To watch or not to watch

Tomorrow Arsenal host Manchester United at The Emirates.

Two weeks ago this looked a mouth-watering, potentially title-deciding contest. Yet while the latter holds true for the away team, the bad guys, the Red Devils — for our own boys it is a game that cannot really end well.

A loss and we virtually hand the title to a team that have proved better than us, confirming a failure to match them both across a an entire league season and in head-to-head contests.

A draw and we simply delay the inevitable, inviting a sense of niggling annoyance that we could have, should have done a little better this season.

And a win? Wouldn’t it just be the ultimate frustration? A signification that — yes — we are just as talented as Manchester United but only when it doesn’t really count.

It is hard to go into a fixture like this, the one that I relish above all others in a season, with much optimism when even if the team manages the best possible outcome, it is likely to provoke negative emotions.

Some further complications.

Tomorrow is the First of May (May Day or International Workers’ Day), a “day of political demonstrations and celebrations organised by unions, communists, anarchists, socialists, and activist groups” (thanks, Wikipedia!).

In Berlin, my home for the past nine months, May Day is celebrated strongly. There are festivals all day and protests of a kind that one simply never gets to see in Australia.

Some people here say it is dangerous, some that it is ridiculous, some that it is fun. But they all share the opinion that it is something that should not be missed.

So I have a dilemma? Do I put myself through emotional torment watching Arsenal win, lose or draw against Manchester United or do I put the boys to one side and experience an event that I will likely never see again?

I think you know the answer. It’s Arsenal all the way.

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  1. God help Arsenal and give them victory even as a face-saving consolation. It is difficult to say otherwise because I cannot wish Arsenal anything else.

  2. God help Arsenal and give them victory even as a face-saving consolation. It is difficult to say otherwise because I cannot wish Arsenal anything else.I will take the risk of watching the game tomorrow.

  3. Is a pity we find our dear club in this kind of situation but all the same, there is hope for the future. Its time for ARSEN WENGER to change its principle, buy matured players even though they are kids but are mature in characters. Arsenal lost all competion because no matured leader in the team but I still beelieve manchester united will fall at the emirate.

  4. I will spare time and watch the match. On the othe hand, i wish the gunners good luck. We still need to sting these devils. I hate manure more than anything.

    Gunners rise up and prove a point.

  5. I think you’ve made the right desicion. But if you change your mind tweet about what’s going on in Kreuezberg.

  6. Had the same feelings about the match as Andrew without the MayDay complication.
    Eventually concluded that I must watch! However, I will have the mute button on so as not to hear any commentary, unless and until the full-time whistle goes with the Arsenal winning.
    A win would show what might have been and could be next season. A loss or draw will only show we probably weren’t good enough. I don’t want to hear about it, but I will watch and hope. C’mon you Gooners!

  7. I hate to say this but I hope Arsenal can win the game and give chelsea to win the cup..
    I surely do hope… I better see chelsea rather than Manu who lift up the glory..

  8. Last week I promised myself I would keep away from this game but as Arsenal supporters we cant pick and choose when to get behind the lads, We may be finishing the season empty handed (again) but my love of Arsenal is so much more than trophies.So come 2.05 tomorrow my heart will once again be deadicated to the gunners,

  9. I told myself I won’t watch any other game this season but here I am, counting the hours, thinking that if I didn’t miss one game untill now, it would be ashame not to go till the end. I don’t even want to think of what a victory could mean…

  10. Well chosen Andrew, I await the game with fear, but a tiny little bit of me believes that the boys can win, all I ask is that the players fight to the final whistle and give it their all, I can take the insults from all and sundry, but I need to see some heart tomorrow, that goes for the fans too, I am sitting watching reruns of the chelsea win, and hanging on to that, I know they can do it, second is still there for us, the fat lady is polishing her tiara and gargling for her big moment, but I cannot give up just yet, come on you gunners!!!!!!!!!!




  12. Why waste your time watching this overpaid bunch of losers? Go and enjoy the festival as you may never get the chance again. You will have plenty of opportunities to watch us lose to ManU in the future though.

  13. Can arsene wenger kids play like men this time?.Atleast a draw would be proud to have.

    Anyway as expected carling cup became the turning point of the season .

