VIDEO: Wojciech Szczesny – Arsenal’s future Number 1?

I’ve just found this great interview with Wojciech Szczesny thanks to 7am Kickoff.

For those that don’t know the 19-year-old Polish goalkeeper is currently on loan at League One side Brentford and by all reports is performing extremely well.

Sounds like a smart, ambitious lad to me and by all reports, the future goalkeeper of our club.

Let’s hope he succeeds.

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  1. Andy,

    Look mate, I love ya and I love your work. But honestly I have one word for you. ABORT!

    Abort the web documentary, please! You’re killing our season. Forget the dodgy left back, goalkeeper or vertically challenged front line, we’ve only started losing since you started showing to the world just what it’s like to be an Arsenal supporter.

    Honestly, for the sake of all our sanity, please, PLEASE do not take that camera with you to the Liverpool game. I don’t think I could handle three in a row. It’s enough to make a gooner cry. Well, cry more anyway.

    Although it is a very good idea and the first instalment was entertaining. Maybe if you pick the double header against Bolton then Portsmouth next time we’ll have more joy…

  2. @ White Ox – The mission has been temporarily aborted, trust me. You do not want to see footage of Panda and I watching the Chelsea game. It is a mix of frustration and sarcasm over how draining it was. Liverpool is probably not a great game to cover either.

    Postponement is certainly an option – perhaps we will put things back until we’re a little closer to the top of the table and the games are on at a semi-decent hour.

    Sorry to make you cry.

  3. Our goalkeeper situation, has made us come to these things!!! respectable but, in my opinion this is not about future, well… not at this moment, in this moment we need something real, something for the current time. Indeed, the guy looks really awesome!, no doubt about it. sorry for my poor English

  4. Ian Wright wrote in The Sun:

    My worry is that within just a few weeks, Arsene Wenger’s team will have nothing whatsoever to play for this season.
    On March 9, Arsenal are at home to Porto in the second leg of their Champions League last-16 tie.
    An exit from European competition would put even more pressure on not only Wenger but the board which remains unwilling to spend major money on revamping the first-team.
    I’m sure Porto’s scouts will have watched Arsenal’s last few games and they’ll probably fancy their chances.
    The poor run started with a 3-1 loss at Stoke in the FA Cup. Arsenal put out a weakened side but they are not in a strong enough position to field lesser teams away to fellow Premier League sides in a cup competition.
    Then there was the draw with Villa followed by the two defeats to Manchester United and Chelsea.
    Arsenal have now played the top two twice this season and lost all four matches. They’ve scored just twice and let in 10 and that’s just not good enough. It shows weakness all round.
    Even though Arsenal have the Champions League straw to cling to, I’m not sure they’re capable of going all the way.
    You obviously don’t have to be a tactical genius to work out something is wrong.
    There are not enough strong, experienced players within the group. Wenger needs to bring in quality right through the spine of the team, with a new keeper, striker, midfielder and central defender all required.
    It’s all very well bringing back Sol Campbell, who has been a fantastic player. But I’d like to have seen Wenger bring in a younger version of Sol in the January transfer window.
    The club’s days of the Invincibles are long gone. And as we saw on Sunday, Arsenal cannot handle players like Didier Drogba.
    The first goal, in particular, illustrated that the team struggle to cope with a physical presence. The team were also too open for the second. Before the game at Stamford Bridge, I looked at the names on the two team-sheets and I certainly didn’t fancy Arsenal.
    Although they have been unlucky with Robin van Persie’s injury, the need for a prolific central striker was evident on Sunday.
    Andrey Arshavin missed a good opportunity which someone like Jermain Defoe would have put away. But even had they scored, I still think Chelsea would have won.
    Drogba has a sensational scoring record against Arsenal but the reason it is not so impressive against United is that they are stronger as a defensive unit.
    The major issue is how much money Wenger is being given to spend. The board keeps saying money is available but I wonder how much is really available.
    I understand Arsenal do not want to end up like Portsmouth, or even Manchester United, whose owners are using profits to pay off interest on loans.
    The board has been sensible. But it appears the club is happy just for consolidation rather than making a major attempt to win the Premier League.
    Maybe the club should be honest. Rather than tell the fans – who pay a fortune for tickets – they want to win things, Arsenal should admit they want to be sensible financially and will not push the boat out. At the moment, they are wringing every last drop of Wenger’s ability to spot bargains.
    Wenger still works wonders on that front but they are fighting a losing battle when other clubs are prepared to spend.
    I still fear there will be a time when Cesc Fabregas, Thomas Vermaelen and Arshavin will wonder whether they stand a chance of winning anything and decide to move on elsewhere. Hopefully, I’ll be proved wrong.
    Some Arsenal fans are already asking whether Wenger should call time but even if he moved on, no top manager would go to the Emirates without major money to spend.
    Yet the frustrating thing is his team continue to carve out some wonderful football.
    Against Chelsea, they had plenty of possession and created a few chances but as the league table now shows, they do not have the cutting edge of either Chelsea or United.
    I believe Arsenal will beat Liverpool tomorrow in a close game. But whoever wins will not be troubling either of the top two in May.

