Whatever happened to that Arsenal web documentary?

A few people have messaged or sent me emails asking what happened to part two and three of the Arsenal web documentary that Panda Bear and I posted after the Manchester United game.

Well I’m sorry to say that it hit the wall.

The aim of the documentary was to demonstrate why Arsenal from Australia is a unique experience. It was meant to be positive and uplifting, inspirational even.

But unfortunately with the United and Chelsea games turn into such depressing nights, to release the footage would have been cruel and misrepresented how much of a good time the fans Down Under usually have.

The fact that they were both on Sunday nights (2am Monday morning) meant the turnouts were much smaller than usual, which didn’t help things either.

On the plus side the response to the first video was great (700 views and counting), so much so that I will be looking to rekindle the idea later in the season.

So stay tuned and sorry to disappoint.

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  1. I don’t know, I thought the Chelsea game was amazing (sorry blue blood here) though I do have Gooners in the family I have to applaud you’re blog, it’s a great read and if I wasn’t so lazy, you probably would have inspired me to produce a similar type of thing regarding my beloved Chelsea FC, I do feel though football is all about the passion, the losing is just as important as the winning, so you should show those videos.. I mean it just makes posting those victorious ones even more worth the while, and living in Perth I certainly know what you have to go through to enjoy your team each and every week.

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