Three – An Arsenal Web Documentary

Following Arsenal from Australia is a unique experience.

It means a midnight kick-off for the weekend game and a 4.30am starts for midweek one. It means sneaking away from your friends birthday party to watch them at the pub. It means going to the work bleary-eyed and hungover after seeing them throw away another shot at the title.

It also means sharing brilliant nights out with other die-hard Gooners who know exactly how much you have sacrificed for the cause. 

Over the next three games against United, Chelsea and Liverpool, Panda Bear and I will be bringing you a fan’s perspective of following the Arsenal from our home in Brisbane, Australia.

We will have a good mate of ours (a Manchester City fan, bless him!) filming these escapades as we watch all three games from the Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside pub. So if you’re an Arsenal fan living or staying in Brisbane then be sure to get down to The Pig tonight, next Sunday and the following Thursday to share in what should be a really good project.

I can’t tell you just yet how it will pan out. What sort of footage we will end up with I just don’t know. But I can assure you that it will be good fun.

I’ll be editing the footage into a short web documentary which will go online as soon as possible after the Liverpool game. I’ve never done any filming or editing before and this is basically a practice before my big Football Nomad trip, so I’ll be just as interested as you as to how it turns out.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Hopefully it will pan out well!!!!! It’s not easy following from a far. Best wishes, Mark the Kiwi Gooner

  2. im following them all the way from toronto id rather your timing than mine cause i will miss all the champion league games and the mid week games cause i have university everyday from 9-6 which i cant miss cause its labs not lectures

  3. Just bookmarked this page, saw it on newsnow. I look forward to seeing this, as a gooner I feel your pain, not sure about the 4:30am games…dedication!!

  4. Too bad – Arsenal fan from Los Angeles and I’ll be in Brisbane next week. Unfortunately I leave the day before the Chelsea game.

    Come on you Gooners!

  5. Good Luck and all the best Andrew, on the project. Would be interesting to watch. Keep up the good work!! I’ll be looking forward to viewing it. 🙂 I know all about the early morning feeling! Supporting the gunners here in Melbourne! Crucial games coming up. ManU this morning,let’s smash ’em. Hoping the B-52 steps up and all stay fit.
    Come on U Gunners!! Gunner4Life

  6. Sounds good! I know how you feel, I live in Melbourne.. Sucks though, too young for the pub. My teachers are suspicious when I get to school on Thursday looking like I’ve been awake all night 🙂

  7. Dong! Dong! Last day of the transfer window and no signings. Oh well…sigh –
    Plenty of noises on the official site today from AW, somewhat contradictory is has to be said, about how no one’s available to buy but how we don’t need to buy anyone anyway. The most telling remark was “I believe as well the extra push can come within the Club and the easy solution is always to look outside.” Okay, mate, That’s fine. I can live with that. But I think we’ll all have to scale down our expectations from now on (at least of us of us who haven’t already done so). I’ll be hoping for a top 4 place now this season.

  8. Best of luck! It’s not easy, I can tell. I’m from India and I make it a point to watch all our games even the late kickoffs which are telecast here at around 1.30 A.M 🙂
    Up the Gunners!

  9. 4.30am hmmm lucky me games here start at 8pm onwards on weekends, weekdays usually 2.30am. Late games are 1am usually with the exception of CL which starts at 3.30am.

    Is Nimbeam far from Melbourne? Thought of having a holiday in Melbourne.

  10. Similar circumstances in indonesia mate…on the positive note, if we won, we would be like overjoyed zombies the next morning and people would start asking why…

    Good luck with the project and where do you guys meet in melbourne? I’ll study there starting next month…

  11. gooner from Pakistan!!!good for me!!!match starts at 9:00 pm….bad luck to those who wont be able to watch caz of bad timming :((

  12. Am in Nairobi kenya n we ve many diehard Arsenal fans here,weekdays game kick off at 11pm n weekend on sato game though is 7pm

  13. sounds like a brilliant idea…tho the 2:30 a.m start is gona be hard to recover..hopefully a 2-1 win over the Mancs will justify all of us staying up late..with super Cesc and Ramsey getting the goals!

