Want to write for the AFCB? Here’s your chance.

It’s become apparent over the past month that I don’t have the time or energy to keep AFCB updated.

The demands of launching my own web design business have proved too much, the ink in my pen has dried up and I’m seeking some assistance to keep this blog and the AFCB community going.

What I’m looking for:

1. Match Report Writer

The task here would be, as Terry wrote in the comments of the previous article ‘someone who can provide a match analysis each week as a trigger for the comments’. This would be a perfect task for a young and enthusiastic writer looking for regular practice and to establish a routine. Someone who has long followed the blog and understands the editorial focus would be ideal. Roughly 700 words an article is the norm here.

2. Columnists

Here the task is a little different. I’m looking for writers who wants to get a little creative, to talk about the characters that make up the Arsenal community. The column could focus on a player profile, tactics or something funny that Eboué did a few seasons ago. It should usually be positive and always insightful. There are plenty of Arsenal blogs with lots of content and this is an opportunity to have fun, to make a mark and publish something a little special.

If either of those descriptions tickle your fancy then please contact me.

Let me know a bit about yourself, any previous writing you have done and why you’d particularly love to help out. I promise to get back to everybody who takes the time to contact me.

Just as an aside, my role once the new writers come on board will be to create a well-designed, beautiful place to read about Arsenal and play the role of editor. While writing has become a little arduous for me my passion for design is increasing at a rapid rate. Hopefully this energy can rub off in a positive way again.

As always, to all the readers, thanks for sticking around and I hope we can turn what has been a disappointing month or so for this community into an opportunity for improvement at the AFCB.

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  1. At last some freshness on the page. Nothing much to talk about and it is seeming a blessing in disguise that we lack what to write when we win games.Poor performances always seem to get the best out of us. Any ways i just hope Gervinho picks up that form to rip Bayern apart at Emirates. How long is Vermaleens injury lay off.
    At the moment it seems like even top three is a faesible adventure and i hope the boys do us proud by thumping Bayern out and aiming for top three.

  2. I’m 29 years old from Kenya,I have been following AFC for the las 20 years and since I was not able get the oportunity to play for Arsenal football club,I’m ready to do anything just to be close to my club.
    I’m more than ready to serve the club.

  3. Speaking of Eboue , I watched him play at the ACN , like in the good ole days , rolling on grass in pain as if he had been kicked in His family Jewell’s ! The commentator who was British said , not to worry , Eboue will throw himself on the ground at least 3 times during the game, and Eboue did not disappoint. Love him or hate him, he played with passion for this team , he really loved Arsenal. He even called RVP ” a Donkey” on twitter for leaving Arsenal .

  4. Nice. Were actually winning a bit. Welcome back Andy, I was scared stiff of what might have happened to you. Good to have u back. Tired of discussing things Arsenal cos Wenger just keeps disappointing. Are we now fighting for 5th place with Everton? Cos spurs might overtake Chelski to 3rd.

  5. Of all the blogs out there, you’ve got the most polished interface…clean and clasy. I can only hope you get the writers u need, there’s so so much potential here….the very best!

  6. Leftcoastgooner,shambo and others who can contribute some journalism to keep this blog alive,pls do I am sure ur guys got plenty of time on ur hands.

    Delano has much as I want to hit da crap out of u for continuing this giroud hate campaign I too am getting little bit upset wit giroud standard of scoring its swansea michu first season and he is scoring when possible,so giroud shouldn’t be sitting on 9 goals wit da average main striker been on 14 goals for da top teams

  7. This was a very tough deserved win. Are we good enough to finish in the top 4 ? We have too many weaknesses in different area of the team.
    The problem , as I see it finishing in the top 4 for the last 15 years has been a great feat , but it has come at a cost.

    I am now of the opinion that not finishing in the top 4 this season would be the best way to create a big shake-up at the club.

