The 3 reasons why Arsenal failed to beat Spurs

Sometimes in football you witness games where logic goes out the window and all hell breaks lose. Liverpool’s 5-4 win over Alaves in the UEFA Cup immediately comes to mind as does last year’s ridiculous 4-2 loss to Liverpool in the Champions League.

Last night’s 4-4 draw with Tottenham was one of those games.

Before I pick through the bones of an indescribably frustrating result for Arsenal I just want to say what a pleasure it was to witness a game like this. This was a game which represents why football is such an amazing game and why I – and so many other people around the world – love it so much. Both sides gave it their all and tried to play attacking football while avoiding the play-acting and pettiness which is so prominent in the modern game. Poor result aside, this was a reminder of what a great game football is and it was a privilege to witness.

Dreamy romanticism aside now and the result begs Arsenal fans to ask the question: what exactly went wrong?  Well in my opinion, three things. One, Manuel Almunia had a poor game. Two, Rottenham well and truly had their shooting boots on. Three, our team’s mentality was hopelessly wrong in the last 15 minutes.

First up, Almunia. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more sorry for a goalkeeper than I felt for Almunia last night but the simple fact is that he had a poor game. I can accept him being lobbed by a shot as audacious as David Bentley’s opener. I can accept him spilling the shot which lead to Tottenham’s second goal. But to have both of those moments happen in the same game was really tough to deal with.

The sad thing is that there will be plenty of people calling for Almunia’s head after this match. Proudly, I won’t be one of them. Goalkeepers will always spill a couple of shots each season, it’s part and parcel of the position, and to spill a shot at 3-1 up is a lot better than doing the same thing at 0-0. Almunia has been great in these last two seasons and although his performance has hurt us tonight, I still feel he deserves the fans’ respect and support. After all, he was not at fault for the final two goals and it’s certainly not his fault we eventually drew the game.

Secondly it has to be said – and it’s something that I think a lot of pundits and bloggers will overlook – that Tottenham’s long-range shooting in this match was superb. All four of their goals were scored as a result of long-range shots and much as it’s hard to accept it, well-hit shots from long range are impossibly hard to defend. As a defender and a manager you’ll always be happier seeing a side taking shots from 30 yards out then having chances in the shots. The problem was that in this game those shots from 30 yards were deadly.

Moving onto the team’s mentality in the final 15 minutes now and I have to make it clear that I believe this was the main reason Arsenal did not beat Tottenham. The words ‘naive’, ‘panicky’ and ‘misguided’ immediately jump to mind. Why on earth the player’s attacked with such verve at 4-2 and even 4-3 is beyond me. We have the individual ability in players like Adebayor, Nasri and Fabregas to attack with verve without committing everyone forward, yet we continued to do so. I know we were only a whisker away from slotting a fifth on a number of occasions, especially in the last minute or two but the simple fact is that if the Arsenal boys had chosen to play a little dirty, to play keep-ball then we would have won.

Rather disappointly, the mentality of the players to keep attacking when it was clear it was not the right thing to do was shared by Arsene Wenger after the match. In his own words:

“I believe we were too cautious, we wanted to keep the ball in a negative way instead of scoring goals number five and six. We were not going forward with enough purpose and that is why we were punished. At 4-2 they had given up but then we let them back into the game. Then at 4-3 they have nothing to lose. We have lost the ball in the middle and we had two opportunities to score goal number five but we lost the ball.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for romantic football. I would hate to see our team sit on one or two-goal leads with 30 minutes left on the clock when it is smarter to continue attacking. But 4-2 or even 4-3 up with only a couple of minutes to go was not the time to keep searching for a fifth or sixth. It was the time for a cool head to take the ball to the corner and waste time, to pass sideways instead of looking for a killer through ball, to give away a yellow-card for timewasting instead of rushing back into formation.

These players – and indeed the manager – are all old enough to know when is the right time to play great football and when is the right time to dig out a win and they made a huge, huge mistake today. As such, they absolutely MUST learn from this game or quite simply they will not be celebrating any great successes at the end of this season.

And that’s all there is to say really. A bitterly disappointing result after a thrilling 85-minute performance from the lads. Unfortunately though, a game lasts 90 minutes and if the manager and the team can’t wake up to the fact that they sometimes need to compromise their beautiful football then it’s going to be a very, very frustrating season.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, although I can imagine they’re not going to be pretty.

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  1. It boils down to the fact that we lack depth and experience.I felt so bad yesterday.
    We wont win anything this year again.I for one has given up watching arsenal cos on radio this morning a fan died of heart attack in Nigeria.I dont think wenger and those not too ambitious players will send me to an early grave.

  2. 3 reasons and here they are




    you fucking gooner scumbags should support a proper team, wenger just likes the kids a bit too much.



  3. A totally introspective view that does not factor into the equation Spurs gifting Arsenal two goals in addition to the Hutton back pass.

    Without Spur obliging Arsenal you could have been looking at defeat

    Be grateful for your point as it was not as a convincing performance by Arsenal

  4. @ redford – I appreciate your comment but I disagree that we were not convincing. At 3-1 up is was our game for the taking. Clichy and Almunia’s lapses well and truly cancelled out Hutton’s and even then we should have won.

