Who is to be held responsible for the Chelsea defeat? Wenger or Hector Bellerin

Arsenal took a hiding against their Chelsea counterparts on Saturday. The early kick-off game turned out to be a nightmare for the visitors who found it difficult to contain the likes of Eden Hazard and Diego Costa who made a play thing of our defence, and Cesc Fabregas was able to come from the bench to make it 3-0 – so much so that the late goal from Oliver Giroud failed to paper the cracks.

The demolition at the hands of our capital neighbours has left a sour taste in our mouths; depleting whatever morale mustered from the emphatic 5-0 away against Southampton in the FA Cup Fourth round game, and denting our chances of winning the League. You can utilise the Sky bet mobile for betting on the next round of FA Cup games.

Whilst I must congratulate the Blues on their win, I must highlight the injury to Hector Bellerin by Marcos Alonso as the major reason why we buckled that afternoon. The Chelsea wing back went on to score the opener, and the rest is history.

It is easier to give a thousand excuses, but we have ourselves to blame. Narrowing it down, it has to be Wenger’s. However, it is quite hard to pinpoint what went wrong actually. But I guess if we had a more reliable right-back to replace Bellerin, then things may never have panned out that way.

Arsene Wenger has stated that he is an unhappy man seeing his team put up an unconvincing performance, but it is high time he looks inwardly in a bid to ascertain the underlying issues, and the immediate solutions.

The fans are on the brink of rallying against the manager, and it now looks as though he has lost respect amongst his players. He has failed to convince the likes of Mesut Ozil and Sanchez to sign contract extensions, and this latest result which sees us 12 points adrift of the League leaders has not helped either.

It is high time Wenger acts swiftly, but it now looks beyond recruiting new players; it seems someone has overstayed his welcome.



  1. Wenger shd be accountable. After all he is the one who decides how the team plays.Frankly this defeat aint surprising. He is too arrogant for the good of Arsenal.
    Some seasons ago the question of defence mentor was raised. In a condescending way he dismissed it out of hand. This and Clichy’s
    statement confirms the fm philosophy:attack takes priority over defence.
    If you look at the stats trophy winners inevitably have a strong defence.
    Though these are early days ,don’t be surprised the gunners finish outside the top 4 and could be held by Hull if not beaten.
    What then if such a doomsday scenario were to happen?

  2. Wenger must learn to take responsibility for his actions. He was quick to say in January he is not buying any new player. He is keeping Carl Jenkinson and Mathieu Debuchy yet they’re not useful instead of selling the guys and bring in an up to standard and reliable alternative to Hector Berlerin. Why should they be on Arsenal payroll yet he cannot use them? He sent Jack Wilshere on loan without a re-call clause that’s being stupid(my apology)
    Our manager is like stale bread he is past his usefulness.

    It’s time to consider replacement of the manager and sell undesirable players and bring in quality. And sell all those that are not willing to sign for the club(you cannot force a beautiful lady if she wants to be with someone else, they are so many beautiful ones out there just open your eyes)
    Wenger is short sighted he is too conservative to take Arsenal to new heights.
    First Wenger Out
    Thomas Tuchel or Ralph Hasenhuttle or Diego Simeone.

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