  8. Gunfest- if this is wenger and board aim only to finishing in 4 pos then so be it,but then again I can’t turn away and watch s.o.b spurs finish in fourth,wenger said we can’t lose anymore points I doubt that will be impossible wit spurs and manu.
    I am just curious as to why wheneva we have to play catch up wit a five points or so we seem to start to win but after a while we lose it all again

    I very upset wit this stupid idiot wenger that allow jenkinson to continue the chances were extremely high that he would get a red card since he got his yellow within da first 13 minutes,why da hell is miquel sitting on the bench is he not a professional centre back I believe he got potential but have been let down by mr know it all.

    My heart go out to rosicky he must be feeling like shit since ramsey and diaby are getting first preference,so guys due to his age and playing third fiddle that this definitely his last season here

    Fingers cross wilshere injury is nothing serious.

  9. For the first time for as long as I can remember,, I totally missed the first half, other than keeping an eye on the score. I caught the last 30 minutes and I thought the team were great.

    12 th man I don’t doubt your wisdom on suggesting that Miguel should have been on and would probably have done the same. In retrospect though from what I saw Sagna had a great game at centre back, so much so I would be tempted to leave him there

    gunfest maybe if we get relegated we will have a shake up. Still confident we will make top four

  10. Restub maybe this is perfect combo someone fast and skillful and mertesacker with his height and experience but it will just fade wit wenger on board,my issue is I don’t like any rotten eggs sitting on bench when they can say yes I can do da job but my idiot of a boss is ignoring me!

    There shouldn’t be any excuses for next week game against bayern as arsenal have only to play aston villa to come so plenty of rest and for injury returning players to refresh,also mertesacker,polodski and da german youngster will be able to guide arsenal team to wants to be expected of bayern and how to succeed!

  11. Interesting stat o match of the day. If the prem was based purely on second half scores, Arsenal would be top of the table

  12. sorry my apologizes, its blackburn rovers then the uefa match, retsub big deal,at the end of the day arsenal shouldnt need a wake up call during the half time break to realize the three points are up for grabs and just they dont want the fans boo again after the game

  13. I hate Spurs and being “50 points” behind Manure on the table. Nothing like missing CL money and finishing behind hated Spurs to bring most our fans and the board to face reality.
    Wilsher is getting injured, why? In a midfield made of Santi, Ramsey, Arteta and Wilsher who does the tackling , the dirty work ? What a difference was to watch him play with England , he had Clerverley and Girrard protecting the back 4 and that gave him the freedom to be more creative, it was a joy to watch.

  14. How long have I been saying that over the years. Wenger loves slight & tallshort players. Thats why I believe he should not take all credit for past silverware. D,D played a massive part.How good was Sagna then, will Wenger stick wid im.

  15. Ice

    Didn’t catch the whole game, but what I saw he wAs exceptional..despite his erratic form this season, in my opinion he is the best and bravest header of the ball in the club. He really was up for it.

    I don’t know about Wenger but I would leave him at centre back..
    Has Chamakh done anything yet?

  16. Ice,
    Sagna was immense on the floor anticpating and in the air, best Iv ever seen him and he doesnt get to hit the first man in the shins with his crosses playin CB.
    Giroud is testing alot of peoples patience, none moreso than Wenger at times but hes one of the best set piece defenders in the league and thats as good as goals for us Id say.
    Ramsey, whens hes not dawdling on the ball is impressing at the moment and is working for the team.
    Wilshere is Wilshere. Wil-shere class.
    Im worried about Cazorlas fitness, I think hes put on weight since joining and I hope Wenger doesnt do what he did with Arshavin. Dont get me wrong I freakin love Caz..but when hes not on it hes nowhere to be found and this is a fitness problem and not being able to adjust to a games pace..hopefully Im wide of the mark there.
    Yep its all good at the mo…two wins coupled with two cleansheets…confidence building.
    But the manager still makes some questionable tactical decisions and had Sagna not been so effective Saturday he would have been in deep doodoo for not having cover.

