The Gooner Gazette – Issue 2 out now (for Arsenal fans)

I’m pleased to announce that Issue 2 of ‘The Gooner Gazette’ is now available.

For those of you who didn’t catch the first one, it’s probably worth me explaining what it’s all about. Basically, The Gooner Gazette is a monthly online magazine that reviews all the Arsenal action just passed in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. There are sections like ‘The Month in Photos’ as well as ‘The Month in Quotes’ and some other good stuff in there as well. The unique thing about the magazine is that it ties in heavily with the goings on at this blog and even features a couple of reader profiles of some of the regular contributors and commentors on the blog.

The Gooner Gazette - Issue 2The online magazine is available for free in PDF format via the Arsenal FC Blog which you can get to by clicking here or on the snazzy black banner to your right. To view the PDF you’ll need to have Adobe Reader on your computer which you can get here.

As I said earlier, this is the second issue of The Gooner Gazette. It’s been two months since the first issue launched as some internet connection problems prevented me from compiling a November version of the gazette at the time. As a result, I’ve included the last two month’s worth of football in a special (and hopefully once-only) double-issue. The ezine is still a relatively new project on blog, so I encourage you to check it out and let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions for future issues then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The Gooner Gazette is proudly sponsored by Arseshirts and every issue includes a competition where you can win one of their great shirts. It’s probably not worth me saying that the shirts they have a pretty damn cool, but I’ll go and do it anyway. You can check out everything Arseshirts has to offer here or on the little banner to the right.

So that’s about that. For those who check it out, I hope you like it and I look forward to building on The Gooner Gazette in the months to come. Cheers!

Have your say on the second issue of ‘The Gooner Gazette’ by leaving a comment.



  1. Great like the 1st issue.
    Your blog deserves more attention than Gunnerblog IMHO. Keeps up the great work on your blog.

  2. The new issue looks great. There’s a couple seriously sweet Reader Profiles. That’s top shelf work you’re doing.

  3. Sf checked your mag. You are doing well I think you need to beef it up a bit maybe more tactics, formations etc. Just to give a little mention to Arsenal winning a trophy on wednseday don’t be fooled it is another Arsenal I’m talking about. It’s Arsenal de Sarandí an Argentinean team. The founders were really inspired by the Real Arsenal(The gunners) they decided to call their club Arsenal. They’ve just won the one and only trophy Copa Sudamerica its a bit like the C.league. Success rubs off the name Arsenal.
    Going back to the Gooner magazine I think you should bring your arse to England and do an interview with Le Boss. Anything is possible.

  4. Heh heh, I doubt he’ll do it but we can dream. As for ‘beefing up’ the ezine, it will definitely happen. It is a lot of work though and I want to build it up gradually so that it improves with every issue, rather than doing a huge issue and then struggling to live up to it. There are some interesting ideas in the pipeline that will definitely be featuring soon – lookalikes, crosswords etc etc.

  5. World class keeper we need is either akinfeev from cska moscow or Manuel Neuer from schalke. Both are young promising prospects. Akinfeev had attracted the likes of intermilan and ac milan while Neuer is tipped to be the future no 1 for Germany. I watched the youtube videos of both of them and have watched Akinfeev 3/4 times and Neuer 2/3 times playing for their respective clubs and I think they can play for Arsenal.

    We all know we need a world class keeper. Almunia might work for this season and Fabianski?not sure about him. So our solution is to get one of them in the summer.
    We also need experienced CB. See Toure will be gone in janaury for ANC and if Gallas gets injured(but don’t like to see him injured) we will have big big hole in our defense. So we need one who is strong in air and is experienced.
    Another signing should be LM ..Don’t think we will win anything this season if we play diaby/eduardo on the left flank. As for Rosiscky and Hleb I think ot least one of them will be injured all the time. So lets go for Silva/Arfa/Nasri.
    But I don’t think we need to sign striker. We need Van Persie fit and then we need to give Bentdner more chances. I am a big admirer of Bentdner. Everytime I watch him playing for his country or us, he impress me. Simple, he has better VISION, TECHNIQUE, AERIAL POWER than Adebayor. Two things he lacks a little bit is speed and experience in comparision to Adebayor. I am pretty sure he will be a worldclass striker for us. In gunnerblog all the guys want Benzema. Look we have to pay lots of money for Benzema and Bentdner can be better than even Benzema if he gets chance. I watched him playing for Denmark in the last two qualifying matches and he played really good and scored in both of the games. As for Adebayor I salute his goal within 4 minutes BUT he was crap for all 85 minutes against Newcastle. If he would have played that through ball to Eduardo who was free on the other side we would have been 2-0 up and game over. But what I don’t like about him is he try to copy Henry all the time and I can guarantee he can’t be either Henry or Kanu. So he has to try to play his own game. We say he has a strong physical presence and height but he never try to get advantage of that. Still, he is our no. 1 striker and topscorer!!! But he has to improve and change his attitude…