    Atleast next season the mentality of the boys should change and without long range goals and goal scoring free kicks, this team will never make it. I am not sure how arsene is going to teach them.When the going gets tough Henry and the XI consistently pushed opponents with long range shots and scoring on free kick which our present team lacks except from Vermaelen and sometimes Arshavin. The long range shots will give the boys needed confidence and the mental attitude to kill games anytime by anyone.

  14. I postponed a flight to the Bolivian Amazon basin just to see this game live. It´s on 9am here as well.

    Better fucking win, Gunners!!

  15. So is the squad inexperienced or not??(Wenger excuses Volume 33)

    I qoute AW from todays press conference: “they are 23 on average but football wise they are 26 or 27”

    So which one is it? When AW needs an an excuse he says its a young squad, when he gets criticized for having a young squad, he says as footballers they are 26 or 27. 

    Same excuses different year.Its not the squad, its the manager wielding the squad who has failed, the general behind the lines who doesnt know how to use these players to win.

    Look at Rafa at Inter, the european champions for goodness sake — dont tell me the team wasn’t experienced or talented enough — his first act was to have them lose the super cup, and he made that squad losers thereafter.

    Talking about the squad takes the focus off the guy responsible: Wenger. Adding a player here or there, is rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. The captain — AW — is sinking the ship my freinds.

  16. So that would make the protesters rats who jump ship?? 😛

    I suppose I’ll be part of the band that kept on playing then..

  17. @ Shard – btw, you were right last time, mate, about me watching the game, I suppose it takes a fan to know a fan 🙂

    I hoped yesterday Chelsea would lose or at least draw, but they’re starting to make a strong 2nd place contender.

  18. @Andy: You know you and I.. and anyone on this blog will watch our team play.. anytime…anyday 🙂

  19. I’m sacrificing time that should be spent doing a University presentation, as well as being half asleep for a lecture tomorrow morning (game starts at 11PM here) for the game.

    That in itself should fire up the lads.

    In better news, Liverlol are up 3-0 and should overtake Spuds. Always think of the positives guys.

    We have nothing left to lose, whilst I’m not expecting an experimental 4-4-2 formation, I am hoping to see Arsenal place their boots against the necks of Man United and attack, attack, attack. It’s no secret that Man-Poo know how to defeat Arsenal – the fact that we’re winless in what seems like an eternity against United proves this.

    So long as there’s no 90th minute dramas, I, like all of you should be spared another heart attack.

  20. Fabregas out with a thigh strain, Ramsey to start.

    Sod this, may as well just go to bed.

  21. This one’s for us lads, not the bosses, not the shareholders but the people who buy the merchandise, memberships and match day tickets – The Real Arsenal! You beat the west London w…..s this season, you can beat this lot too. C’mon supporters to players, make us proud. When the announcer calls your first names, we’re the people who shout out your surnames. Let’s have an ole day today.
    PS Most of you lads have a choice to watch, I myself am at Peppa Pig World and don’t.

  22. Absorbing first half without being brilliant. Ramsey has had some excellent passes and Walcott’s crossing has been consistent and accurate. The latter screams for the inclusion of Chamakh, and not Bendtner.

    If Chris Foy makes it out of the ground alive it’ll be a miracle. He’s had more touches than Rooney, don’t forget he and his linesmen missing a deliberate hand ball.

  23. Brilliant win.

    Ramsey and Koscielny were superb, Arshavin played like he never has before in an Arsenal jersey, Eboue didn’t jump on anyone and Chezzy was hilarious.

    Wear your colours with pride fellas.

    One nil to the Arsenal.

  24. This was one hell of a performance, from the whole team. Finally, the Arsenal I love! Weel done everyone, Van Persie, Ramsey, Wilshere, Clichy, Sagna, everything seemed to click today. And yes, they also had a few chances, but against a big team it’s hard for the keeper not to be tested at times. Great game from Szceszny, great save in the second half, they all made my day. Ok, maybe we can’t win the title anymore, but today it’s about the fact that we have FINALLY beaten down Man Utd. This alone is a reason to celebrate and to call it a great day! So proud to be a fan of this team!

