VIDEO: Bendtner and Cesc’s goals against Sunderland

Match review to follow soon.

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  1. Great to see Theo back & terrorizing defenses with his pace. Final touch still a bit off, but that will come after a run of matches. Might be back just in time for giving us a much needed oomph in the attack.

    Eboue. What can you say about the lad? Massive game and a rightful standing ovation from the crowd when he went off in the second half. Had a great series which could have gone differently – lost possession & then hustled back, played into the man & regained possession just outside the box on the left, releasing to Song who distributed the ball to the midfield. Fantastic commitment from Eboue not to panic on the initial loss and recovered beautifully.

    As per usual, Cesc took an utter beating. Knock on wood, because it’s a miracle he hasn’t sustained any bad injuries this season with as much as he’s getting kicked around the pitch. Brilliantly taken PK.

    Ramsey had himself a nice match. Good partnership with Cesc & got stuck in on occasion. Still a couple wayward passes, but has really come on leaps and bounds this year. Much more physical than his first run through last season.

    Hat tip to Almunia. Had a couple chances to bottle things, but showed composure & handled things well. No chasing butterflies. Did exactly what he needed to on the Kenwyn Jones breakaway…go out and challenge, be big & force the shot.

    Song was imperious. Again. Love seeing him get forward & picking up his responsibilities on the opponents side of the pitch. Gives us MUCH better opportunity to regain possession and turn to the attack.

    Thought Nasri was MUCH more engaged in the match. Had some chances inside the box but couldn’t finish. Just nice to see him be a participant and not a passenger. We need more of that from him.

  2. nice to see us stretching and getting in behind teams and havin them chase us towards their own goal instead of the predictable lateral passing with 11 men normally in front of us,its something iv said we need to do and need to do more often,thats where walcott can hurt you,not when he has to take the ball with his back to goal or from a standing position,even with a 5yard head start he wont be caught if we utilise him this way with the direct ball in behind…
    eboue has been very good all season

  3. 3 points, a clean sheet, and eboue and walcott looking good. Yes, there were some worrying bits, but let’s put away the complaining and enjoy the win. Bring on Stoke!

  4. nice 3 pts against the mackems,still need to be more clinical in the final third, walcott looked lively…about time,thought eboue did well too. well done lads.

  5. For all his good qualities, i can’t understand why Cesc can’t deliver the perfect corner kick! That’s arguably his weakest part…Gunners don’t make any use of the huge numbers of corners they get.

  6. I said we should utilize WALCOTT’s speed more and I also spoke about EBOUE coming on earlier.
    Life’s looking good for us. No more pressure from the chasing pack…but there’ll be lots of pressure on the top two instead when they slip up

  7. I am back after quite some time and it is good to come back and find things are as they are now. well the gap may have increased, but we are still in a better position to lift the trophy.

    Of I haven’t watched the last 5 or so matches and can’t figure out how a team that well yesterday went down against menu and chels of this world with 5 goals against 1.

    With this kind of display, I MEAN TAKING CHANCES SERIOUS, we shall win the trophy.


  8. I’m so happy to see Walcott so fast and sharp! I love that guy! This team has proven that we could be very dangerous! good game! I had a great fun watching it! let s keep up the good work!

  9. Nice display i pray that we just win all our remaining matches and the rest drop points. “Liverpool please just do what Everton has done and you will do me proud”. Bye.

  10. Arsenal is keeping the pressure on the top two which is a nice thing, it is now very important not to lose focus and drop points on the away matches with lesser teams. it was hard loosing to the to top teams, it will be even bad to lose to the lower teams.

    i believe Arsenal can lift the trophy this season if the momentum is maintained, the boys are doing a good job, keep up and keep on hammering them.

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