Wenger delivers a class quote about Adebayor + Arsenal v Standard Liege preview

I was planning on making today’s post Emmanuel Adebayor-free. But then Arsene Wenger delivered this absolute gem of a quote regarding his stamp on Robin van Persie:

“You ask 100 people; 99 will say it’s very bad and the hundredth will be Mark Hughes.”

Absolutely classic stuff by the manager and 100% (or is it 99%?) spot on. It was very bad and Adebayor will fully deserve whatever ban comes his way, whether it be the five games touted in most papers or – cross your fingers – even more.

Moving on to more important matters and we kick of the group stages of the Champions League tonight with an interesting trip to Belgium to play Standard Liege. After two very tough league encounters against Manchester A and Manchester B (you decide which is which) I’d like to think the game against Standard will be a little more straightforward. However the feeling is that the Belgium champions away might prove to be the toughest test we face in the group stages and it will definitely take a decent team effort to get maximum points.

Team news going into the game isn’t particularly good. Manuel Almunia has been ruled out with a virus (generally the Arsenal code-word for “dropped”) meaning Vito Mannone or possibly Wojciech Szczesny will step in, while Robin van Persie and Denilson are also out injured. They join Andrey Arshavin as well as the other long-term casualties on the bench and it does change the complexion of the side quite a bit.

My feeling is that the same back four that played against Manchester B will start again, with Aaron Ramsey joining Alex Song and Cesc Fabregas in the middle of the park and the reprieved Eduardo starting up front alongside Nicklas Bendtner and Abou Diaby. We struggled a little on the weekend with the monotone pace of our forwards to hopefully Eduardo’s nippy style can sharpen things up, while the manager also has the option of bringing on Tomas Rosicky to add some pep if required.

In all honesty I don’t know too much about Standard Liege but this article on Arsenal.com suggests they have “a defence with tall, strong guys, a midfield with technical players and two complete attackers who are fast and strong”. Sounds interesting, I guess, but I fancy what should be a super peeved-off Arsenal team to go to Belgium and win the match. Draws in away games of the Champions League are usually acceptable but after two losses I think the team needs to find their confidence and get back to winning ways.

I’ll be watching the game early tomorrow morning in Oz with two of my housemates Annie and new boy Darragh at around 4.45am. I’ll be looking for a good response from our boys and I very much hope they can provide it.

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  1. i think and am sure to the best of my knowkedge that adebayor deserves to be banned for more than the specified days coz of his foolish behavior in the two incidence

  2. So almunia got the “virus” ala sol campbell,about time,want to see some other goalie to step up and give him a challenge,al has been awful in big games,time for a reality check i think.

  3. This quote of Wenger has spirit. I’m not totally convinced that there will be a punishment but hope at least 2-3 matches ban should be. Tonight’s the night. I agree that they should achieve a win, to consolate feelings a little bit. But of course it was a bitter pill for the players to swallow either. Sometimes I ask myself if it’s worse to watch such games or to play them. Then the high expectations are always a pressure in addition. So come whatever will come.

  4. For once I want Manu to win a game,thats against city.Lets be prepared for a long and very bitter fight to stay in top four.

  5. Big nick should start upfront, he tend to do better,when paired with eduardo,no need to play him in the wings, its not effective,diaby should come in at the second half,hope to see lil jack at some point,just hoping.

  6. Yes Adebayor deserved to be punished, we pray our boys will give us some thing to cheer for when we play standard liege

  7. Adebayo is a recalcitrant an animal suffering from self-imposed hatred,700chances,7goals.they cant win nothing with city,from grace to grass,tonight we are winning provided useless diaby isn’t playing

  8. Thanks God Aluminium is dropppeeed. Did you see how peter chec kept chelsea in the match yesterday?

  9. Finally a bit of luck went the Arsenal’s way vis-a-vis Eduardo who didn’t deserve a ban but I thought he’d get one anyway. Not that it was all luck. I’m sure the might of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal mob coming at them helped EUFA ‘reassess’. Ha! This bit of good news will hopefully give our boys a much needed fillip – and put a spring in their step for the Standard Liege game. A few goals will do nicely, lads, for my own depressed state of mind, thank you.

