Who does Adebayor think he is? + Fabregas flies Euro flag for Arsenal

Spain became Champions of Europe for only the second time in their history overnight, casting aside below-par Germany 1-0 in the final of Euro 2008.

It’s no secret that I was going for Germany in this one and had been following them for much of tournament but I have to say that Spain were good value for their victory and were thoroughly deserving winners of the tournament. The won all their games at the tournament, never went behind at any stage and did not concede a goal in the knockout stages and their pass-and-move football was a wonderful reminder that trophies can still be won in the modern game by playing in an attacking manner.

So, well done Spain and of course, well done to Cesc Fabregas. It was never a guarantee at the start of the tournament that an Arsenal player would be part of the winning side but the little Spaniard managed it, having an excellent tournament to boot.

If any player deserved to win the trophy as a reward for their performances for Arsenal last season it was him, so justice was done in a certain sense. The fact that Fabregas played as a substitute for most of the tournament means that he will return to pre-season training fresher than Arsene Wenger perhaps would have expected and that will definitely be a good thing with the start of next season less than two months away.

Just a final word on Euro 2008 as a whole and I have to say it’s been a marvellous tournament. Nearly every game was entertaining to a certain extent and there were a number of classic encounters – usually involving the Turks – but the best thing about the tournament was that the sides who attacked were rewarded for it and the sides that didn’t were punished.

Of the eight sides that ended up in the quarter-finals only Italy played boring football and the credit for this has to go to the managers of sides like Spain, Holland, Russia and Portugal. Unlikeable figures some of them may be – I’m looking at Luis Aragones and Luis Felipe Scholari here – but negative they were not and they should be applauded for their approach to the game. Hopefully the managers at the World Cup in South Africa can continue the trend in just under two years time.

Where has happened to Adebayor?

And now for a sharp u-turn from the positivity of a brilliant Euro 2008 to the disappointing nature of the Adebayor saga. In all reality, I don’t know exactly where the right place is to start on this but I will do my best to get across the message that I am trying to convey.

Those that read this blog regularly will know how much I like and have stuck by Emmanuel Adebayor over the past season and a bit. While he has copped abuse from a large section of Arsenal supporters for not being a good enough player for Arsenal – citing his wastefulness in front of goal and awkward nature on the pitch as the main justifications – I have pointed to his effort and dedication on the pitch and perhaps more ironically, the heart he has shown as an Arsenal player in the past.

Whatever criticisms Adebayor copped last season I always stuck by him partly because I truly think he is a good player but mostly because I believed he was an Arsenal man through and through. Unfortunately, it’s taken me a weekend of some of the most ridiculous comments I have ever read from a footballer to realise how wrong I was. Observe:

“Either Arsenal give me what I want and I stay or they don’t and I leave. You have to take advantage of the moment. If my good form has increased my value, my employers have to take account of that.

“Sure, the Arsenal fans want to see me scoring lovely goals next season. I have the same wish, too. But the career of a footballer is soon over. My good goals aren’t the only things I am going to enjoy at the end of it.”

“I have to prepare for my retirement as a player, too. Even if you’re not scoring fine goals and you have money, you can enjoy a happy retirement. The time for preparing for that moment is now.”

Seriously, who does this guy think he is?

This is a guy who, one season ago, had proved absolutely nothing of himself as a player to a football club that were paying him what I think every football supporter would consider to be very, very good money.

And now, after one good season he has the arrogance and greediness to demand to the employers who not only gave him his big break as a player but also stuck by him through a difficult start to his time in England that they give him what he wants or he’ll go. Simple as that.

What a fool. He obviously hasn’t stopped to think that without Arsenal and particularly Arsene Wenger he would not be half the player he has become and would never be in a positition to demand these kind of wages.

Or maybe he has but his absolute wanker of an agent/advisor has drilled the notion into his head so hard that he is the next Pele that his brain is not functioning properly anymore. Because that’s what it seems like to me.

I am so angry about this it defies belief. When Mathieu Flamini left I could at least see where he was coming from but I can’t for one second see where Adebayor is coming from when he talks about his retirement. Indeed, unless he’s planning to fund an institute which treat HIV in Africa when he’s finished playing football then the comment about enjoying his retirement is an absolute joke.

