Wenger must bring in a midfielder to relieve the pressure after Nasri’s unlucky break

Nasri's injury will put pressure on the Arsenal squadYesterday at work I was speaking to Arsenal FC Blog reader Alan Goat about Arsenal’s chances in the upcoming Premier League season.

I revealed to her that I was getting very excited about the start of the season and was quietly confident that the combination of Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo’s respective returns, the failure thus far of any English rival to substantially strengthen and the exit of “rotten apple” Emmanuel Adebayor meant we were in with a very decent chance of lifting the trophy next season. I added that this would be improved further by the signing of a central midfielder and that if one did come in, I would really struggle to keep a lid on my excitement for the new season. 

However, I also included a little disclaimer to AG about my feelings towards Arsenal’s chances. Word for word I said:

“I don’t want to get ahead of myself because one of the other teams could bring in new players or we could lose a key player or two to injury. Until we get to the first game of the season I don’t want to get excited.”

And so it has happened. Samir Nasri has broken his leg and according to the Arsenal website will be out for 2-3 months. That means we’re likely to only see him in October, eight games into the new season and with no pre-season under his belt. Not good at all.

First things first I should send out a message to Nasri that I hope he gets better soon and doesn’t get too knocked down by the injury. He’s only 22 and has plenty of years left in the tank so hopefully he can take things in his stride and come back into the team stronger than before.

I see the loss of Nasri as a big one, primarily because of his versatility. Whereas other attacking midfielders like Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walcott and Andrey Arshavin tend be uncomfortable outside the final third, Nasri’s big strength is his ability to be effective in any position from defensive midfield right up to a support striker role. Additionally, the Frenchman’s injury puts pressure on the squad from the very start of the season and with Rosicky still yet to prove his fitness it’s something of a concern, particularly if one or two more were to take a knock.

I have an inkling that although Arsene Wenger’s interest in Felipe Melo absolutely proved he is looking to bring in a new defensive midfielder, the manager may have given up on a signing and come to the conclusion to rely on Alex Song and Denilson as first-choice options and Nasri as a back-up. Now, with that option gone, I feel he MUST act. 

If it was Rosicky or Arshavin who went down injured I would not be making such a bold declaration but I believe Wenger cannot afford to go into next season without another defensive-midfield option. The past few seasons have shown that we cannot rely on the notion that our squad will remain fit and I think failure to add to the squad would be a grave mistake.

The good thing is that the timing of the injury means the manager has a fair amount of time to act. I don’t think we need a top, top class player just a player who can get the job done and with Mahamadou Diarra still available from Real Madrid, he’s probably the best choice. Underrated, inexpensive and has experience as well. There are other options out there but I think he’s probably the best one. I’m just hoping Wenger thinks the same.

Anyway, amongst the terribile news about Nasri was a very comfortable 7-1 win over Austrian side SC Columbia. Nicklas Bendtner, Aaron Ramsey and Robin van Persie each scored two while the scoring was rounded off by William Gallas. I didn’t get to catch the game but I’ve included video highlights below – including a fairly monumental cock-up by Manuel Almunia (LINK):

Anyhoo, I’ll leave it there for today in a pretty disappointing post. Get well soon, Baby Nasri!

Have your say on Samir Nasri’s leg break and the impact it might have on the team by leaving a comment.



  1. For me, it’s all stupid to the old folks owning small shares – Below 10% in thye arsenal club. Sell to either Kroenk or Usmanov because it’s only them with a vision for the club

  2. I suppose David’s whingeing about Wenger’s lack of spending and Arsenal’s finances.

    No need to open that can though, it’s absolutely essential to buy a defensive midfielder. We’ve been struggling in that department last season and although Song has improved, we someone better there.

    For me it would be madness not to adress this blatantly obvious weakness.

    As for Nasri, shit. I was hoping he would add a little more end product to his teasing. Crap time for an injury.

