Video: All of Arsenal’s goals in 6-1 win over Everton

Arsenal kicked off the 2009/10 with an outstanding 6-1 win over Everton. Cesc Fabregas (2), Denilson, Thomas Vermaelen, William Gallas and Eduardo got the goals and you can see them as well as all the highlights in the video below. 

A match report will follow tomorrow on the Arsenal FC Blog.

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  1. A good win against an Everton side that was still in pre season. Its only one game but a good confidence booster, hope the lads carry on like this against Celtic on wednesday.


  2. as i already post 1day b4 da game gunners wil win 7-1 but unfortunately arshavin goal was ofside. were da best en with hope in our heart we can win da title even unbeaten

  3. I thought I was dreaming even most of the everton fan and chairman looked just puzzled. Superb win never ever i thought of loss. But this win with current bunch of squad was quite something. Song was Fantastic just hope he carries on. RVP,Fab,Gallas were also good. TV was still learning i though he to committed to prove an point. Leaving gallas to recover. But he can get better. For ME SONG SONG all the way MAN OF MATCH

  4. Honestly Arsene just shut me up.

    Maybe it was a lot of luck but I was impressed by the boys that I always blame. Denilson and Song were the best.

    And Varmaelen even that made a couple of mistakes that could put Almunia in real danger he was very good for being his debut.

    And even Bendtner looked decent. But I think he will be better in the center than the flank.

    Now I think the only good signing that Arsene could make is Vieira. Just using him as a mentor of Song Denilson and Diaby and maybe using him for the last minutes of the games that we´re winning and need a real men on the pitch to control the game.

    And maybe will be better to use some of the money to spend in the winter market to boost the team at the half of the season.

  5. WOW song was awesome and all those people that said we need to replace deni (me included) can eat humble pie. Can’t wait for celtic after this win.

  6. The score line is good for the team,but they should’nt be carried away by it,we need to be constistence this season.wahh SONG! I love you! Keep it up guyz.

  7. He scored more goals than Darren Bent
    He scored! He scored!
    He scored more goals than Darren Bent
    He scored! He scored!
    He broke his leg, but now he’s back… Read more
    And Darren Bent will still be cack
    Arsenal’s NUMBER NINE!

  8. We all have wonderful things to say about what happened yesterday but let it not be a flash. I do know we have a wonderful team of young , talented, focused and purposeful young lads, but we need 2 more players to be a MUST-WIN-TROPHIES team this season.
    If this is true, it will be wonderful.”Arsenal are set to spend £6m on Real Madrid midfielder Rafael van der Vaart”

  9. but is van der vaart defensive? I would have thougt he’s rather offensive and offensive midfielders, by god, there are enough, and I have to say that the first half could have turned out totally in another way, Everton wasn’t that inferiour what the score is telling, not at all, it was an impressive performance but they have to keep the feet on the ground, but I think they know it the most by themselves

  10. Euphoria and anger !Euphoria obvious – anger at the sloppy, unprofessional manner we allowed Everton to score .Those goals against can be absolutely crucial at the end of a season and we have to stop doing it.It’s not a one off folks – it happens a lot .If we are serious about winning titles – and we are – then the concentration has to be maintained right to the final whistle.I know it’s a young squad but they’ve all been playing soccer since they were 4 or 5 years old so THEY KNOW it’s not over ’till it’s over .
    Sorry about the rant , had to get it off my chest – but what a performance ! Yes , it’s early days , but what a springboard .

