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Wenger does not want to pay world class prices for less than world class playersProducers, not buyers

With the international week in full stream there’s not too much going on around the club at the moment, but Arsene Wenger did find some time to explain his feelings on the club and its policy on purchasing big players. Wenger declared openly that he believes the club is a producer – rather than a buyer – of great players. He also mentioned that Arsenal are not against purchasing world class players, but suggested that there aren’t as many available as the media would have you think and that many players are overpriced.

“I feel [the club] makes superstars. I feel we are in the process of turning Cesc Fabregas, Denilson and Abou Diaby into world-class players. We have a feel for the game and the way we want to play football is linked to development and therefore you have to take your time a little bit. If you find an extra special player then OK. But I have not seen a number of what you might call world class players. World class prices maybe but not world class players.”

Supporters of the club will know that Wenger has always been a better producer of great players, so it’s hard to argue with his comments there, especially when you see guys like Darren Bent being bought for almost ludicrous sums of money. The advantages of Arsenal’s and Wenger’s policy on bringing up young players are clear; the players know exactly what is required of them and the squad is given time to build up a collective spirit and vision, something I touched on briefly in yesterday’s post. It could be argued that this approach is not as effective as simply purchasing great players but the fact is, there is something extra-special about achieving success if it is done using the former methods. It is clear that the current group of players at Arsenal are very talented and if they continue to build in spirit and confidence I feel that success is just around the corner.

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Will this goal be the start of something big for Eduardo?The Eduardo explosion?

One of the players that will be hoping to continue building his confidence in the next few weeks is new signing Eduardo da Silva. The Croatian scored his first goal for the club against Sparta Prague last week in his best game for Arsenal so far and manager Arsene Wenger is adament that the nippy striker can build into some form on the back of that excellent performance.

“[Croatian manager] Slavan Bilic told me that in his first two or three games for the national team Eduardo was a bit inhibited then he suddenly exploded. You saw him play on the left against Sparta and you can tell he was very lively. Like every striker who comes in he feels he has to score goals.”

There’s no doubt that Eduardo has looked lively whenever he’s appeared this season, and it is good to hear that he feels like he has to score goals. He doesn’t seem like the type of player who would ever let that mentality get the better of the team and I actually think it’s a good thing to have at least one player in the squad with such a strong desire to score goals. With van Persie undoubtedly the first choice striker I think the key to Eduardo scoring goals will be down to the two of them building a strong partnership. From what I’ve seen so far Eduardo has looked at his most dangerous when paired with Emmanuel Adebayor and if he can build that same connection with van Persie then 15 goals isn’t unachievable.

What do you think?

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  1. The truth is, eduardo is about to explode.And when he explodes,the premiership will have to call fire brigade.Actually he looks more lively when paired with ade……I pray his partinership with VAN will click.However by the luk of things, we are good at the mo

  2. Yeah definitely agree about him looking better with Adebayor. There is just something about the big man-little man combination that seems to be working. Van Persie and Eduardo look a little separated when they play together.

  3. Eduardo needs like anyother player but he looks as those he will score those ugly goals which we need. Paring him with Adebayor is not right at the moment as Adebayor has been very poor. His performance has carried over from last season and should not be our first choice striker. On sunday against porstmouth the ball was been given to him all the time and he was wasting it time after time and I could not wait till they finaly took him off he wasted some many chances.If eduado was there he could of been more effective.

  4. Maybe that’s true, but I don’t think that Adebayor wasted the ball too much against Portsmouth. There were some poor final balls at time but on the whole I thought he had a good game and linked up well with the midfield. Adebayor and Eduardo looked sharp together against Sparta but I agree that I would still want van Persie on the field at this stage.

  5. Please look at the the amount of balls that went to him we were putting the ball over the top and van persie was playing behind him. He was getting out paced by the Portsmouth defenders.Then he missed a sitter when all he needed to do was put his foot out. With all new Arsenal players I give them at leat a season or so to bed in. Abdebayor cost us last season with his misses. He needs to practice his finishing.

  6. your right it is first start, I would love for him to improve, but he needs to improve his performance quickly but it looks as though Edudardo should be in front of him and be given a start. Diaby looked good and I have been very impressed with Flamini and his desire, touches of Ray parlour and he can play left, right back and centre midfield and can score quality goals.

