Wenger hints at defensive shape for next season

It’s Blackburn on Monday night in the second last game of the Premier League season.

We need a point in our last two games to guarantee third place. We’ll hear the team news over the next day or so but in my opinion if Alex Song is present in the starting team then we will get that point at Ewood Park.

If last weekend’s 0-0 draw with Manchester City is any indication then this could be a boring game. Both sides have little to play for, Blackburn are hardly an excitement machine at the best of times while we are of course missing many key players.

In saying that I do hope the boys put on a show, if only for the small contingent of Gooners heading north on a Monday night to cheer the boys on. One of those will by my brother Patrick who just arrived in England last week and is making the trip to Ewood Park for his first ever Arsenal experience.

6-5 would do nicely for him, I should think.

Away from the Blackburn game and Arsene Wenger has been speaking about this season’s defensive performance, in the process hinting as his plans for the next.

The manager has stated that despite our excellent goalscoring record we have conceded far too many at the wrong end this season, a sentiment that would be shared by nearly every Arsenal supporter. He also stated that should William Gallas not extend his contract this season, he will sign a new centre-back. He touched on the Sol Campbell and Mikael Silvestre situations and indicated that while the Frenchman is likely to finish up his contract with the club, if Campbell goes he will also need to be replaced.

In an ideal world I would like to see both Gallas and Campbell stay, the first-choice partnership of Gallas and Thomas Vermaelen continued with Johan Djourou giving an extra season to recover fully from his injury and gradually move to the first-choice position. Should Gallas go then I feel we will need to sign a player of starting team quality, who will give Djourou competition for the second starting position but also has enough experience to make up for the outgoing Gallas.

Just a quick one on Djourou: he is a player that I was expecting to break through in a big way this season but for obvious reasons he hasn’t been able to do that. I think people have forgotten just a bit about what he is capable of bringing to the team with his height and calmness on the ball and if he can steer clear of injury next season then he has the ability to form a complimentary partnership with the shorter, more aggressive Vermaelen.

I am extremely excited to see how things go for next season, just as I was at the start of this season before he damaged his knee.


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  1. I also would like gallas to stay but not to be a starter. I seriously think we need something new in our back four. I wouldn’t mind if Clichy left to Barcelona if he did end up leaving we would have Gibbs as our new left back or I would really hope for Wenger to go for a LB like Carlos Calcido. He’s a fantastic left back he’s had champions league experience he’s quick can shot from a distance he doesn’t panic like clichy when under pressure and gives accurate passes. But of course first of all we need a new center back and keeper.

  2. djourou hasn’t played for 1 year, take a look at eduardo and rosicky to see what to expect. Next year he won’t be anywhere close to fight for a starting position. Only injuries to other players could get him in the start line.
    I hope we’ll get a new strong center back, maybe even two if gallas goes.

  3. I just hope Arsenal will modify their tactics when playing ace attacking team like Barca. The defeat was too painful to stomach.Messi was totally unmarked which is unheard of in vital matches.No doubt mourino must have seen Messi smash four goals.Of course he had the players to implement his anti soccer which made it boring but inter fans wont bother .Messi was annonymous like Ronaldo against AC in the cl.
    Arsene though must accept anti soccer is here to stay and get off his high moral ground on making soccer exciting and attacking.The ultimate aim in soccer is to win and Mourino is tops in this.
    I just hope that Arsenal will have been strengthened in the coming season in the positions causing problems..The gunners must not be too cavalier in attack or else it will be a repeat of the barca fiasco.

  4. It is very pity that we have not grabed the title this season due to a number of reason.what is needed is that the manager-Wenger should focus on buying new players who act in the central back.

  5. We need another Vermaelen-type signing. As great as the Gallas-Vermaelen partnership was at times, they still didn’t get the job done in the big matches. I don’t think anyone wants Gallas gone, but if him leaving forces Wenger to spend another 10 mil on a defender, then so be it. I think Campbell needs to be resigned no matter what happens and Silvestre be shown the door no matter what happens.

  6. I would not be looking forward to next season too much unless wenger answers certain problems the team had shown this season.

    First, we need a new goal keeper.

    Secondly, we need a new defensive player (Exp and at the right age) to partner Vermaelen next season and the first choice. Whether Gallas stays or not is not important. He can leave along with Silvestre. Campbell should stay because he doesnt mind sitting on the bench and be a reserve player. But not Gallas. 4 center backs should be enough next season, crossing my fingers that Djourou is fit for the whole of next season. Otherwise, we would end up with only campbell as the backup.

    In defensive area, simply just Song alone is not enough. We have all seen what happens when Song is not playing. Ramsey is not defensive minded, so is Diaby. Only, Denilson is left. We have all seen what Denilson is all about. Yes, he is all about SHIT!! We definitely need another defensive player. Furthermore with another quality DM, Song can drop back as a CB in emergency cases.

    In the striking department Chamakh is coming and we are fine.

    Thus we need 1 GK, 1 CB, and 1DM.

    And to fulfill the 25 players quota next season. We should sell away useless players that have no more contribution to Arsenal. Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson, Eduardo, Rosicky, Senderos, Silvestre and Gallas. Maybe even Clichy or Traore.

  7. gallas has tried in his arsenal shirt but i think if he stays ,he definitely shouldnt be in the first team wenger should sign really good defender(s) and not defenders like silvester we shouldnt rely on djourou to deliver bcos i think nonrelated whoever he is is right and i also think we need a standard midfielder and if wenger wants a young one then someone like miralem pjanic, lyon, someone that is capable of wearing that no 10 shirt again bcos it should definitely be taken from gallas even if he stays.