  14. Fantastic to see such an overseas following. Having grown up in Islington and possessing a season ticket, we sometimes forget quite how lucky we are in many ways. Keep the faith boys….

  15. New Zealand calling. Five am kick-off here. No worries. It’s Auckland Day – so no work. Sweet. Arshavin to stick it to the Mancs – big time.

  16. Im an Aussie living in Dubai, watching tonight’s match at a hotel bar unofficially renamed as the ‘Arsenal pub’… expecting about 150 Gooners there tonight! Can’t wait!

  17. I must confess that I sometimes miss midweek games at 20:45 cause I’m too tired, but I am working now in a care job and it is really demanding and in addition I am fourty-one years old, you will understand it by then 😉 today I am able to watch and I won’t be asleep ❗
    I like your football enthousiasm, though I am not at that level but it’s intoxicating…………. 😎

  18. I live in England. Only fifty miles away from the Arsenal.

    It’s great that Arsenal groups get together in pubs and clubs all over the world.

    I’m looking forward to the video, Andrew.

    I’d also like to see video of other groups worldwide. Gooners doing their stuff in Sydney, Lagos, Brussels or New York.

    And I’d like to see it on a single Facebook group.

    Man Utd match in five hours. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!

  19. hello all and happy sunday to you
    alri ice mate,didnt see any of your game yesterday as was away on a training day with the footballers and had a session after…am sore as a boil this mornin….dont worry about a nil nil mate youv got better days on the way,just consolodate this season and bulid for the next mate.
    im apprehensive about today because with song understandably still tired and verm out we lack real aggression along the ground and gallas and sagna cant be everywhere to plug the gaps in this respect….it will come down to who wants it more and whos the more aggressive….and were at home so if we cant impose ourselves, intimidate and put them on the back foot then we simply wont hav deserved the 3 pts we really need to keep the pressure on chelsea after terry managed to scored a winner away from home again yesterday…..boom boom
    a bone shattering tackle on fletcher in the first 5mins wud be the business
    good luck big nic your in my dream team now do yourself justice ould son
    ps nonny i only lent you that bell of doom mate i want it back when the transfer window shuts!!!!ha ha ha ha

  20. big shout to all gooners worldwide,living in london makes me realise how lucky i am to be so close to our great team,where ever you are or what ever time your watching it….enjoy…..COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!

  21. oh yeah and am really lookin forward to ur clips andy,great idea
    hats off to all you boys who go to such lengths to watch the game played the way it should be!!!!nobody does it the way we do!!!!
    come on boys!!!!!!!

  22. Ah. 4:30am games.

    I remember the 1 – 1 draw with Liverpool in 2007. It was a 4:00am kick-off, the night before my Maths final exam. I went to bed early, woke-up at four, watched the game then went back to bed. Luckily the exam wasn’t very difficult, but goddamn I was tired by the end of it.

  23. half time analysis. Clichy and denilson are a waste. pls we need to sell aluminia. we have lost the game so one point from 6

  24. so there it is…….. I would say they started quite well but Manu had the better nerves again and again, Shava had two good counter runs but he didn’t pass the ball into the middle, Faby and Rosicky were waiting, instead Manu made it, unfortunately, now the disappointment is great, the nerves are not getting better, bitter, I heard the second should have been an own goal by Almunia? it would fit into that drama…………. so hold on boys, no one said it would be easy, 😥

  25. almunia….hav said it all before
    denilson….nice to see him learn from the stoke game and bust a gut to get back for utds second!!!rooney ran from 20 yards behind him!!!and why is he kicking and scooping high balls up to arshavin between brown and evans??? just a clown
    any utd fan will tell you nanis a waster,yet hes destroying nasri,cliche and denilson
    nasri,denilson,almunia….bluffers and not fit to wear the shirt….hate to say i told you so….im gutted

  26. I just saw a repitition, the first was an own goal by Almunia, I’m sorry, I wouldn’t stick with him any more, it’s hard, but such mistakes? again and again the beat themselves in these big matches……….. 😯

  27. Shambo, remember what i said on my last 50 blogs. Read the last one. Off to watch the African Cup of Nations, ive had enough. (come on Arsene, do something)


    Denilson should never ever play soccer for arsenal again.
    I am literally crying, OMG. Arshavin how the hell can you not score in this game.