    We did not deserve to lose either game against the manc wanks. 2 own-goals in two games. We’ve hit the post, the cross-bar, had balls cleared off the line. Keep the faith, lads.

    Oh, and I’m not the least worried about man shiteh this season. We had all that last season from Villa fans after they beat us. And look what happened…

    Come back next year you shitty fans – when you’ve got a new manager.

  10. Arsenal is a lightweight team.Only good when they play a fellow lightweight team.Your team is not balanced,and can never achieve anything with it except carling cup which is meant for featherweight teams.Balance your team with experienced players,and you will see your team competing with the gladiators(heavyweights).

  11. I hope Szczesny starts tonight, he impressed in the pre season games. Mannone on the other hand was shocking.


  12. Morning all, no real comment on the Wenger so called ‘class quote’ because Im now very tired of the ‘Adegate affair’.
    Lets put all that rubbish behind us and move onto the game at hand.
    Man u didn’t play well but wan and the same can be said for the Chelski. Tonight, substance and style is of no importance, just the 3 points. I think the 433 system should be abandoned for the 442 for the time being, until the boys can learn to plug the holes or gaps that are created when the team are in an offensive motion. Another matter of importance which i have covered on many occasions, is the injuries Arsenal players tend to suffer. As i have stated before, i beleive it has something to do with the build of players Wenger tends to promote, ‘mostly’ light, slim, slick and silky, which is what he requires for a high speed, fluid and energetic pass and move game. Notice the players that are or recently injured. Unfortunately, because of the aggressive nature of the prem more bulk and musscle is required to combat or soak up the bumps and bruses that are sustained during the games. I envisage this problem to get worse by Christmas if a new course of action is not taken.
    Good luck to the boys tonight.

  13. wo is this shit called Austine, dont you have space to write in in whatever blog that your team fans write in?
    and in any case who is inviting your comments so that you tell us this and that is lightweight? busllshit, now that you have a few players and only won four games you piss in your pants. lets see how you open that filthy mouth on the 12/13/14th game.
    you and your ilk will be sent to where you belong, relegation zone.

  14. Andy it is on ESPN but it’s not the live game. 6:45am delayed. Unless you have a different pay TV carrier to Austar and the matches are different tho I largely doubt it as Inter vs Barcelona is the best match of the first weekday and ESPN would definitely give it precedence and live coverage.

    I hope I’m wrong about this, all I want you to do is check lest you’re awake too early for no reason (unless you want to go down the route of looking for a stream, something I’ll pass on)

    Whatever happens enjoy the game everyone!

  15. @km1980 – It is absolutely NOT on SBS, sorry dude, hope you have ESPN and check your TV guide guys!

  16. And for those of u clamouring for Adebayor’s head,you all got what you deserved.Had it been im the one,i would have done worst than Adebayor.You booed him at every touch of the ball,you sang rubbish against him,and when he paid you back in your own coin,you cried foul.All these because he is a black man.Im not an Arsenal fan but i must confess that he gave a very good account of himself while at Arsenal;he served the club well.Take it or live it,he is still a world class player,and nobody can take that away from him.Its not his fault that he is good.I can bet with my life that none of your strikers at present can achieve what he has achieved;none of your lightweight strikers can be compared with him.Adebayor!! You are simply good.Hating him is not enough.You can equally go and hang urselves if you like.Till tomorrow,Adebayor will still be at his best.He has the money,he has made a name in the game he knows best.Instead of u to give him all the necessary support he needed while at Arsenal,you decided to turn your stinking backs on him.So,he left.Why getting bitter?Just because of a season’s underperformance.What about the great performances he had put in for the team?You forgot everything because of a season’s disappointment.Drogba should have left Chelsea if that is the case but chelsea stood by him throughout out his difficult moments.Look at him(Drogba)now firing from all cylinders.When we talk about maturity,some set of idiots overlook it.I wasnt happy Manc defeated arsenal but was happy Adebayor scored in that match.Uefa can take any decision they like on him but that will certainly not be the end of him.His best is yet to come.

