Tomas Rosicky’s new Arsenal contract – good or bad?

Tomas Rosicky has signed a contract extension with Arsenal – but I feel it’s a piece of news that might polarise opinion amongst Arsenal fans.

On one hand you have the club showing loyalty to a player who has worked his socks off to return from a career-threatening injury and appears to be a good role model for the younger players both on and off the pitch.

But on the other you have a player being rewarded for very little contribution to the club’s success in the past two and a half seasons.

So is Rosicky’s contract extension a good thing or a bad thing for Arsenal?

Personally I’m a bit of a sentimental soul so seeing one of Arsenal’s most experienced players and Cesc Fabregas’ mate get the opportunity to stay at the club makes me very happy indeed.

I feel his ability to work through what was sure to have been a depression and difficult time while he was injured illustrated his character and indicated his committment to the Arsenal cause.

Plus, he certainly knows how to wear a scarf.


Let me know your opinion on Rosicky’s new contract by leaving a comment.



  1. When he plays he’s quality. If he gets fit and stays fit he’ll be an extremely helpful hand in both the Champion’s league and Premiership.

  2. I have never been a big fan of Rosicky and I don’t think he will ever be as good as he was. I feel that him leaving would be better, and Im sure that plenty of teams out there would be interested.

  3. In a way he reminds me of Kewell and Liverpool – such great talent but always injured (though, personally, I’d have Rosicky over Kewell anyday).

    I don’t think there is any harm with having Rosicky around, I think Arsenal need some experience around the younger players. Kind of like what Solskjรฆr gave to United. You know what I’m sayin’?

  4. I guess that makes sense, I just think that giving his playing time to some of the younger players is better. People like Ramsey, Wilshire, Walcott etc. They are all pretty much as good as or better than Rosicky, and will be more important in a few years. But the experience and leadership is great from Rosicky. If he can keep healthy

  5. Why leave let him leave for free in the summer after paying his wages for all that time?

    If Wenger is going to let him go, better to get him on a long term contract then sell him the summer if needs be.

  6. @GoonerGoose, you may have a point as Wenger is more business man than sentimental. He also knows he may end up contributing to the cause may be the second half of this season or next one. He just needs a little bit of luck to his nagging injury. Once he puts together a good run, the little genius will come good.

  7. I disagree with americanarsneal.

    Rosicky is a much better player than Walcott, Ramsey, and Wilshire. He is a top player when he is fit and once (if) he gets a run in the team, he will prove that.

    His touch and vision are incredible, and when he plays, he makes even players like Nasri look normal.

    He is worth the chance!

  8. we are gonna need him over next 3 months when the games come thick and fast, if we want to win the league; so having him in the right frame of mind to be an asset when arshavin or cesc or nasri need rotating. he is another quality player. he has not done alot but we need him ready to fight so arsene has shown him he is still wanted at the club. (not that he means it though)

  9. Am I the only one seeing the current trend at Arsenal….
    Sign all the talented players, both young and old to long term contracts before Wenger leaves.
    Isn’t that like the 15th player to sign an extension this season?!

  10. It is indeed – as confirmed by the Arsenal website.

    Is that a bad thing thought? Keeping the group of players together – regardless of how long Wenger stays – has to be a good thing.

  11. That is great news that Rosicky’s extended his contract. The guys had a hard time of it coming back from an injury which could have ended his career but he’s stayed positive, battled back & is almost there. That shows me personally that he has worked hard to get back because he wants to play for our great team & be part of something special at Arsenal. Fair play to & i say he IS an outstanding talent that should never be overlooked!!!


  12. It’s not Rosicky we need to get rid off. We should instead send out Walcott on loan or sell the guy.
    I regret seeing him on pitch now a days.
    What a poor performance from the guy!

    He should not be handed the No 14 shirt which he wears only to run faster than Henry in training pitches.

  13. I’m glad. He’s a fantastic player, despite his injury troubles. And even having him around the club will help the youngsters, that’s what they need, a guiding figure.

  14. Rosicky is a fantastic player and I’m glad he signed. Also when players have good friends around them, they’re less inclined to want to leave. I know it’s in
    the past, but I wonder if Thierry would have been so keen to go if we had bobby for a few more years?