    Evra is the men!! New found respect for him.

  29. second half has been just Sisiphus, Manu were better, it should have been a bit more exciting, the believe was quite away, all one can say is congratulations to Manu, well played, Arsenal couldn’t stand it, they had no answer, maybe next time…………. 😉

  30. Key moment of the game.. Denilson is jogging back owhile united is countering ??????!!!!!!\
    Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rooney is 40 yards behind running at full speed to get past him and scores! This is so disgusting to watch..

    a few moments later… an easy ball that should head away or cleread from the midfield.. and here is denilson with all his brains, he attempts to control it (even in FIFA 10.. you will not pull it off) Resultat: another counter, another goal….
    Im not saying after every game we should look for a scapegoat but Denilson has done MASSIVE MISTAKES ine the past few games.. huge preventable mistakes while provide nothing forward .. time to drop him on the reserve squad and buy loic remy!!

  31. I have been patient very patient with denilson and alumnia, but I give up they are absolute shit, wait o wait! manu defense made of rafeal, brown and evans o my god chelsea n milan woud love to have that defense to play against and what happen, the red star arshavin comes out without a compass we had everthing on given to us on the platter including the referee who was fair and we still fail dismissally,I don’t a give crap what anyone has to say, wenger is to be blame again,his stubborn behaviour to buy the players cause shitplayers like alumnia and denilson to be in starting line up.

  32. what a f***k up, we went to the game with arsha leading the line… many goals has he scored this season??? AW admitted that we needed to strengthen at the end of last season and said the same thing towards the end of 2009, but what have we got???? nothing!! we have lost adebayor and RVP and we still think we can go and beat these big clubs. i’m scared liverpool seems to be picking up form. we do not deserve to win this league after conceding 6 goals at home against our biggest rivals.

  33. actually cant wait to hear all the excuses,especially AWs,will he blame the high ball again???
    reality is the worst man utd outfit in years came and played without 3 first choice defs in ferdinand,vidic and o shea,played their fans least favourite player nani and bit part player park and a ginger old git in midfield and destroyed us they cuda scored 6 where we failed to trouble van der sar at all….not enough men in our team,beaten like little bitches in our own place without so much as a whimper…the closest we got to them was at the end when so many of our guys were hugging and embracing them….embarrassing
    why do we bother going down the flanks when theres never any threat from the resulting crosses,even if clichy and sagna do occasionally manage to produce quality…its infuriating.
    denilson ambling back for the second and third goal whilst almunia reminded us of the bentley goal with putty palms….i dare some1 to come on and defend that shite there today,and it wasnt a fluke,we cud play them 20 times and the same thing wud happen…..vermaelen tried his best and stayed going in fairness
    fabregas will leave and i dont blame him one bit…lets hope we can hang on for a top 4 finish now

  34. denilson slow down while coming to the 18th box, manu rooney comes blasting in and scores wow denilson given so many chances to improve and f@cks up again wait o wait! the first goal nani get pass the players denilson can save arsenal nope he allows nani, alumnia taps the ball in for nani. how many times can these players f@ck up. alumnia clear the ball, o no ! he given it to manu god damn, is wenger blind to see rubbish players?Yes

  35. i’m tired of the excuses, i can’t wait for the optimists to comment. i am realy waiting for a justification……i can use it right now.