  5. Christ you goons are a whingeing bunch!
    A combination of bad defending and pathetic officiating gifted you all 4 goals, yes ALL FOUR and yet you still want more????

    Face it, Spurs deserved their point last night, everyone outside of Wengers playpit thinks so.
    Grow a pair, act like adults and accept it.

    Also, you lot heard the news that the Emirates won’t be the only 60,000 seater stadium in North London soon?
    Spurs just announced plans to build their own, right next door to the Lane…Spurs are a rewal club who know where their home is you see!!!

  6. @ Joseph – I fail to see how my article is a winge. I’m clearly placing the blame on certain players and our own mentality. I haven’t once mentioned referees or luck or anything that could be qualified as a whinge. I’ve even praised Spurs shooting in the match.

    But the simple fact remains that at 4-2 up with five to go you have to win. And we didn’t, so I’m frustrated. Can’t see how that’s a whinge. Enlighten me if you please.

  7. why woz their 4 minutes of injury time??? and by the time the game finished it was about 95. wats up with that???

  8. Spurs fan here, nice comments. Arsenal were undoubtedly the better side last night, but, like Spurs, they do have a mental problem, albeit a different one: they play with a swagger and its the only way they know. Sure, as someone else here says, you probably won’t win anything this season, BUT footballing sides like Spurs and Arsenal are the reasons this sport, and the EPL, are so popular. People love watching this type of game, and thats not a small thing. Ironically, given his anger, I think the big mistake was Wenger’s. He took off Walcott whose quick breaks from defence onto attack was a problem that Spurs never quite got to grips with. The 19-year-old could probably have run all night and I think we were relieved to see him go.

  9. Hope this match does not rekindle the run after that draw with Birmingham kast season ,when we inadvertly lost the title.
    As Scope knight says the players lack ambition, and Wengers tired comments of its a young team bla bla,,we the supporters need titles now,,not tommorow. for tommorow surely never comes.
    Its prudent for the Arsenal board to realise now that the football landscape has changed and you cannot win titles on the cheap.
    You need real experince when it matters most. The forwards played very well but still need that deadly finish touch that can will titles. Not much i can say about the defence for twice they were caught spectating rebounds i believe Kolo would have done better with that. all the same wish Arsenal the best of luck..with Manu Liverpool and Chelsea winning their games..

  10. @ shannon – Agreed about Walcott. To lose a speedy attacking outlook spelled disaster. Even though defence was the way to go it was a bit of a suicidal move.

  11. We got the draw through sheer determination. Ar5ena1 were too arogant of thinking they had the game sewn up. They underestimated our fight. Spurs showed heart when we looked beat. Fantastic display and some great goals. About time.

  12. what the fuck has happened to our defencive midfield.all goals on shoots from outside the box.
    last nigth goals
    sunderland goal
    hull city goal
    i dont understand all these fuck ups.
    Mr. Wenger if you let Flamini go then fit your ass there to get some real player a defencive midfielder.
    and lets have some celeberations this season which we really dont expect with such kind of dirty performances….

  13. thanks guys. who saw spurs celebrating at the end, did they win?? shows the differnet ambitions of the clubs ey. But they are making the top 4 this year yeah??

  14. the main reason of lost to spurs is
    – when you thought you will win you were relaxed at the ending time
    – defensive skills of the yougsters are lack
    -yes the goalkeeper had a poor game
    Wenger: please consider to sign the new quality midfielder ,to make sure of win the title.

  15. oi eddie
    your last
    have a fun season wanka it will be your last in the premier league for a while

  16. “who saw spurs celebrating at the end?”

    Well not their fans anyway, as they had all gone home.

    When is the commemorative DVD and mug going on sale?

  17. A good article from your side.
    We got lucky, but deserved it for playing for the whole 94 minutes.
    I can’t believe the “naive” comments, they’ve been top level footballers for many years and should know when to kill the game off. Adams/Smith/Wright/Viera would have…. Thanks for the memories though! COYS

  18. Hypocrisy from the manager as his substitutions were all defensive… This loss is simply a lack of leadership… A player or two has to step up and take control of the game and say “you had your fun thats it” and end the match… We do not have a player with that mentality at all. I could see fabregas becoming that but not for a few more years. Other than that I dont think anyone is capable of it… Hopefully Rosicky will have an impact when he returns… Wenger needs to be very hard on the players after this… its the only way they will get it in their heads that giving up goals is precious… even when we are controlling the game.