  17. Shambo
    Good point about Sagnas crosses its so true. It looks awkward but he’s more effective when he pulls it back and crosses with his left

    Be interesting to see who he puts out against Blackburm (and more importantly who turns up)

  18. Relatively new American gooner here, my mum was born in north london, and married my dad over here, I was born in Ohio, and have dual-citizenship.

    Grew up a gunner by default, had a scarf when I was a kid, haha, but I did’t actually follow the team until a few years ago.

    I live in a medium-sized college town, and me and my buddy are pretty much the only Arsenal fans in the city, or football fans for that matter. Although, you see Barca and ManU jerseys at the bar from time to time.

    Would love to write about our experience learning the game over the last few years, we will sound stupid and ignorant, but that could fun for you to read.

    Plus, we are Americans, and a having a sports obsessed culture, we take to things pretty quickly!



  19. A lot of optimism here and thats good.
    I read somewhere that Arsenal fans are saying that Spurs are a one man team
    well if i remember clearly last season we were a one man team as well. I think spurs are a better team than last season, they seem tougher, all will hinge on the game at spurs.
    Someone even said we can finish second, is that true???? time will tell am not getting my hopes up too much because the moment i do that i get bought bank down to earth at a 1000 miles P.H

  20. If it gets to the wire that the spurs game is the determining factor for who finishes in the top four then when have a psychological edge over them regardless of form.
    Gareth bale is a monster of a player in their team at the moment but pretty sure he can be dealt with.
    In Champions league united got a very good result and i see them edging Madrid out.
    What about Arsenal. If we can avoid conceeding any goal at home,then expect anything in Munich.
    I have no clue as to the tactics but how shall we score a goal at home if we pack the bus.
    Either way we must not loose and even if we loose it must not be irreparable cause we saw that against AC Milan.

  21. whoa there Delano – i said i thought we will beat bayern over two legs and you called me deluded!

    i still feel optimistic – more than i have done all season to be honest. it’s a big month though and it could all yet go pear shaped. hopefully we get a straightforward win against blackburn on saturday and go into the bayern game injury free and confident.

    i wonder if he plays rosicky and arshavin on saturday…

  22. Wow all this optimism is starting to worry me now. I watched the United game last night and have to say was very impressed by there defensive display. Will probably get roasted on here for saying this, but man for man I don’t believe there is much difference between United and Arsenal. United just seem to have a mental strength and determination that we seem to lack. I would like to think differently, but suspect the Arsenal defence wouldn’t have withstood the pounding Real gave United last night. That said the lads gave a great defensive performance against Sunderland at the weekend. Big difference between Bayern and Sunderland though.

    Still am quietly optimistic. Have seen many games like the
    Bayern fixture before. Arsenal have a habit of pounding the opposition goal for 20 minutes and then getting caught with a sucker punch. At the end of the day if we stay disciplined we have a. Good chance.

  23. Retsub, I think you hit the nail on the head.Manure have a defensive discipline and steel in big games that we don’t seem to have. Plus they have the Dutch Skunk. Mind you he missed a sitter that could have given them a huge advantage in the return leg. For me my money is still on Ronaldo and Real to go through. Hopefully with Pepe breaking RvP’s leg in the process – just kidding of course!

  24. @Retsub, shambo Chamakh has looked good in training cause the ball is mostly on the grass but during game the ball is put into the channel & high into the box to often which means lots of hard running & jumping. At Asnl he was spoon fed but at Westham big Sam uses shovels (if u know what I mean). Its all about service for Chamakh & e has not been getting much, needs time to learn system of up & undr. Lol

