The world’s fastest Man City report and Leeds United preview

You know how it goes by now: I apologise for being too busy to update the blog (who’d have thought flying and working would make you tired!), explain that things will soon be back to normal (Monday, people, Monday) and then rush off into the wilderness (in this case, Oscar Wilde’s for today’s FA Cup game).

Before doing so I want to provide the world’s fastest Manchester City match report and Leeds United preview, all rolled into one.

Manchester City: The played for a point, we played for a win. Outstanding attacking performance, tested Joe Hart (and the frame of the goal) more than enough and were unlucky not to win. Many, many positives to take from the game including Robin van Persie’s involvement and our second clean sheet at the back. No dramas with the draw.

Man City parked the bus

Leeds United: The rotation in the squad will be massive, so much so that no-one has any idea who will partner Sebastien Squillaci at the back. Where City parked the bus Leeds will go at us with a unique 4-0-6 formation (yes, you heard me) and it could be a high-scoring, entertainment-packed footballing feast.

In other news I did an interview with Leeds United blog The Scratching Shed before the game that you can read here.

Enjoy the game people and enjoy the (hopeful) return to normality* on Monday.


* If I had a nickel for everytime I said that…

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  1. An interesting point about the game : Sanchez Watt will be allowed by Arsene to play against Arsenal.

    Can’t remember the last time a loanee played against their own club.

    Also, anyone know of a decent stream?

  2. The last time I can remember a loanee playing against their own club was Jermaine Pennant against Arsenal when he was on loan at Leeds. Bit weird!

  3. @ Gruggy

    Try it on the official ITV website. It must be free and legal + good quality. If you’ re from the UK u can watch it on ITV (free channel).

  4. Cheers Carlos, but alas im in Aus.

    FMD, Bendtner can never, ever again complain about first team chances after wasting half a dozen or so clear goal opportunities.

    Back to the reserves with you Nick, or better yet, somewhere else.

    Sod off Denilson too.

  5. Memo to Wenger – either sell Arshavin or send him on loan.
    Yet another pathetic performance.

  6. @ Gruggy – right mate. We just don’t want to hear anymore complaints from Bendtner about lack of 1st team action.
    I’m afraid Denilson also will end his career as a less than average player. He simply isn’t good enough to play at this level.
    That said, had AW kept Chamakh & Song (& taken off Arshavin & Denilson instead), we could have won this game.

  7. @ MTY – Couldn’t agree more. I missed the Song/Fab substitution and was amazed when I realised who our captain replaced. Did Denilson actually do anything apart from concede a stupid penalty?
    Andrey, I love him to death, but albeit a few glamour passes he was average in the first half and dreadful in the second.

    The one positive though was Djourou – Our best CB at the moment. Won everything in the air and was dominant on the ground. Shut Becchio out of the game from the first minute. We finally have a worthy partner for Verminator.

  8. A poor performance by our team, and that includes Arsene Wenger on this occasion. We got an undeserved draw out of it I think. We played ok but whenever there was a hint of an opportunity we made the wrong decisions consistently, or simply miscontrolled the ball (Arshavin).

    Squillachi was poor. Denilson was himself. That said I don’t agree that he’s not good enough. But he’s simply not a defensive midfielder. Rosicky was completely anonymous. Arshavin has convinced me now that he doesn’t care at all anymore.It’s not just a one off poor performance. He refuses to do the simplest of things. Which is sad because most of the team has been working hard of late. Bendtner was wasteful. I still have hope for him though.
    The positives were probably Wojcech”what a save” Szczesny, Djourou, both full backs(decent), and Cesc. Walcott did contribute but he was a bit hit/miss.
    Wenger’s substitutions were based more on keeping players happy than on winning the match I think. I could understand taking Song off cos he has played many games, but Chamakh should not have been taken off. Arshavin should have been. Not just because he wasn’t working hard, but cos he wasn’t working. Ineffectual and useless today. (again?)

    All in all, a very disappointing performance. But I suppose ultimately not the result. Playing another game isn’t ideal but I guess that’ll be the players’ punishment.

  9. Truly Disgraceful.

    If Wenger cannot see – that Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner, Squiilaci, Rosicky and Arshavin are simply not good enough to be in a team that aspires to win The Prem, The FA Cup, The CL then he really is Blind.