Anyway, I can’t be bothered saying much more – I’m too frustrated and exhausted. To think that the first player’s name that I have got printed on the back of an Arsenal shirt could represent a player so greedy and arrogant makes me sick.

What a terrible day to be an Arsenal supporter.

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  1. If these comments are true and sincere of EA, then I am disgusting for a player whom i watched struggle against players who play in an amature league (in the recent WC qualifier vs Swaziland). Unfortunately brilliant football is about the team play. Look at Spain for example – the success was down to excellent teamplay and everyone realising that tehy are an important piece of the puzzle when called on. Without guys like Fabgregas, Hleb, Riscky, Walcott, Flamini and others working hard Adebayor would still be Adebawho? Unfortunately soccer is becoming a money making scheme devoid of the kind of passion that is needed to be a great player! If his comments are true, they contradict the Arsenal principles; AW should just let him go.

  2. If this is true, Adebayor is one of the most ungreatful people I’ve heard of, (not as far as Ashley Cole).. but this boy has had one good season at Arsenal, if it wasn’t for us, he wouldn’t have ever played at a 60,000 stadium, he would never have played in the Champions League, if he wants to go, LET HIM. When I go to Ashburton, I want to be supporting players who love the club, like Cesc, Kolo. Adebayor, if you want a pay rise, if you want to go then fuck off out of the fantastic football club!

  3. I should have put a disclaimer on this one: if this turns out to be UNTRUE, I take it all back. But from what I can gather it’s very, very true and I’m remaining furious at this juncture.

  4. @ Adam Gooner – “When I go to Ashburton, I want to be supporting players who love the club, like Cesc and Kolo.”

    Excellent point. Totally agree. It hurts because I thought Adebayor did love the club.

  5. Adebayor came to Arsenal after falling out big time with Marseille. There has always been a question about his temperament and judgement. He could well find it difficult to repeat least years form -but if we can keep him happy we should keep him -if that means paying him some more than he is currently getting so be it. However,he will certainly be worth more now than next year if he becomes frustrated that Wenger has not let him go. Given Arsenal is a selling club, Wenger will want to get the most for him and also not risk him disrupting the squad. I think Wenger will let him go.

  6. @ goonergerry – I’m not needing to keep him happy justifies his comments though. They are deluded expectations and views that he has – they’re ridiculous.

  7. F*ck him:

    Adebeyor is the new Anelka and it will come to light in a few seasons when he is in the paper admitting as Anelka “I was wrong to leave!”

    The man has had on good season and to be honest it was more like a good 3 quarters of a season because he dried up a lot at and after the Birmingham game.

    If anyone played up front with the supply our strikers get they would score! So let the greedy pr*ck go!


    Again – One good season and is regreting it already because they are not in the Champions league.

    A season before he got his chance last season he could not get in the team and was nearly off loaded to Birmingham which tells it’s own story – when you have Cesc next to you it is not hard to be good – lets watch his dimise at Milan.


    Attacking midfielder until last year when Henry left looked like a scared little boy who was scared of being shouted at. Also ATTACKING MIDFIELDER – 8 goals in 3 seasons – not good enough, could you imagne Lampard just getting 8 goals in even one season would be a bad thing. Let hime go!

    Big mistake letting Diarra go because I believe he would have been an asset and stayed loyal if we had shown more faith!

    Hleb for Toure please
    Ade for Eto please
    + a bit of cash to pay there wages!

    bye bye Ade I would wish you all the best but you are a greedy arrogant prick who does not deserve anything from the loyal supporters who even sang your name when you did not score!

    There is only one Henry and that man is a true Arsenal Legend and would happily swap Ade for Henry because Henry loves Arsenal and is one of us, Ade is just another greedy prick who has got above his station.

    If he stays I will be disappointed, I don’t want him there after his recent comments and it took me til this season to say that he was getting better so I will not miss you Ade.

    Fuc* off

  8. Lets see how true it is first lets not shoot the guy.However i too have stood by ea since his arrival(and he has from many gooners taken stick)and did not write him off.We must let the dust settle. AW will not want anybodyon his staff who is not fully behind the vision for the team and club if ea no longer fits the profile then off he goes.No one player has ever been the sole reason for success.Sale of PV TH HAS PROVED THAT.ea is no great player and his loss would not harm in anyway our style of football.I think the media are doing their best to create a sad story everyday a new twist something else to keep it running,as i said lets not judge him just yey.