  17. @Gibbs, i know players move around during the course of a game what ever the system adopted. But something about seeing Cesc on the right side of a midfield and Diaby on the left just does not sit pretty with me. The balance just doesn’t look right. If Diaby plays in your team his best performance will come from the middle of the park where he can turn either way. He does not possess a high degree of speed or rather acceleration. Fabregas can also spray the ball left or right. To be honest i wouldn’t employ them in the same starting 11 because there is not enouth weight there.

  18. I am doing a last bit of work for the moment and in an hour I go home and prepare myself for the trip to Liège (or Luik as it is called in dutch).
    For Gooners from England travelling with there car when you drive in Flanders you will have to follow direction Luik, sorry for that but we are a funny little country which has 2 names for several citys.
    So we will be joining the away gooners in Liège this afternoon and hope that we can help to build up a great atmosphere to help our players.
    Both teams a bit hit by injuries at late so intresting to see how the subs do the job.
    Must say our injury list is big for the moment: Almunia, RVP, Arshavin, Nasri, Denilson that alone are 5 players who would have been on the pitch anyday. Will this ever stop ?
    Hope to see a glimps of Rosicky at some stage cause I really love the way he plays. The same for Wilshere.

  19. @Austine, i have learn that in football supporting there are very few people who can separate the team colours or crest from morality. Very few see both sides of the coin, very few are prepared to see who threw the first stone. If you want to put your point across about football do it in a calm and respectful way if that is how you would normally communicate with people. Dont allow anyones choice of language effect your own. I can understand what you are trying to say, but i dont know who threw the first stone.

  20. o.k. so I must say something to Adebayor additionally too, the problem may be that there was a disharmony between some Arsenal-fans and Adebayor, I had sometimes this feeling when I read comments in web, but he insulted all fans at that Arsenal block, and on tv, I watched on tv and couldn’t believe it, I was speechless, I liked him all the time, I can’t understand that behaviour, he can’t insult all fans because there have been agressions with some of them, and you can’t play with the health of players nor the uncontrolled reaction of a mass of people, so it was irresponsible, may he be so good as ever, may he score thousands of goals, it does not interest me, I want to see good football, exciting and fair games, and hopefully a gratification with a title one time, but that would just be the highlight, not a necessity

  21. @Arsenal1Again, thats the other side of the coin i was on about. You punch to the point my friend. NOW CAN WE PLEASE MOVE ON. THE BOYS HAVE A MASSIVE GAME TONIGHT AND NEED YOU POSITIVE ENERGY.

  22. Arsenal1Again – Henry wasn’t a former Spurs player. Imagine if Sol Campbell had done this? They’d go nuts.

    Look forward to the match tomorrow!

  23. Good news is that Almunia is not playing. Let us give him sometime and come back fresh. May be his England ambition is effecting him. He has been playing below par from the start of the season. Now to the match Defend and Counter Attack approach would be better for this current match against Standard Liege Away. Let us first concentrate on winning this game. Than another and put an good run of form of winning.
    @Austine whom ever you are supporting i don’t know. But we gunners are looking on at future and the future is winning titles. We Move on. But If you still prefer to scratch your head on one foolish person act which is already done and dusted it is up to you. If you have anything else do share with us u r welcome or otherwise as RAVI said “Piss off from here please”

  24. I actually think the whole Adebayor debacle will ultimately help the team. Just like his departure in the summer clearly rid the squad of any animosity and selfishness and made it visibly more united, the ridiculousness of his behaviour on Saturday could serve as a reminder to the squad about the frequent ill feeling associated with us last season and that this season is massive for the club. It won’t be long before the attitude he showed with us will repeat itself at City and their fans are deluded in thinking he’s going to play like he has been for 38 games. He’s an immature man who had it in his head that he was the victim of unfounded and unprovoked abuse by the Arsenal fans and wanted to show the world on Saturday what a martyr he was, but has just succeeded in making himself look like the brainless, money grabbing fool he truly, truly is.

