Two future Arsenal legends?

It was great to see Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey running the show for England and Wales on the weekend.

Jack Wilshere & Aaron Ramsey

Hopefully a sign of things to come for the Arsenal.

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  1. Aren`t we tired of Arsenal being associated with Players of Huge potentials, Future Stars, The new Zidane, The New Vieira, The New Pique.
    Aren`t we a club who is supposed to have players whom the whole world could compare to.

  2. Wilsh and Rambo will come good – better then the current dros of diaby and denilson and that slapstick rosicky. to be honest What still gets right inside my head is that we lost the Carling Cup final to those horrible brum wankers. It’s biased, and sour grapes, but I really hope they go down. I’m sick of hearing the Birmingham’s and Stokes of this league bang on about playing football their way because it’s the only way a small club can survive. Everton have a similar scale of budget but, Fellani aside, are a lovely team. Bolton don’t spend freely, yet Coyle has them sitting in 7th place. Blackpool have taken to the premiership like a multi coloured loud mouthed rent-a-soundbite duck with a leaky back to water, scoring goals whilst they concede loads. 6 points separate the bottom 10 teams, showing that being thug’s doesn’t increase you chances of survival necessarily.

    I’m not saying you can’t press the opposition, shouldn’t stifle the opposition, or shouldn’t play defensively. You just don’t have to go around slapping peoples heads after scoring or snapping legs. You can be a really tough team to play against without being twats at the same time.

    I’m also sick of the “I have to set up my team to suit the players strengths” like it’s not the managers fault his team are cretins. Newsflash chaps, you signed those massively tall killer juggernauts. If your intention wasn’t to try and demolish the opposition you’d have made an attempt at assembling a smarter, more technically gifted team.

    Anyway, losing the Carling Cup was a bitter pill to swallow – although in fairness Birmingham actually outplayed us for periods of the game, at actual football. Maybe criticising the football they play is harsh, I just hate them. I hope they go down. And then they plummet to the depths of League 2. And then the ground is stolen by aliens and sold to the French for rugby. Etc.

  3. @larrydavid – you should be writing this blog, far better effort then Andrew Weber. I share your sentiments as I’am sure most gunners do.

  4. I am sometimes quite baffled by the comments some people post.@Homer…Wilshere has already proved himself and,I am sure that Ramsey will once he gets a few more games under his belt,after all,he has been out for a long while and was playing really well before his injury.@Gunnerboy….do you actually watch Arsenal play??? I can`t believe that you do if you even think that! Jack has played great football no matter who the opposition has been.Arron will come good too. What a great pairing for the very near future.They be the envy of the PL…..maybe the world!

  5. we dont have a proper def mid we dont have a proper left winger and i cant belive it we want to sell clichy man … i dono whts up but currnt senario looks bad….

    plz sell the deadwood : denilson, diaby, rosicky, squillachi and almunia and buy d right players for once invest big time and u will see the results for years to cum come on asenal we are a amazing club we fans deserve better

  6. @ And_Arsene – thank you for your kind words but Andy has done a terrific job with thid blog and credit goes to him. Have read that Wilshere will be required to play for the England U21′s for their Euro Championship Campaign. I think the idea is to ensure that next season he has a permanent run of injuries, before being dropped from the full squad for losing his form and not playing much. The aim of Stuart Pearce’s U21 set up you see is to try and ruin the players careers just as they start to gather momentum. Sabotage of the full national team appears to be his primary concern, masquerading as some sort of desire to “teach the kids how to win”. Pro tip, winning is not the same as being broken. Ask Charlie Sheen.

    The England U21 set up should be used for promoting talent, providing experience and getting players used to international set up. It should be a seed bed, and when you move up that should be the end of it, unless you’re not good enough to stay there in which case you should move back age permitting. Having any player, regardless of club or country, playing full campaigns for U21′s and the full international team at the same time is a recipe for disaster. And a massive “I’m doing it because I can” prick move from Pearce.

  7. @larrydavid- I completely disagree with how u feel about birmingham because i’d rather have lost to a mid table team rather than be known for losing to a relegated side in the carling cup final.

  8. Suzagooner simply didn’t get what @Homer and Gunnerboy were trying to mean! Yeah Homer is damn right! why do we keep on comparing our players to others they compete with @ da same level as if our players are simply not good enough ba are on the verge of being good! Good one there Homer.

  9. @terry

    Can you please keep using lower case t so I don’t get confused that I have already posted before I have. I’ll use Capital T. Agree with your sentiments but your spelling is shocking!

