Van Persie update, Chelsea v Inter + Peppy Hare?!

Once again it’s pretty quiet in the world of Arsenal.

A trip to Stoke is of course on the agenda but we’re yet to hear from Arsene Wenger regarding player availability or any of the players regarding Wenger availability.

It’s eerily quiet at the moment, a bit like that time in the N64 game Lylat Wars where Peppy declares to Fox, “It’s quiet. Too quiet!” before a fleet of baddies launches an epic attack. Except in our case the fleet of baddies will be a group of Stoke thugs and Peppy is Sol Campbell. Or something.

I managed to catch Inter Milan’s 2-1 win over Chelsea this morning and quite enjoyed the game. Diego Milito scored a typically ghost-like goal before doing nothing else in the 90 minutes while Julio Cesar, the best goalkeeper in the world, let a Solomon Kalou shot slip through his fingers. Esteban Cambiasso got the winner but I think the damage is done, Chelsea will get through and European glory will once again evade the best team in Italy.

The most interesting moment of the match from an Arsenal perspective was the injury suffered by Petr Cech. Under no pressure at all he seemed to tweak something in his knee, however the verdict from Chelsea is that it is a calf problem and he may be out for some time.

Hilario looked pretty shaky when he went on and if I’m being honest, I’d rather Lukasz Fabianski in goals than the 56-year-old Portuguese man. He’ll get a baptism of fire against Manchester City on the weekend and if the Sky Blues are smart, they’ll make sure he has plenty of work to do.

Just a quick Robin van Persie update before I go.

Dutch national team manager Bert van Marwijk has said that he expects van Persie to be playing games at the beginning of April. He’ll obviously need a fair bit of time to get back to fitness but I see no reason why he couldn’t play a significant part in the latter stages of the Champions League, or give us a final push at the end of the Premier League season should we still be in the race.

Which would be most welcome indeed.


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  1. The Dutch manager is just trying to make us upbeat, Arsene said a few days ago that RvP hasn’t started any ‘real fitness work’ yet, and it’ll be 6 weeks after he starts it.

    But RvP should be fit for the Chmapions League final against Olypiacos =D

  2. I cant wait to see van back and how I pray that the Lord gives even just one ful season of play to show the world what is. I believe with van we would be better off than we are now. Lord heal him quickly for us!!!!

  3. Cech’s injury may be a blessing in disguise for us. Any way, i wish him a speedy recovry(am not too sure i mean it). i’ll turn a 90 minute supporter of Mancity come saturday.

  4. Judging from RvP’s attitude earlier in the year I think he will be aching to play Man City and hopefully that means he will be working hard to be back for at least a bench start by then.

  5. i would love to think about Persies return but we just have to do our job against Porto cause any silly error will relegate us only to the league which i hope by then we shall be in the race.

    I currently dont even waste my time seeing an arsenal player take a free kick its just mediocrity not even fab.I,m still waiting for master persie to come back and its when i will watch free kicks. Cant immagine how much we have missed that lad. But meanwhile Stoke is living on borrowed time and tomorrow is the time to repay the debt.

  6. hw i mis RVP. The day he wil play, i’ll hold a bash, if he scores,i’ll mek sua i blackout.PEACE.

  7. Never mind RVP and April or May. Keep your eyes on the near,now future. We don’t need a striker so much in a couple of months as we need central midfielding this weekend.
    And sorry to say but your wrong Drew, Inter will go through in West London. Depend upon it. This blow to the Chelsea ego will put our camel’s nose in their tent so to speak but we must work the advantage and never, never stop scrapping.
    Come on you Gunners!

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