    And what is equally bad is that after they scored – AW stood there like a rabbit caught in the headlights – He did not have a F*CKING CLUE! what to do to change it!….okay so he threw on Cesc and Theo – But we should NEVER have been in such a position where he has to take such measures…we started so SLOPPY – I’ve seen young kids play with more cohesion, passion and precision…..AND GUTS!!!!

    Footie fans often call Liverpool a one or two man team (gerrard & Torres) – Well it looked to me today like we suffer from something similar..

    Cesc and Theo Changed The Game – without their ‘up for it attitude’ we would have lost…

    I’m not just ANGRY beyond words…I am greatly saddened that My Beloved Arsenal have become such an average team – save for a few players!

    Cesc has just been interviewed and said of the Leeds pen – A professional player at this stage should not give away such a pen – Let’s hope he can hasten denilson’s departure…

    We all want Cesc to stay – But who could blame him if he looks around him and see’s such poor standards and uselss c**ts like denilson, eboue and bendtner – and the lazy c**t that is Arshavin…..

  10. Watch the game and still think Wenger needs to spend some serious money on an out and out striker. I dont think there is a team that creates so many chances without scoring like Asnl. Bendtner poor, Arshavin did try at times but not much of the simple stuff seemed to come off for him although at times i thought he made situations more difficult than they needed to be. The crowd seemed to be getting on his back which did not help. I thought Djourou was outstanding and had most of Leeds attack in his pocket. He does not know how to panic when under pressure and reminded me of a young Rio during his hammers days. If he continues working hard he could go very far. Theo and Fabs did add some cutting edge to the game but very often the final pass was lacking from to many players. Still i thought eboue play well in attacking and defending, Gibbs had his moments and the keeper (whats his name) looked very sound and was unlucky with the pen. Not sure that Wenger knows when and why he is making the subs, maybe he is trying to keep everyone happy.
    Up de ammers.

  11. @nitin, i think your being a little harsh on Denilson, cause im sure i witnessed him do some very good defense things on the edge of his box and contributed well to the linking up offensively. He made one or two bad passes like most of the players today and unfortunately made a grave error of conceeding a pen. Im sure like myself you dont see him as a player like Song can be but unfortunately it seems that Arsene does and this is what puts him into situations he should not be in. I see him as having similar attributes to Fabs but at a lower level. Eboue was good defensively winning plenty of ball in his right back position. He made one or 2 telling runs which had some good end product. Some passes went astray like others, but all in all i thought he worked very well with Theo to the point where Arsnl’s best work was done on the right side of the pitch. You might have more of a point with the other players you slagged off.

  12. @nitin

    You must remember that the players that played today are largely 2nd choice. They are good enough to be in the squad and in fact they are essential for our season. They played horribly today without cohesion or desire but let’s not go overboard here and start talking in hyperbole and blaming Wenger for having them at Arsenal. Blame the performance and even Wenger’s tactics or substitution for this match yes. But do not abuse what we actually have, just because the result and the performance weren’t good enough.

    Also, I don’t buy into the whole “who can blame Cesc for wanting to leave ” bit. Cesc is a PART of this team. not ABOVE it. He’s a great player of course. But he’s won us nothing yet either. I’m absolutely sure he wants to win with us. But certain fans seem to almost want him to go so they can moan about all the perceived ills with the way the club is run. I find that unworthy of a fan.

  13. The only player that I am starting to get annoyed with is Arshavin. The crowd did get on his back a little bit, but I don’t think it was unmerited. I think I heard his song being sung a few times even after some cock-ups. It’s only when it went on for the whole game that people started to get impatient with him. and it’s not like it’s the first time he’s played like this either.

