Thrilling Arsenal transfer news…

Update: If you want news about the inevitable signing of Sol Campell, go here instead.

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Thrilling Arsenal transfer news will not be found here today.

Indeed, when “Angola 2010: Eboue starts with a draw” is the headline on the official Arsenal website it’s a fairly big indication that it’s a quiet news day.

As such, I think I’ll refrain from dipping my beak in until tomorrow.

Instead I’ll just give an eensy weensy little plug for my other blog: Football Nomad.

It’s a football travel and culture blog that will become a web documentary in June when I travel to Europe and South Africa for the World Cup.

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  1. I think we need a ‘keeper more than any other position but if Wenger gets anyone in, it won’t be someone who still has a decade left in them. We have three very good young ‘keepers and if Wenger does crack and sort out our weakest position, it will be someone nearing the end of his career. Given or Cudicini would have been ideal, but the fact he didn’t go for them when he could have makes me think he’s going to stick with Almunia until Fab or Mannone are ready. I have little doubt that if we’d got a top goalie in the summer, we’d be comfortably clear at the top of the table right now.

  2. @ Kumar – The goalkeeping situation has become important. I had faith in Almunia after last season and was interested to see how he responded to his early season blip, but at the moment he is struggling. Even the change of hair colour didn’t seem to help.

    There’s not too many great goalkeepers around at the moment and even fewer that are available. Perhaps giving Fabianski a decent run in the side is the way to go.

  3. Surely the best option currently possible is to bid for Joe Hart. Hes a keeper so it shouldnt have to be a monster bid, and he is now a ready made Premiership keeper and wouldnt contend with being 2nd to Given. And hes english, very important soon, and he would solve many problems right now. I am increasingly fed up with our keeeper scouting, since Seaman we havent had a proper one, only stop gaps. Lets buy someone whos available and whos got the ability to be our nr 1 for a decade at least!

    and the same could be said about Micah Richards. He too is probably one of the best desicion we could be making right now. He will probably be replaced soon when Mancini decides to bring in some fresh blood from Seria A. And hes english, very important soon, and all he needs is the right duidance to be amazing. And the best thing is that his value almost certainly have gone down recently, not up. I assume we have a very good relationship with Man City do to our player dealings, I think we could take Richards and Hart from them as they took Adebayor and Toure. It would make sense.

  4. @ amar – A decent suggestion there about Hart. Apparently he’s been playing quite well for Birmingham but you have to wonder how consistent he’ll be over the next few years.

  5. amar – that is the most stupidest comment i have read. Why the heck would city sell richards? Joe heart maybe but has wenger ever been keen on keepers – NOOOO!

    Richards is on good form at the mo and there is no way City would accept a bid.

    some people are living in dreamland with the names flying around

  6. Igor Akinfeev? We can wish.. he will be at Utd when VDS retires. Thats why i always think fergie shows more ambition in the transfer market compared to the nutty prof

  7. for gods sake we are in a great position arsene but if we are to fight to the death in the title race we need a striker and a centre back .we also need to get shot of that clown almunia he sends the defence into a blind not knocking arsenal but am so frustrated as the titles there for the taking and arsene seems to think we can win it without a proper harm to bendtner but cant see him coming back and scoring enough goals for us to win it.please arsene give us a chance or tell us theres no money. UP THE ARSENAL

  8. Hi guys – no no no – the money must go to an Adebayor type striker with our little russian bundle of joy up fron we’ll win nothing My philosophy is score more and never mind the keeper… Draw agiast everton is hardly the keepers fault. Our forwards could’n stick it away.
    We need a hard grafting big guy – Wenger will very quickly have who ever it is playng footbal

  9. Kumar i agree we really need a goal keep. Almunia has never cut for us his positioning is off and his distribution is so stupid to win us a game or even draw it for that matter.

  10. sell almunia
    buy either diego lopez, akinfeev or someone who can play but is still quite young

    buying a centre back cant hurt either

  11. Arsenal fan have you realised how our defence is mobile? It leaves us exposed on many occassions which is sad know that our centre backs are un reliable. That needs to be ironed out.

  12. We need a keeper!!!!!!!!, we need a keeper!!!!!!!!!!, we need a keeper!!!!!!!!!, we need a keeper!!!!!!!!!, we need a keeper!!!!!!!!.

  13. Shameless hit chasing.

    At least now on newsnow you can block bollocks like this and not waste time with another rubbish site.

  14. we really need defenders.everton’s second goal wasn’t almunia’s mistake it was rosicky’s and we didn’t had good defence!!!i say AW should buy subotic from dortmund and radosav petrovic!!!he is in serbian national team!!!

  15. I agree – we absolutely need a goalkeeper. While I have faith in the potential of Fabianski, I don’t think he’s ready for the no. 1 shirt yet…

    There are some candidates out there avilable, off the top of my head Frey, Akinfeev, Lloris, Mandanda and Ochoa.

    I really hope Wenger would sign someone, but I doubt he will..

  16. If Fabianski is not ready so is Almunia. Anyway lets be realistic, the possibilities that we are going to sign somebody is equal to the chance that we have of winning the champions league.

  17. Nice headline Andy. I like your thinking – annoy all the pathetic, annoying, unrealistic ‘fans’ into staying away from your brilliant blog for good. Genius. That was your intention…right?!

    Anyway, a back up defender (Sol will do as Silvestre is our main back up whether we like it or not) and a defensive midfielder are on my wish-list. Doubt we’ll see anyone come in but if we do it’ll probably be a striker, which will oversaturate our options in that position.