    Moving away from the inevitable and unavoidable Adebayor rant and, yes, the nature of our defeat on Saturday was bitterly disappointing and all too familiar, but at the same time, the football we were playing and the chances we were creating seemed to be a marked improvement on last season. The squad has improved in terms of unity and belief, but the same old idiotic tendencies remain, as illustrated perfectly in the defeat at Old Trafford, with Abou Diaby opting to play like Mr Hyde, as opposed to the Dr Jekyll we saw him as at home to Pompey.

    The win at Celtic Park was a sign that the squad had matured, as was the all round performance which should have brought three points at Old Trafford. Those games have given me genuine hope that we could land silverware this year. Was Wenger stupid and naïve not to have bought in the window? Possibly, time will tell. For now though, we have a good set of fixtures coming up and hopefully we can get our title challenge back on track because the position we are in now means that there is not much room for dropping points from here on in.

    I think we have to keep the faith, and now is as good a time as any to reinforce that need, but I just have a feeling that that patience, and the supporters who follow the ‘In Arsene We Trust’ way of thinking could be about to be rewarded. The team just need to transfer the feelings of injustice created by the idiocy of the English press, UEFA and Emmanuel Adebayor into increased unity on the pitch. I believe there is a real underdog mentality brewing at the club, which hasn’t been present before, and that this new edge could be incredibly beneficial a few months down the line.

  25. @bluesky and austine,
    im sure all the fans on this site would welcome you and engage you on any topic if you wer to try to be at least a little objective and show some knowledge on what your talking about instead of taking the self-righteous,moral highground and ridiculously hypocritical approach.first of all as andy has said you are way off with the ade thing as his sale alone is not the problem with any1 but its the many lies and brazen disrespect to thousands who adored him and made him who he is,you probably dont even know he was a sub a monaco when we signed him.there was never the level of booing that he describes he is an ego maniac and must either be adored or collectively sympathised with there is no in-between with him and you will learn this the hard way when the chips are down.you are still not a serious threat and,ironicly,the carling cup is your best chance of silverware whilst we will give the CL another good go this year after reaching a semi final with a ‘lightweight’ squad last year.no one at your club knows wot it takes to go a whole season and finish in the top 6 nevermind top four so dont come on ere to a club with proven pedigree in the PL spouting fantasy.
    as for one of ur remarks about ur surprise at our fans and labelling RvP a scumbag or wotever, hev you ever been to a manchester derby where EVERY member of the opposition will get the treatment of ade and worse only your fans only beef with him will be that he wears a red jersey….how pathetic is that in comparison to wot adebayour done to incur the wrath of our fans,like i said ur welcome if you KNOW football and can put your point across OBJECTIVELY,like my friend icehammer, but until you learn to do so on behalf of everybody here….pisssss offfffff

  26. @ramon can we have the benefits of the underdog mentailty and the new dege now insted of a few months down the line. Arsenal might be out of the top four by then.

  27. Gunners fans
    Here is the code to CL head to head fantasy league, come join ‘Wengers Bad Boys’, its not too late,


    the more people join the better so pass it around!!

  28. I think we will win against standard Liege comfortably.
    Iam a guy who loved adebayor(PAST) very much and I don’t want him to go or let him go.But after the game against city he is the person I hateeeeeeeee more than C.Ronaldo.