  8. I just have a feeling AW will leave us on highground again next season. Look at what Mourinho has done with a lot of cast offs with great experience. I recollect on this site last year, our begging the almighty AW to go for Lucio and AW said he was too old for his team. How old is Sol …? The club needs a very thorough re-organisation if we want to win something soon …..

  9. useless players like eduardo, silvester, almunia ,fabianski &diaby sholud all get out and be replaced with quality players for God sakes i play far better than most of them and im still 16. i say 2 goalkeepers, one young one experienced, 2 defenders, 2 midfield players, and chamack should be okay in front. rosisky is still a quality player and denilson still has a role to play but not in the first team for now.

  10. agree totally with DAMN GALLAS we have a lot of dead wood add to his list bendtner who like walcott is only ok for impact substitution together with gilbert and simpson
    (who deserved a chance) will the injured gallas last a season i doubt it

  11. Its not as simple as just finding good individuals.Look at Walter Samuel for Inter the other night.He was outstanding because he was surrounded and protected by his teammates in a very defensive formation.When he played for Real Madrid he looked useless because they were an attacking team who offered him little support in front of him.We should therefore not blame our back four in isolation and provide much more protection in front of them.When I see us live at the Emirates I am astounded by the space and gaps we leave in the middle of the pitch.We can usually get away with it against teams like Blackburn,Burnley etc but get exposed against better opposition.

  12. i`m now tired of AW`s gud perennial talk new players.the fact is he is not willing to sign. what i want now are trophies period. six solid years in desert is no joke 4 people who used 2 feast yr in yr out.

  13. Guys, Arsene Wenger, doesn’t have to replace Gallas. Instead, he has to strenghten the defense regardless of Gallas staying or not for us to stand any chances of winning the title next year. We need a good goalkeeper for next season.

  14. Guys this time we better demand answers by camping at the emirates on 4th May the coming week.Otherwise this French fool may take us for a ride again.Once the world cup starts good players are going to be hiked the fees and the fool wont buy. He hasn’t shown any sign so far apart from Chamak coming for free. I have already heard Barca are taking D .villa one of the best offensive players in world already.This means we may not compete with them again at the same level cause he is far better than Chamak. Rosicky is a quality player we have to keep.Its time up for Gallas and his mediocre friend Silvester to pack their bags. We should sell Edwardo to Lyon plus some money and get a keeper.Then Almnia must be writing his Emirates testimonial by now.He has cost us the required 10 points to win the trophy this season. Vela has not been played but he is a quality player and it would be foolhardy of Wenger to let him go at such an age.He is more or less like Bojan kirkic just wait to see him play for Mexico in June.The rest must remain.Clichy has pace and thats why Barca are not stupid to chase for his signature so we must be sensible he will be good next season especially if he improves his crosses alittle bit high as he heading master is arriving from Bordeau similar to Sagna.No Selling young good players lest we regret like Flamini.I just pray this French moron understands how digusted we are with his fucked up administrative policies.If a coach with players above 30 can play at the Nou camp for an hour and so moreover less and win the tie then which tactic does Wenger have to prove to the fans that he is not an average coach.I understand Jose is a class apart but Wenger must surely convince us that he deserves our money next season.We are tired of being promised roses only to be handed gabbage.Not paying for a seasons ticket until the end of July after seeing new players come in.

  15. 5 years is a long time..

    Well, why does that old fool possibly think that the fa cup and carling cup are worthless when he cant even win anything..
    Its been 5 fucking years filled with promise but all ending in gut wrenching disappointment.. Clearly some shit of this cursed football club must change..
    1. Why the fuck are the players so injury prone.. Has there been an instance this season when less than 3 players were slacking on the treatment table? Is it Wenger’s training methods? Is it b/c of a strange coincidence that every player signing for Afc is injury prone? Or is it just down to the useless club doctors? Tell me! Why cant Gallas or Fabregas (arguably our best players) even last for 9 months?
    Why are our goalkeepers diabolical? Is it the goalkeeping coach? Is it Wenger’s blind eye to goalkeepers?
    Why, since we are the 3rd richest football club in the fucking world, not spending our fucking money?
    5 years.. I hope it wont be 6!

  16. I have seen and heard this gunner dance for years since wenger tried to build his own side. The wenger experiment was never going to work. But six ago i was booed off the blog. And only when arsene goes will we see silverware. The recruiting methods are crazy to say the least. Why are we without a national goalkeeper. Look at the legacy that is now trampled. Jennings, Seaman, the German and now Almunia? Look the Centre backs and midfielders we once had. It is a joke of the league what we have now.

    The coach needs to go. The story is the same. Country before club. Club before coach. And now we are at the club vs coach stage. We need to win. Peace out.

  17. oh ye of little faith!shame on you!-aw has only recently admitted that due to the restrictions of the new stadium,up until now he hasn’t had a pot to piss in to comptete in the transfer market & has been forced to make do with youth.no choice.tell me any other manager in the world who could have done this up against arguably the three richest clubs in the world?”maureen”great coach that he is wouldn’t have been able ,i’m certain of that-what is 5 years?nothing!between 1999-2005 barca won zilch.that’s right absolutely nothing!

  18. yes, barca won nothing during that period but they changed their methods, they bought in recognised players to cover their weakness.
    Wenger is still dead stubborn about his methods.. Not covering weaknesses and putting ridiculous tactics against top teams..