  15. @ Arup – Do you not think someone like Diaby or Song is evidence that Walcott can still be a great player? I think Walcott is extremely frustrating at the moment but to sell the guy when he hasn’t even had a decent run in the squad.

    Patience, patience, patience. His time will come.

  16. On the field heยดs an important player for us. Too bad about all hes injury problems. And a close friend to Fab4, so he will also be happy…

  17. Good news that Rosicky is staying. He will be great for the team and can motivate the younger players. It shows that Arsenal has a heart.
    Also, Arsene has proven through the years he has very good judgement skills when it comes to when players will come off their peak. he must have seen he can still get afew more good years out of him.

  18. May I remind you that when he signed with us Rosicky was top class. If that man can put a full season together… or half a season like RVP he still very much has a place here. His technical skill is why he was signed in the first place. Rambo and the kids can learn a thing or two from him easily.

  19. he’s a good player, but he may not be the same player he was, he’ll never lose his world-class vision but he looks a step slow doesn’t have the physicality for the prem i fear after the injuries. Its a good thing we aren’t losing him for free but a 4year contract is insane after his limited contribution sinse he signed. I’m undecided on this one.

  20. despite of his injury, Thomas can still offer something to our young squad, like hing long shot, it’s always nice that we have another player that like to try his long shot aside of Ramsey and occasionally Denilson.

    beside one of Wenger policy is to keep the troop and add 1 or 2 players that can add something to our way of playing football.

  21. Personally, I feel its always a plus to have quality on the bench, this how all the big winning squads do (Chelsea, Man u, Real). Arsenal has fell short in the past few years just because they came a bit short on reserve and squad players. In a full season, these players have a huge impact. For example, Instead of having Wilshere replacing an injured Diaby, you have Rosicsy comming for him.. see the difference there…
    Wilshere and the rest of the youngstas show you flashes of greatness but winning results are hard to come by for them. Take for example on Sunday vs West Ham, Wilshere and Merida were horrible and if it wasnt for the quality brought on by Nasri and Diaby, the game would have been lost.
    So to conclude, the renewal of his contract is not so bad plus Im sure it was a very small one that included many clauses..

  22. Walcott, Ramsey, and Wilshire better than Rosicky’s a joke/walcott ‘s s8it ,can’t cross/no skill /all he knows ‘s run ,run ,run and loses the ball ,ramsey ‘s pretty good/ but not near Rosicky level,i’m sure he’ll come good /he’s still young anyway,n Wilshire also/ well,Arsenal4life/

  23. I for one am over the moon TR has signed a new contract. Have no fear Gooners Lil Mozart will come good again!!!!!!!!

  24. Andrew playing the scruffy Englishman are we? All this talk about foreign men and their ability to dress well is getting a tad anal for my liking. The press storm over Mancini was a joke.

  25. Wilshere’s better than Rosicky? Walcott’s better than Rosicky? But Walcott’s shit? But then Rosicky’s better than Ramsey who is better than Rosicky?


  26. The one thing that Rosicky also has in his locker is that he has WON trophies and titles in the past and that experience is invauable to a team like ours.

  27. Rosicky fit is better than both of the two mentioned above. However he is 29!!! So there really should be no comparison.

  28. technically rosicky is fine as an arsenal kind of player so no issue there

    if arsenal can afford the extension AND not at the expense of signing what we need eg another striker, there’s no problem

    even if we couldn’t / shouldn’t afford rosicky commercially there are other players to rid of… people already mentioned walcott, senderous, etc

    and the gut tells me wenger should be quite clear about rosicky’s prognosis… after all, wenger has been ridding of players more or less at the right time so on % he should be right

  29. Conspiracy theory: Could one suggest that perhaps Rosicky was kept on so as to encourage Fabregas to stay at the club? Them being close and all – might that factor play a role in his re-signing?

  30. Shava is 28 and he is still good. Drogba is 31 and he still bully’s the crap out of any defender, Klose is going 32 and still banging in the goals, young or old dosent matter, its the mentality and desire to excel further in ones footballing career. Rosicky is strong mentally he can impart his knowledge and experience to the not so young ones ( isnt the current squad avg age=24).

