Video Highlights: Arsenal 4-0 Wigan

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  1. Thomas Vermaelen should hereafter be known as “Thunderfoot”.

    It’s awesome to see Shava bring his lightning bolt to the pitch like on the goal he scored against United, but watching Vermaelen get that far forward, being part of the central attack and delivering on that kind of shot is just fantastic.

    I don’t think there’s a Gooner out there who can question his arrival at Arsenal at this point.

  2. superb display by the young gooners,this shows that our has the quality win trophies but it is only that in some occations we r not expressing our talents and at the end of the day get disappointed

  3. I doubt the trophies, Man City has been too shaky but of course all is possible yet, the second from Vermaelen I like much, could be a goal of the month or week for me, and no controversials? really none? I remember none, this second goal from Vermaelen was the highlight I think

  4. A quick note out to Clichy as well, who put in a much-improved performance last night.

    Sure, Wigan were crap, but we were equally good, I felt. Cesc and RVP not so much, but everyone else put in their fair share of hard work.

  5. @ billi – one ‘controversial’, when Eboue did the Maradonna handball in the first half.

    Some tabloids have already cried ‘cheat’, but I didnt see much more than an accidental reflex.

  6. @Jammathon right! I couldn’t see it really, but I remember there was such an agitation and comment from the reporter, and you have to say Wigan were poor in their finishes, the clean sheat is flattered, but I’m a bit too critical always, I liked the gig from Ro- sicky, this torn sheet, looked quite funny

  7. Great posting lads! However the real reason for the comment here is to get as many of you to check out the mirror journalist.

    I left my comments about him, but the prick is having a right go at us who support our team. Please give the prick as much shit as you can please. Cheers guys Brooksie

  8. So the new media label for our club is cheat.The word cheat indicates a form of deception, which was clearly lacking from the eboue handball incident.He was carded end of story but on no the media want to hit us with a big stick as usual.I can recall many many similar incidents involving other clubs players but they were never called a labels have included too many red/yellow cards,not enough english talent too many french players Wenger is creating the downfall of the english national side.Now everything we do poor tackle silly handball we will be called cheats.A thought on leaving early its always happened and always will some people want to avoid the dash for the tube home ,the empty seats were in the away support area wigan only turned up with 3 men and a dog(didnt get her name)

  9. Someone on here yesterday, or the day before, called Vermaelen, THE VERMINATOR.

    Great name for him after his performance i reckon.

  10. @Brooksie – you don’t read the Daily Mirror do you? What are you like? Life’s too short to waste reading that pathetic pile of crap – time could be better spent creosoting the fence for instance. Don’t bother clicking the link, folks.

    We cruised that game against Wigan. It was the nearest thing to a walk in the park I’ve seen from Arsenal in ages. Song – awesome again. Vermaelen – legend in the making. So many good performances all round. But I really want to say that I really like the look of Manone. I can’t tell yet if he’s a good keeper – he hasn’t had to make enough saves. He made one very good close range stop in the Wigan game. But I just like the way he looks – he looks commanding. He looks a bit aggressive. A tough guy. He has an aura I think, which is important for a keeper I believe. If he has all the other attributes – ie. being able to save goals – than he could be the man.

  11. Brooksie,

    I’ve added my comment.

    Eboue has a way to go before he is fully rehabilitated in my opinion, his Maradona moment deserved the booking if only for it’s stupidity in offering the media hacks an opportunity to re-ignite the cheating allegations. Whats more his even more stupid recreation of the Adebayor goal celebration in front of the (very few) Wigan supporters is hardly timely in view of the fact that the FA are trying to identify the Arsenal supporters involved in the fracas at Eastlands last weekend.

    Hey Nonny Mouse,

    It sounds as though you fancy Vito, Lol. He may look the part but let’s see if he can play the part too.

  12. it was a great game.and like Arsene says, once the gunners are more comfortable in the new system, they will play better.

    if winning 4-0 is an indication they have not mastered the new style of play, im salivating on the prospect how good the gunners will be when we finally gel together.

    albeit vs Wigan, no disrespect but these are the matches we lost points in the previous seasons, against weaker teams.

    at a party, surrounded by beautiful ladies, whiskey and beers flowing freely, and cap the night off with a beautiful win

    ahh.. them gunners sure knows how to make Sunday perfect.

  13. @johno,men,get off eboue´s back,he had a near perfect game yesterday,and was involved in almost everything good we did in in the 75 or so mins that he put in,what more do you want from him? Its no secret,eboue is not a finisher,but he is not selfish with the ball either,IMO he would rather set someone for the goal, than take a shot of his own,@nonny mouse,me too, i like manone,would like to see him play some more though. And one more thing,why are our keepers always dressed in yellow tops? IMO,it makes a fairly obvious target,i mean, you know where he´s at,so you know,even under pressure, where to shoot the ball,what happened to lehmans green? I seem to remember him with that,during the invicibles campaign,harder to pinpoint in the post eh? Anyone?

  14. Maybe we should get our keepers in the Metal Gear Solid style sneaking suits instead.

    Fabregas looked like he could tone down the goal celebrations a bit at the end there, somebody tie him down! Was he injured towards the end?

  15. Another great find by Arsene Wenger. Vermaelen is great value, strong in defense and great going forward. It has been been something we have lacked since Keown, Bould, or our own Captain Fantastic. Once this team gels, I see great things coming our way. The one thing we lack is a gritty midfielder like Patrick. We have a lot of speed and skill but we seem to lack the ability to put the fear of God in the opposition if they start to get naughty. Flamini covered that role after Patrick left. Who is doing it now?
    We have a great win over a team which has been a thorn in our side on occasion of late. I am one happy GOONER!!

  16. Gunna Shah,

    The idea of the yellow top is precisely that! a target. It is intended to draw the the strikers attention and to encourage him to shoot at the keeper.

    I will get off Eboue’s back once he has finally cut out the play-acting and ludicrous attempts at conning referees.

  17. Very good result for Arsene’s boys, though i only saw the highlights. It looked very exciting attacking football. A little worried about fab’s though because a Gooner friend of mine said he seemed off the pase a little.
    I hope someone out there can share my concern for the hammers. We score goals but also conceed easily. We seem rather physically weak and we dont possess enough pase in our central MF and CH positions.
    I hope Arsenal continue on the positive path whith lots more good results when facing stronger teams. At this moment in time the 3 points are the most important.

  18. Why is it that anytime we meet smaller team we beat them as if they are not good enough to be in the premiership but only fumble at the face of those we supposed to be at the same level with us

  19. Wigan should have scored some few goals, a bit scary for us but they were smaller team, what happens if it was a bit stronger team? we cant afford to open our door like what we did last stday/ good performance thou!!!

  20. Excellent results! We stopped them from scoring goals. At last.While the score is great but I seem to see that Capt Fab looks a bit tired. RVP is trying too hard that is currently affecting his performance. Diaby loses his confidence with the number of stray passes he made during the game and he look a bit soft and dribling too much and losing possession. Anyway Gunners 4ever.

  21. I have been a way for some time, but it’s good to be back. Vermaelene is a good buy. no doubts for that. But why sh’d Arsen with all his experience, wisdom and knowledge abt foot ball maintain Diaby in the starting line up even when it emerges that he is off form as of now? worse all playing for 90 mins.? Is it not b’se he French? If not corrected, This may cost us pts in the next League fixtures. Good result thou!!!

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