  25. Sound back on! 1 nil to the Arsenal just like 20+ years ago!
    All right, then!

  26. A good performance and good result.. Gruggy sums it up really well.. I’m happy we won. But it’s just like you said Andrew. I can’t celebrate wholeheartedly. It’s the what ifs that get in the way of that.. I hope Chelsea can win the title rather than ManU.. They don’t deserve it one bit..

  27. @ Shard,

    I was thinking the same thing re : Chelski. Despite them being chavs and such, I’d much rather see the face on SAF after losing grip on the title at the final round.

    In other good news; De Jong has scored for City – Spurs’s involvement in the ECL next season is all but over.

  28. Congrats to the lads! They played for pride, excellent!
    Just a thought is this a post Cesc era, indications? AW said the captaincy is a heavy burden for him…

  29. @Gruggy

    Wouldn’t it be just brilliant if that happens. If ManU blow the title now despite all that has gone in their favour I’d like to see talk of their mental strength. Barca should take care of them in the Champions league too. Imagine that. ManU with no trophies.. sigh.. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

  30. Ah, thanks lads, you do care. Can’t wait for Match of the Day now, braai on, beers flowing, oh yeh.

  31. It’s up for grabs now! Again. Sort of. Nearly.

    Ramsay scoring the winner almost makes up for the last two months. Feel good moment of the season for me.

  32. The victory was sweet, but has left alot of mixed emotions, sometimes i go back and feel that if we dint have those serious of draws we would be in pole position or just behind utd, with them having to face chelsea, but now its just as a consolation and a monkey off our backs, yesterday we played like a real team, defending and attacking, rvp getting in the face of Ferdinand, Song standing up to the ever disgusting wayne rooney, chezzer commanding his goal like never before, Arshavin sliding and dispossesing the like of nani and valencia, rvp winning headers against vidic..

    Then there seems to be a clear msg to the likes of Fabregas, i am not willing to buy the part that he was pulled out at the last minute and ramsey was thrown into it. Is this a msg we dont need fabregas, or is this a msg from wenger to fabregas that he needs to pull his socks up and start playing in the team than give excuses of his hamstring injury clouding him. or was it a msg to show him that we do have the talent and is only time before we click into gear. A msg to the rest of the team that when we play like that we are indestructable, and quite frankly we were superb on the night.

  33. a great game indeed it was. but the elation could not make up for the anguish after those against newcastle, bolton, blackburn and the likes. we beat good teams, we lose to relative minnows.

    what i feared in the game was when would berbatov come on because his ability on the deck and in the air could cause squilaci a whole lot of problems. but it turned out that manu** did/could not feed him with the right passes, and even squilaci could make a thumping tackle (after a weak one which almost gave me a heart attack moments earlier).

    given our chosen style which reequires deft players who are often shorter, we are always disadvantaged when dealing with the ball in the air. neither do such players have the attitude to try to fight for a bouncing ball because they are habitual ball-watchers when the ball is above them as they grew up (wilshere seems to be different though). looking at how we dropped all those points earlier in the season, i unavoidably have to come to the following conclusion: WE WON’T BE ABLE TO WIN THE PREMIER LEAGUE until we have a way to play against teams who park a bus in front of goal and hit us with route one football / corners / long throws. yes the weaker, more physical teams don’t always win, but i do not expect fellow league front-runners to drop points in future like they have this season.

    i know i am pessimistic but i’ve seen too many points dropped that way. it looks like our coaches responsible for the defensive side of the game have not got this sorted out, and i can’t see the team to improve in terms of the average height. *sigh*

  34. The writings are on the wall and clear either Wenger drastically changes his policies or he leaves. Until a humiliating defeat at Stoke e still held the best away record and stayed in touch of winning the title or scrapping back our second place.We must protest against this Idiot and bunch of hopeless players. Fab should leave either for free i dont care.We need a revolution at the Emirates.We are tired of humiliation and second best forever.We meet next season on the same blog.

  35. Arsenal need to shoot from outside the box!
    They need to be ruthless!
    Sagna needs to practice his crossings for 100times every training
    Clichy needs to learn how not to play opponents onside

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