  3. I feel totally emotional towards Samir’s predicaments. I really don’t wish to believe Diaby was certain to what he did, I prefer it was’nt intentional. About more “signings”, I’d prefer Arsené gets a holding Midfielder to compete places with outstanding A. Song and give away matured but inexperienced No. 18 (Sylvestre) who contributed to our downfall in the previous campaign but hold on to our future Keown in greatly improved No. 6 (Senderos). With this not even Real’s proposed Galacticos can stand in our way in the UCL. Goodluck to ARSENAL FC. Long live Arsené and a quick quick recovery for Simir Nasri, get fit soon brother. I love you’ll.

  4. nasri injury is unfortunate but only hope is dat the gaffer has time in his hand unlike last season or the season before wen every piece fell at after dat horrible month of feb.

    as far as the DM goes ,we dont need to spend millions out. just a sturdy lad (Mahamadou Diarra, Cana)within 10 mil. can just do the trick

  5. Well the interview after the game Wenger basically said Senderos will be leaving, if he wants.

    I’m not so certain we’ll bring in anyone. I hope we do. But, knowing Wenger, we won’t.

  6. With or without Nasri a good DM is needed imo. Arshavin, Rosicky, Theo, Deni, Wilshere and Ramsey can fill the gap left by Nasri. AW said he’ll spend the Ade money, lets hope he spends it on a quality DM and maybe another striker.

  7. The point you make about Arsene missing out on Melo and then not signing anyone is exactly what I thought Spanish. And it is understandable – when he loses out on his top target, the one he wants, going after someone else must seem a step down and not of the quality he wanted. I think Melo would have been the pivot of the side for the next four years -our new Gilberto.

    I’ve mentioned Mahamadou Diarra a few times. Real Madrid want him out but I think he’d be the ideal addition to our squad and is a specialist DM. Also, at 28, his time with us would see the younger players develop and be ready for when he leaves. Arsene may feel he would be a stop gap but while the youngsters grow that may not be a bad thing. At the price we could sign him for, and if he is over his injury, he would be an absolute bargain and has every attribute we need for the position.

  8. And Ferguson has stated … oddly … that AW has no money. Still, if he doesn’t buy and things fall apart there will be a fan and player revolt me thinks. 1 good purchase would make the diff. Fingers x’d and feel majorly for Nasri. Come on AW, do something!

  9. Spanish,
    I am disappointed that we are delluding ourselves that we will win the league.How? We have not kept our team together instead sold our main striker(which i nsupport though).How can we win when all we brought in was a mediocre defender. I only commented on your blog twice last season. On your birthday and before your birthday stating that we will not win anything.We have not bought anyone tangible. Very soon all our players will rush to barca or milan the all we will do is complain.
    I am sooo sad that we would be struggling for 4th position and wenger will argue that he tried his best and that he was short of funds or will raise a rumour that he wants to go to madrid.
    its a pity. last time i comment on the blog until we come 4th again

  10. TDP – Normally I would accept the manager’s decision to go without if he misses a target, but I think Nasri’s injury has meant that he has no choice. I keep saying that I don’t really mind if we get a world class player, we just need another quality body to take some pressure off Song and Denilson.

  11. @ SCOPE KNIGHT – It’s not delusional to hope to win the league. There’s a long way to go before the season STARTS and I’m not going to get roped into a discussion about it now, but having Arshavin from the start, having Eduardo and Rosicky back, adding a defender, moving an attacker who had a bad attitude and a general lift in quality due to each of our players being a year older are some reasons why we will improve. Additionally, Manchester United look a weaker team and neither Liverpool nor Chelsea are stronger. We have a chance is all I’ll say.

  12. i’m worried by the footage of the last game.
    Sure we won, but check out the body language of the boys even when they are scoring goals.

    i understand that they have just lost Nasri and that they are playing a Austrian pub team, but i don’t think i have ever seen them look so down in my life.

    Not a smile between them. That is a real worry!
    Having great players makes a massive difference. But having proper team spirit is what wins things!

    Time to go paint balling boys!