  19. Goalkeeping legend Bob Wilson “Almunia and Fabianski are both talented but neither of them have that quality that cannot be coached-presence.Lukasz obviously has time,but you wonder Manuel can ever get that presence now.I was 26 when it happened to me,he is 32-so that is a genuine worry”.Please listen Mr Wenger,after all Bob knows best. We have an excellent keeper who has won a host of admirers on loan at Brentford.Wojciech Szczesny-remember that name-but I`m sure you have already heard of him !

  20. Sell Clichy to Barca for 15mil, push Vermaelan over to left back and buy a big centre back to partner Gallas. Gallas can compliment a bigger more slower centre back with his pace! Vermaelan is far better at defending than Clichy and far better going foward, he would do a job like Ivanovic does for Chelsea! Any thoughts on that?

  21. I’m gonnabe Wenger for the time it takes to write this post and solve some problems on the way :

    Eduardo + 8 Mil= Hugo Lloris

    Buy Gary Cahill and Cristian Zapata off load Gallas and Cod Face

    Denilson+Diaby+10mil= Melo or Matudi or M’bia all great DM’s

    Chamahk comes for free, we buy Gignac for 20 mil, lets face it he’s a machine and I’m not puttiing faith in fowards who have a bad attitude like Remy or Batotelli. Gignac is white drogba/jesus in front of goal and just a beast

  22. @ gareth WHAT THE FUCK are you calling it SOCCER 4 its called FOOTBALL

  23. As far as the whole Wenger thing goes about who we have sold and signed and NOT signed in recent years it is lies if he claimed he has been restricted by the stadiums building.
    Quite simply when the people upstairs came to the conclusion that we would be moving they would have had to had a forecast or plan as far as budgeting goes and they would have had to allow for the possibility of having to make emergency signings or signings to bolster the team in general if we wanted to compete. If they didnt allow for maybe 40m a year thats just poor planning.
    Now what happened since our move is that Wenger and the board have become obsessed with paying off the debt ahead of schedule by sacrificing our competitiveness in both the transfer market and the competitions weve been partaking in.
    Now I can except weve been led up the garden path for 5 years, and i can tolerate it now that we are now financially sound after our fans paying the highest prices in the league for 5 years….if now Wenger recognises that we are not good enough to compete and are 4-5 experienced players short of winning ANY trophy.
    But I actually get disheartened when I hear fellow fans making excuses about money being restricted and injuries playing their part, its all deflection. Look at what Everton acheived with worse injuries to their key players this year.
    Wenger appeased us all after the CL exit,spurs and wigan losses by saying wed be active in the summer, but now the heats off hes again saying the squad is good enough and he wont be adding too much. ‘ fool me once,shame on you, fool me twice and thrice, shame on me’.
    I find this shocking and infuriating as both Chelsea and Utd will go on and strengthen again, havin both hammered us in head to heads this year. Man City will again strengthen, as will spurs and villa are ever improving with Randy Lerner eager to give funds to a manager who he trusts fully when it comes to recruiting good PL players. Birmingham now have money to spend aswel and Everton will not be caught so short next year either. If Chamakh,N’ zogbia, Nzonzi and Hazard prove to be the players Wenger is going to sign then we can all strap ourselves in for another trophyless season.
    Here are the clubs whos fans can be satisfied with their season this year…..Chels,Utd,Fulham,Villa,City,Spurs,Birmingham,Everton,PORTSMOUTH,Wolves…then you could argue us.
    Our fans deserve more for their patience and loyalty thus far. Although alot now have come to their senses and refuse to be taken for a ride anymore its the minority that continue to deflect and search for excuses that will encumber the club and empower the managers selfish and stubborn persistance with mediocrity.
    Its easy to say have patience when your not payin £855- £1825 of a modest wage on season tickets……..£700 more than Chelseas……joke.

  24. Premier League table from Jan 10 to present
    Man utd 36
    Everton 36
    Chelsea 35
    Spurs 33
    Arsenal 31
    Man City 31
    Villa 29 (who contested a CC final and F.A cup ties up to
    semi finals)
    Liverpool 29 ( whov had a ‘shocking season’ according
    to the experts)
    Thats our accumulation of points from our ‘easy’ run-in.
    These teams will bring in quality in the summer, we will not and we will have the same injury prone players next season mixed in with the ones that havnt returned to their level since injury (rosicky,eduardo and possibly djourou) mixed in with the ones that arent up to standard nd the ones that need to look to others for inspiration and leadership (diaby,nasri,clichy).
    If you think we are moving in the right direction you may be right, but the teams ahead of us are doing it at a faster rate whilst the ones who used to be far behind us have caught us up and are now planning to overtake us as they will be more ambitious this summer.
    Im happy to keep what we have and wait but to be fair we really need a Chiellini, Parker, Capel and a Villa up front to compete. Otherwise we will find ourselves having this same coversation next year after taking in another tall one from Mr. Wenger.

  25. I think Gallas will not be back if it’s taken this long already.

    The key is that he wants a longer contract to comfortably end his career as his physical abilities decline, but Wenger (rightly) is adamant about making it a shorter-term deal. He’s gone.

    I love Djourou. I think he will be great and it’s tragic he wasn’t able to contribute in a serious way this season, but for the very same reason it would be irresponsible to pin our hopes on him as a starting CB in 2010-11. I’d like to see us bring in Simon Kjaer. I know he’s been linked to Liverpool, but I don’t think they have the 11-13mil to seal the transfer.

    We do.

  26. There is nothing too wrong with our defense. We need to se that the problem with us is our team doesn’t defend. Barcelona and Arsenal are different because they track back and 2 or 3 players surround the opponent till they win back the ball. this is done throughout 90 mins. There is no walking on the field except for the center forward. Manu chelsea have better defenders and team defence… we need to just compare ourselves and learn from those that are better than us presently.