    Re the article, my worst fear was that Wilshire and Ramsay would injure each other going for a fifty fifty – that would have topped my season off! Fortunately we seemed to have escaped that.

    Had to laugh at the Brum diatribe! nice one!!!

  10. So Wilsh has a step ahead caused of the games he play this season. He play the most games of any Arsenal player this season, which is quite facinating for his age. Rambo needs a proper summer capm and some games. We are sure that he has a lot to offer just have to wait for the next season to show it. With those two Im quite confident about the futere of the Gunners

  11. I feel Wilshere could dislodge Cesc in a year’s time, it could be sooner if Wilshere start scoring next season. I liken Wilshere to Xavi whilst Cesc is simmilar to Riquelme, the old Villareal playmaker.

    As for Ramsey, I think he still needs three years to be starting 11, but he’s gd enough to be first choice backup. As for Diaby and Denilson, I don’t see a bright future for them, more so for Deni.

  12. Jack is not a prodigy anymore. Jack is an established talent already showing his full range of talent in EPL and abroad. I am sure the naysayers have little to convince themselves of if they believe otherwise. As for Ramsey he is playing well but is still raw.

  13. Looks like Jens has had a couple of scary moments in the reserve game. Arsenal currently losing 1-0.

  14. Wilshire has had an enormous season – one of the most impressive of any young talent in the league in recent memory. When you’re a Gooner however, I think there’s a certain conditioning that goes with being an Arsenal supporter and that is waiting for the other shoe to drop. He’s a bit of a wild one so there’s a worry he’ll turn into George Best. All our top players have been injured so there’s a concern there (I actually knocked on wood as I typed that).

    As for Ramsey, I think he and the club have done everything possible to bring him back, but we’re running out of time this season, so I really think it will be 2012 (the 2nd half of the next season) before he’s 100% (if indeed he’s ever going to be)

    It’s hard with this team not be just a little neurotic, to just stop, take a breath and actually appreciate the enormously entertaining and talented players we’ve managed to attract.

    Come ON you effing GUNNERS!


  15. I believe Ramsey have all the talents to become a great player. Wilshere and Ramsey will become a great midfield partner in the future but still lack of back up DM. Wenger should buy a player on that area. Please

  16. @Young Gooner

    There are some Young Gunners that should be able to fill the DM slot as cover for Song (who is still young too). The youth players I’m talking about are Coquelin and Frimpong. Both have looked very good, though of course Frimpong got injured at the start of the season.

    Speaking of injuries, I heard that RVP got injured today playing for Holland. Hardly a suprise. I can only hope it turns out to not be serious.

  17. Ouch!!! I used to like the Dutch but Damn. Every time they get Robin they send him back
    broke on our dime.
    Now I suppose our medical staff will get him up and running just in time for Hollands next set of internationals. ad fucking infinitum.
    He’s going to have to make up is injury prone mind as to who he’s going to play for.
    Have we even gotten a half a season from him?
    Jens looked awfully rusty in the reserves. I hope we don’t need him for another week or two. Still, I have to admit he did command his area. MOON MAN are you watching?

  18. Robin actually plays nearly a quarter of his games for his country..

    Since 2006/07 he’s played for Holland 47 times. For Arsenal he’s played 142 times (24 as sub). Arsenal have played 282 games in that time frame. (23 have been Carling cups). So even if we consider he wouldn’t have played those games even if fit, it means he’s missed 117 games in 5 years. With his goal/appearances ratio in the same period,he would have scored 55 goals in those matches (66 if we take goals/starts ratio) He really is a huge miss. But maybe we should just get in another striker of a similar calibre? RVP is probably never going to be fit for an entire season.

    That said, any news on him? I’m hopeful that it won’t be a major injury.

  19. all we need now is a very experienced DM to protect them when they go galloping forward. and i am betting that wenger wont buy one.

  20. I didnt watch the game but i hear Lehman was a big joke. If we add him with Squillachi come saturday it may be fun to watch.We are just devoid of choice,i cant just side with Almnia. I can contend blunders from Lehman who has a proven record but cant sustain watching Almnia again in our goal. I hope Wenger retains Lehman for the weekend game in order to build his confidence. On V.persie our season is over without him and third place will be an achievement. We need a Suarez or Asamoah Gyan in our attcak.