  29. “Virus” means dropped. I never knew that but it should’ve been done a long time ago. I’m just not confident on the backups though. Arsenal need a new keeper. When you look back and see the calibre and presence of former Gunners’ goalies – Wilson, Jenning, Seaman – there is no way Almunia or Fabianski come close to that level. We have loads of quality midfielders and forwards. Wenger needs to go out ann tighten the defenc; not just with the back four but with a keeper. When Shay Given was looking for a transfer last January I hoped Wenger would’ve gone for him. He didn’t. Howard just signed a new deal with Everton. Who’s left?

  30. Hahaha I see the frogs are 2 down already! that Edwanko is a right cheating little bag of sh yte just like Bedner the slow witted prat.

  31. Just a update on Adebayor has got a 3 game ban and may be more to come for his run down to the fan so please lets move on he is not one of our players now .Now watching us playing S Liege not going too good firs thalf so lets hope we can come back in the 2rd

  32. 1.imo ur team is very offensive and keeping the ball too much, in which resulting in injuries to most of ur main players. player like Nasri and Walcott so often sidelined becos of injury. perhaps u have to change little bit of ur playing style.

    2.when attacking, arsenal play as one unit but not during defending. btw offensive player is no good in defending, in which reflecting in arsenal team.

    just my 2cents opinion.

  33. 2mins to go we are now leading 3-2 but still not sure they are going forward and we are not looking good in def its all over 3-2 to us well done boys 3 points to start

  34. Mad football match that one. Hard to say if Arsenal deserved that. Thank you for your company. Cheerio.

    Full-time. Liege 2 Arsenal 3. Now breathe.

    90+2: Clichy makes a crucial intervention to prevent another dramatic twist.

    90: Three minutes of injury time will be played. This has been a crazy match, if truth be told.

    86: Wilshere is to make a cameo as he replaces Eduardo.

    84: Traore is on for Witsel.

    83: Goodness. I am struggling to keep up here! Eduardo completes Arsenal’s comeback as he pokes home from a corner. Madness as my fingers cramp up. Bizarre yet brilliant entertainment.

    81: Eduardo scores for Arsenal!!!

    79: Change for Arsenal as Sagna comes on. Seconds later, Vermaelen sees a shot hacked off the line. Of the leveller, it appears Song handballed in the build up. Controversial…

    Fabregas floats in a free-kick and it somehow ends up in the back of the net. There are cries for a handball from Liege but nothing is given. It appears that Vermaelen got the final touch to tap home.

    78: Goal for Arsenal!!!

    76: Nicaise is booked for a cheeky foul on Mannone.

    73: Gallas makes a vital headed clearance to ensure Liege don’t regain their two-goal lead.

    71: Ramsey tries his luck with a daisy-cutter but it is easy for the keeper.

    70: Ramsey enters the fray in play of the impressive Rosicky.

    67: Booking for Witsel after a tug on Bendtner. Ref might have late the move play-on there.

    66: Arsenal win two consecutive corners but Eduardo’s delivery from both is pants.

    64: The Gunners have yet to really create anything of note in this second half. Wenger will no doubt take a draw now.

    61: Liege are looking a little tired now, but their numbers behind the ball are causing Arsenal problems.

    59: Jovanovic is replaced by Nicaise.

    58: Eboue breathes a huge sigh of relief as his sliding clearance from a Dalmat cross goes over his own cross bar, instead of under it.

    56: Song has been largely disappointing. A number of his forward passes have been extremely wasteful.

    53: Mistakes are still abound for the Gunners. It will be interesting to see their pass completion come the end of the game.

    50: Arsenal put together some neat passing with Rosicky involved. The move just breaks down. Better from the visitors.

    48: Massive tackle from Mangala. Rosicky floats a brilliant pass into the path of Bendtner, who winds up to shoot but Mangala slides in superbly.

    47: Cripes. Another massive error a short pass from Song allows Liege to attack. They should score but Clichy tracks back to block.

    46: Arsenal get the second half under way.

