We are top of the league! Said we are top of the league!

Arsenal 4, Bolton Thugs 2. Get in theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! (now with added table!)


Fabregas celebrates his equaliser

Match report to follow.

Let me know how ridiculously happy you are right now by leaving a comment.



  1. This was a great match to watch. I had no doubt the boys were going to come back – an awesome change from last season.


  2. Hey Andrew…


    Finally…I am a very happy Arsenal supporter today. Maintain the position fellas!

    Going to drink a pint and put it on Arsene’s tab…

  3. what a game!!! i’m almost feeling equanimous even though i have a sore throat from all that shouting…when vermi scored , i think i mus’ve woken up about 30 people if not more!!

    and the media will have a field day regarding the gallas tackle…..i loved it!! hahahahahaha..serves them thugs right!

  4. Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Arshavin! pass it to Walcott next time!!! oh well, 4-2 is damn fine

  5. Ooooo… Thank God we are on Top.on Top..on Top…
    I pray we remain on Top till we culet d league. UP Gunnerzzzzz….

  6. I effing whacked my knee when Vermaelen scored. I was with Panda and his arse hit the corner of a chair when Fabregas equalised. The Weber boys are in pain.

    All for a good cause though.

  7. I was up early powering google to find a live stream since fox sports were not playing it. really frustrating. Anyway…. irregardless. Its a good win. I am just waiting to watch some highlights

  8. Yeeeeeeeeeehah! Despite having bitten all my nails off while watching some seriously frail defending and having to listen to some idiot commentator slander the Arsenal for 90 minutes…. Epic result! Serves those Bolton bastards right! Fabregas is the best mid in the world right now. (period)

  9. Sittin pretty on top of the league and let’s stay here! Too excited to even work!! Gunners you just made my day!!

  10. Didn’t watch d game,but with d result and our present position on d table it feels great.Keep it up guyssssssss!!!!!

  11. What a beautiful feeling to be a Gooners now! Bolton keep whacking our players all the way but once they get whacked by Gallas, they are the one feeling scared. All the way Gunners!

  12. Pain town, population Andy and I. Watching in our computer chairs, cause some bonehead needs to sort the Foxtel out hehe.

  13. First time since God knows how long that i were confident we could come back. This is our year.

  14. We love you Arsenal we do..We love you Arsenal we do..We love you Arsenal we do ohhhhhh Arsenal we love you!

  15. I was at work occasionally picking on the live commentary (terrible-sounds mechanical) of BBC. I knew we would come back, but boy for a few minutes it felt so wierd. It is really incredible to sit top of EPL as we have 11 players injured. Keep feet firmly on the ground, and take one game at a time. We are up there to be shot at! There are no easy games from now to the end. Every team is fighting for something, be it avoid relegation, European spot, 4th spot, you name it. Even Liverpool may end up taking that coveted 4th spot after all their troubles. If you believe the dumb pundits, there are already dead and burried. No talk of the championship until it is won, please.

  16. I pray for these to be just the start…good game ! I think Gallas should get a break, he was so poor in the air. He should have just stepped back from Davis & anticipated the second balls & knock downs knowing that is all that stricker does, he can’t even fuckin’ turn or shoot. We need Song in the middle & a big stricker because with the coming games, it’s gonna be very hard and physical. Anyway lets bask in the top spot from now on. Good work to Wenger & the boys !

  17. Sitting at work quickly had a quick update from soccernet saw were to 2 nil down. i was shouting to the gods for mercy. LOve arsenal i want to go home and watch the replay. GO you gunners you!!!! We number one bitches! Suck this nuts hahahaahaha

    Havent seen the game but got to tell you what i think this maybe a start of something special.

  18. Owen Coyle has called Gallas’ “foul” on Davies “closer than an assault to a tackle”.

    Looks like he’s fitting into the typecast for a Bolton manager quite well.

    I’ll speak about this more later but for me it was a 50-50 ball and Davies angle and Gallas’ angle made the challenge awkward. Gallas got a bit of the ball and certainly didn’t intend to crunch Davies the way he did.

    Get a life Coyle.


  19. Arsenal Just brings a smile to you! What a team!?
    without a thought we are the best team in terms of passing and movement.

    “People think they have an unconventional forward line with smaller types but their movement and their ability speaks for itself.” Owen Coyle

  20. What a game. Nervy first 30 mins but we clawed back. I was the only one at the tavern watching the game but by the time it was 2-2 i had 5 (of the 10) people asking me who this team was and why i was going nuts. By the time we were up 3-2 I had the whole place cheering. Man i wish i had more gooners here.