  13. Was anyone else impressed with Bendy last night? I know its preseason training and it was against a bunch of part timers but his runs were great and his finishing seems to have improved. Traore, Diaby and Ramsey also looked good.

  14. scott parker ftom west ham would be perfect west ham nee money his playekd for chelski hard working and aint scared 2 put in a tackle

  15. Nasri out for months is a big blow to d team , dis is now d time 4 AW to get a md (cana , mohammodu diara) dat can help song and denilison .go arsenal manu , chelsea and liver are weak go for d prem

  16. I really feel sorry for Nasri and hope he comes back better and stronger.
    @ SF is there a way i can unsubscribe for a month cos i’d love to stay away frm the blog for a while. And how do i resubscribe after the stipulated time? Thanks mate for the wonderful job u’re doing.

  17. lets continue being positive about the season thats coming up, thats all we can do anyway;the person who can do something real about it is AW, he knows what is ailing the team and what needs to be done.
    its all up to him to do it. the club has the cash from the sale of Adebayor and the supporters and players are all in agreement that the team needs filling in certain areas.
    its high time AW became human enough and stop being frigin rigid. Listen to your players and fans alike.

    4th next season, probably 3rd i suppose.

  18. my friends,i think arsenal supporters should completely forget the so called Diaras flamini .

    Let us try other options. And i dont think there the best midfielders anyway.

    I dont see what diarra can do to arsenal. Why did he leave in the first place?

    There so many good mids out there. Let us forget these crooks.

    Good day.

  19. @ Preencemeka – The emails you get should have an option to unsubscribe at the bottom of them. If you have a problem get back to me.

  20. @ kisekka – Mahamadou Diarra is different to Lassana Diarra, as is the other Diarra, Alou. They’re all different. But they all know how to win a football and physically put their mark on a game.

    You’re right Lassana Diarra can go to hell for his impatients, but if Mahamadou was to come, it would not be a terrible thing.


  22. i don’t really fancy m. diarra coz his 10m and his 28. Isnt he past his peak?
    A better option should be cana(although i think his crazy)
    Btw i notice Wenger is sieving the market for leaders to ad more leadership to the squad.

  23. hey…SF now you made up your mind!!…fair enough!! but i feel sory for nasri because he hasn’t shown us his 100% performance last year because of the lack in deffensive middfield…..rememeber man utd’s game!! ….i hope he will return soon, but unless we get somebody in the middle…arsenal’s chnace to win trophy will stay too low!!

  24. I agree that Nasri’s injury is huge especially with us owning the best midfield in the league, its massive…

    How ever this season does seem to be a good one comming, dont think Wenger will sign the “old” Diarra from RM. He will probably buy some now name brand wich is the Arsenal way, this is something that Arsenal fans are used to by now.

    I do think that Song will have a good season and he will be staring in that role… he proved at the end of last season, with a good midfield in-front of him that he can do the job. If all he has to do is tackle and pass to a midfielder that can play the ball i.e(Fab Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky, Wallcott, Nasri (wen fit again…

    I am of the opinion that we dont really need any one else barring and addition to our midfield.

  25. @kisekka – this is MAHAMADDOU DIARRA, not former player LASSANA DIARRA……madrid has both DIARRA’S. Careful there

  26. nasri, rosicky on the left wing…..arshavin can play there to, aswell as merida, barazite and wilshere

    walcott, eboue (who will probabl< leave), wilshere, on the right….ramsey and denilson can play on left or right to

    MIDFIELD: theo fab unknown nasri/rosicky

    we could sign a wing player…but not a big name like ashley young (i would love to see him in arsenal but…). arsenal has walcott, nasri and rosicky…one of these 3 will sit on the bench and he won’t like it…so why sign and big name who won’t be happy on the bench.

    1. jonas guttierez would be a cheap and quality buy. he can play in the left or right midfield aswell as a fullback.

    2. adam johnson would be a good choice (he is english, we need that).