    Right, I’ve had a cup of fruit tea (manly) and now we are almos ready to go again. What awaits us in the second half? More dross from the Gunners? Or a spectacular comeback? We shall see.

    Will that late goal hand Arsenal a much-needed boost? It couldn’t have gone much worse for them in the first period. Expect the hair-dryer treatment from assistant Pat Rice.

    Half-time. Standard Liege 2 Arsenal 1.

    Just when Liege thought they had held out until half-time, Arsenal score. Diaby shows the good side of his game with a brilliant turn and run before sliding in Bendtner. The Dane finishes coolly across goal to pull one back for the Gunners.

    45: Bendtner scores for Arsenal!!!

    44: Bolat has picked up a booking. No explanation for that one.

    43: Appeals for a penalty from some of the Arsenal players. Nothing doing from the referee though.

    41: Clichy is specifically having a torrid outing. His passing has been god awful.

    39: Fabregas sees a shot blocked and then Eboue slips when trying to cross. Nothing has gone right for Arsenal.

    37: Arsenal take a quick free-kick and Clichy powers a cross in from the left but Bendtner is not there to meet it and Bolat claims.

    34: Yellow for Clichy as he swings a boot through the back of his man.

    32: Bendtner does well to skin his man down the left but his cross is rather hopeful and it lands to no-one.

    30: Blimey. Arsenal again string some passes together but the move is over when Diaby’s attempted cross zooms out for a goal kick.

    27: Fabregas has a chance to deliver a dangerous free-kick but the ball is too floaty and easy for the Liege keeper, whose name I have yet to mention. His name is Bolat, by the way.

    25: Arsene Wenger looks like he has been sucking on a lemon. His side’s display so far has been just awful.

    23: Arsenal finally enjoy some possession as they pen Liege back in their own half. The Gunners are not really getting anywhere near goal though.

    21: Another mistake as Clichy passes behind Eduardo and then Gallas heads poorly under no pressure.

    19: You will rarely see Arsenal misplace so many passes.

    17: This really has been a rotten opening to the game for Arsenal. Their performance has been riddled with mistakes.

    15: Dalmat bends in a cross from the right but Mannone is there to smother. Neat take by the Italian.

    13: Arsenal finally get their passing game going but they just overwork it as the move breaks down only 15 yards from goal.

    11: Arsenal are struggling. They cannot keep possession and look very rattled from their nightmare beginning.

    9: Replays are inconclusive as to whether Gallas’ foul for the penalty came just outside the area.

    8: Mannone gets his first touch that doesn’t involve picking the ball out of the back of the net. It is shaky as he slices out of play.

    Good grief. Okay, the first goal came following a shocking attempt at a flick by Eduardo on the edge of the area. Mangala gained possession and he fired home in the bottom corner. Then just a few seconds later Gallas committed a foul in the box and Jovanovic duly slotted home. Horror start for the Gunners.

    5: Jovanovic scores for Liege!!!

    4: PENALTY TO LIEGE!!! Bare with me for the description of the first goal.

    3: Mangala scores for Liege!!!

    3: Bright start to the game regarding the tempo. Liege win an early corner as Song deflects wide.

    1: Liege get the game under way, kicking from right to left as I see it.

    Cracking atmosphere in the stadium as the players limber up in the tunnel. A novel approach is taken by the PA system as

  35. I had such a f’.. bad tv channel, but nevertheless I had one…, couln’t see much I must say, the first pic I got after 8 minutes and I saw 2:0 standart arsenal, I wiped my eyes, but it didn’t disappear, so I thought that’s the truth, Arsenal are struggling, it was difficult to follow the match, I couldn’t nearly detect the ball, nice shot from Bendtner, and two standard goalis made it then, jesus christ, I feared that they would totally fall apart and lose their nerves, uihuihuihuihui

  36. Aren’t we having a rollercoster of August-September so far? We need to get a grip for god’s sake! We need to cool off a bit, the boys seem to feel the heat from all directions. We also need to leave Ade (the thug) to the FA and move on to back supporting our team, you guys. Funny thing about Arsenal fans who attend matches is that they always find someone to boo, regarless of what team he is playing for. What’s up with that? Can’t we just support our team for a change?