  5. He should be no1. Come on that name is bloody Viking!!! Drogba would just tremble facing the Wozfrrrrrawrrrr!!!

  6. Re: our recent failings.

    While I’m not saying that I wouldn’t like to see at least a couple of new ‘tough guys’ in the team, both in defense and attack, I have just read an article by Arsenal legend Lee Dixon which puts the blame for our manure & Chelski defeats squarely on poor, poor defending. How the players, whether it be Clichy or whoever, could possibly have left Drogba – of all people! unmarked on the far post for a tap in is beyond imagining. Just what was Clichy doing wandering about flapping his arms like a chicken? For Drogba’s second, again nobody went with him. He was left to receive the ball in space and time to evade Clichy’s desperate lunge with ease. It’s rubbish to leave a player like him unmarked. Clichy in fact has been absolutely terrible since his return from injury. A liability. This is a shame for a player who’s been Mr Reliable for so long.
    As for the manure goals – well we all know what shockers they were – 2 goals gifted to them by a combination of dreadful defending and fumblingly indecisive goal keeping. Almunia is another liability. Is there currently a worse goal keeper in the Premier League?
    My point in all this is that all this talk of wrong tactics, team’s too weak, too many kids, no plan B, Wenger’s lost the plot etc. etc. ~ is fair enough but it’s all basically just opinion. What we know for a fact is that we conceded early goals, in very important matches, due only to very poor defending – and if you do that against a top team, like Cheslski, who have an amazing defensive record, and manure then your chances of being able to get back into the game are always going to be slim.
    To look at it another way – imagine if, in either of those games, Chelski or manure had allowed our attackers to simply run unopposed at their goal? Or their goal keeper had flapped the ball into his own net? Imagine if we’d been gifted two goals in the first half of each match. Do you think we couldn’t have run out winners? And everyone would be saying what a tactical genius AW is?
    As others here have said the actual, tangible problem that needs to be addressed in the team is not some hypothetical lack of height, aggression, experience, will- to-win or whatever load of Michael Ballacks is being spouted today. It is how to defend.

  7. Don’t worry Andy, there are plenty of other things I’d spend my tears on other than Arsenal. Besides, I still reckon they’ve brought me more joy than sorrow whilst I’ve been a supporter and their time will come again.

    But yeah, frustration and sarcasm, the two key components of the reaction any true Gooner after the Chelsea game I reckon. The sad thing is I believe we do have more quality than the top two. We are just prone to far more incompetence as well. If that continues to go unadressed then frustration will continue aplenty.

    That’s enough doom and gloom from me. The CL is my favourite of the competitions and even though it looks beyond us it is a cup competition after all. Football can be a funny game, I’m looking forward to the Porto matches.

  8. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger accepts his players are too inexperienced to hurt the major clubs.

    Wenger called his side ‘naive’ in the 2-0 defeat at Chelsea and says they could not match battle-hardened Blues.

    He said: “Our average age is 23 years and Chelsea’s is 29 – I think that it showed in the decisive moments on the pitch. I think we were a bit naive on the first corner and then we got caught on the break.

    “We have to give everything until the last second of the championship, whatever happens.

    “We can’t have any regrets, and if Chelsea are better than us and win the title, or if it’s Manchester United, then we will congratulate them along with everyone else.

    “But that’s not a reason for us to give up.

    “We have to show the dignity of our ambitions and sometimes that means fighting until the end.”

  9. We are 9th defensively, we cant be a top side if Birmingham defends better than us. Anyway let me be optimistic
    if Chelsea lose to Everton and Man City assuming we win until end of Feb we will be 3 points behind them
    If MANU loses to Aston Villa and Everton we will be 1 point behind them THEN LET THE RACE BEGIN

  10. Ooohhh mate, you should see how it’s like in Malaysia. It’s 50x worse.

    For every 1 Gooner, there’s 50 Manure fans. So imagine how it’s like being 3-0 up when surrounded by hundreds of Manure fans screaming and shouting at you.

  11. Football for us fans is entertainment, but it no longer is with the way Arsenal have been undone in the last two games. However, what we feel does not matter that much compared to the Arsenal players because that is why we will be entertained again.

    I was actually contemplating the feelings of both Cesc and Vermalen after the Chelsea game and decided that they both must be feeling like shit. I think of both because they are fighters and have an un-paralleled winning mentality. That prompted me to share with you my analysis and observations of the last two games and the current Arsenal squad.

