The return of Clock End: heart-felt reminder of our tradition or a tacky gimmick?

We’re smack bang in the middle of a fairly pointless international break, so aside from the continued discussion about the Aaron Ramsey incident there’s not a lot going on.

Tomas Rosicky has voiced his support for the Welshman in this interview as well making a request that technical sides get the protection they deserve from referees. It is a sentiment I tend to agree with.

Meanwhile Thomas Vermaelen has joined Nicklas Bendtner in proclaiming that they and the rest of the team will be doing everything possible to win the league title in memory of for Ramsey. Two seasons ago we fell apart under the misguided captaincy of William Gallas, but the feeling I get is that things will be different this time around. I think Ramsey’s injury will prove the inspiration for a extremely strong title chance and I expect us to be in with a shot right up to the last fixture.

One of the harsh realities of Ramsey’s injury dawned on me today with the news that Arsene Wenger may look to Juventus midfielder Felipe Melo as a replacement. He’s had a fairly awful time in Italy with a team that has had a rubbish season, yet it’s clear from these comments that our manager still considers him to be a decent prospect. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how things pan out this summer, particularly if Melo has a good World Cup performance with Brazil.

To end today’s rather scattershot round-up is the news from Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis that the club will be bringing back ‘Clock End’ to Emirates Stadium. A heart-felt reminder of our tradition or a tacky gimmick? You decide.

Right, I’m off to watch Australia play Indonesia for a place in the Asian Cup. Should be a good one.


Have your say on winning it for Ramsey, Melo, or the return of Clock End by leaving a comment.



  1. ‘In memory of Ramsey’? He’s not dead!
    C’mon you socceroos…. although i do have a soft spot for Indonesia.

  2. I like the clock idea, bring it back.

    What i don’t like, is the Australian kit. We need to change to Adidas i reckon…………Oz and Arsenal 🙂

  3. AR what Australian kit are you talking abt? The Emirates from UAE and Nike are our main sponsors…

  4. The blue Australian kit we jus played in. I would prefer minimul blue and more green and gold.

    I love the Arsenal kit cause its an Arsenal kit, but……….im an Adidas boy and i think the Adidas kits look better than Nikes.

  5. Very much liking the idea of renaming the sections of the stadium + bringing back the Highbury clock… I don’t think its tacky as its part of Arsenals history and is just making the stadium feel a little less “cold” and “artificial” and that it is Arsenals home as opposed to a generic stadium where Arsenal plays their home games.

    On the Socceroos, watched bits and bobs of the game and wasn’t as bad as I thought it considering the nature of the squad. The alternate jerseys also look alot better in the flesh then just random promo shots. Looking forward to picking up the main one I think :).

    Will need to catch up for some Arsenal games soon as I’ve made the move to Bris 😀

  6. I am not in your stadium, but I like traditions and symbols of old periods or past times. So I would like the old clock. 😉

  7. Sure we should win the league tittle and prove our skeptics and critics wrong. I mean those with a philosophy that you can’t win a trophy without big signings.
    I see it possible esp. looking at the way the players are hungry for wins.
    Keep up Boys!!!

  8. Thanks AR got it..and rightly said..even i too do not prefer the yellow one looks much better and cooler..

  9. This international break has come at a terrible time for us. For once, we really could have done with a short time until our next game to allow the players to keep that passion, determination and anger that brought the best out of them in the last ten minutes at Stoke.

    Let’s just hope there’ll be no injuries to add to the good news that Diaby is on his way back.

  10. … This article has much credit for me, this is the same pundit that said Shawcross would commit another leg breaking challenge in his career after the Jeffers one and funny enough he pendicted it right. Before, I get someone on my back I understand Shawcross was about to do a 360 turn on the ball but Ramsey just beat him to it which led to shawcross being half way up his shin. You can’t really say Ramsey lunged which resulted in him being halfway up his shin as you can clearly see the ball in the picture when contact was made so either way Shawcross was going over the ball even if he beat ramsey to it. It is just interpretation to which side of the fence you sit and why this article is quite good.

