Three more years for Wenger

Arsene Wenger has reportedly signed a new contractWenger to stay until 2011 

The big news of the day is that manager Arsene Wenger has finally agreed a new deal with Arsenal. There was increasing speculation in the media that Wenger would not be extending his contract with the club after the exits of David Dein and Thierry Henry as well as increasing foreign ownership interest from American Stan Kroenke and Russian Alisher Usmanov. But these reports have been put to rest with the Frenchman apparently signing a new three-year extension that will keep him at the club until 2011.

Most Arsenal supporters will not be surprised about this news. The media made a big deal out of Dein and Henry leaving the club and also predicting the exits of the likes of Cesc Fabregas (who, incidentally, has rejected claims that he has signed a contract to join Real Madrid next season) but the fact is that none of it was ever going to have an impact on Wenger’s decision to sign a new contract.

The following is a statement from a previous post I wrote about Wenger and Fabregas before the end of last season, when the club was in the middle of its apparent ‘crisis’:

“There is no doubt that Wenger is well-aware of the problems currently facing his beloved Arsenal. But people of his sort do not simply run away at the first sign of a problem. As for Fabregas, it is quite obvious he sees his career as a footballer as such a privilege that he would not throw this into jeopardy by signing for big money clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid or Barcelona at this stage in his career.”

I really don’t feel that much has changed. Wenger is in the process of bringing a group of young players to their peak and there was no way he was going to leave until he believed he had done everything he could to achieve success with the group. As for Fabregas, he’s smart enough to know what’s best for his career and at this stage it is surely under Wenger at Arsenal, something he seems so happy to be doing.

The major positive about Wenger’s decision to sign on is that Arsenal get three more years of the Frenchman’s managerial expertise. The minor positive of the extension is that a lot of the negative media attention the club has received of late will disappear. As a result, I’m delighted and obviously I’m not the only one. You can let me know what you think by voting on the latest poll question. Cheers.

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  1. I am very happy to see that Arsene Wenger has finally short down all the rumours surounding him that he will not extend his contract in arsenal, Well as for me is a welcome development and iwish all the best till 2011. may God bless all ARSENAL fans and CROWN with the FOUR trophies at stake.AMEN

  2. Go arsenal !!

    hope he stays and converts the merida’s , traore’s and gibbs’s into world class stars!

  3. Just on Merida, his Spanish side just beat Ghana to qualify for the U17 World Cup Final. He set up the winning goal with four minutes left in extra-time. Another potential star in the making for Wenger to mould.

  4. Indeed i m quite happy to learn our BOSS has signed a new deal.I can quite understand that we can build a beautiful team which can bring us a lot of trophies.But ofcourse the development is quite slow but definitely progressive and the squad will be strong..But dont u think will fans understand that because it has been 3 years we have won the EPL….

  5. Fran Merida is a very good player, i have watched parts of the U-17 world cup and he makes good runs and his passes compare to Fabregas. Also the man that not a lot of people are talking about is Harvard Nordveit, we sogned him for 2-million, during the summer and he went straight to the reserves. He now captains reserves and is 16 years old. He has a bright future.

  6. Thumbs Up to all Arsenal fans who have been with the team ever since their unbeaten run and have not defected to the likes of Chelski and Man URE.

    I send my regards to our boss from KENYA and also from Africa. We as Arsenal fans follow the proceedings here in detail. I know ARSENAL isnow going to explode with all the talent our BOSS has nurtured.



  7. I remeber seeing videos of Merida on youtube when we signed him.. U14 Barca and pinging shots in from all over the park.. on that flat astroturf too.. cant wait to see him break into the 1st team. Really feel his arrival could be as big as Fab’s was.. be good to see AW start him out wide left when he first breaks thru..

  8. yeah merida is gud but have you guys checked out that that nigerian guy the top striker of the u17 world cup, macauley chrisantus? he is excellent and guess wat? the guy actually said he would luv to play for arsenal, that is his dream can you imagine!i jus wish wenger can see him now b4 all dis big clubs buy him! ive watched all his matches, and i must say the guy is oustanding(no exaggerations) he plays jus like henry! spanish fry pls luk up on this guy in the u17 finals where spain meet nigeria and tell wenger(lol). pls he will be such a great addition to the club! God pls! i hope we buy him now dat he is cheap! as for our bois! im sure sumtin will explode this season maybe not necessarily eduardo but arsenal would definateli explode! Go Gunners!

  9. I think the efforts of Alexander Hleb are understated at the club. His prescence of mind in the right side of midfield might be just what arsenal needs this season to create even more chances than they did last season with fabregas in good form and Eduardo with his promise.

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