The hibernation begins + Arsenal link party starring Vieira, Adebayor and Mannone

The hibernation begins...

The Football Nomad Project

The above is a photo of me sleeping – something I will be doing a lot of until the International Break is over.

It’s also one of a serious of terrific photographs taken by Andy Barclay as promotion for my Football Nomad project which is now starting to take some serious shape.

For those unaware of the Football Nomad project you can read all about it here. If you need persuading to click that link then the words football, travel, culture, people and art should do nicely.

Put simply it’s going to be a definitive information source for football travel advice coming first-hand from local football fans around the world as well as myself as I travel the world covering games, interviewing fans and photographing anything and everything to do with world football culture. I’ll be starting with the World Cup in South Africa next year and then Europe in the six months following it.

It goes without saying that as loyal Arsenal FC Blog readers I would absolutely love your support and assistance with this new project. I think it has potential to bring the community we have built around the world to life and I encourage you to support Football Nomad via the Facebook Fan Page I have set up. Pretty please.

At this stage I don’t have a newsletter subscription option setup for the new blog (although there is RSS) but once that’s up and running I will let you know.

Anyway, shameless plus over, onto Arsenal matters.

Arsenal Link Party!

With the international break in full swing I’ve got a bit of a link party for you this fine Wednesday afternoon:

Theo Walcott explains why he got Thierry Henry’s autograph on Sunday. Good for him.

Vito “Gigi” Mannone reveals he was very close to going on loan this season. Obviously it’s great that he didn’t, although I’m not sure Wojciech Szczesny would agree.

Soccerlens has a lovely snapshot of the race for World Cup qualification, outlining which teams are close and just how likely they are to make it. You’ll note that Australia are already confirmed…*sneaky grin*

Emmanuel Adebayor finally apologises for his stamp on Robin van Persie, not that it will make one iota of difference to reception he’s going to get at The Emirates later in the season. You can of course see me burning my old Adebayor kit here.

Didier Drogba says he would welcome Patrick Vieira to Chelsea. Hmmm.

The Sport Review name Andrey Arshavin and Thomas Vermaelen in their Top 5 Signings of 2009 article.

And that’s that.

More tomorrow and perhaps a guest post or two over the next few days.

Have your say on various football happenings by leaving a comment.



  1. the photo is really good, nice scyline, a hint to football, nice guy in the front 8) , and this position: lying on a bridge, great stuff, but haven’t understood your nomad project totally, is it just to inform people?, about location where a match will take place? how are you financing it? writing articles for newspapers? and how can I support it? just to register as a fan? I fear I can’t contribute much, the WM in Germany has been………. and has been exceptional….. 😉

  2. Wenger had the right word to describe Adebayor “ungrateful person” and I think he will never get again to the level arsenal had made him reached.Regarding Vito, I think Andy he is a treasure and a world class goal keeper in the making. Arsene should play him regularly and as for me I think is our no. 1 in waiting. Indeed with the “sweet” time we had against blackburn, I can’t imagine this break, surely it will be my most boring time of the month. As for us in Uganda, on friday we shall be celebrating our 47th indepence aniversary, so we invite you guys to kill your boredom by joining us in the celebrations

  3. @ billi – Hey mate, did you read the ‘About’ page on Football Nomad. Link here:

    That should answer your queries.

    But just as a snapshot, I’m building a resource and community to help people who want to travel to know more about football culture. So which bars to go to before games, where to get tickets for cheap, what local foods to try and information about the teams and clubs. On top of that I’m also going to travel and run the blog while I travel, go to games in the World Cup and Europe and interview people, take photos etc.

    But I’d add it that as many people encouraging me and following the blog will make it better. The more contacts around the world the more thorough the information and the more ‘local’ it is.

  4. @ enemyairships – Incorrect re: Tridecathlon tee. It’s actually a Football Nomad shirt, one of four I made up.

    The Tri-Decathlon really fell away didn’t it… maybe I’ll have to bring it back at some point.

  5. o.k. I think I got it 😳
    it’s an interesting idea, so you like to travel and meet people with the background of football fanatism I think,
    I’m from the town of the German football-club with the most stadium visitors, so the question is up to you, do you know which town it is?

  6. Drog should first have it in mind that the times of patrick veira are now past-drogs age it self has almost waved him afarewell and this means he has little time to do such-let him leave veirra live his life.
    about the photo-indeed it totally shows how deep yo commited and ready to up lift the football culture,thanxs alot.

  7. @ Andy, Sorry I havent posted in a long while. But im back now. I really like the photo by the way, it shows alot. I was only really looking forward to the international break to see Walcott play for Englad as we are already there so Capello will want to try alot of wingers as no-one has really cemented a spot, but he wasnt even picked so its going to be boring now. Still hoping England get 10 wins out of 10. Spain, Holland, Russia and Belgium should do well if Fabregas, Van Persie, Arshavin and Vermaelen take their club form to the international stage.

  8. @ Charles – Happy Independence Day!

    Has anyone noticed how often these damn irritating international breaks always seem to come right when The Gunners are on a run of hot form? Now we gotta start all over again when they get back. I hate these frigging internationals. Especially Englands games that are tedious in the extreme (unless Walcott’s playing).

  9. i should just echo conerninig vito,he is a world class keeper in the making,putting his age into consideration…and for ADE its good he came to admit his mistakes and appologised unlike when he was denying it in the first place.

  10. this international break also keeps me rested and ofcourse also those footballers recovering from injuries plus those who don’t represent/called by thier countries

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