  14. I don’t agree with the bitching. We put out a hodge-podge of a team against a very good Leeds unit who are playing well and know what they’re doing. I think our selection was made more in hope than expectation and I must say I was very doubtful when I saw who was playing. Bendtner AND Chamackh? Arshavin and Rocky. It didn’t look like a winning combination. However we dominated for the whole 90 minutes and but for some crap finishing from the afore mentioned we’d have won it at a canter. Then of course they go and get a penalty – we do get some shitty luck don’t we? I thought Denilson was fine and he had a cracking strike at the end which would have won it on another day but Schmeicel 2 has pulled off a fantastic save there. Generally I think Denilon’s a bit low on confidence though.
    There were positives. Chesney was excellent again and really does look the biz. I like the way he always looks like he knows what he’s doing. Plus he’s tall! Sanchez Watt didn’t look out of place did he? Bodes well. Fabregas brilliant. Walcott a real danger. And Djorou has impressed me a lot lately.
    It’s crap that we’ve now got to go to Leeds and be spat at and abused by a load of dim-witted Northern twats but we seem to be playing better away at the moment so I’m hopeful – as long as AW learns from his mistake and puts out a more cohesive side next time.

  15. at least we are learning the true starting 11 i think, especially those in the attack. at some point the rotation has to stop and we start playing with the winning side constantly.

  16. I agree that Denilson is just not good enough for arsenal. as for Arshavin he definitely talented but looks so lazy

  17. Every gooner knows that team B especially with Bendtner, Arshavin and Denilson, cannot acheive, except Wenger it seems. We were lucky to scramble a draw and to live another Cup day! Now that the transfer market is open, we should pay someone to take Bendtner and Arshavin and maybe get something for Denilson.

  18. Don’t get fox soccer plus here in puerto Rico, and that’s where they showed the match. Had to track it via updates and watch high(low)lights on halftime show. The second string got some action and they didn’t lose; now they go to Elland Road and get to play again. They knocked Manure out last season, so we were lucky. I remember them being the absolute nastiest cloggers back when Notts Forest were the class. So, it was not a disaster, and maybe the replay will be on FSC. Loved Stevenage and will be rooting hard against Manure tomorrow.
    Gooners forever!

  19. I try not to say that a player needs to go, but Denilson needs to go completely, Bendtner needs to go out on loan to get more fluidity, and Arshavin needs a timeout. I personally think that this match will be the end of the line for Denilson. I think that Wenger left in Bendtner, Arshavin, and Denilson to give them a last opportunity to see what they can do, particularly Denilson, and they let Wenger down. Ashavin has certainly now confirmed his position in the second string, and I think that Denilson will be gone by the end of January. On a positive note, I am increasingly more confident in this squad on the defensive end. Heck, I’ll go so far as to say that over the last three games or so, the squad’s defensive performance has been better than the team’s offensive performance. One more CB and out-and-out striker would be perfect, particularly one with some pace.

  20. Hi all,
    I thought the match was pretty exciting and considering Phil “blind pig” Dowd reffed we came off OK. Still it is true we could use some improvement. I’m not convinced we need another striker but I do think Bendtner has had is chances and for all the hot air braggadocia frankly He’s not all that good. Neither I’m afraid is Denilson which stings because I’ve spent the past 3 years trying to convince everyone that he would mature when in fact he’s slowed down when he wasn’t quite quick enough to begin with and never strong on the ball or a challenge. Still, somehow I knew we would pull out at least the draw even at the very end. We’re always good for another fixture in a crammed calender. Thanks for the forum Drew…Transfer anyone?

  21. Oops forgot!
    To the Aussie at the top of the page try it will give you a list of links most of which will be viewable in your ip area. Also try It is somewhat more limited in links but the ones they have are generally reliable.
    Sorry about the ashes mate but Shane Warne looks great. He’s strack even in street clothes.

  22. @leftcoastgooner,

    Cheers for the links, I’ll give them a go next time there’s a game not televised over here.

    Regarding Warne, he should never have retired. But our entire current side should.

    I’ll leave it at that 😉

  23. some of you guys are being real harsh on the arsenal. Especially that one dude calling our players c**ts! real great support from “supporters of arsenal” some players (arshavin rosicky bendter to name a few) are in a slump of form and lacking confidence. it doesn’t help a players confidence when the so called supporters are calling for them to leave the team!! Did it sound like those Leeds fans ever stopped cheering on their team? they didn’t at all. If our fans were a bit more positive and didn’t call every player shit after they have a dissapointing match, maybe they wouldn’t get so down on themselves!!!! Notice how our team fought to get the replay? stop the dooming and all this DENI sucks Bendter sucks Arshavin Sucks talk All those players are here to stay you know it (arshavin is kinda old for a winger i guess). come on you rip roarin reds…

  24. All this inconsistent performances, BOY! makes me sweat.

    Wenger you better make sure we win the carlingcup, or you should be fired, you have no excuses on this one .