  27. Andy, I know you love Djourou.

    But the fact that he hasn’t played for a long time means we must sign a top quality central defender at least in the short term. I wouldn’t be adverse to getting someone locally – Matthew Upson perhaps? Pity we never got our hands on someone like Sharky Collins who has played brilliantly for Villa this season.

    I’ve changed my position on Wenger avoiding signing premiership players. I supported buying ‘cheaper’ talent from the continent, but I think he needs to mix it up.

  28. I think we need first a world class goal keeper and if Galas stays or goes we must buy a physically strong center back one with pace who is aggressive and good in the air to partner Vermaelen all this talk about Djourou he has not played well in the last two to three seasons he should be sold check the record. The fact remains guys in England if you can’t defend you wont win shit and for four years now Wenger has not given arsenal the tools or right players to defend hence we cant defend collectively and that s a problem. Also our wing backs, Clichy and Sagna should not be at the club because they don’t fit the way we play non have tricks and can dribble none are good crossers, none have consistently defended well look at the records this season and last of all sagna has scored one goal in three years not good and clichy one goal in god knows how long how can this be i personally think wenger has lost the plot and he needs a wake up call as soon as possible….

  29. We really have defensive problems,i’ll be happy to see Silvester leave.His more of a probem,we need atleast 2 more defenders of Vermaelen level,2 strong middlefielders and a striker.Injuries are nolonger an excuse in the league coz every one is given time to strengthen his squad in transfers,people think we’ve players but we don’t.The F.A cup begins shortly after the PL but even in it we play young players due to fear of injuries.I still disappointed with my team,how can we loose a title with only 5 games to go.

  30. Like i said b4,injuries are not an excuse.The problem is in the beginning Wenger seems to look only at the PL,but we’ve many games in the CL,FA,CC.Even if u don’t get injuries,players will get tired especially when they’re inexperienced.Every trophy is important,we give away the FA and Carling Cups as if we’re leading in the PL.Let’s grab what is available first,when’re all these excuses going to end.We’ve money and time,let’s buy players.

  31. I agree that that Clichy and Sagna have to work on their crossing. It is too haphazard. Great players, otherwise.

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  33. i think we need to look @ d way we play, there is no way we r going to achieve anything if we continue to neglect our defensive duties. sum ppl were happy to see Toure being replaced, and i agree that TV is 10 times better then Toure, but nothing has changed. we are still leaking goals at the back. Wenger needs to understand that teams hav a right to their own tactics and stop whining about antifootball. and wots wrong wit our tactics? it looks like tactics r only modified @ the end of a season. we cant play 433 every game, we are too predictable.
    my feeling is that we can change personel season after season but the results will remain the same. look at Manu for example Evans & Brown keeping a clean sheet @ the Emirates.

  34. JB, I don’t think its appropriate to promote a legally questionable service through Andy’s blog.

  35. hey guys i think our Philosophy of football has 2 much flaws look at mu they lost Ronaldo their best player for three seasons and they still push chelsea all the way to the last day. i think if ronaldo was still here they mu would have won the title and dats because the football culture is different one is geared towards winning at any cost and one is geared towards trying to play a brand of football that cant win u a title in England. I hear people say if only vanpercy had been fit, bull is he ever fit always injured like windows media player (injured by default) He is 26 and needs to start paying back all the faith arsenal put in him i dont want to hear about fit or not fit if he has a poor season next time and this means if he is injured or plays crap we should sell check the records when last has he scored a free kick i know 3 years ago is that good noway. So then solutions; New keeper one with some experience Jaaskelainen from bolton, Sign a big strong fast center back who can head the ball well and who is aggresive this will be easy to find a lot of them around up in russia and technically good as well, get rid of galas and sylvest and one of clichy or sagna cant have two wing backs who cant
    score or cross the dam ball sign a out and out winger instead of converting central players into wingers this clearly has not worked and also an experience midfielder who is big and strong and wont get bullied, last but not least i dont understand why we are sign chamaka when his goal record for a 26 year old is not good in a league like france remember he is a seasoned player i think we will end up with strikers of all the same type all of them will be slow what we really need is a striker with pace skill and who can hold up the ball because vanpercy is slow bedtner is slow eduardo is slow and now chamaka is wenger right in his head you need pace it will scare the balls off any defence. This last note is for wenger; Dear sir your time at arsenal is soon coming to an end you have may be one more year to correct your wrongs pls do not be remembered for the wrong things if i were in charge at arsenal you would have been fired a long time ago and i think pretty soon the fans will lose thier cool and patience with you and your excuses……….

  36. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is once again asking for the fans to ‘trust’ him ahead of the summer’s probable recruitment of numerous players. Wenger has already admitted that he requires new faces in order to challenge for the title next year and to stay on the heels of both Chelsea and Man Utd at the top of the Premier League.

    There is no denying the Gunners have been hampered with injuries all season with stars Van Persie and skipper Cesc Fabregas both missing sizeable chunks of the season, however even while taking in account Arsenal’s injury list, the squad doesn’t seem capable of even pulling together during times of hardship as all teams inevitably go through at least once a season. Wenger also refused to buy in January when many fans called on him to sign a new striker, but he insists plans are in place for the summer.

    With a deal for Bordeaux’s Marouane Chamakh already agreed, Wenger is hopeful of making further strides in the market.

    Wenger said. “They have to trust us because historically we have done well in the transfer market. Last summer we bought Thomas Vermalean, nobody knew about him and now he is in the team of the year, so they just have to keep faith in what we do.”