    I hope Walcott has a strong mindset, sometimes he looks like hes giving up when defenders dont give him space,…Ramsey and Wilshere is a different story, can see that they are fighters. Ramsey’s change is quite obvious, the way he moves the ball is different than the first time he came and he is not easily bullied out of the ball, of course he is a big 19year old.

  31. @Andy, you’re absolutely right about his scarf wearing style. Love it!

    As to his ability, there is no comparison with anyone out there as they all are in different levels in their careers. Walcott is a great talent with speed. He needs time and luck with his injury. Then, the confidence will kick in. I’m so glad that Wenger has an infinite patience. I don’t think I can support a team that chops and changes every season with no continuity.

  32. He’s preeeeetty close to be getting traded imo. I mean, what has he really done for arsenal. When can you last remember him putting in a solid run of games for us?

    Not for aaaaaaaaaages, if ever.

    If there;s no improvement, then sell him. And fast. At 28? his price isn’t exactly going to increase.

  33. Re-signing Rosicky is absolutely the right decision for several reasons. First and foremost he still has much to give and his touch and skill are unquestioned. Wenger apparently has seen enough to think that he still has something to contribute and is a player that brings quality, experience, and a winning mentality to the team. Rosicky is an experienced international, captain for his country and a winner everywhere he has played, winning titles with all his prior teams. A great point is that he is great mates with Cesc, so locking up his best friend on the team is always a good idea if you want to keep your captain and best player happy. A very good point made earlier in the comments referring to bobby and paddy for our friend Henry. Another thing above his experience is that he is a consummate professional and a great example for the young players, as well as a calming influence in the dressing room. It is always said that a team needs the right blend of youth and experience to achieve things. I am a firm believer in the concept that class can not be learned, nor can vision. Some players are gifted with these talents and they are special for this reason, and Tomas is one of the few in the squad(and world) capable of this kind of vision. I remember the only good thing I could take from the world cup mach in 2006 where my united states were beat by the czechs was that their architect, little mozart, had just signed for arsenal, and he single handedly dismantled my team. I believe he will still contribute and be very useful later this season, and as long as we can afford to still pay his salary he should stay. If we decide he is no longer worth it at least recoup some money for him instead of letting him walk on a free. Up the Arse!

  34. @arsenal4ever1900: Did you check out where Fab second goal against Aston Villa came from?? Wallcot is good, don say $#*t bout him. Also don forget his contribution last Season in the Champions league. Problem is he is injury prone. Only diff btwn him n Rosicky is how the latter does his scarf!!!

  35. I love that foto of TR7. It says to one and all “You WISH you could wear a scarf as well as me!” ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m thrilled that Tomas has re-signed. Just as with Eduardo, these long-term injuries are always followed by a period of getting through some post return niggles. This period will pass and Tomas will make his way back to regular match time. If Arsene didn’t truly believe that a full, complete and successful recovery was possible there’s no doubt that a contract extension wouldn’t have been on offer. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to let him heal up a bit, use him as required and then let him go off in the summer with good wishes. But clearly both Arsene and IG felt that Tomas still has much to offer the Club, and I for one cannot be happier with the result.

    Looking forward, the Little Mozart brings some unique things to the side. Experience, first and foremost. An already established fantastic on-pitch relationship with Cesc (as well as close personal relationship). Also, consider TR7’s guile and skill for knocking in absolute rockets from distance. He’s a real threat to score outside the box and has a similar ability to Shava to get shots off with little available space. Within the formation, Tomas can play attacking mid or go out wide up front. He’s a bull terrier on tracking back and provides great assistance to the intermediate defense when opponents are trying to counter attack, often winning balls and getting us back on the attack. His vision on the field may only be rivaled by that of Cesc.

    I know Arsene spoke last season, and a bit this season with regard to getting Bendtner back, that returning injured players were like new signings. I believe that Tomas will come good and bring verve and quality to the side like a new signing more than any other player we’ve had out over the last few seasons.

  36. Quality. That’s what he is. He’d fit right in with the Arsenal of a few years back with Henry, Pires and Bergkamp. Watch him net one of his long range howitzters against Bolton on Weds. Personally I love it when he’s on the ball.
    ‘Form is temporary class is permanent’ as they say.

