Wenger: “We have to check tomorrow if it is a broken bone”

Arsene Wenger on Thomas Vermaelen’s injury:

“Thomas Vermaelen we don’t know, there will be an x-ray. He is on crutches and it is a fibula injury. We have to check tomorrow morning if it is just a nerve or a broken bone.”

Lucky we’ve got Sol Campbell.

Match report to follow later.

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  1. This could potentially be disastrous… If this performance doesnt show Wenger that we need a striker and now a CB as well then I dont know what will…

  2. We could do with going back to 4-4-2 with Bentner and arshavin up front.

    This would give Theo a good run in the team, also getting rest for the likes of Diaby, Nasri, Ramsay and Rosicky.

  3. Theo – hahahahahahahaha
    Touch of baseball player – no ability to nurture a ball..
    Believe me I want to see Theo do an Alex Song and convince me of his role in our team but like Chris Wreh, Igor Stepanovs and Cygan – he just don’t convince..

  4. Nice going for us. Campbell comes in so we have to lose Vermaelen. Bendtner comes in, so we have to lose Eduardo. But we don’t need to buy. If you don’t belive me, just ask Wenger. I’m sure now that we will win the EPL and the CL.

  5. Yes we still need a striker. Eduardo re-injured leaves us with only Bendtner up front and he is coming off of 3 months off. Does anyone here feel confident in making a Champions League run with Bendtner our only option up front?

    Wenger’s reasoning is that we are scoring goals so we dont need a striker. However I would bet that we will find it much harder to score goals against the big sides and especially in the Champions League.

  6. I hate to see Vermaelen sidelined, and I’m not so sure Sol is the answer for us right now. Wenger seems to have confidence in him, so in Wenger I trust. C’mon the Arsenal.

  7. andy even if nic does get back,stay fit and play better and score more than his past record shows we still need an addition as he is now our only recognised striker now wit dudus injury
    nice to see you back on havent heard from you in a bit,the goals wenger is on about will inevitably dry up as they are goals from midfield from cesc and arsha mainly with abou contributing….their current haul cannot be maintained and to be honest im sick repeating myself
    one positive,i am delighted to hav big nic back….wel see a bit of desire that end of the field when wer not in possession

  8. Campbell looked immense. If he can just keep his old legs running for the next three games we will be good. Bendtner, even rusty, changed the game by giving us an ability to hold the ball up front. I am not always convinced by him, but his role in the team is so clear and so necessary. Both are positives for the upcoming games. Strangely, if we get Song and Diaby back we will have giants right down the spine of our club.

    To Am, I think our 4-3-3 often does look like a 4-4-2. Arshivin generally plays more advanced while Rosicky or Nasri are more likely to drop back to the midfield and help move the ball forward.

  9. is it just me..but did anyone else notice Eduardo? he looks like he’s on drugs! he ddnt run for the ball when it just overshot him by a bit…the next adebayor?

  10. 4 days to go and no signings.
    Even the official site admits that: ‘at the start of the transfer window the Arsenal manager said he wanted to bring in a frontman’. Now he’s saying they’re not after any striker at the moment.
    The FA Cup was our best chance of a trophy this season but unfortunately…

    – still, good job we rested all those players for the Villa game, eh?
    I think the game showed why we won’t win the league. Not that we’re bad, we’re good, but not quite good enough.
    So that leaves the Chumps League. Well – ‘Ring them bells you hear them from the city that dreams’.

    Good to see Sol back, though. He’s not that old. There’s plenty of players around his age in the Prem and abroad.

  11. I loved that O’Neill got insulted by Wenger pointing out that they only play long balls. It’s true, watch the game again. They hoof it up to the big men. And then O’Neill tries to claim it’s not. HAHAHAHA

    Pity about TV5. It was bound to happen sometime. Just be glad Sly won’t be playing, Sol will.

  12. I have a headache! Vermaelen! Man what a blow! Andy, I agree that we need a striker but I think Wenger does not want to buy now because Chamak will maybe move here in Aug. I think that’s his thinking. But wow, how bad is our injury list!

  13. Wenger plsssssss we need a striker upfront that’s why we were unable to grab our chances against villa match i tink bendtner is not capable.

  14. Cambell was the most impressive in the game and I pray that he will stay fit for the rest of the games. The fact which arsene has fail to understand is that our players are proned to injury, so we need more backup players even upfront. take forinstance if Cambell was not available at the time vamealen got injured, we would have lost the game and therefore we need similar backup for strikers.

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