VIDEO: Bendtner scores against Wolves!

What an incredible moment! Never say die!


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  1. Wow whatta goal, and 3 pts to boot!! Man do I love this squad, everytime something bad happens in this case Cesc gone for season they stand up and spit it back in everyones face. I’m proud to be a Gooner, flat out proud!!!

  2. we should really work harder next match
    after selling Adebayor and Toure hasn’t Wenger had enough money to buy players ?
    next season Chamack is 90% a gunner
    but we need more players

  3. I ran from my living room, to the dining room, to the hall way.. out the door… and yelled my LUNGS OUT!!!!

    I am so proud of my team! trophies or no trophies..!!This my TEAM!!! and I love them!!

  4. My heart can’t take much more of this,

    sigh…. another trip to the doctors for high blood pressure.

    Seriously though, how old is Wenger? Arsenal are gonna give the poor man a cardiac arrest!!!

  5. Eduardo foot is still not aligned properly. I prefer to see Vela has the chance to show he can replace Dudu. Dudu needs more time to get back his “old” shooting boot. I didn’t want to blame him but the true is he is not the same player any more after the Birmingham game. He still has position sense.

    Bendtner is stepping up and hope that he will score another hat trick in Nou Camp.

    Next week UCL team:
    ………………………….Alumnia aka The Clown
    Sub: Fabianski aka Junior Clown, Rosicky, Eboue, Denilson, Merida, Silvestre, Eduardo

  6. Amazing game. Sticking to our footballing principles until the final whistle, and being patient, works. Bendtner’s cockiness (love it or hate it) means he remains cool enough, even in 94th minute, to score a vital goal. BUT that said; I can’t help thinking that against this Wolves side (10 or 11 men) Chelsea or Man U would have been 4 or 5 nil up by the end, if not by half time. AND if we had Hahnemann instead of Almunia we’d have probably won the title by now.

  7. great stuff by bentdner,testament to his self belief,misplaced or not……but i cudnt help but feel watching the game like we wer gonna be punished for being over elaborate and wasteful….as some1 stated above utd or chels wudv had the game put to bed at half time……these ‘lesser’ teams always seem to push us to the limit…..championship stuff,im not so sure but by god wel hav cut it thin if we make it there

  8. Great Great goal! I agree that Dudu is still not back to his best. Happy to see Bendtner improving, though I would STILL like to see Wenger add another striker. We lack pace at the point of attack. I would really like to see Loic Remy in an Arsenal shirt.

    Great win today!

  9. i am gooner for 25 years and moved over to toronto in the last few years. my girlfriend is canadian and now a gooner and i’ve brought her to emirates which she was blown away by. well both of us went from being completely dejected to jumping around the living room delirious when that goal went in. nicky bendtner official arsenal hero! what character from the boys. campbell and vermaelens celebrations were epic. I’ve had a feeling for 2 months we are destined to win this league. After that today we just might do it

  10. I was too late didn’t even get a stream but had it on play by play commentary. I screamed like a little girl when Nik scored.

  11. Tony! I love what u said! yes there s something about this season! and about this club that is very special!! Gooners for life ! I can t wait to go to the emirates! CAN T WAIT! being a fan from so far away(US for me) is so hard no to be there! but one day we should all meet there! 😉

  12. Lol i was amazed how poorly everyone played. I convinced myself that we wont win. in fact i stoped watching. You got love arsenal, they just know how to make you love them more.

    Against Barca starting X1
    Eboue – Verm – Song – Clichy
    Walcott – Diaby – Denilson – Nasri -Rosicky

    Best team we can field on paper Walcott was so bad, No player should deserve a rating of more than 6.0. Everyone was just to nervous or relaxed.

    Go you gunners!! IF we going to win the CL trophy might aswell play the favorites. First to go down is Barca, then Inter, then Lyon.

  13. I must confess I missed the goal too, didn’t switch off but went away from the screen, frustrated, without believing, it is cruel if you have to wait over 90 minutes for this passing, for this cross and for that header, I missed that focus in the Barcelona game, I thought they were satisfied with the 2:2 and I wanted a third untill the final second……………. 😉

  14. The winning over Wolves by young Guns at the dying minute or injury time is the warning to leaders Chelsea and Man united that Arsenal are now 100% in title race with them because they fight against any team upto the end of final whistle meaning that they should have to get silverwear this season by all means.

  15. Bendtner to the rescue once again…Arsene should have played him from the start. Eduardo missed two great chance and should he scored those goal, we wouldn’t have been in a situation that we were..
    Bendtner is the man in form and hence should get the chance to start every game.

    Kudos!! Bendtner..

  16. But sh’d we have been held for the entire 90mins? I think it would have been a much easier win. Compare their squad and ours, We were much better and no need for a late goal. Arsen should do something. Yeah I’m grateful the boys were able to arson wolves, but we should take our chances from the very beginning.

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