  9. Gone are the days when the likes of Ian Wright used to walk into GG’s office and say ‘where’s a pen?’, grab it then sign the bottom of his contract. No negotion. Nothing. Just pure unadulatarated love for the club.

    Shocking from Adebayor. Fuck him.

  10. so sick of this guys who only thinks in money!!
    get the 30millions
    put 10 more
    and buy Huntelaar and Podolsky
    both doesnt want to be on their teams

  11. I m giving Ade no chance to wait and see if the comments are true because there is no doubt that they are true!

    It is illegal to quote someone on saying something and each statement had quote marks.

    Fuck him let him go – Huntelaar or podolski would be great and in Wenger we trust – not very often he has had a bad eye or bad timing judgement

  12. Im just afraid that I read that Arsenal were interested on Martins, Santa Cruz, Gomez and Crouch as the replacement… they´re not top class!!

    I just think in Podolsky, Benzema, Villa or Huntelaar as the replacemnt.

  13. I mean I didn’t hear about the above comment but I did see his comments at his press conference in Vienna about staying and then him going back on his comments in an interview with sky sports minutes after the conference. The thing is if we sell him I think we need to buy a damn good striker. Villa, Eto are probably the most established with Benzema and Podolsky being the younger options. I really hope it doesn’t come to selling Ade but if it does those are the players I wouldn’t mind seeing. If we sell him and end up with Crouch, Santa Cruz or nothing I’m not going to be too hopeful about next season at all.

    If I were Arsenal management I would just ignore the Helb fiasco and let Ade take all the thunder then perhaps Helb can more quietly slip back into the squad next season and play himself back in good graces.

    On a better note. What a great Euro 2008! And the best part is I shocked even myself a bit by winning a couple pikums.

  14. Unfortunately for those waiting to see if this is true I’m afraid it is totally true what Adebayor has said. Some well deserved praise, his agent and the attention from other clubs has more than gone to his head. Let’s not forget it’s down to him not his agent. He thinks he’s god. He is not the best player at the club and whilst I have stuck by him (largely!) through last season his attitude is alongside that of Ashley Cole and I never thought I’d ever say that about another Arsenal player especially so soon. It really saddens me as like most of you I belived what he said about loving the club and the fans but thiat ultimately makes what he’s saying now so much worse. Yes he deserves a significant pay rise but the comparison to Henry are so arrogant it’s unfathomable. He simply does not deserve £120k and if another club is willing pay him that and give us £30 million then the lad go with much f***ing haste and we then wait for the inevitable downturn in his career because he will then be expected to be an instant miracle wherever he goes and expectation as high as that will almost certainly mean failure – just ask Anelka and even Henry (who didn’t have that bad a season).

  15. Adegoodbye, the African Cashley.. Sell the wanker, I’ll drive hm to the airport..

  16. I rarely use swear words but
    Fuck Ade with his fried hair
    some brain damage must have occured in
    the hair frying process.
    The way we play any fool can hit the net

  17. @ C-Bass – Nice one mate. Can’t wait until the Pikums get Arsenal-related 🙂

    @ The D man – “Yes he deserves a significant pay rise but the comparison to Henry are so arrogant it’s unfathomable”

    Spot on mate, spot on.

  18. hahaha Goonerman I will gladly escort you to the airport with the piece of shite

  19. He couldn’t lace Henry’s boots that was proved when they were both t Arsenal Ade could only notch 11 because Henry was hungier for the ball and as he saif himself – HENRY “I become a Arsenal fan” the reason it hurt so much losing.

    When do you see that sort of passion with that long streak of piss

  20. Not surpised by this at all. During the championship run in all Adebayor seemed focused on was how many goals he was going to score and not about doing what had to be done for the teem ro be succesful.

  21. Do we want to keep an arrogant ingrate, who, in his deluded big head, has never understood the offside rule, and sees his own mediocrity as overnight stardom? Please, Arsene, let this idiot go and learn his lesson the hard way. I find his attitude too nauseating for my comfort. Just who the hell does Ade think he is? A more intelligent player with the supply lines he had over the last season would have scored twice the goals he got. We’ll be better off without him.

  22. Exactly!!!

    If he would have laid that ball across to Bendtner in the Birmingham match for the open goal it would have been 3-2 and game done and I personally don’t think our season would have taken such a dip!

