The return of The Gooner Gazette

Hello all.

I have to be incredibly speedy today because somehow I’ve found myself at an internet cafe at Byron Bay and I have very limited time. I’ll just do a quick news round-up and get onto the good bit, the return of The Gooner Gazette.

Here goes.

One of the heroes from the other night, Nicklas Bendtner, has been talking about the other hero, Carlos Vela. He mentions what a great player looked when he first joined Arsenal at 16 and also comments on the strong partership the pair seem to be forming.

Vela, meanwhile, has stated that being a good young talent is no guarantee of long-term success. Which, when you think about it, is perfectly true. In reality though, I think he’s just being humble – which is a good thing and shows he’s got his head screwed on straight.

Arsene Wenger has spoken about the team meeting memo that turned up in the press recently, stating that it is something he has done with his players many times and he is well proud of it. Good for him. I’m proud of it too.

He also said that he will be careful to nurture Jack Wilshere carefully. Which is smart considering he’s only 16. It’s the least you would expect.

And that’s that. Onto the good bit now.

The Gooner Gazette has returned. Those who are long-time readers of the blog will know that I started up a online magazine called The Gooner Gazette to provide a monthly round-up of all things Arsenal. It was meant to be a sort of memento or reminder of the month that had passed. Unfortunately, it was simply too much work to run both the blog and the magazine – so I canned it.

But now I’ve brought it back in a new form, with a new purpose of providing the readers of the blog the opportunity to contribute. Quite simply I can’t write the whole thing every month and I’m looking for regular readers of the blog who love Arsenal and enjoy writing to take up the chance to contribute to this blog.

The September issue of The Gooner Gazette can be found here, or by clicking the magazine cover – featuring William Gallas – on the right. Have a read and let me know what you think, and if you’re interested in contributing and writing or ideas to the magazine in the future contact me at admin(at)arsenalfcblog(dot)com.

Cheers everyone, look forward to speaking to you soon.

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  1. read your gazzette. you think djourou and denilson have had bad months?! no way. Djourou has just singed a new deal and den is an ever present in the first team and scoring goals. I agree that JD needs more games, Toure should make way.

  2. I think we should rest ade and rvp for the cl and play vela and bendtner up front against hull but this isn’t going to be as easy as it looks as I’m tipping hull to suprise everybody and go close to the top half but I don’t think they will be in the bottom 3 unlike spurs at this rate another lucky win and luckypool played their little 1’s and scrapped through while manure had to play ronaldo to get through so if we keep this squad and we will be unstoppable in the coming years. Poor man city though getting beaten by brighton. Just goes to prove money buys you f all unless you are a dodgy russian.

  3. I agree with butterfingers that Vela and Bendtner should start. They arelike Rvp and Ade really. Height, headers, long shots (ade and Niklas), left footers, curlers, first touch (RvP and Vela) Walcott should start again. I would love to contribute to the Gooner Gazette.

  4. LOL our defence is a joke and once again Gallas is at fault for the second goal. I cant even be mad, Hull desevered to beat Arsenal. And i had a feeling it wouldnt be an easy game as many thought. Now all you Wenger lovers can listen to Wenger say the defence is great and all this nonsense. I dont think it was really a bad preformance as it was Arsenal showing their true colors. We cant deal with set pieces, we still try to hard to score the perfect goal, and the boys come out in some kinda lame, we’ll win this game cuz its Hull city attitude. Wenger needs to stop the bullshit and REALLY sort out this mess at the back. If it means droping Gallas to the bench so be it, which most likely, Wenger wont sort it out, we’ll win some games to make ppl happy and in the end, another year without a trophy, but beautiful football.

  5. I thought he had it out of his system but will someone please pull Theo aside and tell him it’s ok to have a go and not look for the pass. We gave him 14 for a reason. Let it fly son. The whole first half was me screaming at my tele “SHOOT!” I half expected the box to get up and gun me down (or my roommate).

    Brilliant strike by Geovanni. Another set piece goal… big surprise. Isn’t that three set piece goals this season and Gallas to fault on all three?

    What were we saying last week though better to loose one and win a couple than draw several?

  6. Yes i believe you are right. Gallas was at fault for the Fulham goal allowed and at fault today. Im not sure he was at fault for the goal allowed against Bolton, but wouldnt be surprised. Im beggin for someone to ask Wenger does he need to streghten in defence. He is on drugs if he would say no. The defence is terible. And another point, this is the second game lost, nd the second game that a team really pressured Arsenal, as Fulham did. We will have a hard time finishing in the top 4 if teams catch on to this and have the squad to really have a go at Arsenal by pressing them all game and cuasing them to make decision our young guns have shown they arent ready to make. January we need Wenger to figure out what he needs in defence, personal i think Gallas should go out the squad, not cuz of the goals but i think laster this season if we are in 1st and something goes wrong like last season towards the end.. Gallas will throw another fit when it will probably be his fault why we slip anyways. Wenger HAS to address this issue we have in defence. We cannot allow goals on set pieces like this all season.

  7. Yeah but in gallas defence (get it haha) he seemed to put in the effort at the end trying to get the equaliser and can some one please tell me why ade got such a big pay rise for going backwards as he should of had a few and bendtner should of started with vela or rvp and eboue has gone back to diving when things don’t go his way. Credit to hull maybe we got the dodgy brazilian with denilson but that was a cracking goal and if you look up I said hull wasn’t going to be an easy match.

  8. Agree 100%. I really dont think RVP and Ade can play together. Neither really put in effort to chase the ball and seem rather lazy when the ball isnt at their feet in offence. Bendtner puts in a big effort when hes in there offence or defence. I really cant wait for Eduardo to come back to teach both RVP and Ade how to finish

  9. as a life long arsenal fan living in hull,yesterday i had mixed emotions…a win for my home town which would shut up critics, or a win for the gunners and keep them top. after 90mins i knew what i wanted….top of the league!!! i was gutted but on to porto. well done city.

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