  25. Ha ha ha, Ice my man the only time you should use the words Chamakh and shovel in the one sentence is when hes been Chamack-ed with one!
    The difference between Utd and Arsenal is the managers influence, there is a demand in Ferguson that isnt in Wenger, Wengers excuses take away the responsibility from our players whereas Ferguson demands a standard and that his players take INITIATIVE and resonsibility…I believe Retsub is bang on about pound for pound.
    Also the game last night was a tactical feast…it was brilliant to see the way they countered and adjusted styles and both were satisfied with the result…this to me is in stark contrast to how Wenger sends our team out, which is the same system and style every game regardless of the opponent. If you are a one in a million team like Barce its ok, but if you are any other team in world football your manager should be earning his pay getting the tactics right. This is why we were mauled at AC in the first leg and subsequently went on to whip them at home.
    We could realistically beat Bayern well at the Emirates and go out to Germany and play our usual carefree game and het eliminated.
    But when we beat Bayern at home itl be time for Wenger to earn his outrageous wages for a change.
    Also big rumour of an Ushmanov bid to Kroenke this summer…I cant see the american turning down a reasonable bid, afterall hes no real interest in the club in a sporting sense so the profit maybe enough to sway him.

  26. I think with this stat were F*cked.

    Bayern have played 21 league games this season they have scored 55 goals and only let in 7

    But that’ s not the worst part of it, their Defensive form on the road is really frighting, they have played 10 games away and have only conceded the grand total of 1 goal GOAL, YEP, ONE (1)

    At home they have let in six BUT have score 30 along with the only LOSS of the season.

    Am afraid that German football is on the rise i look at it a lot and the emphasis on technique is huge, the PREM bay be faster and more athletic BUT technically and tactically Germany is way better.
    Having said that wenger is a real tactical dummy and i think that will be our undoing in this tie, In Europe you have to be tactically strong or else its simple you will get knocked out…

  27. LMAO Resub, honestly give me some of what you have been smoking , it is really good stuff! Seriously Manure have for strikers Welbeck, RVP, Hernandez . Did you watch our game against united how scared and inept we looked?
    People can convince themselves that we have great players, but lack tactics. A manager who won 3 EPL to titles took his team to the CL does not know tactics ?!

    Wenger may be senile, deluded, but he is a very coach. He doesn’t have the players to compete and win an EPL title.
    The quality of our players except for 2 or 3 reminds me a Europa cup team.

  28. @Gunfest regardless of what Wenger won in the past. He is a complete joke tactically of recent. It would be noble for him to resign if he really feels he can’t take us any further which am sure is well within his knowledge. The Holy Father resigned VATICAN knowing there is nothing more in him to guide us believers further.Wenger must be honest to himself. He has not done anything for us exceptional ever since we Beat Real Madrid at Bernabue in 2006. We were tactically astute in that game and strictly playing on counter attacks. We beat very decent teams on our road to the finals by just counter attacking at this stage of the competition.We were only undone by Barcelona who mind you we led for close to 70 minutes in the final with ten men on the pitch.
    If we were to be cautious and mindful of defense first then we can go past Bayern. Mediocre teams like Chelsea packed the bus and saw them off.They did the same against Barcelona and thumped them out. Mourinho’s Inter were out played in a champions league final by Bayern but Inter won the game.
    It just hurts that Wenger has never shown any willingness to compromise his stupid tactics of the how the game should be played. Possession football is a patent only to BARCELONA and no other team but the STUPIDITY in Wenger doesn’t allow him to see beyond that despite the team not being good enough. We have good international defenders but our stupid tactics have made them look some of the worst defenders in the league.

  29. @ Delano , it is true that if we parked the bus, we could be more successful, maybe finish 4th. Mourhino’s teams are always full of players with strong character. Players like Cahill, Ivanovic, Drogba, Lampard, Mikel , Martinez were reason why Chelsea could pull off the miracle last year.

    Most teams on the continent , play a variation of possession football, Barca are unique because their players have a superb technical skill individually . It is like having , 10 players with Wilsher or Carzola ‘s skill level on the same team.