    “As always we will try to be intelligent, sensible and take care of this club in the right way.”

    Wenger insists he will not allow his side to be broken up, adding: “One or two will go out, which happens every year, but the first target is to keep the squad together.

    “This team has a future. I believe the players want to have a future together and that is why it is my job to keep them together.”

    Arsenal Debate – A forum for all fans…feel free to comment at this link


  37. Except Varemaelen,Song,Diaby,Fabregas & Vanpersie.all we need is new blood.Young Gunners with courage and whocan resist the robust -play of EPL.Hoping for attractive good play with silverware.In search of players who can hit the ball to the back of the net is not a big problem for Arsene Wenger.He has not to give priority to his fellow Frenchmen.

  38. The team is to slow at getting the ball fwd. They dont give it quick enough to the wingers. Sick of seeing the ball in the last third, going from left the right and then back again and then back again. Why cant they go fwd quicker. Seen it all before, far far far far to soft. Wenger out.

  39. I feel sorry for the supporters who made the journey, Wenger is taking the pee. No fight, no effort, no good. Wat a loda rubbish.

  40. 87 mins gone and diaby,nasri and arsha are still just idling along….youd think we were 2-1 up. No urgency its infuriating…….no pride. Sick and tired of these gutless, one paced displays.
    Just now; sylvestre to traore,traore to campbell,campbell to diaby were out of our half,,,,yipppeeee….oh no, wait diabys sledgehammer touch concedes possession in the centre circle….game over.
    For the last twenty mins of that game neither their defence or keeper were tested in the slightest….. absolute disgrace.
    You can say this lad or that lad were missing but none of those out there today were bothered and its just not good enough anymore…Wenger said this team would fight til the end of the season…..another whopper there then. Sorry for the fans who travelled.

  41. You can’t make this shit up. Fecking useless clowns, now watch as the spuds take 3rd spot. What a disgrace

  42. i hope the spuds end up 3rd above us infact if we didnt qualify for c,league it would be even better cuz that bunch of pre madonna pricks dont deserve it and maybe then the board might actually realise that there is something badly wrong with wenger and his fucked up brain picking that bunch of shite something has to be done wenger is finished end of

  43. Outplayed and outwitted by Blackburn for goodness’ sake! This Arsenal team has no spirit, no soul, no will to win. I suggest that they put the whole bunch of players including Wenger, his assistants and the medics, on a big coach and take them to the first flea market – we need to start from scratch, if we are ever to see any silverware. Off with their heads!

  44. What i cant understand, is that when Asnl have the ball in the final third for 20min or 100 passes the front 2 or 3 just stand there not coming short or going long. What is Wenger telling them in the dressing room. No matter what appens just keep the ball and make sure you go from left to right and then from right to left and back again and back again and again and again and again then give it to theo in a tight position in order for his cross to strike the first player in the backside. Next win the ball and do it all over again. What the fuck is going on with that man. Why cant he change it just a little bit. Its not working for fuck sake.

  45. @ice,
    How can those lads claim to be competitive footballers????
    Knocked out of CL by Barce we told ourselves they might show some pride vs spurs….em nope, then we hoped theyd show something away to mediocre wigan after defeat to our arch rivals….em, nope, then we hoped that that would serve as a wake up call for the grudge match where the players could give the fans something to cheer about by ripping into City after their carry on earlier in the year, again…nothing, and now again today.
    These guys simply dont care and are not being motivated enough to care or realise that every time we go down we go down without a whimper….in the last 5 games where wev been terrible we were still strolling around in possession as if WE were ahead….its unbelievable….the ball doesnt even get delivered into the box!!!!!!!!!
    If a chelsea,utd or pool player put in a half-arsed half- hearted display you could be sure theyd go out next chance they got with some fire in their belly….well not this lot theyv had 4 games now to show some pride for the fans and they didnt even try….it would have been 4 defeats in 4 if City werent happy with the draw.
    If you were unfamiliar with the PL you would be forgiven for thinking you were watching two of the leagues lower sides, really how can guys continue to show so little for the fans?

  46. What the fuck is he going on about. he is saying the passing is not quick enough. I know fuck all about the game but i could see that. Why didn’t he beg the boys to pass it quicker.

  47. If the passing wasnt quick enough he should have been out of the dugout berating them or getting some sort of reaction….hes supposed to be the boss…today there was no ref, manager or rough house tactics to blame, why cant he just admit these guys arent good enough and dont have the drive or determination to wear the shirt.
    Bluffers, overpaid bluffers

  48. That post match interview was a joke, instead of moaning and complaining about teams being physical against us come up with a fucking plan B and play them at their own game.

    I have had enough of this now. i was one of the arsene knows brigade but now he is ruining the club. How can he say flappy wasnt at fualt for the two goal, blackburn are hardly going to make it easy for him are they?! its just excuse after excuse after excuse. its never the players fault its always the aint football brigades fault. to physical blah blah blah blah blah, im sick of it. Im not sure i even want to give him the summer to sort out the mess, coz this wenger wont fix anything. The only reason he is saying we will buy now is for ppl to renew their season tickets, come aug 31st when the window closes we will have signed no one of any great quality, and will still be playing with the mugs of diaby, flappy, almunia, tweety, denilson ect. im sick of it.


  49. Well absolutely – the post match interviews are becoming a farce aren’t they. He should do what Sir Rednose does and send someone else out to speak in the face of defeat if he can’t come out with some decent, honest analysis.

    I’ve watched a re-run of their second goal several times. Fabianski is not touched by one of their players, so what’s his point about the goals being “not regular”.

