Walcott scores against Zombie-Bath-Eye + Wednesday Poll

Arsenal’s relatively slow start to their preparations for the new season continued after drawing 1-1 with Hungarian side Szombathelyi Haladas (or Zombie-Bath-Eye, as they will now be referred to) overnight.

As with the game against Barnet, it was a mix of first-choice and reserve-team players who started the match as Mexican striker Carlos Vela finally made his debut, playing alongside Nicklas Bendtner up top. Gavin Hoyte joined his brother Justin in the centre of defence, while Aaron Ramsey again started in the centre of the midfield and 16-year-old Jack Wilshere began on the left.

Despite an intimate knowledge of who started the match (thanks Arsenal official website!) I did not get to see the game and have very little to say on how we played, save for the goals scored by Theo Walcott and some fellow from Zombie-Bath-Eye.

Young Theo must have been reading the blog yesterday because the finish he provided was exactly the sort of thing we are all expecting of him this season. It was like a little message to the readers of this blog to assure us that, yes, he is ready to rumble. Or maybe I’m just deluded?

Anyway, the next pre-season fixture will see Arsenal take on some club called Burger Land XI (or something) on Monday. Hopefully the boys can keep their hands off the burgers and knuckle down on their fitness training this week and put in a good performance against Ronald McDonald, Grimace and The Hamburglar.

In other news today Thierry Henry has been speaking about Arsenal’s chief troublemaker, Emmanuel Adebayor. The Frenchman praised Adebayor for his excellent season last year but also admitted that the Togolese striker needs to make up his mind up about where he will playing soon.

“The only thing I can say is that he had an amazing season last year. Whenever you have a season like he had a lot of teams are coming to get you. It is up to him in his mind. I can’t talk for him about what his choice is going to be.”

Henry is right, Adebayor did have an amazing season last year. And he’s also right in saying that when you have a season like Adebayor has had it is bound to attract the interest of the biggest clubs in Europe.

But what he fails to add is that Adebayor should respect that the reason that he had such great season in the first place; because of his teammates, his manager and perhaps most importantly, the club. Without these three working so well Adebayor would not have had the season he had last time around and for that reason alone I think he should repay the faith that Arsene Wenger and the club have put in him and stay.

Samir Nasri has only been at the club for about five minutes and even he can understands the stability that Wenger and Arsenal provides. Speaking about the manager in particular:

“He represents stability and continuity. We understand we can work on the long term with him. It means the world. I was looking for that kind of guarantee to advance my career. I didn’t want to go to a club, even a legendary one, where everything could change from one day to another.”

They are wonderful comments to hear from a new player. It’s clear the lad has his feet firmly on the ground and understands the advantage that a club like Arsenal has over the Barcelonas and Real Madrids of the world. Hopefully Adebayor can wake up and understand that before he makes a decision he regrets.

That’s it from me. It was a pretty scattered post today, I have to say. Apologies for the mayhem and try and enjoy yourselves.

PS. Almost forgot the Wednesday Poll! This week it’s about our good friend Adebayor and whether or not you think he will leave Arsenal or not. Enjoy!

Will Adebayor stay at Arsenal?
Yes – but I don’t want him to
No – but I want him to stay
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Have your say on the draw with Zombie-Bath-Eye, Henry, Nasri or Adebayor by leaving a comment.



  1. Sorry, pressed submit too early. Here’s the headline.

    Arsenal star Kolo Toure has been struck down with the infectious tropical disease Malaria.

  2. Malaria, once diagnosed, can be treated and cured within 72 hrs plus 2 – 3 more days for shaking off the effects of the drugs. He should be brand spanking healthy enough to practice by Aug 1. It can kill you if untreated within a week of developing a fever and other symptoms, which generally occur after a 48 incubation period of the disease. After taking the first dose, the medication(depending on the drug) could make you sicker than the disease itself. Born & raised in the tropics, I used to contract it atleast once every 3/4 months and was generally up and running in 5 days.

  3. SF: From what I have read on the blogs, it looks like we are going to have several surprises this season in terms of reserve players. Randall and Barazite are expected to step up a bit this season,and apart from new first-teamers, Ramsay, Vela and Nasri, Jack seems set to throw in a monkey wrench in the mix, but my big question is where and how Coquelin and Nodveilt will feature in. I guess we may see a lot of them in the CC but I won’t be surprised to see atleast Nordveilt have a game or two in the EPL. What do you think?

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of that TayGoon. The way things are at the moment it seems as though a lot of promotion will take place from within, and I can certainly see the likes of Nordveit having a game or two at the back.

    Is anyone else a little worried by Wenger’s comments regarding ‘another body’? It sounds very much like we won’t be bringing in any more first team players and that Diaby will be given the nod in central midfield. This may work out, but for me it is too much of a gamble if we are aiming for silverware this season.