    Is it me, or does it feel like Eduardo’s about to go postal on the net. He’s soooo close. Rosickys opener really seemed to put the spark back in Arsenals engine. But the most positive thing i saw from this match was EVERYONE doing their part. 4 goals, 4 different goals scorers. This is exactly what we need while our ranks are thin.

    Gooner for LIFE

  21. I had to feign illness to get out of work early to catch the second half…i must say it was well worth it.
    Yep and those commentators were terrible!!! I muted it for a while and played some hiphop on the background!!! lol..

    what a feeling, watching an ARSEwhooping with some Jay Z track. lol

  22. I had the game on stream whilst entertaining a few brazilian friends…whilst they tried to exclaim the brasilierão is better than our league Bolton went two up…i was disheartened to say the least and was already well on the way with the cachaça but i never gave up hope…and i said to the Brazilian contingency just watch …Arsenal are class…2-0 at home is nothing…No Arsenal player will drop their head like an Adriano or a Ronaldo or even a Vagner Love…..The boys did me proud…wow what a second half of football….not just the possession but the physical dominance as well…..Fabregas should be knighted by King Wenger after yet another MOM performance!!

    I am over the moon and want to ride this high forever!!!!!!!!

    Come on you Gooooooners!!

  23. Really pleased with Eduardo’s contribution at the moment. How many assists does he have now? He does always seem to be in the right place at the right time, causing defenders all sorts of problems and playing those one-twos in the box which have led to goals in recent games. Our players seem to have a telepathic understanding with each other at time. Just waiting for him to rediscover his goal-scoring touch, and he will be unstoppable!

  24. I’m really happy about this!!! to be top of the league is amazing, and we will enjoy it until the next game. But… I’m concerned about Diaby’s injury, hopefully it’s not a long term injury but we’re short in that position and, for me Denilson is not a reliable player now… yes! Clichy is back, Walcott is back (I don’t know how much time), and Bendtner will be back soon but we have 5 tough games and we all know what Wenger must do!! and quickly.

  25. Pain central is correct! I have 3 bleeding scratches on my legs from the sleeping cat, that awoke in shock from the Andy/Pandy celebration screams!

    Up The Arsenal!

  26. I think Coyle’s comments are to take the headlines away from his team’s performance more than anything. Who wants to read about their team bottling a 2-0 lead?

  27. hi all

    to be on top albeit temporarilly in mid Jan is sure a good omen. cheers gooners.

    post the video highlighs please, i missed the game and got no foxtell.

  28. Best day of watching Arsenal i have had in a while. Its such a joy to watch this team play week in and week out. this team seems to headed for great things. So glad i took off work to watch the match.

  29. Genius of Wenger at work!
    No matter who he plays, they figure out the plan and execute ! Bravo Thomas Rosicky’s goal was fantastic. He gets all the credit for boosting the team when much boosting was needed. I cannot believe ref did not give the penalty to Cesc. Gallas/Davies was a 50/50 ball absolutley! Diabi was not at his best, committing two stupid fouls in danger area which Bolton almost converted one of them. Almunia was a lot more decisive. We need to work on Aerial defese in the box..right now its very fragile!
    Love you Arsenal

  30. Andy- I have heard people complaining that Wiley didn’t see the foul as well as Coyle complaining. Although I pretty sure it was Wiley who missed Adebayor stomping on RVP’s face as well!

    I have to say I do think it was a foul but I certainly don’t think it was intentional and to call it an assault is ridiculous.

    What I find amusing is that the commentators I was listening to were saying how Arsene whines about tackles like that all the time and how he better not moan. Right so it’s o.k for Bolton to be intentionally “physical” but because one of their players got accidently hurt we can’t complain.

  31. Also I find it odd that if Coyle is doing such a good job complaining about bad calls what about the missed penalty call for Cesc when their keeper took him out?? Rubbish all around!

  32. I am so happy .I stick to word at the beginning of the season.Arsenal “The Terminators”.They have just started a new era .

  33. Andy,if only the league was to end today…lol!!!all in all am the happiest gal in the planet!!we will stay there and we will conquer!!!hoooraaaay!!