    I’m no Craig Burley fan but I think he summed up what many of us feel in one comment

    “I’m sorry but if Arsene Wenger thinks that he doesn’t need a GK to challenge Man United and Chelsea then he is in denial”

    Fat Sam goes on to confirm that they knew Fabianski was weak and targetted him…..and what does Wenger come up with….oh yeah, lets blame the ref and the fact it was a “poor football match”. Fucking right it was poor and do you know what Arsene – as much of it was down to us. What football there was in the 2nd half was Blackburn’s and we did not have one player on the field who showed the craft of David Dunn. So get off the moral high horse, actually watch the game again, act like a man and do what most managers do i.e. detailed preparation and start targetting the weakness of others

  50. Am just gutted.
    Of the whole squad that togged tonight do you think that, besides sol and RvP, any of those gutless shapers feel half as dissapointed as us tonight?
    Do i think that Nasri,Diaby or Walcot will miss any sleep tonight?
    Ferguson got rid of Cantona, Keane, Beckham, Van Nistlerooy and co when they couldnt reach the standards he had set…..yet we still have guys like Diaby and Nasri who havnt even been dropped or taken off when performing so lazily and without any gusto….
    I never thought id say this but if Wenger truly believes that Fabianski was blame free tonight, that Nasri can be a Pires and that Diaby is a footballer then he really should move on because his obsession is ruining the club.
    9 losses this season…..where was this improvement hes been talking about????
    ‘Judge me in May’…ok Arsene I will…youv lost the plot…big time and your stubborness and shocking post match interviews are ruining the integrity of the club

  51. What troubled me today, and has troubled me for a bit, is not so much the actual individual players.

    We have not had the big bucks to get a team of top level players, we all know some of them are below par, and that we had a lot of injuries.

    What really troubled me was two main things:

    1.) The way we can put out a goalkeeper and team who are clearly not trained properly in how to act at set pieces.

    That is the fault of the coaching staff.

    That is not down to big bucks.

    That is a matter of getting in Keown or Dixon as defensive coach on £250,000 a year for five days a week. Four days with the first team, and perhaps a day working with the reserves too.

    2.) The formation and substitutions were not designed to get the best out of the players available.

    That is Wenger’s fault.

    Why was Diaby so deep? He is not good enough, yet if he plays at least have him further forward where he can run with the ball towards the penalty area, which he is not bad at.

    Why have Vela wide? What does he contribute?

    Why not bring Walcott in to the middle with Van Persie? At least Walcott was running at them, he might be small compared to Samba but his pace could have caused Samba to foul him and give away free kicks in vital areas.

    Why sub Eboue? He was working his socks off? Was he injured and we were not told?

    Rant over.

  52. I can’t believe what I am seeing!

    Just what is happening at our football club?

    A few games ago we were fighting for the Premiership title but now we are looking nervously over our shoulders in case we finish below the likes of Manchester City or, dare I say it, Spurs.

    Luckily for us there is a lack of games remaining and they both face each other so third place is in our hands.

    For this I’m thankful because I dread to think what would have happened had there been five games to go with us in this type of form.

    Lately we have been nothing short of a disgrace and in total honesty a lot of these players do not deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt.

    It pains me to say that.

    I can accept defeat but only if the players wearing the Red and White of Arsenal have given everything. In recent games we have given nothing.

    It has been embarrassing.

    Barely a handful of players can hold their heads up after this dismal run. The main man has been Sol Campbell. And to think people doubted him re-signing.

    At the moment I wish we had eleven Sol Campbell’s on the pitch. The geezer has been fantastic and I’m gutted that he influence isn’t rubbing off on this side as much as it should be.

    He gives everything and wears the Arsenal shirt with pride. He knows what it means to wear the Cannon on his chest.

    I don’t want to single out any Arsenal players for criticism. We all know who isn’t pulling their weight but I don’t think that they either care or are bothered that we, the fans, are pulling our hair out at what we are seeing at the moment.

    Too many of our players have got too much to say and they don’t back it up. To be honest I’m beginning to become sick of it.

    All season-long I’ve backed this Arsenal squad and I feel like a big of a mug. Like Arsene Wenger I’ve shown my faith in the players and that faith has smashed me back hard in the mouth.

    I don’t entirely blame Wenger for this disgusting run of games but he has to shoulder some of it. He can only motivate as much as he can but its up to the players when they cross that white-line to perform for Arsenal Football Club. For us, the supporters.

    To be frank the players have acted as though the season ended the night we lost in Barcelona. What a liberty.

    Where is the pride? Where is the passion? Why haven’t we seen the season out in a proper fashion?

    I think a shake-up is in order. We need to mix it up a bit. I’d keep the majority of this squad but adding to it is essential.

    Marouane Chamakh is said to be a done deal and as we all know Wenger loves a bargain. I’d get Joe Cole from Chelsea. Available on a free, a winner and a player who would fit in Arsenal’s style of play.

    A new keeper is a must. Its a shame to say but our keepers at present have become diabolical liabilities. Signing Cole and Chamakh on free transfers gives Arsene more spending power.

    Get Joe Hart. I’m pretty sure he would jump at the chance to join us.

    I’d keep Sol Campbell for another year but I’d sign a top quality centre-back too. I hate to say it but I reckon William Gallas is off and Silvestre is on his toes.

    A new injection of talent will give us the kick up the arse we need. I think we have become complacent and the recent run of form could back that up.

    Arsene Wenger has proved in the past he can be ruthless with his players. We need to see that ruthlessness again. I just hope Wenger hasn’t become complacent himself.