  36. everyone love to watch this game ,its such an important game and what happens wenger and boys spoil the game, fergie lie when he said ” the biggest game of the season ” then why use rubbish players like nani, park and rafeal my word, manu was so easy to beat especially at home and given that manu away record was weak again the top three.vermaulen thank you for playing today the score could of been worst.wenger can’t use the injuries excuse for the loss, we lost plain and square and manu won with a rubbish team and we made park and nani luk impressive when they plain rubbish

  37. These are the important matches and now the morale is low for chelsea how much more can we take, the transfer line as ended so no chance for those huntelaars, polodski’s and many more to join, someone must explain to me where is the different of the team improving when playing top opposition, last season manu 4-1 at home uefa, chelsea 3-0 and now 3-1. wenger philosophy is spoiling the matches we look forward for, no lie there!

  38. Well I’d like to be optimistic but I think we just generally come up short. I’m not just talking about height up front or on the backline or even strength in the midfield which aside from Song, Diaby and to some degree Ramsey we lack. We are having problems in goal too and at left back where Clichy is not really ready but has to play because Traore is a mess.
    No everything is not wrong but there is enough room for improvement to prompt some moves from Le Boss.
    Will he though? I rather doubt it. Therefore dear gooners we must endure, yet again, another barren, trophy-less season in the wilderness of the sub-dominant.

  39. I woke up this morning feeling so good. Just cant wait to watch arsenal play. I had a beautiful smile, i told everyone i know that we going to win. But now i am angry, i cant show my face.

    I aint happy with denilson at all i give you 3 reason for why he should never play again.
    1. 8th Minute Corner. Nani crosses the ball of corner, bloody idiot denilson heads the ball towards our own goal.Luckily nasri was on the line to clear it. I thought it was Diaby round 2,

    2. 36 Minute Counter- Attack. He was one of the last men of the corner. Manu on the burst you see clichy sprinting and vermeleon coming of the back of the corner. Denilson is there jogging back, like useless fuck that he is.

    3. 51 Minute Clearance. Just when you think things cant get any worst. He decides to chest the ball when 3 man u players are closing down on him. He did the same thing against Aston Villa.

    AW is going to sign a player a player in the last minute.He only buys a player when we lose a big game So people shut up and stop complaining.

    Almunia is one of does guys who always acts tough and thinks hes the man.Reality he is as uselss as fuck. I dare someone to find a time that almunia saved a penalty kick. The only one i seen him was in the CL and the ball was handed to him. He stil was struggling.


  40. It should not be very difficult to find a player who is better than Denilson or even Almunia! Wenger wake up! Some of your boys are just not good enough to play on that level…
    we need NOW a Striker and give Fabianski a chance. He will do a lot better than Almunia does in the last couple of games.

  41. I just wnat to see what will wenger say after this!… but I have faith in the Chelsea game, hopefuly we can come back and then win game after game, remember that Man U won the last PL only winning games againts midtable teams.

  42. Everyone lets try to remain calm and gets our heads together in order to really identify what is really going wrong and how it could be changed.
    1 When yr boys go fwd they do it quite well, they get into good crossing positions, but dont cross. Instead they push the ball from left to right wing looking for gaps to play 1, 2’s. Because of this they tend to end up with the ball in the last third with two banks of four players in front of them to break down. Most teams push the ball wide and cross it but Wenger’s men dont have the height and power in the air. Manure know this about Arsenal and are prepared to win the ball at some point.
    2 Aftr losing the ball for some reason Arsenal always appear in a panic dash to get back to the edge of their box to defend. Unfortunately for some reason other than the back four and Song not enough players make it back in time. On occasions some of the back 4 dont get back. This is where it also shows manure have done their home work for they get enough attacking players amoungst yr defenders before you have got back into position to put you under pressure or to cause panic. I keep asking myself why is it that good teams seem to latch onto yr back line so easily. Everton did the same thing. The answer i beleive is because you have to many naturally offensive and creative players who are asked to put in a defensive shift when needed. Some of them are to small slow and lite weight. They have great touch, skill, good feet and vision and look great on the ball. But can not give you the CONSTANT heart weight ‘durability power’ and drive a natural offensive player like Song can. They give it to you for a few games then break down. First in the mind then the body. Remember the untouchables, forget their names just look at the sort of shape and stature they were. I see players like these in the young academy but they are mostly released or join other academy’s at u15/16 just before the scholaships, because they are not smooth or silky enough. It takes more than just top technique to win a league it also takes grit. I still beleive Arsene Wenger is one of the best Managers in the world, but by God is he hard headed. He just needs to look back and he will see what made him successful. I still dont beleive he can win the league until he addresses the balance and style of the side. Oh and maybe just spend a little of that money. Thats coming from a person who supports a shit team. I thought i get it in first. Over to you Shambo.