    Aside from that I still think we may need a DMF and I know it sounds like I am just basing this off one game but we need a capable keeper… I like Almunia but he is not championship material i dont think… We should look at Frey from fiorentina or Ocho from Mexico… Unless we pull some miracles in the champions league silverware looks like a long shot again this season… Hope they prove me wrong when everyone is back and healthy…

  19. As a Spurs fan that was both the best and the worst game. At 4-2 I thought the game was over but managed to make myself sit though the last of it (and boy am I glad). In all honesty that game could have been any score between 1-1 and 5-5, with both teams making some VERY silly defensive errors. From spurs point of view it was very encouraging as I dont think we would have had that come back last week. I was disappointed with some of the comments from the Arsenal players before the game (e.g. spurs might get a point against Arsenal ladies) and Wenger’s comments after the game about Arsenal being 2 levels above spurs – but all in all this is why I love the premiership!!! Would have been better for my nerves if it had been 2 neutral teams but great game…

  20. I dont want to blame too much on the defending. but for the last two goals, where was the midfield ? they just seem to pass easily as if noone existed. we are terribly missing flamini,someone who can breakup the play giving away a freekick. It has been ages since i saw denilson making a tackle on anyone. he is ok going fwd but is totally absent protecting the defence.
    I think 4 goals scored by spurs were of far higher quality than those by arsenal ,3 of which were down to defensive mistakes by spurs.
    And ya adebayor played well, but can he EVER NOT miss a simple chance in every game ?? He is awesome creating opportunities and everything but with finishing, he seems to miss simplest of chances every game …come on,thats what he is for, finish those chances and kill off the game, thats where he earns his money.. (The goal he missed last season against birmingham that would have put us 3-1 up still haunts me)…

    We all agree Liverpool are a less attractive side and all, but all that matters in the end – between winning and not winning the trophies – They could hold on to 1-0 lead at stamford bridge against chelsea of all teams, for 80 minutes and we cant hold on to 4-2 lead for 5 minutes at home.
    The day from which arsenal can defend like that, they can win any trophy,even if they score half the no. of goals they r scoring now.

  21. I totally agree with all your notes and assessment of last nights disappointing and frustrating game. Most especially and notably the last one.

    Almunia having a bad game and getting caught out of position was the hardest one to stomach while the second long range shot could have and should have been blocked by the back tracking gallas who was just looking at the guy taking the shot…very frustrating!

    the team took things for granted in the last 6 minutes and they were complacent and yes…immature! but then again as Arsene said they will learn from this!

    hopefully this will be last of this typer of performance this year!

  22. nik, I wouldn’t expect you to stand there still if arse-anal had come back from 4-2 down to draw the game in virtually the last minute of extra time, do you?

  23. Now it’s alright for a team to think they have the game sewn up at 4-2 in the 88th minute, but what happened there was just ridiculous. Those shots from outside the box were phenomenal, but where did they get all that space? January Signing here we come.

    As one of the spurs fans mentioned, Arsenal deserved it for the 85 minutes – spurs deserved it for finishing the game.

  24. The reason that the Spurs side were celebrating at the end is simple…They pulled off a 4-4 draw, when at 89 minutes it was 4-2….If you don’t understand that, why do you think the Goonahs had boats like a smacked ass?…And finally! Judging by Wenger’s post match comments he wasn’t watching the same game as the rest of us…Gallic tosser!

  25. All im sayin it was hard to handle us drawin when we all know we should have won and had it was a done deal with 15 minutes to go, but all im sayin is guys dont write us off I have a feelin that we will pull through just wait and see how we go against the other big 3. And whats whit all these dirty spuds comin on here piss off if u got nothing gud to say bout the game than GET FUCKED take a leaf out of shannon’s post thats the only comments that are appreciated.

  26. What’s d date 4 d carling cup match against wigan ?Maybe d young guns can cure me 4rm d pain am going thru .Fans here in Nigeria are feeling very bad at d moment bcos of d inability of Wenger 2 find a perfect replacement 4 flamini.The fear here is dat if we keep losing points against small teams how are we 2 perform against big clubs.It’s 2 early 2 say we cant win d league but if we want 2 win anything dis season wenger should work on the defensive aspect of d team and d space in d midfield.we need a defensive midfielder(badly).And why did AW bench toure? Why did he not bring in vela and Dj?

  27. very clever sophie u can say bum in 2 different ways. i wood stay their im not a fair weather supporter. Yes we do have problems nut a freak goal and sum luck for spurs was the only reason you scum managed a point.

  28. spurs dont deserve anything yesterday, they had 6 shots and 4 goals, 2 of them rebound. our goalkeeper was a clown yesterday.
    i hope it’s a one off incident.
    and you can thank clichy for that big mistake and almunia.

    in the second half spurs players were running like headless chicken chasing shadows, admit it, spurs fan knew the game was over when we were 4-2 up and only had hopes in the 89th minute. so dont boast as if you were the better ones all the way!

    but still credit to spurs for taking their chances. and some of the rational spurs fans comments here.

    i think arsene should admit he made a mistake with the bringing off walcott, rvp(MOM) and nasri who were the ones trying not to be ‘negative’! putting in song and eboue is being negative!
    and he says the team is immature but still buys 16-18 year olds

  29. I’m not sure I agree with the last point. I thought that we got trapped because we got too complacent in the last 15 minutes. The players had taken victory for granted and were just trying to keep possession in a negative way.