    Us, the Gooners, would sweat blood for the Arsenal shirt. We haven’t been privileged enough to have the talent that our players have been bestowed with. That may well be the case but I guarantee I’d put in more effort than most of this lot have in recent games.

    How sad is that?

  53. Wenger Has lost the plot,how can he persist with Fabianski when all he does is shit down his throat when giving a chance to impress. Is he taking the piss out of us supporters?

  54. Massive overhaul needed. The only player on that list of players i said to sell is good enough to play for us is fabregas, but we need the money and yaya toure to revamp the squad and he should go be a part of the greatest team in the world at barca cos we wont come close with our team. People say its stupid, its not, the players who i said to buy are quite young and good players who will gel together well, might take them a season to but they will. good balance between defence and attack. vermaelen/sakho who are fast and good at tackling complemented by naldo/subotic who are beasts in the air. Hazard, David Silva, Hazard and Gourcuff will bring our flair and cutting edge back.

  55. I really take what Wenger says with a pinch of salt.

    If he says the midfield is good enough for season then don’t take that for gospel!

    I think Wenger now realises he is under pressure from a lot of disgruntled Gooners now and needs a shake up in the squad.

    If he doesn’t add to it then I’ll be very surprised.

  56. It just shows that Wenger has instilled in the team that winning that C/L spot is success,so forget about titles or cups as long as you get that C/L spot that’s peachy.It will get you a lucrative contract,keep the board happy and keep me in a job and so pursue a fantasy.

    WENGER YOU ARE A FUCKING WANKER,THE BOARD ARE FULL OF SHIT.We are seeing the worst dramatic fall of a great club since the british empire all because of greed and a one man’s vision of fantasy which in reality will never prevail.Our great team is guided by a man who has tunnel vision,can’t motivate a team,won’t listen to reason or take advice,surrounds himself with yes men and has the ability to spot players of a blind man.

    I can’t understand that this season we have had to chances to snatch the P/L and every time we played like that we mid-table team on the last game of the season.So Wenger fuck off and take your pathetic philosophy with you and you can take your 2 bob players as well,you deluded prick.

    Stick your ”financial” stability up your arse,if we were worried about finance we should have stayed at THE HIGHBURY which funny enough wenger won all our trophies Confused No it’s all bollocks and we been played for c**ts and the only people winning are greedy c**ts like fizman,and average players not good enough to wear the famous red and white.

    I’m having a break coz i’m so fucked off and i don’t give 2 fucks if anyone disagrees with me but my answer to you people is FUCK OFF YOU DELUDED c**ts!!!!.i see you all later.MORE BEER PLZ.

  57. I for when want Wenger to stay!! We are one of few clubs who dont have to worry about their future with finance because Wenger sorted it. Our future of players because Wenger is the best at finding young talent. Now im as annoyed as the next fan about 5 years without a trophy but guys, without Wenger we wouldnt be a top 4 club. He got us in the CL spot year after year after year after year. He makes us play football they way it should be played and ask yourself this?

    Next season if we fail to win a trophy and United fail to win a trophy. Their fans will call for Ferguson to go, half their players to leave, change the board. Are we really as bad as they are??????

  58. ha,ha,ha,ha ,fuckin hilarious, what a bunch of gutless,spineless,passionless,pathetic,lightweight tossers, just as well we,ve only 1 more game to play the season cant finish soon enough!!!!!

  59. I was truly disgusted with our attitude and commitment against Blackburn. The only player with any ability and aggression is Van Persie and that’s because he’s got something to prove ahead of the world cup. Walcott was woeful on the right. He can’t cross to save his life. The midfield was pedestrian with Diaby and Nasri boring at best. Campbell and Silvestre were embarrassing – how many times did Silvestre make a mistake with controlling the ball, passing or committing a foul in a dangerous position. Really basic stuff.
    I’m at a loss this season and it’s a bloody good job there aren’t 6 games to go or we’ll be out of the top four.
    I’m happy (I think) for Wenger to have one last season to bring us back to the top but with every year that I’ve listened to the talk about new players, I’m not holding out much hope.
    It was all looking soooo good until we drew Barca. Our failure in that tie has dropped our heads.
    I’m immensely disappointed that Spurs and Man City will finish close to us. It shows how bad we are. We need new blood quickly or we will end up like Liverpool with a team of players who would rather be somewhere else.

  60. The heat is on…..I’m so tired to comment about the game.

    But, I wont support anybody talk about Gallas or Sol or Nasri, Eboue, Walcott, Sagna, Clichy, Rosicky, Vela or even Eduardo leaving. Are you guys all crazy? If they want to leave fine, alright….but let them leave first.

    B52 is not on the wrong end of all this cos he’s had chances to improve unlike Eduardo or Vela and he has actually improved a bit.
    You all talk about throwing away the players you know, where are the replacements?
    Diaby and Silvestre…I can agree, but not any other for now…..TILL WE CAN BUY FIVE OR SIX NEW PLAYERS.

    Look at Bayern for example, they got a lot of new players in and overhauled their team….they are in the champs league final. Robben is not the only player that lifts them up, he’s had his fair share of injuries too….but they also have good replacements for him and Ribery.

    We shout about not having RVP(excellent player) for the whole season as if we were all blind when all our manager did was to buy Vermalen pre-season. Why couldn’t he strengthen then, he even had January? We all felt Arshavin will do the job as a winger? Well he is not one, he is completely played out of position all season long and is seriously trying to adapt to a new style of playing on the left and is frustrated he is not delivering cos he is learning a new style. I pity him. He is world class.