  7. Very true. I have to admit I’m a big fan of Adebayor. He works as hard as anyone out on the pitch and it just and at the moment he looks a little short of his usual sharpness. I’m sure he will improve. Eduardo looks great at times, we’ll see how he develops. I definitely think he – and also Bendtner – should be given chances to start. Couldn’t agree more with your comments on Diaby and Flamini, I think Flamini has been an absolute workhorse so far. Bigger tests to come soon though, pity about this inconvenient international break.

  8. Adebayor needs to perfect on his sharpness. Wenger is set to sign a new contract till 2011.

    Arsenal is the team to watch this season in all the competitions thios season.

  9. Gilbeto had a great game but I was surprised they did not make him captain I hope that does not affect him as he been great abasador for Arsenal. Looking forward to the Spurs game and this is there Cup final and will do all they can to stop by hook or by crook and Jol knows he cannot lose this game as this will be the last straw for the Spurs board. We can take the points if we are clinical in front of goal.


    Wenger to commit to Arsenal until 2011 – September 05, 2007

    The length of Arsene Wenger’s new Arsenal deal will be for four years, it has been revealed.
    The Daily Star says Wenger will sign his new contract this week, which will keep him at Emirates stadium until 2011.

  11. Although it is extremely likely that Wenger will confirm his deal today or tomorrow, I wouldn’t believe a thing until it is on the official club website. Tribal Football is a horrible website that consistently publishes false stories in the hope of enticing speculation and the like. You’ve been warned… 🙂

  12. Pair ade and edy! They can pair each other really well. Ade is very good in the air and can win the long balls from goal kicks and clearances well. Edy has a really good attacking and poaching instinct. Of all the strikers, imho, edy still has the best positioning which is really impt especially for arsenal’s style of play. this double trouble will really get the defenders crying out loud. Most imptly, give edy more chance to show what he’s made of(and hopefully to “explode”)!

  13. Eduardo is a selfish striker which is just what Arsenal need, when he has an oppurtunity on goal, he’ll take it and won’t gamble a pass which is what is stopping Walcott from being a excellent player

  14. I will love to see adebayor and eduardo to be pearing together upfront for arsenal to have a good combination to get quick goals for us

    danlami ma’aji

  15. Adebayor has improved month after month since joining us. I thought he played well against Pompey.. he missed a sitter, but so have most of the attacking players on our side. It was his first start since his groin injury and I think he looked sharper than most players did in their first game.. I expect big things from him this year. No doubts here that he will continue to improve.. I think Thierry saw something in him.. a kind of mutual respect that was born on the pitch..

  16. Sam – You and I should seriously join the Emmanuel Adebayor Fan Club or something haha. And yes, despite being moderately biased, I thought he did very well against Pompey. Take him out of the side and I think it makes a bigger difference than people realise.

  17. Ronaldo7 – People can rate whoever they like. I’m sure there are plenty of fans who ‘rate’ Nani and he is in a similar situation as Eduardo. They’re both internationals and have just signed for big clubs and both look pretty good so far so I don’t see the problem in rating either of them.

  18. in rating i mean saying….”The truth is, eduardo is about to explode.And when he explodes,the premiership will have to call fire brigade”

    thats overrating unproven…..dont here me saying nani is gonna explode, just say his a good player with potential…anyways his shown it what has edwardo done…cant wait to see arsenal drop points to tottenham

  19. Wenger was the first one who said he would explode 🙂 Eduardo has shown enough to be on par with Nani in my opinion. As for the Arsenal dropping points against Tottenham, it’s a possibility but I can’t see it happening.

  20. The same way Man United droped points to Reading, Portsmouth and Man City? You should stop bitchin about Arsenal and concentrate on the Everton game, since it will be the next team to slap Man United around the pitch.

  21. we will show everton a footballing lesson…..arsenal will fall, there just ridign some confidence right now

  22. Yeah, i caught the “footballing lesson” yall showed Man City…. Might wanna learn how to play football first

  23. I honestly think that Arsenal are doing a little bit more than riding their confidence at the moment. The games they have been playing have been tightly fought on the whole and it’s been the mental strength and superior technique that has got them over the line. Oh yeah, and the fact that they have been scoring goals when it matters, unlike Manchester United so far. I’m sure United will fight back, but I see you guys dropping points at Everton far more likely than Arsenal dropping points at Tottenham.