    The manager contributed to this mentality by taking off a striker (RvP) and 2 attacking wingers (Theo and Nasri) and bringing on 3 central midfielders. We stopped playing the natural game and became too negative.

    If we had played naturally for the last 10-15 mins rather than trying to play keep-ball in our own half, things might have been different.

    Also, I thought Cesc had a pretty ordinary game, even to the last minute when he tried to put Adebayor through and gifted away possession. Its intriguing how our fortunes are interwined with what kinda game Cesc has.

  30. What’s d date 4 d carling cup match against wigan ?Maybe d young guns can cure me 4rm d pain am going thru .Fans here in Nigeria are feeling very bad at d moment bcos of d inability of Wenger 2 find a perfect replacement 4 flamini.The fear here is dat if we keep losing points against small teams how are we 2 perform against big clubs.It’s 2 early 2 say we cant win d league but if we want 2 win anything dis season wenger should work on the defensive aspect of d team and d space in d midfield.we need a defensive midfielder(badly).And why did AW bench toure? Why did he not bring in vela and Dj?Am i great fan of AW but atimes he needs 2 listen 2 d fans.And i think AW should stop favouritism,djourou(he said he loves 2 play as a DM) is clearly better than denison(he’s not defensive minded),Toure is better than silverster.

  31. “but the simple fact is that if the Arsenal boys had chosen to play a little dirty, to play keep-ball then we would have won.”

    But then they would have been hypocrites, given their “they won’t let us play” comments whenever a team does that to them

  32. @ shannon and si gardner: good comments lads- it’s interesting to hear things from a Spurs point of view. @ eddie smith- oh dear! Enough said. I thought last night’s game showed in sharp focus everything that is both good and bad about our team. We played some scintillating football; there were long periods when Spurs simply couldn’t get near the ball. And, unlike other games this season, the long periods of possession also ended with clear scoring opportunities. Yes, Spurs defending was poor, but we scored 4 goals! There are very few, if any, teams that can play accurate one-touch football at such pace. On the negative side, we conceded 4 goals at home. The first was a wonderful goal, but we all know that it takes 100 attempts before one of those goes in. Should Almunia have been so far off his line? No he shouldn’t. It took me back to the days of Dave Seaman. I didn’t think the back four played too badly. Clichy was just unlucky with his slip for their 3rd. The problem was a total lack of effective defensive midfield cover. As you rightly said Spanish, all 4 Spurs goals came from shots of 30 yards or more. I disagree with you that these are difficult to defend- that’s precisely why you have a defensive midfielder, to get his boot in and break up approach play by the opposition. We all knew we desperately needed a replacement for Flamini. Wenger promised us one during the close season but failed to deliver on his promise- we are paying the price for this failure. Finally, I agree we were totally naive in surging forward at 4-2 with 5 minutes left. No serious challenger for the Premiership would be so tactically inept. Both Wenger on the bench and Gallas on the pitch should have prompted caution. Basically, we won the game, then threw it away last night. We gave idiots like eddie smith the ammunition to spend this morning crowing. We desreved to win the game last night, but credit to Spurs, they battled for 94 minutes and never gave up. These things even out over time. They were the better team in the corresponding fixture last season and ended up losing 2-1. In the wider picture, it’s now 9 years and 18 games since Spurs beat us in the league, so it’s not all bad!

  33. “thanks guys. who saw spurs celebrating at the end, did they win?? shows the differnet ambitions of the clubs ey. But they are making the top 4 this year yeah??”

    Like your celebrations of snatching a draw at home against Man Utd last season when all the pre-match talk was of thrashing them?

  34. @name – the difference is we actually played that game and didnt rely on pot shots from half way to win us the game. Y are so many spurs supporters on an Arsenal blog???

  35. name – we equalised against Man U to stay top of the league. You equalised last night to stay bottom of the league.

    That’s the difference.

  36. I sat there and watched it and Arsenal shud definitely have won. Any Spurs Fan who says that it was Redknapp’s “factor” so to speak is talkin rubbish. You had a lucky last 5 minutes Spurs. The Most Dissapointing watch I’ve seen in a long time.

  37. This game definately feels like a loss to me. Times like these i wish i could change my phone number for a week so i dont have to put up with my scum mates bragging like they’ve won the world cup.

    Spuds for relegation anyone…….yes please.


    My Arsenal companions, three problems all surrounding defense.

    1. Get rid of Almunia – he is an average keeper (belongs at a place where average football is played, like totties), he is not commanding enough in the air and our defence needs organising, and he aint the man to do it. The comment I make about him are not just on last nights performance.

    2. Get rid of Gallas – he is a “has-been”, really poor and inconsistent performances, and shite captain.

    3. Quality defensive mid-fielder, for fucksakes please! Denilson aint going to make the cut! Ramsey for the future maybe. Song…im not so sure, he’s good but is he good enough for arsenal? Yaya Toure sounds like a good option.

    Fuck guys I miss the days of Henry, Pires, Lungberg, Viera, Keown. They were winners! I get the feeling this bunch we got has talent but the DEFENDING SCARES ME!!!