    Do we really follow this team? Don’t we all know the main problem of this team for the past 2 seasons is that we do not score goals?
    The players tried to show that they were up for it at the start, but all that determination later fizzled out cos we do not even have competition for places in the squad(diaby knows he will walk into the team and demand a starting shirt etc. we do not also have world cup bound players trying to impress their local coaches) amongst other reasons including injuries to key players (forcing them to miss key games), alongside demoralising defeats like the one we suffered to the Mancs and united in succesion early in the season etc.

    The simple answer was for Wenger to get a suitable replacement for adebawhore, since he seemingly replaced kolo with Vermalen, but letting Senderos go was a critical error in his judgement and completely questions his man management skills (How could he ever prefer Silvestre?). Didn’t we all see that the spuds have 4 solid strikers(i mean centre forwards)? How many do we have? Just one(RVP). Its a shame the rest are not good enough. Doesnt this sum it all? Now we want CHAMAKH? Only? What of the villa’s, the Agbonlahors, the solid speedy strikers who are good in finishing? Why cant we think of getting a 25 goal a season striker? Even if they cost 50mil, why not buy the quality? City bought Ade from us and they are reaping, even if they will use him for only a season….but they have the money, don’t they?
    Look at where Eto is playing for Inter? He is being managed properly. Cant we buy 2 world class strikers? Or atleast one?
    i knew it will come to this rubbish when he refused to strengthen last season.
    We cant even enjoy our games anymore.
    I’m tired

  61. Mr. Arsene Wenger…Blackburn 2 arsenal 1 is not good result for us to secure 3rd place this season..aftre almunia blunder, now fabianski did it again..Its simple..Arsenal must sign 2 good keepers and we dont really need both almunia n fabianski anymore…arsene wenger has to be honnest to the fans and the rest of arsenal community…dont blame the reffree..please change your suck policy…let both of our keeper go where they want…

  62. Since when has Arsenal become a place where young players prove they are EPL material? Wenger’s persistence with Fabianski is the last straw for me. He has no business on an EPL team. I haven’t followed the Gunners heart and soul since mid season. It was too painful. The team needs some experience and steel and Wenger will not get it even though it wouldn’t cost that much. If there aren’t some players shipped out and 4-5 new ones, defensive minded hard men and a keeper I will not follow next season either. It’s a drag following a soft team that you know will crumble when the going gets tough. Stoke and Blackburn exploited our weakness in the air. Instead of whining about it Wenger needs to address these weaknesses. Period. I can’t remember the last time one of our players won a duel in the air

  63. Well, we just need to get the spine sorted, Song is superb, Denilson I’m not so sure, maybe get Yaya Toure or Felipe Melo for the CDM role, maybe also add on Yoann Gourcuff to attack. I can’t really specify which centre back to consider as there are lots of players that we can find in that role. Tevez and Balotelli can add on to the attack.

    Goalkeeping is another area to look at, Almunia has been superb in goals (Champs league and League) but some much better competition will do than what he is getting from Fabianski. I haven’t seen Mannone in goals before so I’m not going to comment about him, not sure about his name but maybe Asrene should try and lure the Athletico Madrid 19 year old keeper to the Emirates.

    For my fantasy team, maybe try and get Quaresma, Montolivo and Sneijder together with Huntelaar.

    Otherwise these are just my views, hopefully we will look into the window for players to boost our spine, more especially at the back and middle, Van Persie at the front however is doing well.

  64. And I agree with Gunnerboss with regards to Arshavin beig played out of position and getting at least 2 world class players. Senderos was crucial during the 2008/2009 Champs league season (correct me if I’m wrong on the above mentioned season), this was when we played AC Milan in the last 16 of the competition. I prefer Phillipe than Silvestre.

    Good call there @GunnerBoss.

  65. David James is free in the summer aint he? lets have him – surely you would have to start him in goal ahead of the other wallys weve got at the moment, just for a year to steady the ship. He’d jump at the chance to come to Emirates, whatever happens hes got a year or two left in him as far as prem is concerned. joe hart has had a blinding season but cant see city letting him go – not now and not to us anyways. james would surely be one to put a bit of passion back in the dressing room and be a positive influence on some of the younger boys and as far as organising the defence goes (god knows we need it). As i say he’d jump at the chance to play for a big team again and this late in his career would settle for a ‘mediocre’ wage, which im sure would keep wenger happy. Yes there are better keepers out there but how much realistically can you see wenger spending on one, and James is without doubt the most experienced keeper in the league (he has appeared in every prem league seasons to date). I reckon hed be worth 5-10 points to us over the season, maybe more!

  66. It’s being reported in numerous press agencies this morning that Gianluigi Buffon has given Arsenal a come and get me plea in the wake of his decision to play in the Premier League next season. The vastly experienced goalkeeper has become increasingly unsettled with his current club Juventus over the lack of structure and stability surrounding the club and therefore has requested a transfer.

    The Italian, who is 32 and still relatively young for someone in his position, remains the world’s most expensive keeper after his £32.6million transfer from Parma nine years ago.

    He still has three years on his Juve contract. But the Turin giants have failed to qualify for next season’s Champions League and Buffon admits he could be tempted by a switch to England.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has been left fuming after blunders by keepers Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski, and although stating recently that all transfer rumours currently surrounding the club were untrue, is undeniably on the search for new recruits as he also stated at Arsenal’s pre-match press conference versus Wigan.

    Buffon said: “If I had to leave, I think England would be my destination.

    “My desire to leave Juve is equal to that of Juve’s will to have me leave.

    “We will see if we will decide for our paths to continue together.”

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  67. I hope we coud brings on emirates:
    vertonghen luis suarez afelay arda turan and dzsudzsák

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