Eduardo. I have total faith in him and RvP doing the business this season.

    Let’s hope Vela gets a decent chance too. He plays particularly well with Bendtner and Eduardo.

  32. I believe Rosicky will do well this season but we need to get at least one dependable attacker for sake of the injury problems of our present strickers.

  33. Great post SF!! This is really a big matter that tricked all Arsenal fans including myself whether these two lads are relieble or not.To me Rosicky’s injury wasnt so terifying except the fact that he needed a long 18 months to recover, anyway i still beleive he can still do what he used to do, i prefer him more than Nasri as he is more faster and he’s got a good striking force when he hits the ball, to sum it up, he used to be one of my favorite, Lets see whats gonna happen!!!!
    As for Dudu,the terifying action of the injury cant still get out of my mind, it seems like it was my own leg, so thats why im always fearfull!!
    Fab looks more like a a real man with his new look and to me, he is on the right path of showing the world that boyhood is finished and Arsenal’s players are now real men.

  34. Does the picture of “before” its real??

    Photoshop? or when he was at Barca??

    I dont remember seeing Cesc with that silly haircut.

  35. Arsene Wenger football manager, caresser of life your visions have vaporized. My faith has been tested one more time, will your football once sublime be replaced with an echo, an unfamiliar shadow of a transcendent aesthetic. You sold Adebayor exposing a flaw in your once impenetrable armoury, equipping Manchester city a sleeping panther meditating on the champions league, waiting to make human a football God, resigning you to offering downgraded imitation football ecstasy.

  36. really hope rosicky stays fit as he,s technically superb the thought of cesc,arshavin,rosicky and rvp going forward will worry most teams,i hope eduardo can stay fit sf as he,s the most natural goalscorer at the club and would have put alot of those chances away we missed last season.

  37. @ MexicanGunner – That’s the haircut Cesc had when he first came to the club. He would have been 16-17 when that photo was taken.

  38. our managers stubborness and reluctance to spend seems to have our fans split right down the middle…i genuinely believe its not the fact that he thinks the squad is good enough its more that hes trying to prove that you dont need to buy success and by god if it takes him 10 years for this bunch to mature enough to do it hel keep us suffering so he can turn and say ‘told ya so’ to fergie,rafa,hughes,abramovich,etc.the problem is by the time this happens theyl have won titles by spending
    the question is are all you fans on the other side of the argument willing to wait that long and watch cesc,RvP,arshavin,cliche etc go elsewhere for momentos of their careers.in the time since our last league triumph (also last serious challenge) the team that has won the league most has invested in berbatov,nani,evra,vidic,carrick,hargreaves,anderson,tevez to name a few….whilst retaining van der sar,giggs,scholes,neville etc who set the clubs standards and winning mentality…
    we hav lost vieira,petit,henry,keown,Cashley,campbell,lauren,parlour,pires,wiltord,kanu,lehmann,overmars,bergkamp and our only investments to compare with that (i.e established players that u wud get excited about) have been reyes,arshavin,nasri…can u blame fans for being frustrated



    WE WILL SUCCSEED!!!!!!!!!!


  40. @ shambogunner – I think 90% of fans are patient and happy to wait. In the end, we’re not really WAITING for anything, just supporting the team we love and hoping that we will win something at some stage. Looking at the results from the survey I did at the end of last season, something like 97% of readers were behind Arsene Wenger.

  41. thats all well and good SF and i can appreciate that and,believe it or not, i am behind the manager he revolutionised our club. i just feel hes shortsighted occasionally and i dont like the way our club does business compared to the more ambitious clubs around us..i went and looked at our sales and buys since 03/04 to the present and wev spent 105m and sold our players for 105m (including the ade deal). now thats includin the likes of seaman,keown,parlour,pires,kanu,wiltord,edu and flamini leaving on FREES over the years..i am optimistic by nature and even tho theres been some woeful displays in recent seasons i always go back and watch the next game even tho i id become dissapointed and disillusioned with our decline, but its not just about blind faith and hope…the manager hasnt givin us much to get excited bout in a while and i think fans have been more than patient..i have got hopes for the team and for the likes of song,diaby and even eboue to step up but i think its bout time our manager delivers us a rooney,torres,villa,etoo,etc instead of these dutch and french PL ‘wait and see’ players.
    i dont think thats too much to ask,one high profile signing in 5 years and its not about spendin money for the sake of it, investment in this team is needed badly and dats plain for all to see….personally i dont need to see trophies, dats not my point, but i do want reassurance that wer moving in the right direction and at the moment our movement is all southwards mate
    like iv said before im not bashing wenger the sales/buys are facts since 03 and id rather do raise my questions and worries here in july rather than others who will be lookin for blood in december

  42. @ shambogunner – A nice perspective there – however I disagree that we’re moving south. Financially the club is doing superbly well and from a long-term perspective things are in good hands. That would not have been possible without Wenger and his ability to win trophies with the current team should not be written off. Personally I think next season will be very, very exciting and with expectations low, quite surprising.

  43. @ shambogunner – that’s a very interesting statistic you’ve uncovered there regarding the player sales and purchases. Is there any chance you could post that research here? Like a list of the names in and out and the fees etc.? I’d love to see it. Thanks

  44. Wenger, in the name of God (if you know God) dont give Arsenal Fans heart attack. Buy Huntelaar and one defensive Midfielder. Then we will be able to talk when our colleagues are talking.

    We need to seriously go for a challenge for trophies this season. Otherwise, you will be surprised that lots of our valuable players will leave if we are relegated. Chamak or Huntellar should come please

  45. if we are looking to coount on Eboue for the midfield role , i’d rather wenger goes to one of the most under-rated countries as far as footbalall is concerned.kenya is booming with young talent recently with the upcoming rigorous academies.Italians have already moved in and a year later Parma is reaping big with Mariga.the huge midfielder has a record of loosing the ball the least times at any serie a match.the only reason why he doesnt play the holding role for his country is because there are much better options for the role even in the local league with the most likely choice being Austin Makacha who recently sighned for IK sirius in sweden.i think Wenger should check him out or at least snd scouts to the larger East africa if not just Kenya.nice piece on tommy7 and eddie

  46. i really dont know what AW is trying to prove here i think we need a striker and defensive midfielder.insanity means doing things the same way and expecting diferent results.so spend mate if we must win any silverware this season .

  47. many thanks mani for your contribution when at arsenal i can remember some wonderfull goals and i wish you well. thanks for the memories

  48. Great blog I think Samir Nasri will have huge year this year.

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