    I suppose there is always a chance of winning the Champions League 🙂


  39. Jon, Gallas may be a has been but he’s our captain so he wont be dropped or sold. We are just gunner have to wait till he moves on unfortunately.

    And yes, we need a quality experienced MF to partner Cesc. He is suffering because of this.

  40. Would that have ever happened under Tony Adams watch???
    Or what about paddy’s???
    The answer is no. There in lies the problem corrupting the entire team……, the captaincy.
    I like Gallas as a player, and for most of last night he played well, he contributed with a goal, but this guy is not a captain. The sheer panic and cluelessness of the last five mins proved that. When we needed a calming figure, somebody to reorder the team and settle them, Gallas was nowhere to be found. A captain should be somebody you look at and know that you could go to war with them. Adams was, paddy was, Gallas is not. And not wanting to speak for the arsenal boys but i’m guessing they would feel the same way.

    On a personal level, last night’s game was the most frustrating, nay, infuriating game i can remember watching in a long time. I watched it at home, and afterwards the TV remote nearly went through the box and the neighbours were woken with a mixture of cuss words and talk of fining them all a month’s wages. I’ve calmed down a bit since then, had the chance to reassess my thoughts and opinions, and i have come to the conclusion that a month’s wages is not right……, they should all be fined 2 months wages!
    And another thing, why is it that so many teams score wonder goals against arsenal?????? That lot of scum, Hull, Sunderland, and that’s just with 10 games gone. What are the odds.
    Oh finally, I don’t usually condone torture, but i would happily make an exception for Jamie Redknapp, not to mention that rat faced chav Bentley.

    Okay, rant over. Time for some breakfast.

  41. I have 4 reasons why:

    1. Bentley
    2. Bent
    3. Jenas
    4. Lennon

    And as for relegation, bahahahaha…. Show’s how fucking detached from reality you lot really are…. We’ll get relegated, like you’ll win the league again….. WHEN FUCKING HELL FREEZES OVER.

    4-2 and you fucked it up!…..MUGS!

  42. Decided to post a comment after watching us draw what should have been a easy win against Spurs last night. Obviously we lost the game because of our inability ever to shut up shop in the way we would have done in the ‘old days’ but think that Wenger did not help by substituting Walcott and Van Persie if Spurs were still worrying about how to defend their play they would not have even got over the half way line. Also cannot believe Jamie Redknapps school boy rants at half time about their being a foul before our equaliser and also the way in which Bentley was so excited when interviewed at the end – this really is their cup final isn’t it! Oh yes and where did 4 minutes injury time come from! Firsts blog ever so be gentle!

  43. Ihave been one of he biggest supporters of sidelining Gallas. But yesterday, i think he played good. he headed out a number of dangerous crosses and scored a goal(not his job, but he did anyways).

    I also do not agree that denilson was inadequate. actually i think the whole arsenal team was stunnning. they played beautiful football, and it looked like they had full control the entire game.

    the tottenham goals came out of nothing every time, and you cant blame denilson for every shot, from every angle.

    if i have to point at a player not doing his job yesterday, it was almunia. he looked shaky at times.

    clichy also had the biggest blunder of this year, but he also played an amazing game!!!

    tottenham won the lottery, no doubt!

  44. Fab4 – You ask how spurs will finance their new stadium. With a waiting list for season tickets over 20,000 and a current debt of only £14m. What is Arsenal’s current debt and what will happen if you fail to make the Champions League. You might not have thought about that but I bet your board have !

  45. What a bunch of sour gooners. Our celebrations at the end was more understandable than the over the top goal celebrations of the scum players.

  46. It seems to me that for all of Arsenes tallent for spotting great young attacking tallent. Has anyone noticed that he is a dunce when it is time to find good defenders!
    Also it is Arsene who lost us a few games this year by not buying a much needed DM and CM. His substitutions are also shit!

  47. “spurs dont deserve anything yesterday, they had 6 shots and 4 goals, 2 of them rebound.”

    True arsenal were the better side but your first two goals were down to ridiculous refereeing decisions, in fact the ref was horribly biased all night. If he had reffed it down the line and it was level after 60 mins Spurs wouldn’t have needed to be chasing around like headless chickens…

  48. The only mug going on sale Fab4 is fabregas when he finally realises he is going to win fuck all at ar5ena1. Your first two goals were gifted to you by incompetant referreeing and Ar5ena1’s foreigners pleading for fouls and cards everytime they got touched. Your back four is no longer feared, your midfield too lightweight amd your attack, good as it is, over elaborates.. another year of winning fuck all lads, i know it, you know it and most importantly the players like fabregas and adebayor know it…….worrying times for the gooners…but its ok…probably up sticks and take the franchise somewhere else soon…like they always do 🙂

  49. And the most embarrassing celebration of the night was Adebayor’s post 4th goal – bet you’re regretting that this morning sunshine 😀

  50. actually its kinda funny to hear spurs supporters claiming they deserved to win etc. let them voice their opinions. gives you a perspective on why they are spurs fans xD

  51. Quote “I would hate to see our team sit on one or two-goal leads with 30 minutes left on the clock when it is smarter to continue attacking”

    That is a laughable comment to be made from an Arse supporter!!