  43. @Leftcoast, Clichy is fine, Traore should be playing as a left winger because his attacking play is good as well as his crossing. Im wondering, what happened to Sol and would yr boys have been more SOLID at the back. He is a very very good basic defender and does not charge fwd to score goals. Why was he not in the squad?
    How long has Wenger got.

  44. men against boys yet again,8 passengers out of 10 outfield players,that was as pathetic a performance as possible and there are no positives to be taken.wenger should have stuck with his glasses because those contact lenses have seriously effected his vision, what the f..k can he see in denilson cause i can,t, what does denilson bring to the team apart from poor positional play,sideway passing,indecision and panic??? he,s an embarrassment to arsenal fc. apart from tv5 and cesc the rest of them didn,t exactly cover themselves in glory….that was a joke performance today made nani look like messi,is clichy still injured cause everytime i watch him lately he,s getting torn apart? BIG,BIG, GAME AND YET AGAIN MOST OF OUR PLAYERS WENT MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I WANT TO KILL DENILSON!! Someone please hand over a hatchet to me! Unless of course someone else wants to do the honours.

  46. We had 4 Clear and good opportunities to score b4 Manu scored their 1st and Arshavin was one of the main cause of those missed opportunities tonite, he had at least three clear chances to pass to Cesc, Nasri and Rosicky which was clearely a goal to me, but he still forced his shot.
    Obviously Deny was our weakest link but should we have scored our early chances ( and I mean real chances!!!!!, no doubt that Cesc or Nasri would have scored that one if Arsha passed the bloody ball but he didnt..) the game would have been totaly different.
    The defeat was fairly ok for me but the worst shoking thing about all is that WE ARE COLONISED BY MANU AND CHELSEA, and that …. I cannot take!!!!.
    To sum everything up, we were really outplayed by Manu today…. I dont know if the boys could take some things out of today’s defeat against Chelsea “AWAY” next week.

  47. Reply to IceHammer.
    First you are rite in we need to calm down and start thinking correctly. We are fans, the team should be the one being calm and get there heads together.
    1. First of all we dont have a striker or a point to cross too. It seems all are strikers fall back to deep. There is no1 in the team that is on the offfside line. Thats what RVP was so good, I remember sagna and clichy would cross the ball at any stage knowing that RVP is attacking the ball. Did any one see walccots poor attempt to head the ball, Ahhhh how annoying is that.
    2. We all know we can do the 1,2’s even the 1,2,3,4,5, the score. Watching the game for me 3 players where the only one trying. Cesc,gallas,verm. The rest i aint to sure. I said what i had to say about how unmotivated we seem to be. There is no sense of erguncy to finish the game early. We seem to play with our food before we eat it. Mom and Dad always taught me dont play with your food.

    3. No Doubt AW is the best manager ever. But his accountable to scruteny as much any other manager.\

    4. I read somewhere he going to buy Loic Remy.
    Full name Loïc Rémy
    Date of birth January 2, 1987 (1987-01-02) (age 23)
    Place of birth Rillieux-la-Pape, France
    Height 1.84 m (6 ft +1⁄2 in)
    Playing position Striker

    5. Players to buy.
    Yaya Toure – cant say anymore than we all know. he the man. We can play two holding mids no problem.
    Striker – Watch how AC Milan strikers play they arent good but they play the position well. Always stick to the last defender. Dont drop back to try to touch the ball, your a striker do your job and strike

    To be honest we need to start with the same team minus, denilson. BTW fabianski is worst than almunia… who ever said that fabianski is good must be blind. I take mannoni any time. Someone blogged here before saying that denilson, smiled to much and looked like an idiot. I hate everything about him now, his stupid celebration when he score. Honestly its not cool!