    What we need now is an assured performance from everyone and some steady results. We have to stay away from making headlines for awhile to calm things down. If things are going this way and at this rate, a lot of us will have heart attack!

  37. @sean murphy
    go wipe the egg off your face you pretentious prick…wed night and you come on our blog to once again expose urself as an idiot..ur mother gives you way too much time on the house computer..get a life you waster
    anyway that said woeful performance by all bar vermaelen,rosicky and bentdner who were the only 3 who showed purpose when in possesion, joke second goal as song handled but will grab the points and run having gone there understrength.concentration at times is embarrassing especially eboue(2nd goal),diaby,clichy and song,and no1 tell me dat diaby set up the 1st goal cos it was his only notable contribution in 90mins.our first shot wasnt registered until the 38min,dats unreal and an indication of how weve changed in recent seasons from great electric counter attacking to slow ponderous overkill at times.
    cesc was completely off the pace tonight and clichy put in his worst performance ever and AW must consider gibbs or traore for the weekend to keep that position competitive…just to mention ramsey came on at 2-1 with 18mins left and showed more desire and determination than the rest had collectively for the previous 70….very very fortunate and only papering over cracks at the moment if were honest…

  38. @Malcolm, did you copy that commentary or wrote it yourself? If you wrote it yourselves, that was briliant, but if you copied it, you should note the source. Good stuff regardless.

  39. Bad Arsenal Performance, we were understrength but we should still have played better. Bendtner, Rosicky and Vermaelen were great tonight I thought. Amazing pass for Rosicky to Bendy who almost equalised. Diaby did well I thought aswell but I know people will call me a joker. Ramsey came on and thats the moment it changed for me. His best performance IMO. He scored at Pompey and Fenerbahce, but he drove the arsenal team on today at only 18! with Cesc playing!. Cesc wasnt at his best but because he was restricted. What is Fabregas best at – long range shots and passing. He cant pass if no-one is making runs and he cant shoot when it gets blocked everytime. Happy we won, was a lucky win but 3 points!

  40. To you all I copy that commentary from one of the sites sorry did not add that to the end was so please that we had won forgotton it so sorry lads

  41. What is all this rubbish about Diaby doing bad? Surely as fans we can atleast accept when one of our own players sets up a nice goal. He was one of our better players I thought. Good match from Rosicky. I hope we do something like 2-0 or even 1-0 against Wigan, just a clean sheet for some stability!

  42. footballistically(word defined by arsene wenger dictionary so don’t look like that.But i really like it.) we are good and hope this adds to regaining of our confidence and killer instinct.

  43. Would have been disaster for us. But it is good that the boys showed some character to win after going 2-0 down in just 5 min. I do believe some player should be rested. Most of them are feeling the pressure already of this long season. To be the turning point was going to half time with one goal scored. Who cares about the passing and beautiful game right now we needed 3 point we got it that it. We now move on to the next match Arsenal vs Wigan Sat 19th Sep – Emirates Stadium. From now on all the games for arsenal in EPL is an Must Not Lose Game. Draw or Win. Win should be more. So lets support our team and player.

  44. Bendtner’s goal was massive Andy, funny what happens when he is played in his proper position. It was an outstanding finish from not much and I daresay Arsenal would have got nothing from the game without that goal.

    Having said that after a horror start for my Eduardo 9 shirt who knew the christening would end so well? Get in there Dudu!