  24. not wen ronaldo is back baby…..piece of advice is put him in ur fantasy team..

    arsenal were lucky against man city…united played all over man city but were without 2 good strikers just had the one

  25. Ronaldo7- Man Utd’s game is starting to become like Chelsea’s. Very dependent on a few players to win and score. Once the “star” player get the ball, he is alone cos the team expects that he would be able to make the “magic” by himself. That explains the many goals scored from long range efforts. This problem is compounded by the poor passes from everyone. Several passes end up incomplete due to the poor support and communication of teammates. And so the player ends up with no choice but to shoot from afar. Simply said, Man U cant play football.

  26. Everton 3 Manchester Utd 1 ; Arsenal 3 Totenham 1.

    Ronaldo 7 – Remember Eduardo will explode in the Totenham game by scoring 2 goals. For Man U fans all teams know you rely on Ronaldo and Rooney and mark you these two will be marked tightly and provoked by the other teams just to earn them Red cards and injuries. Arsenal will not drop any points. Gallas and Sagna will be back and Diara will earn his first cap in an Arsenal jersey.

    Arsenal has pure young quality players – Denilson and Diaby have stepped up their game and when we met you (Man U ) later we will beat you with 3 goals to Nil. Ferdinand will be unable to cope with Adebayor’s runnings on goal and Eduardo will trouble your defense to hell. Remember we still have our macho man RVP waiting for a clinical finish.



  27. Everton are a far more complete team than Tottenham I have to say. I’ve been saying it for a while now, but Everton are far and away the best of the teams outside the top 4. A midfield with substance (I believe harder and more creative than Man. Utd’s), an excellent, if not flashy, backline, a fine goalkeeper, and some excellent strikers.

    Spurs will be fired up when Arsenal play them though. There’s no doubt about that. I’ll reserve any predictions until after the international break, when I know who inevitably will come back injured. If both teams pick up where they’ve left off, it’ll be 5-0 to Arsenal.

    On another note, it seems that Man. Utd. and Chelsea are being found out.

  28. Ron7’s ignorant remark doesnt even warrant a response. Again, it seems Utd “fans” are more worried about what we are doing… winning.

  29. i think alessandro rosina, samir nasri, luka modric are going to be serious targets either in january or next summer.
    rosina is a brillant player, who italy have got high hopes on.
    they are “going to be superstars”….

  30. Ronaldo7 – if you have nothing postive to say then don’t say anything. And i seem to remember that Arsenal are unbeaten so far and Man Utd are not unbeaten and if you think Spuds can stop our unbeaten run then your just crazy. As for being lucky against Man City, we were unlucky not to score more than One.

  31. Criticising a team for playing less English players than others is silly,Criticism for teams that aren’t fielding them is unjustified in the most past foreign players moved the premiership along,they dragged English league upwards when it was quite stagnant.
    criticising Arsenal heavily a team full of foreigners,so I wanted to explain the positive effects that foreigners have had on English game.
    As much as the likes of Brooking blame the foreign players for England’s recent failures,they should realise that before the huge influx of foreign players,the premiership was in a much worse state.
    This must stop!

  32. Just a reminder to all to keep the swearing and negative language to a minimum. I’m all for fee speech but I had to edit a couple of posts because of excessive bad language. As for the comments about Ronaldo7 – he’s entitled to come on her and give his opinion, that’s what blogs are for. It’s good to see all the Arsenal supporters stick up for their boys though!

  33. her here spanish fry here her…..i like coming on here as i am a fan of FOOTBALL and enjoy reading the “spanish fry” blog entries….just get sick of hereing u arsenal boys rate ur guys as being the best team ever and this guy is the next such and such….say it when they prove it cause they havent won anything yet….as for somene saying its all ronaldo and rooney…i disagree in that we have tevez who will be freed up by the arrival of saha from injury…also have the likes of nani and scholes who can out for united when were back to full strength..

  34. Ronaldo7 – Just in the same way that you’re allowed your opinion, so is everyone else. I think it’s pretty stupid to be annoyed at people who support a club rating the players who play for the club. Obviously people are going to like their club and it’s players a lot more than in other teams. Everyone can have their opinion, I just want people to keep the criticism constructive so the discussion doesn’t turn into a farce.

  35. u guys leave ronaldo7 alone he has a right to share his mind! i am an arsenal fan and i wont say anything tho, but i trust the team spirit! lets let the ball do the talking and our mouths the supporting!

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