  37. He has few top attributes which are few and far in the world of football: He can move with the ball in tight situations. He has a low back lift strike that can do some damage if he gets it right. He can really hold the ball and run and move the ball higher up the field. This is very important for the kind of game we play. No point passing and passing and giving it away when you get up the field. He has abilities to come on late in the game and quickly get in to gear and change the gameโ€™s tempo when we struggle in the 2nd half in some away games.
    He lets his football do the talking which is rare in English football. He keeps his mouth shut. For some one whoโ€™s spent close to 4 years and I have not heard him say much. Keeps it to few words even when confronted with tricky questions.
    Has always shown commitment on and off the field. On the field: very rarely goes missing and off the field right from his move to the club kept his head down and dug is way through.(Miss those days when we had fab, rosicky, flamini and hleb in the midfield moving like lightning)
    Can anyone tell me why we should get rid of him other than the fact that he is injury prone?

  38. Considering d partnership btw fab and rosicky , it’s nice rosicky stays to help bolster d midfield . Good job wenger 4 retaining him.

    Sent on a phone using

  39. He is a class act people, remember what he used to do with flamini, cesc and hleb. Rosicky is great friends with F4 as well, and a guy with nice heart and commitment to the club. Plus his experience can really help us in CL in unlocking some defences .. I was absolutely delighted with the deal, Rosicky will lift silverware ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Great signing especially when you consider that if there is a weakness in this team- its experience. This guy will be an example and mentor for all the young guys. And plus i think he is a lock for starter when healthy. We are much more cohesive when he is in. I love his touch on the ball. Glad to keep him. Hope he can be the iniesta in our system

  41. There is no reason to believe that Rosicky cannot regain full fitness and stay injury free.

    It is normal to get minor injuries when coming back from a long spell as the body is not conditioned to meet the demands of the game.

    And no matter how hard one trains, it is not easy to mimic those demands; playing is the only way.

    It happened to Eduardo and it happens in many other sports.

    Tomas will be back.

  42. A fully fit rosicky is arsenal’s best player, he has great pass,pace,long range shots, nice touch,great skill etc lets just hope he’s fit for d 2nd half of d season

  43. The one fact about Rosicky’s new contract that has not been announced is it’s length. In line with Wenger’s policy of not giving long term contracts to players over thirty I suspect that Thomas, who is twenty-nine, has been given only a two year extension. With his appalling injury record even this may be a bit optimistic.

    I like Rosicky, I think he his a class player and his experience can mean a lot to his younger team-mates but he must improve and retain his fitness.

    Five days of the transfer window gone and still no action!!

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  45. ITS OFFICIAL Merida has decided to quit arsenal and join athletico madrid ( link-Sky sports news transfer clock watch)

  46. The first thing i like with Rosicky is that he never looks like he lost his form to the worst level and finding his form back from injury .

    The second thing the style of his play ,his creativeness,his presence making teams tougher to feel easy to win.

    I could say he is one of the best player arsenal have and not easily replaced by another one.

    Why do you want to lose a player like arshavin with all the experience he possess.

    Above all i like him very much for his abilities and want him in the team

  47. Arsene is clearly trying to build a core group of players like ‘The Alchy’ did at Man U in the 90s. Having a core group like Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Keane, Nevilles, Butt, Scmeikel etc brought a lot of success for Manure for a long time as it did for Arsenal in the early 2000s with Henry, Pires, Viera, Bergkamp, Lehmann, Parlour and so on. Rosicky seems to be part of that group plus it’s more cost effective to keep a player that so much has been invested in rather than buy a new one and start again. I think its a good move to sign him on a long term contract.

  48. Losing Merida is no biggy. No way was he going to get ahead of Ramsey and Cesc & from the showing at wstham – i can say good luck matey.

