Want to be a pro? Train like a pro!

If you are thinking of becoming a football player, then learn from Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima and make him your inspiration for your football training regimen. Why? Because he is one of the greatest strikers ever born.

So what did he do to be one of the greatest strikers ever? Ronaldo started his career at Cruzeiro where he scored 12 goals in 14 appearances. He was part of the Brazilian 1996 FIFA World Cup selection that won the tournament. At the 2002 World Cup, Ronaldo wins the tournament against Germany, scoring two goals that serve as a revenge for his lost in four years earlier. In 2002 Ronaldo joined Madrid and helped them win the 2003 Spanish Championship in which he scored a total of 83 goals in 127 appearances. At the 2006 World Cup, Ronaldo scored his 15th goal in a World Cup and became the record holder of scoring goals in a World Cup.

Ronaldo played one last farewell match with Brazil, he played 15 minutes and then left the field after a standing ovation. Ronaldo became three times FIFA World Player of the Year, in 1996, 1997, and 2002 that remains him as one the greatest strikers ever. 

Here are essential tips you need to take on your journey to become a professional soccer player like Ronaldo:


If you want to become a professional soccer player, you need to have the sort of passion and drive especially where playing at a top level matters more to you. You should get through all the stresses, downs, and pressures of playing. You need to have a true love for the game or you’ll end up being very unhappy. So what’s your motivation?

Train 10,000 Hours

Recent studies have found that the key to success in any field is performing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours. Therefore, a player must train and/or play football for about 10,000 hours before reaching ‘world class’ status. That’s around 3 hours a day, 20 hours a week

for 10 years and for you to last the rigid training, make sure to take Supps R Us’ pre workout supplements and have a healthy diet.

Train Smart

Training smart is as equally important like training hard. Like for example in team trainings, you follow what the coach wants the team to do, but not what you need to train as an individual player. We all know that each player has their own unique set of skills, which is why it’s extremely important to train on your own or with small groups, so you can develop your specific weaknesses and build your strength. 

Believe You Can Achieve

Making mistakes and players screaming and screaming at you are normal. This is an everyday occurrence in professional football and you must have a profound belief to get you through all the negativity you’ll encounter. That belief has to come from somewhere and believe that ‘if they could do it, You could it too.’ Have a deep belief in the formula that belief + hard/smart work + persistence = success. To become a professional footballer, you need to stick to that kind of belief and believe you can move mountains.

So there you have it, a football player training regimen to follow and tips towards becoming a football player you dreamed yourself of becoming.


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