    The team that epitomise the 1-0 scoreline..

    Your team has always been a 1-0 club, you cant wipe that from your history even with Arse-loving wenker as manager!


  52. the reason you lot continued to attack is because you wanted revenge for the carling cup 5 – 1 loss. and it backfired

  53. Sagna is a great attacking minded back whilst Clichy is always prone to do something stupid towards the end of a game.

  54. “With a waiting list for season tickets over 20,000 and a current debt of only £14m. What is Arsenal’s current debt and what will happen if you fail to make the Champions League. You might not have thought about that but I bet your board have !”

    So Joe Lewis is going to put up the money is he? Whoops! There goes another £500 million as the FTSE takes another dive!

    Worrying times for the Gunners? Eh? Whose bottom of the league again? Oh I forgot – you are a team on the up aren’t you? Of course, there isn’t any further down you can go right now.

  55. What ever your take on the right’s n’ wrongs of the game, I sense a feeling of insecurity & unease amongst the Goonah brethren. Not only did Spurs show what shaky ground the Goonah myth is built on…you are positively bricking at the thought of a superior new ground being built by the true kings of North London. I suggest you turn the Emirates into a Jehovah’s Witness Hall and scuttle back to Woolwich, where you will be in the suitable company of Charlton & Millwall!

  56. Korupt…if you are not sure of spurs success’s check the history books…and while you are at it..check ar5ena1’s success’s…by reading in the history books thats the only glimpse of an ar5ena1 success you are gonna see this season…AGAIN! ha ha ha COYS

  57. clichy and sagne are the two best backs in the world. i agree, the centre is not perfect, but to say that wenger is shit at finding defending quality is preposterous. ashley cole was also magninficent.

  58. Its quite pathetic when you bring the “IQ” card to the table when you are talking about support for clubs! As if you support the Arse cos you are “intelligent”!! well if you know anything about football or sports in general, supporting a team is emotional and not an intellectual commitment!

    Anyway its common knowledge that only dicks, like you, with small penises will say that anyone that supports Spurs has a lower IQ than your mensa “topping” group of apes supporters?

    OH I am more than open to taking a mensa test against a moron like you! then we will see whom has the “Higher” IQ!!

    This is a public blog and is open to anyone to comment on. if you cant take it go to an arse loving sit only to hear only the good things about your team!



  59. HAHAHAHAHAHA. that got me a good laugh. sry if i insulted you, but some of the posts made by spurs supporters here can only be explained with lack of IQ. i have an intelligent friend who cheers for tottenham. but there are always exceptions xD thanks for the good laugh btw!

  60. Fair play to Spurs, they never gave up. Although with our lack of leadership and panicky play, it was made easier.

    I wish clichy never fell over. Our team isnt good enough, i have saifd it all season – To young and inexperienced. 4-2 5 mins left, just keep the ball, hit it to the corners, foul them on the break, take yellow cards! This is what wins championships as well as the pretty football.

    Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea would all have closed tht game out. We wont win anything unless Wenger invests in someone older than 21. So many times over the last 3 seasons we have heard “next year” “Great potential” “Very close last year”

    We sell Flamini, Hleb and then place our faith in kids again. We need to have some real battlers in the squad.

    Dropping points at Fulham, Hull, Sunderland and now Spurs will kill the mentality that is already frail anyway.

    Lets get ready for another 3rd or 4th or dare i say it, 5th finish…

  61. your welcome.. Its good to accept that are an arse loving dick with a small penis! Remember it is not the size but how you use it! that applies to your brains as well! HAHA..

    What cannot be disputed was last night was a proper game of football and to most neutrals would have been properly entertained.


  62. we dont have any godgiven right to win the pl. and I can guarantee that we will finish top 4. no doubt. i think we will win cl though.

  63. Do you know what arsenal play great football its hard to deny but what really stirs me up is your arrogance and shit your players say before and after the game. Wenger cant even say well done spurs for coming back . he has to go and say arsenal are two levels above. Whats his problem its not like he hasn’t beaten us before.

    thats what gets to everyone your sheer arrogance.

    when we lost 5-4 at the lane i just said that was one the best games of football Ive seen and we lost.

    get over it and start realizing why we really hate you.

    You guys are like the america of football.. think your the best , (when probably you should be )boast about it and wonder why everyone hates you ,

    Good luck with the premier league

    Harrys Blue And White Army 2009 out to get ya

  64. totty lover. your sentence didnt give much meaning. and you should get better at insulting. i feel like im quarreling with a 8-year old.

  65. SF why do so many spurs fans like to read an Arsenal Blog….weird!

    Here in Brazil we had an 8 hour power cut so i was unable to watch, follow the game…i was completely in the dark….literally…at around 10pm my time i manged to get a text message through and didnt belive it.
    Now reading about the game id have to agree with you Spanish…defintely goes down as one of those passionate affairs…the derby is always going to throw something different in and the form book out….