    3. brunt from wba played a great season.

    we should loan out merida, lansbury, maybe barazite because if we don’t we will have too many players on a single position.

    eboue will leave…

    walcott, nasri, rosicky, a.johnson/a.young (if we sign young we will have too many big names on the wigns and the bench will call for two stars).

    a would be happy to see young in the gunner shirt… maybe it would be smart too sign him and put walcott or maybe even young up front with robin.

  27. @at lud van
    dead rite mate 7 goals and not a smile between any of the players….i dunno
    some1 mentioned scott parker and i think the guy would be ideal,hes a proven PL hardman.although i can appreciate some fans optimism our squad is nowhere near good enough and AW shuda been spending on two established strong players even before nasris unfortunate injury,SF to say some younger inexperienced players now have a year under their belts isnt saying much mate becos its only been 9-10 weeks since they werent good enough against manure in CL and chelsea at home…i want to be able to believe they are good enough but they simply are not at this time and although i know ul say its pre season and giv them a chance i think its better to air these views now while theres still time to strenghten rather than come on the blog midseason roaring disapproval at where we went wrong like every1 wil when were out of the race in november
    to have a fighting chance we should go get kenwyn jones as a target man and scott parker as a stopper and wed still hav money left over from the ade deal,if AW does his usual stubborn party trick then we will be left empty handed once again and there wil be a fan and player revolt

  28. Huntelaar has rejected Stuttgart! Bring him in PLEASE. This ensures Walcott stays in midfield in Nasri’s spot most likely.

    Also word is Chelsea is willing to let Obi Mikel go. He may be worth looking at if the price is right

  29. @ shambogunner / lud van – I don’t think it’s fair to judge the morale based on this game. I’ve played in games where the score has been a whitewash and it doesn’t feel particularly good when you score. You just kind of feel sorry for the other team and that’s how things looked yesterday.

  30. Oops, sorry for Nasri’s injury but then am confident in our boys. I am optimistic we are gonna lift the league trophhy 2009/2010 season.

  31. The Nasri injury is a disaster and you’re right to say it’s worse than losing Arshavin or Roskicky, simply because of Nasri’s versatility.

    I don’t think we need a winger like some are suggesting, absolutely not, but I still think we need a good DM.

    I also think we won’t get one, or anybody else – which is crazy as Wenger clearly stated that we will win something before the end of his contract. If his trusted crop don’t win anything he is putting severe (unnecessary) pressure on his great legacy.

  32. I would like to put the lack of celebration last night down to the fact that we were playing an amateur team – hardly worth celebrating when you’re playing against a team who don’t earn their living from football.

    Having said that I would have liked to have seen a little more vibrancy from the boys, especially when a youngster like Ramsey gets on the scoresheet.

    As an aside, I hope team spirit improves this year – when Cesc had his pals Flamini and Hleb and when we were doing well, the spirit and good form snowballed into a title challenge. Lets hope any squabbles (Toure – Gallas for example) are over and that the boys will be up for it right from the start next season.

    If we buy someone like M Diarra, I think we’ll be in great shape going into the new season and we’ll be so much stronger than last season’s starting squad.

  33. The suggestion above about Vieira – I have to admit, is interesting. I think what Ferguson does which Arsene has always been reluctant to do is keep the senior pros around when they are no longer first teamers. Guys like Scholes, Giggs etc can’t possibly play full seasons but can come in and do a job for a game or two and can be useful squad members for youngsters to learn from.

    Arsene did that towards the end of the invincibles with guys like Parlour and Keown who came in and did good jobs when required. The focus has shifted to getting young players to come in and do the same job which is a noble pursuit really; gives them valuable experience on the pitch and lets them progress more quickly than youngsters at other clubs.

    But having a Vieira around (assuming he is happy to play a squad role) wouldn’t be a terrible idea in my book. The question is whether he is too big a force and there is too much history there for him to come back and see out his last years as a pro in this way.

    But then again that may just be nostalgia rearing its head – in truth, Arsene is building a new team of Ramseys, Nasris and Wilsheres. Part of me feels we should just let him look forward and see his vision unfold without the comparisons to the past.