  45. I knew big nick would come good,if played centrally, last night proved it,was watching the game with a good friend,who so happens to be a chelski diehard,friend told me what he admired most about our team was,even when losing,they still play great football no matter the time left,or by how many they are losing,and his comments really decribes last night´s performance,really gritty,spare a thought for diaby,as he´s really trying his best, yesterday,he passed the ball better,than at the two previous matches,and didn´t hold the ball for too long,IMO.Ramsey came in later and drove the team forward,impresive from young man,now we need to rest some players,why not play senderos on the weekend,and give one of the centerbacks,a rest,these guys are the only ones to play every minute of our games this season,they deserve a rest, just my opinion.

  46. @arsenalkenya
    enjoyed that mate now theres a man after my own heart the guy is a realist and while border-line over the top you can tell his opinions are spot on,especially bout the manager believing we have depth…this is a must read for the daydreamers

  47. yesterday was totally awful.it just because we were a better team so we can make comeback. they played even worse than city game. i felt sympathy at verm, gallas and mannone for not having enough support from other team mates yesterday. we may lost players but all covers should show their determination. not just hoping to play when the main players are not in the pitch. hoping for better play for the next game or i would be hopeless.

  48. poor start by the lads but we came back well and went on to win the game, i have to say rosicky is a fabulous player always wanting the ball just hope he can stay fit? felt sorry for mannone that wasn,t the cl debut opening 5 mins he dreamt about the night before.watched the game down the pub mostly arsenal apart from 1 chelski mug who had a big smile on his face after 5 mins but was gone before full time…..priceless!

  49. Hey guys, one of the critism always leveled against us has been that Arsenal look pretty, but can’t win a scrappy game. Well, that was not pretty and and won the game with scrappy goals too.

    Here is interesting stat: We played 6 games so far. 3 EPL and 3 CL games. 4 of the games were controversial. Two EPL games went against us, but 2 CL games went for us. We won all the CL games, but lost 2 out of 3 in EPL. Too early for sampling, but CL is probably the best option for us to win this season. I don’t believe we are getting any breaks from EPL refs this season specially after Edwardo’s incident. It seems it has been etched in the universal psyche of the English football.

  50. Question of the week.

    While Burning Adebayor T-shirt whose shirt is Andy wearing?

    You can find this if you can watch the video sharply.

  51. While waiting for Andrew to get the next blog up (drums fingers on table) Iid like to second the xcellent point made by GetGunMN up there. We won ugly against Standard Liege, at least the second and third goals were, and that’s something we’ve all been saying was missing from our game in seasons of late – so well done to the lads for that. I enjoyed the game. Not that it was a classic but it was exciting. Fantastic atmosphere in that satndium. Brilliant fans. And I loved that ‘Vendetta’ banner they put up. So all the more credit to The Arsenal that they battled back from being 2 goals down in five minutes. SI’m really liking Alex Song this season – he’s starting to dominate and if he keeps improving we may end up with a very very strong player there. The Verminater was fantastic again. Another good show from Gallas. Rosicky lively. He’s class isn’t he? That’s the difference. Even when he’s not particularly effective he just brings back a touch of class to our team. I feel really good about our chances generally this season. Can’t wait for the Wigan match. Come on you Gunners!!

  52. Good saturday morning to you all. I have just finished watching the CL game. To bussy at work. Crazy game. Lots of good creative play but also far to many passing errors by everyone. I sat there thinking, all this team needs is a very powerful defensive holding MF that can dictate the pase of the game and similarly a strong target man up front who requires less chances to finish. It could be bendtner in 2-3 years but can the team afford patience. I still dont think that Wengers methods plugs the whole that appear when the team is on the offense. So much to work on and think about. But as i said on tuesday the most important thing is the 3 points. Well done boys for not giving up.

  53. so just some remarks spontaneosly and quick, Faby looks really groggy, Vermaelen is unbelieavable, the defenders are scoring and poor van Persie looks on, he had a really bad day and looked totally fed up, and when ro-sicky (I liked this expression with sicky) came on, he tored his tricot immediately, I really had to lough…………..

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