    We all forget Eduourdo was getting really good and is a death finisher he will be back as well and with van persie’s from in the Euro I am positive that we will have a lethal strike force with or without Ade!

  23. I am so angry at Adebayor – he had one good season at Arsenal, the fans voted him 3rd best player and he demands more money to stay, that is ungrateful. Gael Clichy this season had his best season at the club and fans voted him 2nd player of the season. Roma wanted him and 1hr later he had signed a new contract because he loves Arsenal and it was his way of thanking Wenger for his chance and I predict the fans hav voted Fabregas as player of the season and big clubs like Barca and Madrid have offered for him and Cesc has said I have no intentions to leave because he knows Wenger has made him what he is today and he loves Arsenal through through and they are the players I want playing for the club not scum who after one good season demands £120,000-a-week because that is what Henry got, he got that wage after 6 years with the club establishing himself as a legend and a fab favourite, Ade will never be a fan favourite at Arsenal no more.

  24. Weeeeeeelll said!
    If Ade wants to go,just go ,stop saying the ******** words ~tehy’re all really nonsense i have to say.And if he still being a gunner next season ,i won’t be very happy to see him as well as Hleb .

  25. I disliked the guy from day one. Intelligence not being one of Ade’s strengths, I say if he wants to go, let him go. We all know, he won’t survive anywhere else without the service he got at Arsenal! Instead let’s bring in Huntelaar or Santa Cruz and let’s see how things go!?

  26. any player that wants to go should go. I dont want wenger begging players to stay. I’d rather they go and we have a team that want to be here and finish 4th than keep all these wankers and win something. Loyalty and love of the game have to count for something. players like Clichy, RVP, Cesc, Sagna and Toure have shown loyalty and that should be rewarded.
    Hleb and Ade should go now.

  27. Adebayor is a sick joker. Where are the performances to justify the 120k a week he is aksing for? Henry earned that pay after years of proving he was the best, week in, week out.

    Adebayor has had (quite possibly) one flash in the pan season, and all of a sudden he thinks he’s in the same rank as Igwe Henry? The guy should go and see a shrink.


  28. hleb and adebayor can both fuck off in my opinion…both of them are some of the players (as many have already said) that i thought were arsenal through and through and had absolutely NO DOUBTS that they wud become legends in the red and white…but after reading those comments..and seeing an interview with adebayor on sky news recently..the guy is deluded..and if hleb isnt enjoying the city lifestyle..milan or baraca is hardly gonna be much fookin different is it…if he wants to go i wish he would just hurry up and do it..same now with adebayor..il find it hard to use either of them in my next tournament of pro evolution soccer knowing who they really are..get the king henry back and david villa..its only a matter of time before arsenal are winning the champions league and premiership again, jsut need to get rid of all the wankers playing for us first.

    long live fabregas

  29. jay-
    want playing for the club not scum who after one good season demands £120,000-a-week because that is what Henry got, he got that wage after 6 years with the club establishing himself as a legend and a fab favourite, Ade will never be a fan favourite at Arsenal no more.



  31. Unfortunately it appears that Adebayor has a history of this…see here – http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528, … 89,00.html

    Even with the Togo national team he had monetary disputes. Unfortunately, even for someone who has come so far from his modest beginnings, he has completely forgotten how lucky he is. Jenny from the block he is not. (Although I don’t think Lopez is telling the truth either!) Don’t get me wrong, he has had a meteoric rise in football but he is filled with delusions of his own grandeur. I think many of us feared his ego would get the better of him but I didn’t think that we would see his feet so far off the ground. Thierry Henry? You mean the greatest player Arsenal has ever had? Twice runner up in World Player of the year? (And with today’s competition he would have won it) At his level you say Emmanuel. Please.

    Ade is a good striker that offers us a different dimension. But I don’t think he will ever be world class. Robin Van Persie is certainly a better player than him. If Wenger buys the right guy with the right attitude as a replacement, I will be more than happy to see Ade go. My Facebook profile picture is me in the Arsenal dressing room standing in front of Adebayor’s shirt. It might be time for me to change it.

  32. I have never liked this guy, and now after reading what he said i think he should go, i dont care wether he scored 30 goals(and missed 100 clear chances), he is not comitted to the club so let him go, period.