  11. The 3 leg breakers we have received over the last 4yrs have come against teams managed by british managers plus walcott getting cropped last season against Birmingham(again),it puts sad look at british managers.It seems that home grown managers can’t or won’t learn from there foreign counter parts and reject the ideal of playing football with sweeping passing moves and skill but stick with outdated and basically thug mentality of kicking skilled,better players and the big boot up front . We constantly witness the likes of Pulis,Bruce,Allardyce etc put out teams which are in some cases no better than a local Sunday league team whose aim is not to win 1st but to hurt the opposition in a way to prevent losing without creating a chance of there own.These are managers who played in a era where booting people,pulling back and no skill required reigned and anyone with skill was treated like a leper and a target and hold dear that’s how the game should be played.

    The media is full of ex-footballers who have done fuck all in there careers,people like Collymore,Cundy,Redcrapp,Earle etc who with there average talent won nothing and have no intelligence to do anything else have jumped on the pathetic anti-Arsenal bandwagon for what i believe is a vendetta, as it took a foreign manager-Arsene Wenger- to change the way football is played in this country for the better and that all top clubs have adopted this way and it wasn’t a Englishman.I also believe its a vendetta as arsene brought in unknown foreign players to upstage and win the P/L with better style of football at the cost of there beloved laughapool and manure,the criticism of English players by wenger also gripes the media as it’s been proven true on numerous occasions,the british media etc have this stupid mentality that anything foreign is ridiculed but anything British is the right way…funny how we haven’t won a international trophy for 44yrs damned foreigners.

    The responsiblity for Shawcross’s tackle rests with outdated,talentless and ignorant managers and a media which doesn’t like it’s favourites being upstaged and uses there format to promote a style of football which should be left in the 70’s and 80’s but while praising it being used against us on the other hand deplore it against the likes of manure etc.I yearn for the day a pundit or reporter writes or says it how it is and not tow the media line of praise these but slag of these.

  12. Another sad day for the FA, since they could take the opportunity to set an example that reckless challenges are punishable. I am not even speaking of the Shawcross reckless challenge, but the one of Liam Ridgewell of Birmingham City. ( He laid an off the pitch (well beyond the end line) tackle on James McCarthy of Wigan that even resulted in the referee’s assistant having to be stretchered off the pitch. McCarthy has ligament damage and will be out for an undetermined amount of time and Ridgewell gets rewarded for his reckless behavior by getting nothing because the referee, Andy Taylor, saw the tackle but chose to take no action. It is this type of reckless tackle (a la Shawcross on Adebayor last season) that, when it goes unpunished, allows players to continue to play this style of football.

    If the FA chose to make an example of Ridgewell now, the other players who recklessly get “stuck in” might realize that their behavior will result in consequences that they will have to face. Perhaps then the apologists for Ryan Shawcross and Martin Taylor wouldn’t have to get up in arms to defend their players for reckless, thuggish behavior. Too bad the FA doesn’t seem to care.

  13. Has anyone checked on Ruan Shawcross today? Poor lad…Remember, he’s not that kind of guy, so that makes it alright…Instead, because Shawcross is English, let’s keep blaming Wenger for being upset at a challenge that broke one of his players’ legs…yeh, that makes more sense

  14. I used to stand on the North Bank when I was a kid and have great memories of staring at the clock at the other end more often than not praying for the final whistle as we struggled to hold on for a draw against the likes of Coventry or leicester. Them were the days. Be interested to hear what you thought of the Australia Indonesia game as I live in Oz. Had to turn it off after about 15 minutes – couldn’t stand to wact any more. Watching the second string Australia side is like watching England except they are slower and have even more rubbish technique! I think we are really going to struggle to get out of our group in the World Cup. We just don’t have enough quality any more. And if Kewell and Cahill arene’t fit you can’t see anyone scoring. Back to real football on the weekend and 3 points against Burnley please. hopefully no injuries to our player who were playing meaningless midweek friendlies.

  15. I like the clock being there just so we can hear the “We’re the Clock End/ North Bank” chants again.

  16. heh, man, you make mistake, but good post, and that “memory of” don’t change qualitet of post. Post is great!

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