  34. *Just realised I contradicted myself above – Arsene has not always been reluctant to supplement his first eleven with guys over 30 who can come in and do a job – Bergkamp, Parlour, Keown, he just seems to have abandoned this recently.

  35. I would love canna as the guy is hard as but for f#*ks sake don’t let him train with the others or half of our team will be injured. I think this year will be diabys time to shine but would love a new dm but song did really well towards the arse end of the season. @ rocknrolljesus1 don’t forget vela can also play on the left and he is another I really think will shine this year.

  36. It is a shame for Nasri, but we have lots of options in the attacking part of our game. We still need a DMC but everyone has mentioned that, what I want to know is what has set Eduardo back? I thought he was fit and ready for the season and now I hear 2 months. I have always said that we don’t need another attacking option but maybe we do.

  37. Eduardo had surgery at the end of the season so I am guessing that’s what it is. I’m surprised too though, kind of assumed he would be ready.

    I was looking forward to the trip to the Emirates Cup but now reckon I’ll be taking the family to watch an Arsenal team wrapped in cotton wool.

  38. eduardo will be fully recoverd in sep-oct

    nasri will come back in oct-nov

    for that one two monts we can play with rosicky in the wing…arshavin or walcott up front with robin

    a center midfielder must come!!!!!


    a center defender must come

    BREDE HANGELAND, RAFA MARQUEZ, S.TAYLOR, MATT UPSON, CARLOS MARCHENA, BURDISSO, LEGRROTAGGLIE…a quality guy…i think we can get anyone of these defenders




    sagna toure gallas/a new guy clichy

    walcott fab a new guy rosicky/nasri



    subs: fabianski, vermaelen, gallas/a new guy, rosicky, denilson/diaby, eduardo, bendtner

    if we buy a striker it MUST be HUNTELAAR (he has a great record)

    if a striker good enought for the starting line comes…then arshavin will move to the left…walcott or nasri will join rosicky on the bench

  39. I wanted to read all the comments. But it is after midnight. And bed is looking an awfull inviting place for me at the moment. But truth be told. Majority of discussion has circulated around the acquisition of a DM. And replaced the tall lanky figure who seemed to despise the ethical structure which our club was built. And before people ask i will just add the quote “I will play like henry when i get played like henry”.

    Yes we do need to replace ade in my opinion. But its not just a simple replacement. Its chosing a player who is able to fit into our midfield. Yet i think it extends further beyond that. In reference to a DM. We need a ball winner. Who can get the ball give it to cesc who can then distribute it accordingly. I agree with the thought that we need to keep the squad together. But Ade should have left last summer. And we should have bought a replacement in January to give them some seasoning. Who we buy depends on who can fit in the team. If we go and buy Diarra (M) he needs to be able to fit in. And i think that he can. But if we buy CHamakh. Our midfield will need to adjust to his type of playing. He is a player who runs lines and moves forward. Very much a counter attacking player. I think he could link up will with the likes of Walcott. But in honesty. I would prefer Huntelaar. Skilled. Able. A good finish. And well. shits all over ade. I may have given it away that i do not care for the former Arsenal player very much. shucks

  40. SOrry for the long comment. But the PV4 links are far fetched. He is just too old to come back. A legend. WHo gets 100% of my respect. But we need to look to the future players. Not past for a hope of vitality. Defensive mid. Has to be Lorik Cana. I think he was born to play the english game. Talking about him being a psycho i agree. But melo received more yellow cards and red cards than him last season.

  41. I really appreciated the way our rival fans sent thair sympathy messages to Nasri as soon as the news of his injury filtered out.
    In some of their comments on different blogs I got goose bumps. I am using this blog to tell them a big thank u for their support 4 Nasri.

  42. It’s going to be another season of dissapoimtment.Wenger said he should be judge by May.We will struggle for 4th spot again.With city it becomes more tough.Wenger should face reality.Football has moved forward since he last won the league in 1994.With Wenger and his sturborness Arsenal will never win the leauge under him.Song is going for nations cup in Africa in Jan.Arsenal forever.