  21. I’m almost sick and tired of articles like this. This may be why England are underwhelming on the big fixtures. This fixation with youth, at the expense of winners like the Toon pair of Barton & Nolan. That’s only an example. This goes granular down to this team as well…writing posts about these guys…which I’m not opposed to, but should be focused towards more along the lines of: “How do we Ramsey in, and how do we increasr Jack’s ‘real production'”. For example, loved the article that anaylized critically how to get Nasri more central. Stop hiding Rosicky in the field would be one way. But at this point of the season, it should be ‘how do we get stars like Nasri goals?’

    I love Arsene Wenger as much as the next Gunner fan, but we must admit he has the creativity of a Gerbil. If an old fart like King Kenny can throw teams for a loop by putting Kuyt up front supporting a Suarez, what is to keep Wenger from doing nasri the same way? If we know he’s a box to box playmaker/scorer, and we know we want him making those decisions as close to the goal as possible. And we haven’t been able to get him there why not try it?

  22. @Shard

    I rarely see any youth playing playing for Arsenal. From what I heard, they are good and very talented. Song is a great DM and and of course he is young too. I don’t want to blame other players but we really need a back up if he injured. And yes! RVP was injured again. Van Marwijk said it was not serious but the last time they said like that he was out for months. I really hope this time he is right.

  23. I am actually pretty disappointed with Jack Wilshere. Yes he´s a good player, but it looks to me as he never really found his natural position on the field. He´s fairly decent as a DM, and he made some great performances and plays like against Barcelona on the first match. But it feels like most of the time he just doesn´t perform as he should. When Cesc is on, then he does most of the action in the mid-pitch. When Song is on, he does it. Wilshere is still young, and I just hope he will find a more natural position (or get better at his current one) in the near future.

    About Rambo, I haven´t seen him play a lot but I already love the guy. After such a severe injury, he made a relatively quick recovery and came back to first team action much earlier than any prediction. This is a good sign as Arsenal desperately needs someone steady, with a quick recovery. Also captaining the Welsh national team, although much more experienced players are available in their squad (Bale, Collins, Ledley) is a very positive sign as far as leadership goes.

    RVP is really past his glory days. He was excellent a couple of seasons ago, but even when he´s perfectly fit he´s hardly a fraction of what he used to be. It is very upsetting to see this, as Arsenal doesnt have any other decent striker right now (Chamakh made a couple of good games in the beginning of the season, but is worthless now. And don´t get me started on Bendtner).

    I have my hopes highly up for players like Miquel and Frimpong. For a striker, I really hope that Miyaichi has a good season in Feynoord and gets a working VISA to come back to England next season. I´ve seen some videos of his games in Holland and he seems exactly what we need in front – Fast, resourceful, talented. With him, Nasri and Walcott, Arsenal is going to invent a new Trifecta from hell.

  24. @Manamongst

    England suffer at the international stage because they DON’T play the likes of Barton and Nolan?? Proven winners? England fixated on youth?? I seriously have no idea what game you’re watching.. Simply.. WOW. I’d love to see more examples.

  25. @Young Gooner

    I would like to see a back up for Song too. I do think though that Frimpong (who was to be a part of the squad this season) and Coquelin are the reason we didn’t go out and buy. For next season I think our midfield will be stronger with Ramsey getting fitter, Lansbury coming back. Maybe the likes of Henderson getting more games. Denilson and Rosicky might need to be replaced though..

    Our defence should be stronger too actually. Bartley has looked good, Miquel will be a year older (though he might go on loan), and of Course Vermaelen will be back.. The only weakness i see in defence is the RB position. Sagna is very very good. Eboue does an ok job but I think we need to buy in that area. No youth seem to be coming through either. (Though Eastmond, who I forgot to mention for midfield, can play there too)

    Up front is where I think we need an addition. Vela probably will come back. JET might well come back from loan too. I have a feeling Nick Bendtner will go. But we could do with another quality striker, since I don’t think we can rely on RVP ever having a full season fit.

  26. @Asurah

    I think you are right that we don’t yet know what Jack Wilshere’s best position is. But I disagree when you say he hasn’t performed well enough. I think he’s been very good and consistent. Regarding Ramsey I think you are spot on. He’s actually, in my opinion, the closest player to Cesc that we have.

    RVP is most definitely not past his best. His goal scoring form is enough to tell you what we miss when he’s missing. But that is the biggest problem with him. He’s missing too often for too long. We do need another striker..

    Miyaichi seems like the sort of winger that we lack. Him and Walcott on the flanks can be very effective as you point out. I’m excited to see how many of our young players make it with us, and how well they perform.

    All of that is of course, for next season and beyond. Right now, we still have 9 games to go.