    In the grand scheme of things i would have taken a draw against the spuds…there season will be mediocre at best…as usual…it must be so boring being a “middle of the road” club…knowing at best you might have a sniff of the carling cup and that alone!

    There is only one team in North London!

  66. Haaaaaaaaaa,

    Just read a comment about Spurs not making the top four this year. YOU ARE HAVING A LAUGH!!!!!! Arsenal are going to struggle for a UEFA Cup place this season. Slip ups against Hull, and Fulham. Lets see you pay for your great stadium without the Champions League funds that you undoubtedly bank on every year.


  68. Norseman I suggest that if I am an 8 year old, then you better get back to school cos you talk shite and it seems you also dont know how to read as well!

    Oh well it is understandable that you do feel like crap as your so called team went and drew when your was 4-2 up with 85 mins gone!! Why dont you snuggle up to your mam and ask her for some TLC.. cos yours is a face only a mother could love!!



  69. Now you see why we can not win any of the big competitions. Pure and simple we are just not good enough.Buy some players you pratt especially some defenders.

  70. “Shitte” Spurs fans are proving here that they are a bunch of C*unts. You guys can masturbate over a lucky draw at Emirates which was gifted by our incompetent keeper and poor center midfield. Your club can never ever play the football we play or the respect we have in Europe. If our manager could have sorted out few problems within this team during transfer season our team is almost perfect. Spurs can spend millions and millions in transfer and change manager every F*UCKING SEASON but still get to the relegation. Your team was urinated all over by our team beside those 4 shots.

    Bentley: He is a piss poor player. A player who can just shoot and cross occasionally and who will be abysmal for most period of tiime can never in Arsenal setup. He is a spurs kind of player and he can enjoy playing at Shitlane.

  71. you are funny.

    “Its good to accept that are an arse loving dick with a small penis!”

    tell me that gives any meaning!

    And I’m from norway. I shouldn’t have to correct an englishman!

  72. haha.. explains it all, especially your issues with the English language!

    read it as you see it.. unless of course you suffer from wenker-esque short sightedness/blindness!

    if you still dont understand then write it down and go back to your english teacher and ask! I am sure that he/she will point you in the right direction!!

    Finally why they hell are you an Arse supporter? Dont they have any football clubs in Norway?


  73. Fab 4. You are only proving to everyone what I can see from your comments. You are clueless. Your team’s future prospects DEPEND on Champion’s League due to their MASSIVE debt. That is a fact whereas Spurs do not have that burden at present. Its called simple economics. Things could change but alas I fear you are saddled with permanent inadequacy.

  74. i’ve been an arsenal fan since i was 8 or something. right about the time i was about your level of iq and grammar. football in Norway is not at the same level, thats why i care more for arsenal. the pure beauty of magnificent football. tottenham would be ok in Norway btw. maybe they wouldn’t be bottom of the league there!

  75. Reality:
    1 – We are 3rd in the league. Above 17 other teams.
    2 – We are in Europe’s premier competition, about to easily qualify for the next round. We are one of only four English teams to be in this situation.
    3 – We are in the FA Cup.
    4 – We are in the Coca Cola cup or whatever its called.
    5 – We didn’t lose last night.

    How is this a mess? Yes last night was a shocking result. We should have won. It was criminal to throw away 2 pts and a two goal lead!

    I’m sorry, however upset you are (you can’t even speak properly in structured sentances) – you can attack me all you like but I’m not going to sit back and watch you attack the manager of a team who are third in the league. Its stupidity.

    I know what we should do, sack Wenger and bring in Ramos. Just like Spurs did last season after their best start in 15 years – look how that ended up? Would you be happy then?

    Yesterday I got a letter from the bank telling me my mortgage has gone up £150. Its Xmas and I have no money for presents. My jobs on the line due to the recession and my car is due for an MOT which it will likely fail. There are more important things in life than whinging about a man who has provided the PL with some of the best football its ever seen.

    Still I go to football every week because I believe. Don’t come here and tell me I’m wrong to do that because we drew to a team that scored four goals. Arsenal didn’t deserve to win after their final 10 minutes performance – but you know what? It was a brilliant match. 8 goals. Sure it would have been better if we won, but I’m proud to call myself an Arsenal fan.

    How much longer before you’re singing for Lampard and wearing blue?

  76. haha.. then that makes you 16-18 yrs old as you are clearly not old enough to know the true Arse..

    IF you bothered to look into the history of the Arse then you will be able to stop making a DICK of yourself! I bet I know more about the Arse scum than you do!!

    Oh by the way, love the logic, you have no good clubs to support in Norway so you pick a club in England!! HAHAHA..

    Ya glory hunting CUNT!! HAHAA

  77. TottyLover, Sucker, Go ahead and suck Totty’s dick. Spurs is the most pathetic club in England and spurs fans are all suckers. You guys should belong where you are. No comparision can be made between Arsenal and Spurs. Spurs are equivalent to Bolton, nothing more. A team with bunch of overrated players, erratic fans and shite maangement.