    To sum up:
    We need experiencedd CB and LM this winter and WC keeper coming summer to take our current squad to a next level i.e. untouchablesss!!!
    And we have a right to dream and as a gooner I will be dreaming of wimming all the trophies..
    Wake up Gooneerrss!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Since the start of the season I was not sure about Adebayor but then when he scored that goal that made evry Spud fan go home crying made my mind change, ever since that goal he has gone from strength to strength. He then scored a hat-trick agaisnt Derby. Then had a massive goal drought but kept his cool agaisnt Reading, headed the winner at Villa and gave us a early lead at St. James Park so I am loving Ade atm. He plays so much better with RVP as his strike partner. I c wht u r saying about Bendnter but all that was said about Francis Jeffers and now look where he is. Don’t get me wrong the boy has tremondous talent and am a big afn of him, I just believe he isn’t as good as Ade and I do believe we need another striker. And yes I want Benzema lol! Ben Arfa would be an extremeley fantastic buy. Then again so would Samir Nasri but the man I want to play on our left flank is Luka Modric. I hope we can lure him to the emirates. Micah Richards is also a man I would love to see play for the arsenal. We need him aswell. he will be big for us in Jan if he comes. I also want Rob Green, Igor Akinfeev, Guilherme Ochoa, Oscar Ustari or Manuel Neuer. Any one of them would be good, we need a permanent number 1 but rumours are saying that AW will try and get Jussi Jaaskelainen to be our No.1. Castro is a good CB to try and get aswell. Btw who has heard about Almunia’s ambition. In a years time he can become an english citizen and so he wants to play for the england national team. hahaha, we need a good goalkeeper, jus not sure he was on the list of candidates lol.

  7. No more 4-5-1 please !!
    Time to show Gunner’s colour ! RED … I want to see Gunner trash Boro. At least 4 nil!!!
    4-4-2. Pay no respect to Boro please

  8. Fkin Boro – im sorry to say this lads but drop Almunia, he has not been good the last couple of games, try out Lehmann. It had to be said.

  9. We were poor today, very poor. We need a good Winger, Eboue was good but he is dirty. Modric!!!! Almunia drop for Lehmann agaisnt Steau i hope. Almunia is not a good keeper. he has proved it in the last couple of weeks!!

  10. all of sudden u guys realize that u need more squad depth. just becos u loss fabregas, flamini,van persie and hleb. fyi, MU face the same problem early this season. scholes, hargreaves, ronaldo, rooney, saha all out injured and suspended. we have to rely on new boys, Nani, Anderson and Tevez. yet we did pretty well. so Gunners, wish u all the best, may u drop more points in coming matches… hoorayyyy

  11. This is the time where all Man Utd fans will get cocky and say they will win the league and leapfrog Arsenal. They have lost 2 games alredi, both agaisnt teams that we beat.!! Come on the gunners

  12. I think its funny how we lose one game and Man U fans are all or a sudden confident when Man u has lost 2 games already. Altho we should have won that game, this will get the boys back to being focused. I think they lost a little of what they had at the start so this is not a bad thing. And of course we need a new keeper.. Almunia is not good enough, that shuld be a must buy in January, bring in Robert Green! Eboue has been playin well, and even if we bring in Modric, like Eduardo he probably wont play much anyways until next season. The squad that plays now, with everyone back from injury, is good enough to win the title IF we bring in a world class goal keeper.

  13. arsenal were playing with confidence and they had a full strength team every week……watch them fault through the busy period.

    united al the way

  14. All the arsenal bloggers are still commenting. Yes we have had a bad month. But still after a bad month we remain top of the premiership Ronaldo7. So before you start critising and thinking United have got what it takes what, wait until United leapfrog arsenal in the table. IF THEY CAN!!

  15. u beat Bolton and ManCity in ur HOME game.. ayyoooo cant u see the difference? at least we dominated one of the game and against Bolton the game is fair.. unlike ur game against Aston Villa or even worst Boro..

  16. What rubbish. At the end of the season all of these points are worth nothing. Your comment about Bolton and Man City makes no sense because it’s obviously more difficult to beat sides away – as we found out against Middlesbrough. We’re still a point ahead and I think you’re worried.

  17. hahahaha i’m worried!! and u must be insane.. why should i be worried? we have enuff player to contain with injury heading towards festive period where everytime goin to play 4 games in 10 days and i wonder how ur super duper midfield will blend without ur powerhorse Fabregas. I’m so worried and scared

  18. Well Robin Van Persie is back and when Hleb and Fab come back, we will storm the prem once again, enjoy now because by the end of the month arsenal will be away with points.

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