  49. how could any1 question whether the signing of TR7 to a longer contract be remotely negative???’he didnt contribute to the teams success in the last 2 seasons’…..errm wot success??his absense was a huge blow to us and clearly the manager didnt contemplate it when we were doing wel and cover him,the only difference when hes been injured this time around is song,deni and diaby hav all found their mojo…thats the only reason i can find for people forgeting the quality he brings; vision,great shooting,dynamism and he can play in the middle and tackle….wot has happened to arsenal fans that they now call 29 year old footballers ‘old’?????youv been patient with guys who are 19 and wer average for 3/4 seasons yet you question a proven quality international who has more to give and has a point to prove,hes arriving at his peak and the manager knows this…if we are to get to finals or latter stages of a championship race he is one of the guys you want on your side,not theo,deni,nasri,diaby,ramsey,wilshere,etc who are still young,he wud be unfazed and still bring his game to the table…he is wot nasri will be in a couple of seasons and when he gets back fit he will play an integral part of wotever lies ahead for us
    as for the rumours of meridas departure i find it hilarious that any1 should say losing him is no biggy…in the past when i hav been critical of deni and diaby over a period of games i was told to give them time their only 21/22,yet the same time is obviously not been extended to merida who ,at such a young age, has shown hints of greater ability than abou and deni did only 2 seasons ago….and this judgement is being made on wot basis???? ONE GAME against a battling west ham team in the fa cup…..get real….i for one will be dissapointed to lose the next cesc
    funny the rightious are the ones questioning our players in here today,is that because wer doing wel now and you think the form players are all we need and to hell with any1 else???? reality check

  50. According to reports, the extension to Rosicky’s contract is just for 1 year to the end of next season. To me, this seems like a great idea. Without it, he would have been free to leave at the end of this season and the worst thing would have been to have watched him go on and have a successful season elsewhere. Now he has one and a half seasons to earn a new contract or be shown the door. I see it as a win-win for both club and player. Of course should he get injured again then Wenger will be slated for having extended his contract, but if he gets fit and playes an influential part in a trophy winning team, then nobody will complain.

  51. @ Hey Nonny Mouse: delete the space between: : D and you will get: :D, analogous: : ) = ๐Ÿ™‚ : ( = ๐Ÿ™ : o = ๐Ÿ˜ฎ : shock: = ๐Ÿ˜ฏ : ? = ๐Ÿ˜• 8 ) = 8) : lol: = ๐Ÿ˜† : x = ๐Ÿ˜ก : P = ๐Ÿ˜› : oops: = ๐Ÿ˜ณ : cry: = ๐Ÿ˜ฅ : evil: = ๐Ÿ‘ฟ : twisted: = ๐Ÿ˜ˆ : roll: = ๐Ÿ™„ : wink: = ๐Ÿ˜‰ : !: = โ— : ?: = โ“ : idea: = ๐Ÿ’ก : arrow: = โžก

    there are much more, but I think Andy would have to import further smilies……….

    as to Rosicky, I wish him all the best and that he will have much success and visions further more, I have no doubt that he is able to do it

  52. When ever a player decides to move from one club to another, especially one in a tricky situation as Merida, we should always wish him luck and thank him for his services. No smug or sarcie -not sure of spelling-comments necessary. I myself think its a shame because he will be a very good player in a couple of years. Why do some people judge players when they are so young. Remember he has alot to learn and Wenger must rate him as part of the youth. Lets be good role models for younger supporters or in my case admirers. I agree with you Andy it is a good signing because im sure his sharpness and confidence will return next season especially after a good preseason. I was gutted when he picked up the injury as he was a class act and i love class players. Come back Alex Hleb…pure class….i know i know.. he didn’t score goals but i love players that are cool under presure. Thats more like the old Shambo i know, kicking arse.

  53. hey ice,wots new pal….yeah am back to snipey angryman form,tried to subscribe to the whole friendly shortsighted-for-the-sake-of-being-nice-mode but nobody wud converse bar you my friend….where are gunnerboss and spanish gunner gone?????
    good news for you today with diamanti rejecting any ac milan move out of hand straight away and committing himself to your premiership survival,you need characters like that,although i was calling him names sunday for his antics with vela and co you need lads like him to set the tone
    is it a done deal with merida cos iv seen nothin official and from the interviews iv read and seen with him he seemed to be in the cesc mould in regards his ambition and love of the club…are we also in danger of losing him for nothing with his contract nearly up
    ice i think we need a CM and out and out goalscorer to maintain our title push…im not saying we need to spend millions with the youth coming thru and players returning from injury,but cover wud be nice.wot do you think and who do ya reckon the boss wud hav in mind?