    My contention is that our players are not good enough to win a major trophy with any playing style. I was calling for Wenger to be replaced 4 or 5 years because I did not believe in his so called ” youth policy”.

    Our midfield is weak , Carzola and Wilsher are certainly bright lights , but where are the ball winners? Having Wilsher toiling, tackling in midfield is a recipe for disaster , he will get injured very quickly . He is tough , he is fearless , we do not have enough players with his mindset , but we need his creativity not having him injured because he has to make up for the lack of steel in the middle!

    Thank God , he bought Monreal , Santos is a horrible defender with any tactics!

  30. Gunfest

    Laugh you may, but believe me I laughed harder. Wellbeck has scored twice this season. RVP is a one off, but if you analyse a little closer you will see that Arsenals attacking players are scoring as many goal as Uniteds. The difference is United defenders are scoring as well.

    Still we all know statistics are here to be argued with, but Kels stats are a little worrying

    I never questioned Wengers tactics, I suggested they are lacking mental strength. The sort of strength that Adams and Vieira gave to the team.

    Ps Gunfest I suggest you add the. Arsenal first team to your spell checker

  31. Actually united fans are laughing at us for selling them RVP who has handed them the title.
    We struggled to finish in the top 4 with RVP last season.
    I would trade Giroud for Welbeck any day. I would’ve insisted in a player like Hernandez or Welbeck coming to us in return for selling RVP.

    I agree we do not have players like Adams ,Viera, Parlor , Campbell . We are stuck in the mud , we are not good enough technically and we lack toughness. we may be able to win an FA cup , but that’s all, no amount of tactics help us win a major trophy.

  32. There are obviously two schools of thought on Giroud, personally I think he will come good. I wouldn’t swop him for Wellbeck, Hernandez would be a close call

  33. Wenger is unique and everything he trusts on the style of play and believes invincible , if he can make the team to play his style at their best.His tactics is attack as a team with 10 members and defend as 11. Play the best dynamic,unpredictable and unselfish football, it is not barca style either.His idea is about Attack is the best form of defense , not possession football and plays a open game.

    He is a kind of what bruce lee says a

    “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

    He wants his team to be the one which practices his style more than anything and be the deadly one.

    But will he achieve again with current crop of players , is still an unanswered question?

    Our team will never know to park a bus.Please accept the truth and it’s not our style of play. Even against AC Milan return leg we played our best football and ran out of steam in second half.

    Nowadays our team’s confidence is measured by the presence of wilshere.

    Giroud is good but needs a lot of improvement ,hope will see his best in coming seasons.

  34. Make that 11 games on the road that Bayern Munchen have played this season and have only conceded 1 goal, they beat wolfsburg tonite by 2 clear goals.
    This ties is going to be very interesting…

  35. How much further must we continue with this rubbish wenger the writing is on the wall that clearing he does not have a planb,blaming da blackburn rovers players 4 time wasting is not going to do any good,it does not matter what any fool says about wenger been da man 4 da job becoz all u have 2 say is arsenal is falling freeflow with or without 4th place,no top side would accept this bullshit of a manager,pls pull/toss away wenger in da lost and found his services is no longer required!

  36. This is another example of our ineptitude, and some think we have a chance to win the champions league , just shocking!
    To Wenger – if you keep buying average players , sooner or later you will become an average team and that’s what we are at the moment.

  37. Stewart Robson (ex aGooner) is giving Wenger a paisting live on Talk Sport radio. Shambo did u hear the boooooo boys. Do u think Wenger will b able to shut them up?

  38. Uhh! what can i say! Thank God i didn’t watch the game.Just can’t believe the last trophy available is gone due to incompetence of the manager again.
    He surely wants a go at Bayern Munich which i think the first leg is winnable but we shall get eliminated in Munich effectively. Just like Barcelona and AC Millan have done. Question is why not go for where your chances stand.
    I can’t blame any player because i didn’t watch anything and am comfortable come Tuesday night i will have got something else to do in that time.