  43. he last won the laegue in 1994???


    man utd and arsenal have been the most succesfull clubs in the league when it comes to the premierleague.

    it’s true that arsenal hasn’t won the league since 2005… but earlier it was just an head to head gunner vs. red devil fight for the title.

  44. TDP, Wenger does not have the funds to keep experienced players arround. And anyway younger members would not have patience to wait there turn. Everyone wants to play.

  45. wel just checked out cana on you tube as i knew little about him found a good reel of clips of him at lorik cana [om] and holy shit i want this guy wit us hes everything we are lacking at the mo,the guys a beast and takes no shit…go get him wenger….as if i forgot we hav song…for 3 months
    if we hav injuries to cesc,RvP,song or arshavin who do we hav to step in,and dont tel me ramsey,barazite,wilshere and co. we need 2 more experienced PL players

  46. Shambo, Cana does look good. To answer yr question, what about Jay Emmauel Thomas captain of FA youth team or Emman Frimpong who looks a fantastic ball winner in DM.

  47. @ice hammer
    have seen a little of thomas bt not much of the other fella bt these guys development are 2 years behind ramsey,barazite,wilshere,etc and in my opinion wud be too early to throw them in…i dnt see y we cnt invest in both cana and veloso….then we wud hav quality and cover to change formation to suit any given game…does any1 tink 12mil each for these players would be excessive as i dont.
    ps hammer wot age is ur son and how long has he been in the academy






  49. Christ doesn’t anyone even know when we last won the league?? Two people have got it wrong on here so far – although I hope @Jaiye Ige simply made an error. Arsenal last won the Premiership title in the 2003-2004 season. The unbeaten season. Our last proper trophy was the FA Cup in 2005.
    Jeez Louise…

  50. @rocknrolljesus1 – as you may have noticed yourself we don’t need another striker with Bendtner and Eduardo already on the bench in your team line-up and you haven’t even mentioned Vela.
    As for Vermaelen – in my view he can’t possibly have been bought to be a sub as AW stated at the end of last season that they need to fix the defense. He cost 10 million which is a lot for us. He must be a starter.
    My line-up would go:
    Sagna, Toure/Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy
    Walcott, New guy, Fabregas, Arshavin,
    Van Persie, Eduardo

    Subs from : Manone, Toure/Gallas, Gibbs, Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Bendtner, Vela

    I choose Walcott first because i believe with a new hard man as defensive midfielder it will free him up as it will with Fab, and he will be dynamite.

    I would also have put Senderos in the mix but with AW’s latest comments I no longer have any idea what’s happening with him. Sad.

    Did you mention Viera? Yeah – like that’s going to happen!

  51. Yeah, let’s sign the unfit old injury prone crock Vieira, he’ll add some respect and steel to the midfield, especially when all the younger players realise he’s only there because he can’t get a game anywhere else!

    Scott Parker, who has been bossing the midfield for mid-table/relegated clubs for the last few seasons in between entertaining multiple injuries and failing to make any significant impact on the international scene. Sign him up!

    And Fan Favourite Van Nistelrooy, I can’t wait to see him playing in the red and white of Arsenal! He’ll be welcomed with open arms. So will Trezeguet, who was seen a whopping 8 times this season in the black and white of juventus, scoring fewer goals than Clichy did this season. POTENT.


  52. We need to sign 1-3 players. But they must be class players not has-beens (Trezeguet, Vieira, RVN), or just better than average (Julio Cruz, Sissoko, Parker), we need players that are high quality (M.Diarra, Huntelaar, Aquilani, Naldo). Arsenal are a top english and european club and with United losing Ronaldo and Tevez and not replacing them well and Liverpool and Chelski not signing any top talent then this season we have a real chance but we need to bring in top talent. Vermaelen was a shock but we are all happy. He looks good, tall, aggressive. But we still need a DM and even more strengthenin after the Nasri injury. We have the exact same number of players as we did last season currently. That isnt getting more squad depth and that is something we need, specially as arsenal seem to get a lot of injuries.