  11. great win,still more to come.deni is a proper player when he passes forward and goes on the front foot.bendtner was excellent as was song who we will lose in jan so we shud hav a replacement lined up now.
    haangeland rumoured to be arriving for 12m, love van der vaart and hav always regarded him as an arsenal type player but i honestly think wer sorted in this area…..still want scott parker i think hes d best at wot he does and would crown our team
    just a quick word on the team mentality yesterday; for the first time in ages i felt 1-11 wer pulling in the same direction and wer a real unit and doing the hard yards in attack and defence for each other, somrthing i felt had been lacking at times in the past….i think this could be linked to the ad/kolo departures and if this proves to be so i take my hat off to wenger…adebayour u scored 1, we scored 6, and i heard cesc said the team are glad hes gone…nice 1 kid

  12. I just had this amazing dream that we won our first game of the season 6-1. Away. At our closest rivals for last season’s 4th spot. How good was that? One of those games where it just all went our way and it certainly won’t always be like that but a very very good effort from the lads who all looked really up for it and very much ‘a team’. Denilson played like a man. Really I have to say I thought he was terrific. And the way he cracked that goal in. What a beaut. That’s Brazilian. That’s what I wanna see. If he continues to play like that this season I will personally apologise to him for suggesting he should be dropped and Tom14 will be able to add another 0 to his clients fee at the end of the season!

  13. Thanks AW for the highlights, I just cant get enough of all SIX GOALS!! I know it’s just the first game but oh, what a game, what a way to begin!!!

    @ shambo, I also believe the team was working as a unit and pulling in the same direction which can be partly attributed to the exits of the two players.

    We just need some midfield and defensive cover in case of injuries and this team will look like the real deal!!

    Wish the team all the best!! And weren’t the traveling fans fantastic too!!

  14. i heard that arsenal are willing to make a 6 mil. bid for rafael van der vaart. i think that’s a good idea, since arsenal have injury problems with diaby, nasri and rosicky.

    i think that 2 years ago i watched the champions league game rematch between ARSENAL and HSV. van der vaart played as a DM and scored against our arsenal.

  15. Yes, Cesc Fabregas was kind of awesome in that match. He looked like a man on a mission. I have to laugh watching the replay of his second goal as he ran straight up the centre of the pitch and just banged it in. I don’t think he even looked round to see if anyone else wanted a go! The match was great entertainment and that’s Arsenal for you.

    @HeyNonny Mouse – no problem. Don’t drink and blog!

  16. That game was incredible. THings that i saw as positives.
    1the 4 3 3 is awesome
    2Vermaelen… White men cant jump was made before he was known
    3Counter attacking like the old arsenal
    4It was just awesome
    6Alex Song…. no need for more

  17. A 6-1 win away to Everton, what a way to start the season. All the doubters have shut up, im not saying we wil win the season but we have sent out a serious message to the premier league now. Team morale high and something we saw yesterday that we didnt see last year was the hunger, every player wanted to have the ball and they played their asses of, Is the Fabregas we all know back, back to scoring, back to assisting. COME ON YOU ARSENAL.

  18. Im disappointed with the mdia claiming that that the only reason why we won was b/c ‘Everton were bad’. Everton were bad b/c we made them look bad, we pressed them and fought for every ball. Why cant they just admit that they were wrong to write us off before a ball was kicked? I bet if it was Man U that won 6-1 theyd be praising them to no end.
    Biased pricks

  19. I have always and will never weary of telling people to have confidence in the current team that we have. As for Celtic, it is up to them who failed to score a goal against The Mighty Gunners. I believe again we shall gun down those Celtics. Have fun and enjoy yourselves you guys. lol

  20. good game
    I saw the result when I came back from drinking lol thought I was seeing things good game it is posted on arsenal tv online

  21. Great to have such a scoreline in the opening match.The team has clearly sent out a strong message that it will not go down without a fight to the title.

    In my view Song and Denilson were excellent.Allowing Denilson to roam gives more options in our attack and Vermaelen did a very good job in his debut.

    Everybody looked sharp and Bendtner is truly a player to watch this season.

  22. What dd I tell you guys abt Song Billong, and still more to come fram him.Fab was outstanding, deni became more offensive and especially faster on his run.Cesc 2nd goal reminds me his goal agst AC Milan 2 or 3 years ago ion a CL semi final game.Thomas were fantastic.
    @Shambogunner, i also felt that unity in the squad, i beleive that the departure of Ade made good things and particularly our Full back were much more united.The misunderstanding between Kolo and Gallas might have been real.
    We havnt seen much of Arshavin yet, Walcott, Rosicky, Jack Wilshere and Nasri. Go Gunners!!!!