  39. Delano there wasn’t much fault with any player expect gettiing da crosses in to the box much quickly and gervinho been gervinho as usually,most shots were on target just that blackburn were parking da bus by the goal post and giroud was defended by 3 blackburn rovers players!

    Da culprit was wenger and tactics of been slow and way to predIictable,



  40. Wenger is bigger than Life at Arsenal.How do you offer Rubbish season in season out and you are paid top dollar.H e goes on to confuse fans with verbs and adjectives just sarcastical in the event of a loss.Good coaches like Capello ,Hindick have left clubs but this joke of a coach is never ashamed,he lacks a sense of humour for a m,an worth his age. i hope i don’t swallow my words if this moron does the un thinkable by eliminating Bayern.

  41. .delano
    With great respect I am assuming ( you won’t) be watching the game on tv. I don’t think your protest will send a shudder through the marble halls.

    Everyone to their own but I wouldn’t miss theBayern game for the world


  42. Blah, blah, blah,

    So Chelsea and Many City go forward in the FA cup after putting out their best teams and Arsenal ………. want to save their best players for what ……. a Champions League game that we are now going into on a massive low.

    I’ve been up and down about Wenger in the past years but this is just a joke. If we had put out the first team we would be through and on a high after success in the past few games. What now for us? BM but be licking their lips. We are down and out at the moment. The best posible time to catch us. And, if this tie ends up in defeat it will show finally that Wenger does not know what team to play.

    Uuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. I give up!

  43. Well said Retsub! It will be typical of this lot if we go out and have our best performance of the year and beat Bayern, put one foot in the Q/F only to f#ck it up in the second leg! I read it in the tea leaves (or was it the Sun?)
    The Blackburn performance was abject. Again our squad is simply not strong enough.
    Where is Arshavin by the way? Is he still on our books?

  44. Well boys, 4 footy sake alone, I will b watching this game but deep inside I will b oping the boys turn up. Its Walcott time to do his shit. I can feel it in my hammer.

  45. Walcott is the only clinical guy in our squad , hitting target at chances he gets and surely needs a run in middle to turn around with the maturity he shows. Gervinho should be restored to his best mental form of playing in the left to support the central striker rather than shooting or thinking of central position.

    I agree Giroud is good , given the losses this season , it is good to have walcott lead us to safety for the rest of season and having giroud as an impact sub and play podolski in the team to support walcott physically and pose potential goal threat , which worked out excellent.

  46. I took a look at some of the other blogs and decided I would have been murdered for giving Wenger any support at all. Makes me realise how friendly this blog is.

    In trying to build a case for Wenger I took a look at his transfer record, which in most cases is pretty good. People have said he acquired a great team which is true, but he did add, Petit, Vieira, Ljunberg, Pires, Henry , Anelka etc.

    I am sure somebody would have noticed before, but I came to a conclusion thatWengers defensive purchases have not always been top notch (Squillaci, stepanovs, cygan, santos, Wright. I am sure there a few good ones, Campbell etc. ut we have lacked a commanding centre back for some time now

  47. well well well!!!!
    Arsene looking to sign a new contract, why am i not surprised.

    A manager gets progressively worst and you give him a new contract.
    with all the other rubbish that has been going on at the club this is just the icing on the cake.
    history has shown that men who have unlimited power never leave on mutual ground, they almost always have to be forced out or run out of town and am afraid that’s whats going to happen with wenger.
    If he stays at the club for 2 more years this club is DEAD………

  48. Kel
    What a load of rubbish “this club will be dead in two years. Love him or hate him this club is built on firm foundations and will survive with or without Wenger

  49. Retsub

    I think you took what i said in the wrong context.
    I don’t think the club is being run as well as it could/should, you should know the whole issue and it is this light i made the above statement, a next 3 years of wenger and God knows what will happen. BUT that’s just me

    Am sure you think otherwise and to be honest i think your a kiss ass, BUT that’s just you…

  50. How did I take it in the wrong context I quote
    “If he stays at this club for two more years this club is DEAD…..”