  34. see how much gooners have longed for success! hehehe!
    top of table for days with a slightest of margins and seems like they have won it!!! 2004 to now has been a long time indeed! I agree we gooners are the loudest of all!!!
    I salute the boys,it isnt done and we wont do it anyway coz we wont beat big teams without big signing,etc,if it happens,will be pleasantly surprised! some gooners abhor the truth so will take the beating for this! as u brand yourselves optimistic,etc.
    All said,its a good feeling when u are at the top around this time in our circumstances,when at the beginning were were ruled out of top four,when all crazy negative things were said and written about Arsenal. The professor kept believing,a bit of me doubted him!

  35. We are on the tooooooooooooooooooooooop, top top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

    Go Goooners Go!! don’t let this slip from us.
    We love you Arsenal.

  36. Goonism!!!!!!! all over!! they wrote us off but now they raise their heads to look at where we are right now. ohhh this feels frikin great!!!!!

  37. this seems to mean: the miracle can come, when you have faith in what you do and try your best to gain it. So happy! A wonderful team gives us a wonderful feeling.

  38. I may be a little biased here but I think Gallas’s challenge was nowhere near as malicious as Taylor’s. But the press is all over it. And players do go down to stop play rather than being injured so the ref had to make a decision there.

  39. well, well, it is a good feeling. does Cheski have a game at hand or have they played equal games with us.

  40. It is realy nice consdering we were once 11 point behind sometimes ago and out of the race. A well deserved 3 points and a winning mentality. Kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. however much Bolton first lead us, i were still hopeful that we will make it,never lose hopes till u see the referee blow the last whistle!am sure every body believes Arsenal is some strong team,even our rivals know this! come on Arsenal.At first many didn’t think we would ever make it 2 the top again as in this season,Now where are we??lets stay die hards&alot of thanx go 2 the french king-Arsene Venger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. OH OH OH OH YE young team big character,strong hearts.now i an breath safely and freshly.keep it up,chelsy no problem we wil finish them ourselves

  43. That was an astounding show of grit, power and determination from the team. It was like giving them a 2 goal start and saying ‘We’re still going to beat you.’ Bouldy, Adams, Keown, Dixon & Winterburn would have stood and applauded that. Like others, I still thought we’d win it at 2-0.
    Now I’m not a vindictive man but I hope Bolton go down and take Owen Coyle down with them. And I imagine there’s a few Burnley fans that would get a laugh out of that too.

  44. its sooooo sweet being top of the pops, lets hope that russian team messes up with the game in hand.i remember an interview with john terry he said after they didnt win the prem that year,”we were really hurt we didnt win”hurt!!!what effin right have they to be hurt, they are on the verge of being bankrupt/relegated and moneybags comes along and gives a blank cheque,they havnt worked for it, most of the shirt kissing pricks wouldnt be there if not just for money, and as for the great pretender mourinio, dont go there, come on arsenal lets show them what a great club is.

  45. What a result i got the result this morning on Foxnews iam still pinching myself not a dream keep going forword now on top.

  46. I love.. i love…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! C’mon you gunners!!! 🙂

  47. Am baffled with d performance .Up Gunners . Prem is ours

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  48. this is amazing i went to sleep when we were 2-0 nil, the news that we won made my morning. it has cheered me up despite some not so good news

  49. At 0-2, 4-2 was really too much to ask for… but we got it anyway. EPIC! Too bad there’s so much noise about Gallas’s challenge. It was a bit ugly, but not malicious.

    All right you GUNNERS!

  50. i wish we keep that spirit,..when they scored the first goal,i had faith in my club,but the second goal i lost hope that we could equalise,..when it was all over those arsenal boyz not those who scored but all team,made my night.keep it boys and to fans have faith we are the champs.

  51. bunch of fucking mugs. you will collapse like every year. gallas is a fucking disgrace and fabregarse will leave in the summer. jog on

  52. I hav’nt contributed of late as not much to say,except of course to great progress up the league
    Now ! according to M.Grenouille,he is giong to look into training methods….about time, something is amiss,especially when we have the likes of Walcott now qualifying for the Fran.Jeffers Award for non-playing
    I do wish M Grenouille would put an end to all the press speculation on transfers, it is obvious to me he needs a BIG striker and a BIG centre in order to compete on the on the search for Tin Mugs
    I get a bit pissed off when i read “Le Rouge Hareng” about all the various “goings on”, it’s time M.Grenouille spilled a few beans and helped our nerves, we are, after all, what makes the Club survive
    Regards to World-Wide Gooners

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