  54. Shambo, look at my list of available players doing the round on the transfer rumour mill: henry, Van Nilstelrooy, Benzema,Mahamadou Diarra…..what again, Dudek, David Villa at a reduced fee and you need him because Van Percy wont reach his previous level for a very long time if ever, Diego Forlan a must for short term cover Wenger would be a fool to miss this one, Cristian Molinaro, Mavi Rodriguez, Mohamed and Sandro from Borussia Dortmund, Miguel from Sevilla and finally Franck Ribery. Any chance…………yeh right!

  55. Gunner and Spanish seems to have disappeared off the matrix at the moment jus when things are getting good. Mayb they’d rather it when the boys need slagging off after a dip in form or a loss to de irons. Shamb given a few million, who would you bring in. By the way here’s a name to keep to memory for 4-5 years time. Jack Jebb. He’s English and plays in central midfield. You heard it here first.

  56. we need him rosick, he can shooot at any time, you could see that we missed his service when he was injured.The way he passes his ball is intresting.

  57. Im of two minds when it comes to rosicky. Yes he has talent, yes on his day he can be a game changer. But what good is a game changer on the bench (or worse yet, in the stands cause he is not fit to even be on the bench). I know, I know, that sounds too much like the “what have you done for me lately?” attitude the other classless clubs often default to. But I don’t think it is an unfair point none the less. Thomas Rosicky was integral at Borussia Dortmund in that wonderful season they had, but 87 appearances (most off the bench) in something like 4 years is not good enough for arsenal in my opinion. Id like to see him stay at arsenal, but I would also say this should be the last such extension until he proves that he is not made of glass. Someone raised the point earlier that Rosicky (along with our other long term injuries in the creative side of our game) is the reason why recent success has been hard to come by. I dont disagree. I think however, that it has come time to see that maybe, just maybe, we need to look at getting more physically developed players (if that is possible). Players that are more likely to withstand the wear and tear of the EPL.

  58. I don’t understand why some arsenal fans are even against this guy. Rosicky is one of the best Arsenal players. I have noticed something, everytime an Arsenal Player gets injured for a bit long, some fans are on their backs. It’s amazingly dumb. Why not support the player instead of making it harder for them mentally with all these doubts?

  59. @arsenalthewengerway
    wel said dude,hes the most influential player we hav after cesc and you just know hel repay the faith when he gets back to full fitness
    dzeko has wot it takes to hit the ground running and his physical presence and eye for goal could make us a force to be reckoned with…iv also always liked bastien sweinsteiger and hav always thought he looked an arsenal player….i cant see us signing anyone that will excite the fans,itl be another ‘progressive’ ‘bargain’,and thats if we delve at all.heres to hopin im proved wrong and we sign the finished article centre forward wel need when the goals dry up and we need the sloppy 6yard scramblers……diego forlan may be an option

  60. there,s bound to be scepticism with regards to rosicky,s contract extension but what is without doubt is a fully fit tr7 brings vision,dynamism and creativity to the team vital in tight games especially in the later stages of the champs league.

  61. @ shambo, diego forlan didnt really cut it at manure he struggled to adapt where as in la liga its a much slower tempo which has allowed him to score more goals. at manure his goals per game stats are unimpressive and even as a short term option is at best a risk,12 mill would secure the services of gignac

  62. @ shambo, diego forlan didnt really cut it at manure he struggled to adapt where as in la liga its a much slower tempo which has allowed him to score more goals. at manure his goals per game stats were unimpressive and even as a short term option is at best a risk,12 mill would secure the services of andre gignac in my opinion a much better option.

  63. @georgetown
    havent seen much of gignac mate and wot iv seen hasnt impressed me…seems a bit on the chunky side….iv read rumours of us being linked with eden hazard,van der vaart and benzema….highly unlikely

  64. Ngarama ,.i watch every Arsenal games/ ok/ that goal u r talking about /ha ha ha /the cross was came from A.T ,,,,ha ha,, u makes me laugh / i could ‘ve pass that ball to Cesc easily!!!!!!


  66. Rosiky worst window transfer for the injury has made some negative impact on him. So i am suggesting late him take on another club like Ade at man city.

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