    Can’t wait until my long drive to the Reebok on Sunday. It’s going to be tough though, so not getting my hopes up too much.

  18. I bet the author is crying at the prospect of a couple of readers not visiting again because of a misleading headline!

    I personally think we should sign Kun Aguero, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Akinfeev. Using my wealth of football knowledge I have worked out the deal for all of the players mentioned would be around £30 million. We’ve got £35 million to spend – you do the maths!

    I also think Spurs will win the title this season, remember, you read it here first…..

  19. GOONERS, @ANDY, SHAMBO, AND EVEN S,Arsene has just resigned Sol, Wenger has just CAPTURED a massive signing of Sol Campbell. He will be playing his first match for you boys tonight for the reserves. Not sure of the venue, but those of you who have the means to watch it on line will be in for a thrillllllllller. More news later. P.S does anyone know how i can watch it without paying. Let me know asap. Joking aside we could do with him. I think it will be a good addition to sure things up for certin games.

  20. What the hell, Stig of the dump, Georgetown..your wrong its sigg of the dump. The Stig drives for ‘Top Gear’ AKA Lewis Hamilton. What do you all think about the Sol signing. Anyone know how i can watch the game tonight.

  21. It’s great news about Sol Campbell, so long as his personal issues don’t get in the way again. If he can impart some of his defensive wisdom and judgement to some of our defenders (e.g. Armand Traore to name one) his signing could reap dividends.

  22. Also if you want to watch live football for free on the ‘net just google ‘Sopcast’. You can see all 3pm saturday kick offs for free, providing you have a half decent Internet connection.

    Don’t think they’ll have reserve games though…

  23. I’ve gotta laugh at some of the responses to the headline I used in this article. I thought it would be a little funny but it seems people think I’m chasing hits, which I suppose is fine. Certainly not my intention.

    They’re obviously not people who have been reading for too long and haven’t noticed the three years of hard work I’ve put into this blog.

    Regarding Sol, it appears as though it’s true. Exciting stuff, I think, but who knows what he will provid

  24. Ah at last all the waiting is over, AV’s made our one and only sensational signing for the transfer window. Now we can all relax and stop this bickering and nonsense. There’s simply no doubt now – we’re certs for the league and the European Cup. What an awesome signing – Sol Campbell!!!!!!!!!

    yeah, its celebration time – oh gosh, just remembered, the same thing happened last window didn’t it and we got —————- da da….wait for it…….. Silvestre :o((
    oops sorry, I guess I got too excited

  25. nice to see the boss dippin into the kitty and signing a top quality player in his prime…….we had to fight off europes elite to get him but in the end he said himself it was AWs ability to nurture youth and talent that sealed the deal…..fair enough i love sol but the boss is the meanest manager in the world and is obssessed with proving the league can be won without spending,he didnt rate sol years ago and let him leave for free where he went on to play wel for 3 seasons….im bemused and dissapointed and am starting to understand some peoples criticism of the boss in this respect
    hey pricks if you dont like the blog just piss off and dont bother leaving ur ill informed narrow minded snipes,after all its my job to bring the ‘negativity’ in here….ha ha ha
    can you tell me the situation with merida as i hear its all bull about him leaving,thanks

  26. @ shambo – Merida’s in talks for a new contract but according to Wenger it’s not going too well. I don’t think he’ll stick around – I’d say he’ll probably move to Atletico.

  27. Also, regarding Sol, I don’t think that criticism is fair. We have a first-choice pairing that are working well – Vermaelen and Gallas – and a third-choice, younger option who is injured in Djourou. I’m sure Sol will be a stop-gap and provide cover for the first two until Djourou returns next season and can start pushing for a place.

    Let’s just wait and see what happens before we start ripping into Wenger for signing Sol.

  28. I have been banging this drum for some time now. I do not agree that there are not many good keepers around, in fact I think thay EVERY other PL team has a better No.1 that us right now. Think Friedel, Given, Van De Saar, Cech right down to bottom of the league Portsmouth with David James. No team has ever won anything without a great goalkeeper and that sadly could be the bottom line for Arsenal again this season
    While at the Birmingham match I noticed they had Maik Taylor on the bench – a better keeper than any of ours. Joe Hart would be terrific
    Why does a great manager like Wenger have these terrible blindspots that are so awfully obvious to all the fans

  29. transfer rumours

    marek hamsik maybe on his way to hull, man city or everton

    rangers have agreed to buy kim kallstrom but lyon haven’t

    gonzalo higain has been offered £18m by celtic but liverpool do have an interest

    arsenal may sign roman pavlyuchenko

    matthew upson has been linked with a move to arsenal, bolton, blackburn, chelsea, sunderland and celtic

  30. we need a striker, maybe just on loan for the season, alumunia is like james but fabianski with a run of games say in the fa cup will prove he is number 1. we also have 2 young promising goalkeepers and the signing of martinez. what do you think of bringing the flamster back? let me know.

  31. wait, HEY MR. WENGER!!! im sure you alsoo nearly piss in your pants everytime the ball is passed back to alumnia…smh freaking team has the worst keeper in the league. all i can do is dream of igor.

    p.s dont waste money on roman whatshisface

  32. here’s a great chant for when Sol takes to the field or the first time : toots and the maytals. ‘Reggae got soul’ . Something like ” ‘arsenal got sol’ geddit? Please4 convay to tose who do the chants. (I’m working in thailand)

  33. to all the gunner fans , i feel sorry to say dat our star cesc fabegas is leaving for barca for a reported 30 million and it has benn confirmed officially : (

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