    Almunia is no goalkeeper who inspires or has any confidence. Our defence (Eboue excepted) try everything before deciding to pass the ball back to him. Mentally and tactically this must weigh a lot on them. If we need proof; and if I am objective and un-biased, just compare Van der Sar’s cool-head and foot-passing skills to Almunia. Above all, Almunia’s facial expressions and body language are easily translated (at least by myslef) into “I should be warming the bench”.

    In denfense, suddenly Sagna has become an average player – he is neither good nor bad, just average. It happens in football, but in order to achieve anything this season we have to have best performances week-in week-out. But this is not our biggest problem in denfense, it is rather the panic factor which I thought had disappeared with the departure of Toure. Gallas is panicking. I still can not decide whether it is Almunia who is contributing to the panick streak in Gallas or it is something acquired by Gallas due to his reduced mobility and reduced pace. Panick has to be eradicated from our defense if we wish to win anything. It is obvious that Gallas is leaving in the summer, I would say (the same I thought when Ture left) that it would be for the better of the team and defense. Clichy’s recent performances have been well analysed – he simply should not be starting until he acquires match fitness. Starting games is unfair to him, we all know that he is one of the best left backs in the world. I would pick Traore.

    In the last two games, Song has suddenly become more offensive than defensive minded. This is not what Vieira did, and did it better than anybody else would ever be able to do. If against Manchester we conceeded two goals against the run of play from counter-attacks, then where are Wenger’s words to his holding mid-fielder and where is the application during the game with Chelsea if the words were spoken, understood and applied. A top club such as Arsenal can not loose two games in a row in a very similar fashion – it is un-thinkable. It of course happened and there must be something fundamentally wrong with the way we play the game. In comparison to Barcelona there are two things that we do not do well enough. Defend high up the pitch (in the opponents half) and keep the ball for longer periods arround the penaly box of the opponent. That has to be worked-out and should be our first line of defense.

    Fabreags did not have a great game against Manchester and of course that has an impact on our game and everyone in the team. However, what I find worrying is that Nasri, Diaby, Denilson and maybe other players are happy to make the simpler pass to Fabregas instead of taking risks by trying a defense-splitting pass or even dribbling. We hardly have wingers in the team and of course the tactic is about the two full-backs providing the needed crosses. However, when the full-backs are out of form, as has been the case recently, the ball is hardly crossed and even when it is crossed there is no one in the receiving end. Which brings me to the question of “the striker”. Bendtner is no striker that I can count on. Did we all forget how he performed when he was fit and we had RVP in the team. Bendtner’s ball control is poor, he is unable to protect his ball and is weak in protecting the ball untill support arrives. His scoring record is questionnable. Eduardo is certainly unhappy, his facial expressions demonstrate his unhappiness. Which is understandable but does not solve “the striker” problem we have. I will not write about Vela because it is not yet time to write about him, he needs two more years at least. Wenger should have acted during the transfer window not only because we need a striker but also because we are wasting such a talent as Arshavin. Rosicky is no longer a threat to any team, he mostly plays side-ways and his game is televised with his body movements. His denfensive qualities are also very poor. Walcott has been unlucky with injurries and should not have started on Sunday – however he tracked back extremely well but that is not what we want to remember of Walcott’s game. He has to improve his first touch considerably if he wants to be back to his best.

    It really hurts to see Arsenal play the way they have been but what hurts more is reading comments like those of Ballack which are designed to hurt. It is no longer entertainment it is rather torture. All this being said, I think we have top quality players and a team in Sagna, Vermalen, Clichy, Fabregas, Diaby, Song, Nasri, RVP, Walcott, Arshavin that we need to strengthen in the summer with a few players. I however still beleive in our season and that we might, just might, be able to come back. Or is that wishfull thinking?

  12. @anonymous. Yeah!!!, i think you also know what that is, complete wishful thinking.
    you have although given a very good analysis of what is happening and the depressing situation at the moment. to me, i would say, yes, our season is over, real over. i cannot fancy us going to challenge for the CL, whereas the PL has continually been a problem season in n out. the same teams, Man U & Chelski are still in the CL, what about Barca, Real, do we measure up to them. we have a serious problem, serious. and as someone put it earlier, it would be better for the Board to let the fans/supporters know the truth. as in, Arsenal is only interested in keeping a clean financial statement or out to win trophies. that way, losing will be alot easier, we are not competing as such, just playing for the fans and displaying good passing but poor goal scoring abilities.

  13. this guy looks like a serious prospect….hes brave,attacks the ball in the air,knows his angles and did you see the way he moves along the line and ANTICIPATES….makes fawlty manuel look like a mannequin

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