  53. @ enemy air. could not agree more.

    But for those giving the line ups. We do have Eboue. who in my opinion is definitely not a starter with what we have. And should be a sub because of his ability to play on the flank as well as RB. His versatility is what we need.

    Looking at Cana, i think we would be paying a lot more than 12 million for the player. He is in his peak. and is playing for a club which is considered a big club, Marseilles. THey have won a champs league. And recently spent 18 million pounds to sign a Benz replacement. WHen was the last time you heard Arsenal make a signing over 13 million? PRobably never because it never happened

  54. seems the injury isnt as bad as they thought, but relying on 2 injured players from last season (eduardo and sicknote) to come in for another injured player (nasri) is dicing with danger in my opinion, id prefer us to buy and increase the squad size by 1 so we can challenged for each of the trophies that we need to!

  55. All we need is a defensive midfielder. Nasri’s injury can be compensated with the wingers in Arshavin, Walcott, Eboué, Rosický. I’d be all for signing the Morrocan fellow, but it’s not a must. Between van Persie, Eduardo and Bendtner we have goals.

  56. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    @gibbs: yeh, Bendy looked really confident. His passing was excellent and his vision has improved vastly. Ramsey also looked impressive. But, I really like Wilshere, the kid plays with such heart and confidence.

    Everyone is worried about Nasri. But, it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It might force Wenger’s hand in buying a midfielder and it may also allow Barazite to shine and plug the gap.

  57. Shambo, he is beginning this season as @ u14s. L Brady is now getting involved and is there to watch them train. The comp in the squad is very high.

  58. Shambo, he has been there since undr 9s. Wilshere has potential but again.. another fly weight player who will not help the midfield when the going gets rough, he is one for the future.

  59. Good morning everyone, lets not get onto Cashleys comments, because he was asked if he thinks City will finish in the top 4 and he said yes. Why should that mean it could be Arsenal missing out?

  60. It seems after reading arseblogger this morning that eduardo could be playing on Monday so it looks like he is not injured after all. I also read Mr Girl’s Aloud comments, what a pillock, I can’t think of any player who leaves a club would say that he hopes they don’t do well. I hope if shitty do get in top four it is at the expense of chelski!!!

  61. @Carl – Whats it with this VIERA….dont u know he can no longer fit into our pattern?

    Why should reasonable people be talking about VIERA……FLAMINI, yes, but not VIERA

  62. I keep on saying this………..WE DO NOT NEED A DM, what we need in ARSENAL FC right now is a PROVEN FINISHER of the ball.

    Why cant we just let SONG mature?
    In the last SEMI’s, if we converted our chances and GALLAS was fit….we would’ve been in the finals. (I DARE REPEAT IT…..IF GALLAS WAS FIT)

    Now, we strengthened the defense……why cant we do same with the STRIKING position?

  63. GunnerBoss, good comments. Unfortunately Wenger will never purchase a player who only scores goals which is what the squad needs, he likes them to be able to do everything a midfielder does as well, which is why they miss so many chances. All wrighty did was score.

  64. YAYA TOURE-he is big imposing tough in the tackle plus has family connection.

    Best Arsenal Website on the Web
    -Transfer rumors- Ones that have a basis, no crap like Obefemi Martins to Arsenal
    -Last match highlights-EVEN THE FRIENDLIES
    -Arsenal videos and other good videos
    -In depth analysis of all things Arsenal from an expert’s viewpoint


  65. Jay Emmanuel Thomas has been playing a lot in these friendlies. I’d like to see more of him, Nacer Barazite, and Jay Simpson

    Best Arsenal Website on the Web
    -Transfer rumors- Ones that have a basis, no crap like Obefemi Martins to Arsenal
    -Last match highlights-EVEN THE FRIENDLIES
    -Arsenal videos and other good videos
    -In depth analysis of all things Arsenal from an expert’s viewpoint


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