  5. So, TT, you say we are a gisgrace. I am so sick of ‘pretend’ Arsenal fans building their hype around the fact that they have no negative opinions, and i am sure you are one of them! Just because you might not say anything negative about the Arsenal, does not ever imply that you are a greater fan than the rest of us who just might have a little more common sense and understanding about the game. Adebayor? If all the things in the press about this man is true, NO, i dont want him here anymore. Think for yourself! I’d rather take a second rate striker WANTING to be an Arsenal player than Christiano Ronaldo NOT wanting to be. Adebayor will upset the dressing room, negatively influence younger players, and definetly not give his best on the pitch. Me a disgrace? No, you a disgrace for not understanding why we dont want him at Emirates this season!

  6. TDP: I don’t think Diaby is a bigger gamble than Flamini was last season. Before last season, Diaby would get on the team sheet before Flamini, which signify the fact that he is the better of the two. I don’t remember if we had Diaby for the first few games of the last season. I have just checked team lineups for the start of the season and he appears to have missed most pre-season games entirely, and I believe that could be why Flamini ended up playing there. Many people attribute the MF enforcer role to Flamini, but the guy who started it is Cesc who came out before the season and CL qual. saying publicly that we were not going to be bullyied anymore and we can dish it ourselves. He then showed Repka a thing or two in Prague. He was our bully for the sometime which Flamini emulated. I believe Cesc will help his partner become better this time around also

  7. I am not Worried TDP about AW’s new body comment. I think he is just blowing smoke and if he buys, it will be for the future. He already have too many CMs in the squad and in the reserve ready for promotion to accomodate. Some are being converted into defenders and wingers.
    He will drag on till the end/waiting to see which ones to promote and then if none make the grade, then he will buy. For him to say he doesn’t have a target is unlike him which means he is open to the idea but not realy planning on it. I won’t be surprised for him to come out and say we are fine and he does not need more players. Just like the Ramsay comment the other day, I think he is just priming his CM prospects to realy fight it out during pre-season. Only one space left for everyone, including Rosicky

  8. Fellow gunners, i in particular am happy that Toure is ill, it is a blessing in disguise, Senderos will take his place alongside Gallas who most of the fans think is shit, he is the best defender we have, remember when Toure left for ANC, we were all saying we will have problems at the back, but low and behold, Senderos did very well, we won almost all of our matches until Toure came back and we started losing again, Senderos will do pretty well alongside either of them if given the chance, say 15 consecutive matches and most of the mistakes he has been making will stop, trust me on that. Hope Toure stays ill for two months and u will all want him to be ill forever until he learns he is not the best that we have, he was our downfall last season with his poor defensief works, and Wenger should never have played him at rightback while Eboue was there. Simple as that.

  9. I’m with you totally unpredictable on the senderos thing when toure was at the anc. As senderos did so well then eboue was playing rm when he should of been rb when sagna got injured but I’m not to happy about the ……..Hope Toure stays ill for two months and u will all want him to be ill forever until he learns he is not the best that we have, he was our downfall last season with his poor defensief works….. But don’t forget he did say before he came back he felt tired and being thrown into such matches as manure and chelscum being played at rb is no fault of his and he did still try and he has been 1 of our most loyal players on and off the pitch for many seasons and I hope he has a speedy recovery and we replace gallas for richards as gallas temper tantrum at the brummie game had such a negative impact on a bad time with dudu. Just imagine if henry had been captain we would of crushed then 6-0 or more and won the league not winge and carry on like he did at chelscum before the swap with cashly and that was arsne’s sweetner for us fans in letting cashly go when we still had clichy(who?)… so who can comment on his selections in letting hleb and silva (had no choice in flamini) go, when we have nasri, joquien and ramsey as replacements. In arsne and sf we trust……..

  10. Guys, Toure will not be out for long. Like many people have said, Malaria can be treated quite easily. He’ll be back on his feet soon – it’s just the media sensationalising yet ANOTHER issue within the Arsenal squad.


  11. On a more positive note, how nice is it to see everyone discussing who will be playing this season. Talk has gone off who will sign and on to who of the players we already have can do the job. It’s great to see. Keep it up.

  12. @ UNPREDICTABLE – “Hope Toure stays ill for two months and u will all want him to be ill forever”

    That’s pretty messed up to hope that Toure stays ill. Grow up.

  13. @ UNPREDICTABLE – You’re insolence is a real worry to me. How dare you speak of Kolo Toure and wish him ill. You are a sick minded person, do not insult my friend again.

    Furthermore, not really worried about the results. Trials are not really an indication of how the team will go in a season. Theo seems to be playing well so that’s a credit to him and the hard work he’s done in fitting into the #14.

    Well done to the kids also, great to see people who should still be in school playing for one of the top clubs in England. It really makes me feel good about myself and what I’ve achieved in this life.

  14. Jack Wilshere will be a real world class player, at 16 he has played in both pre-season games for one of the best teams in the world. Theo to wear the no.14 shirt is massive and im expecting big from him this season. I unlike UNPREDICTABLE wishes Kolo Toure gets better as soon as possible! and im wondering if anyone can help me – is nasri going to play on the wing or in the centre? Its been confusing me over the last couple of days??

  15. I know wenger has the magic to turn things around. that draw with zombie is not a threat. Let him just be conscious of injuries like that which befel our asset Eduador. let him plan like he did those days that an injury like that of Pires had Lundberg to cover up.

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