    Who should take some of the blame for the way all of the players perform?
    The manager.

    Lets take a look at the composition of the most successful teams in the prem for the last15 years.

    They all have 1 constant, wingers.

    MaU: Giggs, beckham, nani, valencia, did i mention Ronaldo
    How much have they won 11 titles.

    Chelsea: Robben, Duff
    How much did they win, two titles in a row

    Arsenal: Pires:
    How much did he win 2 titles in three season.

    So wingers are important in England, look at MAU with nani he is really the difference. I remember when the rooney saga came up and it looked like they would loose him, most of the fans didn’t care as long as nani did not go he is the real difference, he had pace, skill and can score goals. YOU need players who can give you natural width, this is one of the reasons we have not won the league for so long, this season looks to be the same way, the team with the best wide players wins the league.

    We all know arshavin is playing out of position he is not a winger, hell i can say that about a lot of our players. Wenger has decided to go away from out and out wingers.
    He consistently plays players out of position it may work a few times but not most times.
    Look at eboue, he progresses well at right back and would by now be one of the best in the world , cause he is a good defender AND a better crosser than sagna. wenger tried to turn him into a winger and he has gone backwards ever since, he is now a squad player
    If he had any quality he would not be at arsenal someother team would have bought him.

    Who do you blame for his career going down hill?
    The same thing with deneilson, he is playing the wrong role, so his progression has stopped.
    Arshavin’s best performances have come when he plays down the middle, he is not a winger
    he should leave arsenal cause his talent is being wasted. (He is a tad lazy)

    Most of you guys hear are calling for rosicky, deneilson, and arshavin to go, BUT none of you are saying vanpercy should go he has missed some real easy chance so far and no one is calling for his head, i know he has had injury problems BUT he is approaching 27 this is the time when players peak, and to hammer home my point he is not a striker he is playing out of
    position, he is not a good header, certainly not a clinical finisher, AND he has no speed,
    How in god’s name can this man lead our attack.

    So in conclusion man management seem to be our main problem, this means wenger.

    Let me say again there is a slim chance of us winning the league, the CL no way, so the
    carling cup looks our bestbet. If you don’t win this cup wenger you will surly cement your place as an over rated manager, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES, no big teams are left in the competition.

    By the way did i mention our home form is atrocious.

    Go arsenal……….

  25. @ kel – Can you do me a favour and call van Persie by his proper name. Your arguments just appear a little flat when you can’t be bothered to change ‘vanpercy’ to van Persie.

  26. @ice,
    how you keepin mate? mad stuff goin on at the Arsenal at the mo, its a rollercoaster for sure. Im not goin over old ground about players but Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue and Squillachi must be moved on for the obvious resons of being liabilities, they all cost the team with their lack of concentration as much as ability, sadly Arshavin may need to move on aswel for me, he doesnt seem to be getting the message, he came on in the City game when we needed someone to put their foot on the ball and he was trying needless flicks out wide and in the centre cirlce, he spends more time on the ground feeling sorry for himself than anything else lately, he has become Ronaldo without the plus side, a brooding, lazy individual player who thinks defending is everyone elses job….and the fact that wenger is persisting with him could lead to disharmony in the ranks among the more honest and hard working types who arent getting a chance.
    Wenger got lucky on saturday and he hadnt a clue what to do when Leeds got the goal we all knew was coming after the lacklustre displays and toothless pivot attack headed by Chamakh, another addition to the passive bunch we have who dont know how to raise their game by themselves, they need Fabregas or Nasri to inspire them and its worrying.
    you make some great points about the wingers, but we also had freddie remember?
    I know whta your saying baout the current team because Arshavin and Nasri are not wingers and either is Walcott, when we play games teams retreat and condense against us because we are predictable and insist on passing through a team, very rarely is a ball crossed and when it is its normally 10 passes too late when the door has been closed and the oppositions defense is positioned and box is overcrowded withour attackers in a standing position………..does anyone remember christiano ronaldos goal for utd in the champions league a few seasons ago whne the ball was whipped in and he met it mid sprint and took nearly put the defender in the goal aswel??? wel you wont see us score a goal like that because the build up has become so exageratted and obssessive that the opposition can read us like a book, and kel is right it is largely because we dont have players who will hug the touchline and skin defenders, our wideman BRING opposition defenders closer to the goal if anything. There is a real lack of pace in this team when Walcott isnt there and anyone who has sense can see this needs to be addressed.
    Spurs have Lennon, Bale…….utd have Giggs, Nani, Valencia……..Chelsea have Malouda, Kalou, Boswinga, City have Johnson, Milner, Silva, Ballotelli…….when the game is congested and you cant go THROUGH the opposition you must stretch them and this is why we dont have the ability to change our game when we hit the wall.