    Any Comments

  48. @ ice
    i agree with most of your points. i also complained about our midfielders not dropping back to assist at the begining of the season.
    i have a few problems
    1. we use the same system/game plan every week. there were times when i thought arshavin was isolated and had to wait for others to help him out. park gets to play against us, which means fergie has a plan for arsenal and we just hope for the best.
    2. we do not have a good striker, we went up against manu without a recognised striker. bendy seems to be our solution, let me remind you that he is not a proven goalscorer. he is good and showing signs of improvement but he has not achieve anything yet. what happens if he gets injured??? do we blame injuries again.
    3. we know we have injury-prone players. we either get rid of them (which is not right) or add more players. we can not be blaming injuries every season.
    this was not the best manu team i have seen in recent years.

  49. @Andy, Rooiseun and teddi, thanks for reading, i like the bit about eating food, and Denny’s dance. Are there any worse/ better at the Emerates.
    Funny thing happening… im more fucked Arsenal lost than the ammers drawing. Must be far to much swigs on the Chardennay Pinot Noir 1998 Brut Cuvee’. Baught it on the net.

  50. For me there’s nothing worse in football than being beaten by the manc scum – but now the initial trauma has worn off I find I can actually laugh at the second goal we conceded, our defending was that bad.
    A corner – ALL our players, bar Sagna, are upfield. No defense! Like, haven’t they heard of a counter attack? Rooney runs straight down the middle of the pitch with 4 players around him but none of them actually near him. Now who is the one player we must not let get on the end of that ball from Nani? Nevertheless it goes straight to Rooney without him even having to break stride. It was nothing. He just slotted it in easy as piss. It’s hilariously awful really. Like taking candy from a baby.
    As others have said – we made them look good.
    However, although I’m not denying we were well beaten in the end, in these games a moment can make a difference and straight after that goal Arshavin had a brilliant chance to pull it back to 2-1. You saw ferguscum get off his chair and give his players a mouthful. If we’d gone to 2-1 at that time – different story. But we didn’t. So same old story instead.
    Although Arshavin didn’t score I thought he played very well – but his radar was off.
    So Mr Wenger we don’t need a striker do we? Because we’re just scoring so many goals…and well done for resting the players for the FA Cup match. That helped a bunch.

  51. Here in Korea, I totally feel the same way as you do Andrew. Most of my friends fancy Man U simply because Jisung Park is there, but I am still a Arsenal fan. Yesterday, when Park scored, it was a mixed feeling ‘coz Park was one of few Korean player in England. I will be looking forward to your film.

  52. Wenger’s attitude towards buying experienced and mentally strong players shows he is not competing to win any trouphy but to just be in the top four, its not good enough for a big team like Arsenal. His inability to beat a team like Chelsea and Man U shows his team does not have what it takes to win any trouphy. 4 years is too long for a title team.

  53. my issue is signings. lets swallow it Cesc has to leave now or else will leave soon in future. it’s better now. get Gourcuff as replacement. additions Mauro Zarate, Eden Hazard, Koscielny, and Hugo lloris/Guillermo Ochoa. let go of Alumunia, Gallas, Silvestri, Bendtner, Vela and we will glitter. i know this cant be achieved but each time i wake up i pray for quality at the CLUB. at times i feel like i dont know why am down but its the club thats in my blood.

  54. Ochoa/Lloris+ Koscielny+Hazard+Zarate+Gourcuff+Chamakh. these will supplement well Sczcsney,Fabianski,Eboue,Sagna,Clichy,Gibbs,Djourou,Vermaelen,Nordveit,Song,Denilson,Nasri,Rosicky,Walcott,Van p,Arshavin,Ramsey,Wellington. COME ON WENGER< SEEE THE LIGHT<

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