VIDEO: Cesc and Diaby’s goals against Aston Villa

Update: Please note that I will have a full match report of the Arsenal vs Aston Villa game in Tuesday’s post.

Arsenal beat Aston Villa 3-0 last night thanks to two superb goals by substitute Cesc Fabregas – the first a beautiful free-kick – and a late third by Abou Diaby. Enjoy them again now.

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  1. I’m going to be in Denver on Wednesday. Anyone out there know of a good pub where I can watch the Portsmouth game?

  2. Your logo sucks! It’s so hard to leave a comment! you’ll need a microscope! Chelsea Rules!

  3. I love the second by Cesc the most, it’s a perfect counter attack, two passes in excellent manner and an excellent finish by Cesc in full tempo, excellent timing, excellent passes, and an excellent team play, love it ❗

    of course the other two are great too, the first an excellent free kick, with feeling and experise, you don’t manage to get such a kick every day, and I remember that Deni took one similar before and I just thought: he smashes it into the wall, without feeling, terrible, last match he did better

    and of course Dabiy’s last goal is mentionable, an excellent curve of the ball, with feeling too I would say, and quite blind, he couldn’t see much just tried within three defenders, and it fit excellently into the corner, great , of course, but the second by Faby……………. love it ❗

  4. What does Chelsea boy do in here?? is he scared of Arsenal now thats why he is spying Arsenal blogs????

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