  27. You know over the last 3 years or so our argument as Gunners fans has more or reduced to this. Either you think Wenger is doing a good job but needs a few more quality players. Or you think Wenger isn’t doing a good job primarily because he ISN”T getting a few more quality players. Some see it as principle and some see it as pig-headed-ness.
    Lately I’ve been thinking Arsene has always been a good judge of talent, doesn’t he know he needs a few more key signings at least as much as we do? So that set me to thinking, maybe we’re not as solvent as we’d like to be. The Emirates is a fabulous mecca for football but maybe with the markets at the time we moved (and especially after) the joint was a good deal more costly than was figured for when junkbond money was fairly rolling around.
    OK, so why doesn’t Wenger just take the pressure off by saying “Look folk’s leaving Highbury for Holoway Rd was spendier than we thought and we’ll have to clamp down” How
    much dreadful money speculation and takeover attraction would that bring? (ie Liverpool,Leeds,Portsmouth,Southampton) Not to mention clubs trying to lure the good young talent away on the cheap. Perhaps he’d rather just keep his mouth shut take the cheapskate handle and work with what he has until the sheets balance. I don’t know, jes tryin’ ta figger I reckon.

  28. what a rollercoaster being a gooner is at the moment. The ‘1st’ team has been playing great, the Theo Van Nasregas show is the most exciting show everyone wants to see. It was always going to be tough against Man City and we were unlucky not to score really.
    The defence is the real positive. Djourou has been looking immense and although I had doubts about Kos, he seems to have a great partnership going with JD. A little bit more work on playing the offside as a team and I would be really happy.

    Only bad defensive thing is having denilson as a defensive midfielder, glad he is well down the pecking order especially after that stupid clumsy tackle in the box.

    Chamakh and Bendtner I think are just lacking some confidence, hopefully that will come back soon. Arshavin I dont know what is up with him, he seems to have given up and is not interested. I cant believe how his standards have dropped, was one of my favourite players last season and now I do hate watching him play. Please Wenger sort him out

    So Ipswich is going to be interesting. Surely its got to be a win but I wont be betting on the Arsenal the way our 2nd team have done recently.

    Andy – keep up the good work, you make even the most pessimestic gooners like me see the bright side of all things arsenal 😉

  29. Couldn’t watch the game on the weekend. I nearly forked out the $17 to hook up to Setanta to watch the game but am glad I didn’t bother! As one of the guys above said, at least Wenger is getting a clear picture on what our best XI looks like! i have been one of the Bendtner/Denilson defenders in the past but am finding it increasingly difficult to keep doing so. I will stick by Arshavin though – he seems to be down in confidence but I reckon he can bounce back. he at least has proven that he can perform in the big games unlike the other two. Looks like Djorou is cementing his first team place which I am pleased about and at last I feel confident enough in our two Poles in goals! I am really curious to see what sort of team Wenger picks for the Carling Cup semi. Does he stick with the FA Cup team or bring in the big guns? In the overall scheme of things we are still in 4 comps – and don’t forget Leeds dumped Manure out this time last season so it’s not all gloom and doom. At least I’l be able to see that game as it will be televised on Fox.

