VIDEO: Denilson, Rosicky goals plus highlights of Arsenal vs Everton

Arsenal came from behind twice to salvage a 2-2 draw with impressive Everton in the driving snow at Emirates Stadium.

Denilson and Tomas Rosicky grabbed the goals for Arsenal – the latter coming in the 92nd minute – and you can see both of those plus extended highlights in the video below (LINK):

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  1. After a bad night sleep I came to the conclusion that Everton really had something to prove afther the humiliation they got in august. They wanted to show that they werent that bad.
    If you take the starting line then: Arshavin-RVP-Bendtner and in midfield Denilson-Song-Cesc and yesterday only 2 left of those.

    But the one on the field tried and fought for it and that is wat one have to do if things donโ€™t work out. Yes this was one of our worst games against a team that had something to prove, but Iโ€™m pretty sure that last season we would have lost this game. Now we managed to save a point.
    even in the unbeaten season we had games like this, playing with our best ever team.

    I sit behind the goal which Everton attacked in the first half, and they were incredibly strong and powerful in their approach โ€“ far more so than you normally see in a game. Everyone was pushing up and standing within an inch or so of an Arsenal player. A very very powerful start.

    It is a gamble of course, because they could have been caught at the back, as we were, and if they had not scored when they did (which allowed them to pull off) they would have got very tired.

    They took a gamble, knowing they were playing against a new formation, and it paid off in terms of getting one point.

    It happens.

  2. oh a positive note, that was a stuff of a champions. Not a good performance, but got the grit to grind or pull out something when were deeply in trouble. Remember Evra deflected shot in 2-2 draws? Or the Essien screamer against us?, The Inieasta last gasp shot, or a step back we might look back to ourself, the last FA cup final where we were deeply average but managed to pull something out. If anything it was positive more than negative, since now we knew that this team, is consist of a squad capable of becoming champions.

  3. A very frustrating afternoon but I don’t think that anyone can dispute how well Everton played today. They were the better side for most of the game and are probably disappointed that they didn’t come away with all three points.

    Arsenal were shit and far from their best. Rightly or wrongly we Gooners are quick to criticize a poor Arsenal performance but Everton deserve credit for nullifying us and playing as well as they did.

    Everton came here today very pissed off with the fact we embarrassed them 6-1 on the opening game of the season. On their own turf. They have also come here on the back of a good run. A run that includes a 3-3 draw away to the ‘Mighty Chelsea’.

    They wanted it today. They wanted it bad. I think for most of the match they wanted it more than we did. Perhaps we were too complacent? We have been guilty of that before this season. Whatever the case you have to at least match effort with effort and we only did that after going 2-1 down.

    Of course we missed players through injury but that is no excuse. Everton did too. Also the conditions were bad but the Merseysiders were in the same boat as well.

    This was a big chance to put pressure on Manchester United and Chelsea and obviously we missed that opportunity. The performance, the result wasn’t the best and both clubs will be smiling but I think we showed character today.

    Had that been United or Chelsea pulling a draw from nothing in the last minute I have no doubt that we would be hearing about the grit and determination shown to not lose. That is what I’m taking from today. We showed that determination to not lose. That bodes well despite not getting the result we wanted.

    I’ve no doubt that we will hear we were lucky for scoring two deflected goals either. I’d say that it was about time we had lady luck smile on us. Frank Lampard seems to get enough of her charms.

    After today there will be people screaming for Wenger to buy players. I’d agree that 1-2 players could really help us win things this season. In my opinion we need a striker and we need one who can hold the ball up.

    We lost the ball so many times when we had it deep in Everton’s half and it caused us problems. Arshavin is doing a job for the team at the moment but it is a lot to keep asking him to play in a position that doesn’t come natural to him.

    Arsenal could really do with a physical presence up-front. I hate to say it but we miss someone like Adebayor who for all his faults, could hold the ball and take pressure off the team or keep it. Not that I want him back!

  4. Good to see the comments on this post get off to a positive start.

    Walter – I like the comment you made: “Even in the unbeaten season we had games like this, playing with our best ever team.”

    Spot on.

    And bhumesh, again you make a good observation. I was left with a far more positive feeling about our effort and ability to get an equaliser than I was about the performance or the fact we only got a point. This game as well as West Ham (FA Cup) and Liverpool has shown us to have a good ability to come from behind.

  5. @ jim – Can I just copy+paste your comment and put it as my match report! ๐Ÿ˜€ Only kidding, but you’ve pretty much summed up my thoughts completely.

    Looking forward to writing this afternoon I have to say…

  6. This Togo bus attack seems like a good idea, to me. I’m gonna stick a machine gun on Suicide bridge and straff the manure team bus as it comes down the Archway Road.
    – Don’t worry I don’t want to kill anybody, just shake them up a bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. @ Gunners The Stunners – Thanks mate. That stuff happens a lot and I missed it yesterday.

    I usually like Wrighty7’s work, no wonder I liked it yesterday.

  8. Yep, Andy today is much more positive posting than right after the game.

    About the game though, what if the role was reversed? What if we hurried them, played them physically, foul them sometimes, and win the 50-50 balls, and end up 2-2 at the end? What would be the reaction in the blogshere? Pretty stuff, no end product, we need two center halves, we need two center forwards to score more goal, we can’t kill games, Wenger is blind, I have been predicting this all along?

    One thing is for sure, this group of players don’t quit! That ladies and gentlemen is called character.

  9. And i must say that i am just dissapointed that Arsenal did not claim all 3 points. after beating everton 6-1 away, you sort of expect them to at least win at home. Cannot believe that with such a good opportunity to take second place, especially with Man U drawing to Birmingham, they did not get the job done. Arsenal need to be a more consistent team, I have been extremely please with their current form, don’t get me wrong, but it is going to take more than that to win the EPL this year.

  10. Ja was also pretty dissapointed. Was looking forward to that 2nd spot. I suppose that we should be happy with a draw. It is good to see us drawing games that we should be losing. I have always wanted us to show some character when we are down and in injury time.

  11. This a lost oppotunity,arsenal should have got all the three points,however the match provided the evidence that the team needs reinforcement in the defense and midfield.we have the champions league,FA cup and the EPL trophies to play for.The absence of Song and Fabregas was greatly feld that exerted pressure on the defense,with lack of creativity in the midfield.Denilison is a utility player but lacks that defensive physical strength to do the dirty job like Song.If we loose Vemarleen or Gallas it will be a disaster.Therefore i hope AW learned something from this Everton match.

  12. It Seems Everton a very big challenge for Arsenal this season.I would pray for Arsenal to be at the top this season!Since Everton match against Chelsea a few weeks back I would say that Arsenal shoulbe more aware for the next challenger .

  13. my 2 cents: Ramsey and Diaby could have done better supporting Denilson. Denilson was harassed the whole night, pressured and was playing with his heart till he got injured. Diaby and Ramsey should have supported him.

    That would have made our midfield more balanced.

  14. guyfrmars, thats the biggest load of ball i have ever heard. I that had happened to Diaby or Ramsey you would say they were not good enough during that game or they need to man up. Diaby and Ramsey have there own game to think about, if Den could not stand the heat he should not be a sheff.

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