  27. Please tell me r u guys retarded? I am absolutely shocked at the entire bunch here still arguing like morons, today is a very sad day in the arsenal history, one of arsenal great talents david rocastle AKA Rocky passed away this day ten years ago he passed away at the age of 33, i am actually even surprised i do not find a blog on him by andy or someone else, please take a leaf out of blogs like goonerholic and arsenalvision and actually take time out to read about the player whom so many of us would have never seen play in our life.

  28. Hi all,
    getting warmed up again. For those who have a veetle player “Oh to be a Gooner” is on for the next 4 hours a great primer for the weekend.
    @Shard So what to do about Robin? Clearly he’s a great talent but doesn’t stay healthy.He really needs to give up the international scene if he’s going to be of any use to us but I can’t see it. Do we keep him knowing we’ll get at best half a season? If we let him go who’s the talent to replace him? Not forgetting of course that the money thing is always an issue with us. Maybe a Russian petroleum oligarch is the signing we really need. Does anyone know if Alex Song is playing? Fact is, we don’t win when he doesn’t.

  29. @ Shard
    If someone had told you we would go six years without winning a single trophy am sure you would have doubted them, for sure!!!!!!

  30. @ Aman,
    Sorry dude, you are so correct. I just went over to the official website and saw the sad news. Time to give proper dues and thank you for bringing that to our attention.

  31. Hey all, arrived in London this morning. Will be covering my time here day to day starting tomorrow, including a mention of Rocky. Hope you can understand the delay.

  32. I saw rocky play, it would be patronising to say that he isn’t the best of ours at this moment but he sure has heart.

    Respect to David, may god have mercy on his soul.

  33. @aman

    Greatest of respect for Rocky. I wish I could have seen him play. That I didn’t in no way diminishes my respect, and love for the man. From what I have seen, he was a great talent as well, apart from the heart he showed. He will always be remembered by us.

    But I do not see why discussing Arsenal today, shows any disrespect to him. He loved Arsenal like all of us, and I don’t think he would ever take that as disrespect..

  34. @kel

    I’m sure I would have doubted them. But I would also have asked them to back that up with some reasons as to why they think so. In this case, all I did was ask for a statement like that to be backed up by some estimation of how strongly and genuinely that view is held..

    I cannot say that we WILL win something in the next 10 years. I’m not Nostradamus.. But I think we’re more likely to win, than not.. And as someone pointed out, we could this year too.

  35. @leftcoastgooner

    We cannot get rid of Robin. He’s a world class player, and he clearly buys in to our club’s philosophy. He cares about Arsenal. That is something that can’t be replaced. I do think we should go out and get another striker though.
    I really do think that while our defence has some issues, it is up front that we lack the threat that we used to have. The invincibles had teams so terrified that they wouldn’t attack us even from corners. They felt the need to have men back to defend against the inevitable counter. Whenever we were one on one against the opposition keeper, we always used to expect goals. Now I’m still hoping more than expecting even when that situation occurs..

  36. I agree with Shard. We don’t have to sell RVP. We only need a back up striker with his talent. We can see loads of attacking chances from our team but they always wasting it.
    I just wonder why we are unlucky with injuries. There must be something lack in the medical staff as we always see our players got injured for long periods. I really want to see Verm play this season. He is a world class defense but now he’s working hard to recover. If only we had him this season.

  37. @Shard
    I agree with you on everything apart from the Van Persie part. He´s been scoring quite a lot, but we haven´t seen him doing any of the magic he has done in his first few seasons with the club. I dont know if its the collective form of the entire team, or just RvP, but its as if he lost some of his touch. You don´t see him doing the fantastic, confusing dribbling he used to do. As if he´s afraid he might get tackled and injured again (rightfully..). I dont know.. I guess you are right about his goal scoring ability, but I guess that he doesn´t look as good as he was a few years back.

  38. One more thing about Van Persie.
    Over the seasons, he seems to perform much, much better with another striker alongside him, mainly because of his excellent passing and assisting abilities. Even when he and Chamakh were playing together this season, they made better than each of them alone in the point of the attack.
    So maybe if Arsene brings a new stable goalscorer, RvP would blossom once more. Otherwise, if he insists on playing one forward at a time, we need a better substitute than Robin… As much as I love the guy.

  39. My predictions are coming true. We are ending up the season empty handed again and Fabregas will go to Barcelona to a long retirement of bench warming, then to Santa Fe and later possibly to Tunisia as captain of Esperence FC.


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