  30. @kel – i agree that professor’s experimentation is washing away the players ability or misusing it.But Van Persie is the best playing front for Arsenal. Rooney doesn’t scores every game but stretches the defense and allows others to score. The same goes with Van Persie though he is not scoring at the moment.

  31. @shambo – so what you’re saying is Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue, Squillachi, Arshavin and Chamack are all no good and have to be kicked out. Plus Walcott’s playing in the wrong position. Christ, we must be lucky to be saddled with all that yet still be right up in the Prem league race, in the Champions league knock-outs, in the FA Cup and the Carling Cup semi-final. You don’t half talk some crap, man. And what are you talking about f***ing Ronaldo for?? The best cross and volley EVER was Van P’s against Charlton. Fantastic curling cross on the run from Eboue and lashed into the back of the net in mid-air by OUR striker. Why not mention that instead of that f***ing cheating prima-donna Ronaldo. You need to start talking like an Arsenal fan, mate. What the hell’s wrong with you?
    And then we get ‘United have got Giggs’ , ‘Spurs have got Bale’. Good. They can stuff them up their pipes as far as I care. I know I know you’re entitled to your opinion blah blah blah. Your opinion blows. Wenger got lucky against Leeds????? !!! What utter rubbish. Not even the Leeds Gazette would write something like that. What, he got lucky by dominating the game, having over 20 goal attempts, ball cleared off the line, brilliant saves by Schmeichel etc. and only got a draw? Jesus wept man, have a listen to yourself. It’s garbage. Get some Arsenal in you.

  32. @Lax – thank you. That’s appreciated because I do fly off the handle a bit sometimes and then I think maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. Or rather I suppose my hand. Still, as The Bard says, “I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw.”
    Up The Arsenal! 8)

  33. @kel
    Why are you so much after van persie?? He is a class act and you will realize that through the course of this season.

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  35. @purohit

    Please, while I imagine everyone here respects the various religions and beliefs that visitors to this site may share, this Arsenal blog is not the place to speak of a Hindi holy man.

    …Yup, definitely had to wikepedia that guy.

  36. So Andrew, your boys beat us 4-0 eh? Oh well. It was good fun to see the Indian players sharing the pitch with guys like Cahill and Neill (though I dislike him). Good learning experience for us I suppose, and hopefully a way forward. If only Chetri had finished that one chance of it… Sigh.

  37. @purohit

    Apparently the Swami doesn’t provide insight on the proper forum to spout/propagate his “message”.

  38. nonny, nonny, nonny… really are a loose cannon.
    I used the Ronaldo goal as an example of the type of goal we dont and cant score because of the way we play, obviously the RvP goal was better but it was not a headed goal you absolute ninny, try reading what I write in context before you go off on one of your ‘holier than thou’ rants to impress a couple of 4 year olds, normally I enjoy the banter we have but when I saw you thanking that dude for what you wrote I just thought ‘what a plonker’…..thanking some lad for a rant you went on that didnt even resemble half the things I said, yeah your real cool alri.
    Am actually more dissapointed that youve exposed yourself as a blind bigot fan, your in the Arsenal minority son, we in the majority are football lovers first and I can appreciate a good footballer if I like….doesnt matter that Ronaldo is what he is he has scored record goals for Madrid since he signed and is a phenomenal talent….30 goals already, if you cant take your hat off to that you are a sad jealous individual.
    And Wenger did get lucky you unobjective clown, he didnt know how to change it once the selection had stuttered and fell behind, Cesc and Walcott save us after the soft pen award that theo later stated was a dive.
    Used to enjoy our chats but you cant have informed football talk if one fellas a prat.

  39. Andrew, I really like this site because in general the discussion is informed and despite our differences of opinion on team selection etc we are for the most part die hard gooners who want nothing more than for our team to win. Some comments recently are unnecessarily vitriolic. And as for the religious whackos – can they please find a more appropriate forum for their rants. I suggest one of the spurs blogs might be the place! Or Liverpool’s. Or Chelsea’s…

    Pity Roy Keane got the sack – would have been nice to give him a warm Highbury welcome again. Thin and crispy base with extra anchovies please.

  40. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I get four emails sticking with the same comment. Will there be by any means you’ll be able to get rid of me from that service? Thanks!

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