    You can call me what you like, but at the end of the day I am an Arsenal supporter. I don’t think the club is being run correctly either, but I don’t think all this negativity is going to cure the problem.

    No doubt 11 Arsenal players will be trying their best tomorrow night and some bright spark comes up with the idea of protesting after 8 minutes. Is that going to inspire them to beat Bayern, I suspect not

    I appreciate I am in a growing minority, but I have supported this team man and boy and will continue to do so regardless of Wenger staying or not.

  51. Wow, an almost fresh posting.
    @ Retsub Yes this is a very friendly blog but not quite as friendly as our back four on set-pieces 😉
    @ 12thman Dutch I agree with you. They played the park the bus game and after 80 odd minutes of huffing and puffing we blew ourselves out big bad wolf style. But since you’ve been around the blog a while I’m sure you know that story by heart.
    Plan B? Bah Humbug!

  52. “but I don’t think all this negativity is going to cure the problem.”

    Hey chum!!!!! it didn’t get this way overnite, it got this way slowly and it’s getting worst, so you better get use to it.

    And because you supported Arsenal longer than some people don’t make you a more loyal supporter than anyone else.

    8 f*cking years the same problems keep repeating themselves and you come here telling me about;
    “I don’t think all this negativity is going to cure the problem”
    So what will?? tell me?!?!?! i really want to know.
    wenger and the BOD don’t give a Flying F*ck about the fans so why should we care about them.
    The time for ROUND table talk has gone, its action time, screaming, booing, what ever, am fedup and frustrated as hell, what ever makes the fans that pay their money happy, because frankly they deserve better, not to be always lied to.

    wenger said today that it is an insult to criticize the second string players who played in the lost to BB, BUT its not an insult to lie, deceive, connive
    and outsmart the fans who pay a pound and a crown to watch this team, don’t they deserve better ???
    wenger’s behavior these last 8 years is worst than an insult its a scandal a total disrespect to the fans.
    The long rope has come to an end for me let the fans vent their stress any how they please because they deserve it, they hell won’t get it from wenger, lying bastard!!!

    By the way i don’t agree with booing while the game is in progress BUT at the end if the team deserves it then give it and call wenger’s name while your at it, protest as well, because nothing else is working.
    You can say you don’t like what’s going on BUT still pretend that all is well, and look 10 years back find positives, the fact that you have to look so far back really highlights the point that wenger is finished.

    I hope the team does well tomorrow and that’s mainly because the fans deserve it, the players can’t be blamed too much either because they were bought and must do what they are told and frankly it seems like they were told nothing

  53. Retsub, everyone supports the team, like I support the Irons, but I still say Big Sam should go cause the footy is crap. Stop twisting fans intention. Yr just petrified of imagining Wenger away from Asnl because u av known im 4 so long. Whats the saying, betta da devil u know. Weii the devil might lead u to hell. The club to move on, no matter what appens 2night. I actually think anythink can happen 2night, but u need consistant results.

  54. In my case it’s loyalty. Wenger gave mesome great years and even through the barren period they played some fantastic football. With a little luck we should have won some trophies. If Chelsea and City hadn’t become rich boys playthings I am sure we would have done. I see no reason why we can’t rise again, it’s not like we are bottom of the table.

    That said I am in the minority and will always be an optimist. I am just recycling old arguments and boring people i think its time I moved on

    Ice, One nil, lefty, shambo, terry, 12th man and not forgetting shard I thank you for your company, knowledge and humour I have enjoyed my time with you
    Andy thanks for all your efforts and I wish you luck

    Retsub out

  55. @Icehammer
    Iceman, gaffers come and gaffers go.
    It’s high time for this one to do the latter.

    Vayas bien perro vayate.

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