  23. Celtic on Tuesday and with Diaby and Walcott back, we have a bit more choice. Now does AW keep the same team that played v Everton. Does he rest players already or does he even go to his favoured 4-5-1 formation for a european away game. We went away to everton and won 6-1, Celtic must be scared. If we can be as ruthless as we were on Saturday then it should be a pretty decent result. Song was good as the DM as Deni got forward and showed what he has to offer which was a lot but it unleashed Fabregas and that is scary for any opponent, hopefully he can return to the form that he was in the season before EURO 2008. Will Diaby and Walcott both feature, if so where. Wil Diaby play DM or will he be 1 of 2 attacking mids or will AW put him on the left with Walcot on the right. Arsha could play his 1st UCL game for the gunners. Exciting stuff

  24. What a good result but dont think we can get carried away with it.Dont forget they could have score as well {one off the line ect}We was still a little bit weak at the back .Even Gallas and Vermaelen played well but they were given the full back a hard time in the first half not so much 2rd half.Song did well as Fab but still not sure about Arshavin but we won so thats 3 points i am sure it will not be so easy in the next few weeks

  25. a great start to the season by the lads ruthless.cohesive,slick like the arsenal of old.

  26. What a game! when things click, there is nothing like watching Arsenal. There are a few critical moves from Wenger that allowed the team the freedom to do what they do best. First up the lineup, 433 really worked for this game. This may not work every time, but tactical flexibility gives us that unpredictability. Song stayed back and gave major support for the back four. Vermaelen was going for all high balls against Felliani and Jo. The unity and the hunger was there. Did you notice we pressured and harried them more than they did? That was new! It reminded me of the invincible’s era. I hate to say this, but getting rid of specially Ade may have been the master stoke on the boss’s part. Now we need consistency. By that I don’t mean 6 goals every weekend.

  27. Happy days from east London, good result for us both. Above all the foundation of the 3 points are most important. Arsenal were fantastic going forward and showed some steel in defence and in the midfield. Song was man of the match. Lets hope we both can use the opening game as a springboard for the coming weeks. Althouth im sure other teams are already devising a way to counter or spoil this direct method of play. Happy to see the long ball used in to such good affect.

  28. Um still gettin to grips with the result and the game as a whole.I was impressed by Song he really pretty much started where he left and long may he continue to upgrade himself.Denii played a mature game as well he linked played well and when it was needed to defend he was there i think having Song there will bring out the best of both Cesc and Denii but we have to think ahead bout wat we will do when he goes for the ACN,dont think we have anyone else who can do the same job.
    Yes Denii can drop in there but i dont think he would be that effective and that jus leaves Diaby .and with that i think we can see that we have a lil problem ahead of us but um sure Wenger has that in his thoughts.
    Verminator was superb if you watch the game or highlights closely u will see he was constantly talking constantly giving the whole defensive line instructions with regard to defnding set pieces but mostly for th off side trap it really was a joy to witness.
    I really like B52 he linked well with the play and i think the idea of him at the wings works quite well coz he will be fighting for the ball with RB’s abd LB’s who u have to admit are not as bigbuilt as lets say CB’s,really enjoyed his input yday and to see him taken off for preservation rather than poor performance was a reall and utter joy that i hope to witness for many more weeks and years to come.
    Bring on Celtic,jus hope the lads know its another game we have to start from scratch and not to rest on their laurels


  29. wow! arent our boys amazing? told you boy. wasnt all about Adebayor and Toure. an impressive start and am sure we’ll go that way till the end. good work boys!

  30. Nice start 2 d season and it has post a threat 2 all our opponent especially celtic in d cl qualifier, with players coming in 4rm injury which provide enough playing options for d match. Go gunners dis is our season

  31. Denilson’s goal was just beautiful football, as was Fabregas’s first. Everton were bad but Arsenal were just classy. They should have no trouble with Celtic.

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