The REAL reason why Arsenal man Bendtner crashed his car

Another classic bit of work by Chris Toy from Studs Up. Keep ’em coming mate.


Wonder who’ll be next?

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  1. i would like to appreciate the way gunners played on Tuesday during champions league therefore, i always expect such improvement from them as fan of world of football.

  2. Haha! Ade should have cut his throat instead the prick! Bender is a poor clubs Adebayor

  3. tee hee – nice one! Don’t know who I hate more, Adepaymemore or Cuntly Cole but at least this dipshit aint our problem any more – the arabs can have ‘im….best laugh of the week :o))

  4. well done!
    I heard the true reason Bendtner changed to 52 was not cos 5+2=7 his lucky number but to piss Ade off by saying hes the opposite of the tosser who wore 25

  5. Has anybody seen this? Thierry Henry 14 talking about Arsenal. “I never stopped saying I love Arsenal and I will one day go back there. How? I don’t know. Maybe a waterboy. Who knows. I just love the club and eventually one day I will go back for sure.”

    This is the sort of love of the club Arsene Wenger inspires. The man is a total legend. He seems physically very fit so I’m hoping he will carry on managing us for another 13 years because it’ll be a sad day for the club indeed when he does go.
    Thank you, Arsene.

  6. wenger please tell your boys to stop striking very much especially the defenders they normally goes a lot of leakage and we end up being punished by the opponents but keep up for the good job. vermalean has the ability to strike from far like the liverpool players

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