  33. I always thought adebawho was not good enough, in my opinion, he has proved me right. with this kind of statements from ade, we are about to c the anelka scenario again, he will want 2 come back only when too late. he will flop. MARK MY WORD.

  34. if all the comments i read in the press is correct, then there is no need of keeping ugly, tall, hungry and above all greedy African who thinks he should of one great season where he scored 30 goals what about the 60 he missed.
    remember the first time Arsene was signing him, he said that he would play Arsenal for free, what has changed of late

  35. “Fund an institute that treats hiv in Africa” Thats supposed to be a joke? Or get you more attention? Stupid racist with a stupid blog. This blogs’ a joke.

  36. This blog is full of people who are only expressing their feelings and the majority of the feelings at the moment are against Adebayor. gooner1 if your an arsenal fan how can you stick up for Ade and this blog is the best.

  37. I would just like to comment that this blog is also about the praise of Cesc, So I’ll keep it short. Congratulations Cesc, you were fantastic, I true icon and role-model to football. We’ve got Cesc Fabregas!!!
    Please refer to the second post on the blog, that is my views on Adebayor

  38. i must say first of all that the EUROs where exciting and fulfilling for me personally. this is bcos last season AW got the boys playing like spain but we won no trophies so everyone was saying attractive football does nt matter winnning is everything. so good to see fluid,slick football winning tournaments. To cesc u r all that and i believe next season may see u crowned PFA player of the year.
    On the EA issue i must say that i find some of the comments above bordering on racism, i mean calling him fried hair that is unacceptable and should be stopped.
    I am an african and i am disappointed in him nt bcos he asked for more bcos lets face everyone wants more. it was comparing himself to TH that was unacceptable. Also the deception of saying 1 thing here and turning full circle to say anoda is just terrible.
    I would say let him go nowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the same reason anelka had to go bcos a rotten apple spoils the bunch.

  39. I don’t know where arsenal finds these players. first lassanna diara and know adebayor. These players are unbelievable. This is his first season as notably good striker and he has the nerve to demand henry wages. If he is worth 60 million then i say we sell him so we can buy a player like david villa who is just as productive and isn’t such an egotistical idiot.

  40. I understand what he’s saying.. He’s more then a footballer, he’s human, and football wont be around forever for him, the same thing i said about Flamini, these guys are lookin out for their futures so they can lice comfortable after football. The only thing different is Flamini is good, gives all he’s got on the pitch and Adebayor is lazy on the pitch and his finishing is horrible, the only teams he’s really good against is Derby (the worst Premier League team ever). Hopefully rumors here in Italia are true, that Wenger is just waiting to find a replacement before he sells Adebayors trash finishing to AC Milan. Roque Santa Cruz would be a lovely replacement up front with Eduardo or Walcott.

  41. Wow, what a cunt!!! I’ve just read the Adebeyor comment. I’ve supported Arsenal all my life and I love the club and I used to really love football but these money grabbing cunts who don’t give a fuck about our club are ruining the game. It’s an absolute fucking disgrace and if Wenger doesn’t put the foot down and restore a bit of respect for the club he will go down in my estmiations. It pains me to say it but beetroot face in Manchester wouldn’t tolerate this sort of shite. Anyone who wants to earn more money elsewhere……FUCK OFF!!! Get the fuck out of my club, you’re an embarrassment to yourself and your proffession. I’m not sure if I’m conveying just how sick I am of all this shit but all this talk of money and worth from players who are not remotely world-class is just sickening. Did you ever hear Bergkamp or Zidane ever complain about money….NO! Because they loved the game and played it with passion. Simple as. And they were world-class. Adebeyor, Hleb, whoever…….if you don’t want to play for Arsenal, FUCK OFF AND DROP DEAD YOU OVERRATED SHOWER OF CUNTS!!!

  42. Don’t be bothered by the hype bye Ade. He’s 24 probably got laid for the first time & forgets he scored a hat-trick more than once against horrible teams leading to his 30 goal season! So leave if you must but remember like others before you who left in haste they were forgetable and so will you be. Stay and you might be fortunate to score another 30 season!

  43. If he stays and gets 30 goals next season then ok fair enuff, up your wages you deserve it. But Henry wages are still a long way off. He has to be consistent and he could of had 80 goals if he had better finishing.

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