  78. The bad sportsmanship of the gooner scum (supporters, players and manager)is making the result even better. Your players comments b4 the game, over the top goal celebrations and Wenger’s spoilt brat sulking is priceless. Four quality goals and a true fighting spirit. Could have been a different result if the gooner scum had some b*llocks.

  79. i became an arsenal fan when they were middle of the league. and im 22. im not glory hunting. i would rather watch arsenal play beautiful football for a whole season, than boring but winning a trophy.

  80. Harry’s Hotspur…has a nice ring to it.
    4-2 up and u f*cked it up. Now 3 matches on a trot you have not beaten a so called inferior team…LOL.

  81. I like your style, Raj! You seem a reasonably sane and grounded person…You really ought to consider joining the intelligentsia at WHL

  82. Ian Evans – you don’t have the burden of a debt right now, fair enough. But where are you going to get the money to pay for your new 60,000 seater stadium? You call me clueless, but with a credit crisis going on and banks unwilling to loan cash, just how exactly will the stadium be funded? Or are you looking for a Middle Eastern sugar daddy?

  83. Raj, finally a Arse supporter with some brains and not one whom has their heads so far up their arse that they cant see the shite from the err shite..

    As a Spurs supporter I admit the Arse played better for around 60% of the time. BUT we played some great stuff and scored all 4 goals from open play and not from set pieces!

    But I wont dispute that, that was one of the best games I have seen in a long while! well since the League Cup win last year and it was definitely one that most neutrals would have enjoyed!

    Sorry to hear about your problems but clearly your love (although it is clearly more a sickness) for the Arse defies all logic and sometime economic sense! Good luck in life, but no luck at all for the Arse scum!


  84. ramugunner.. HAHAHAHAAAA.. stop.. you are killing me with your post..

    Can I ask if you are MR T of A Team fame?? or that WWE wrestler with the dreadlocks? cos you have a tendency to keep saying sucker!! hahaha

    if so that makes you a BIG TWAT!! HAHAHA


  85. “Joe Louis the owner is a billionaire…that can help”

    Not for much longer the way the value of his assets are plummeting.

  86. Raj I am not one normally to give advice, but ging to watch football rather than paying your mortgage and looking after your family seems to me that your priorities are wrong.

  87. Simple as that, Spurs can still spend on overrated players leading to huge debt and Lead’s bounding situation. They can keep changing managers season after season and keep dreaming to play in CL one day. The fact is spurs are a shit team with erratic fans who like masturbating over one lucky draw.

  88. @ Raj – Well said mate.

    To all the Arsenal fans. Let’s talk about the game constructively, let’s not get bogged down in all this Spurs bullsh*t. I want to hear peoples proper opinions, not mindless bickening.

    If we keep the comments sensible and Totty keeps up his rubbish it’s pretty simple, I’ll ban him.

    Back to the real stuff then…

  89. Fab4. Usmanov knows when its wise not to invest in AFC. It is a known fact that when the new THFC stadium was first mooted several years ago Daniel Levy negotiated a deal for finance at preferable rates for future stadium investment. Therefore there is already considerable funding in place. Without sounding rude, you don’t appear to have any financial acumenor background knowledge on this matter or you wouldn’t make comments without any real idea about THFC’s finances, so perhaps its best that you join the other lines of converstaion that you might actually understand. Respectfully yours.

  90. norseman..

    before you make an even bigger DICK of yourself, go do some research on the Arse-scum.

    Then you can come back here and at least post intelligent, well backup and informed comments and stop making yourself out to be a bigger DICK than you already are!!



  91. ramgunner…you’re the kind of Ar5ena1 supporter that makes the result so much fun…an arrogant little tosser who thinks because his team are successful that makes you a success. Harry’s Hotspur blue and white army.

  92. Hahah.. Spanish fry.. NO.. PLEASE DONT BAN ME!! I am so scared!!

    I can keep this up for as long as there are morons like norseman & ramugunner!

    If you cared to read I did congratulate Raj on a well thought out piece?? Oh well typical wenker inspired blindness!!

  93. RAJ. May I applaud your honesty. The facts about last nights game are as follows :
    1) Aresenal are a great footballing side but possibly due to their youthfulness, do lack a degree of “nouse”
    2)Even the arsenal fans should applaud the spirit shown by Spurs.
    3) Wenger made cautious substitutions then blamed his players for lacking the ability to kill the game off
    4)Arsenal will probably finish in the in the top 4 but should be worried that their players are really no longer kids and have to step up to the plate now.
    5) There is still a big gap between Arsenal and Spurs (at the moment)
    6) Wenger is so undignified in his post match comments that he does a disservice to realk football fans like yourself.

    Good luck Raj, you are a real fan.

  94. @ Totty – Fair enough mate. I just had to read through 111 comments so apologies if I missed a couple. I know you don’t care if you get banned, it’s just starting to get a little annoying that’s all. A lot of Tottenham fans have come on here and said that Arsenal supporters are whinging and I hardly think that is the case. Most of us are just annoyed that we threw a 2-goal lead away. If he had been against Chelsea or Manchester United or even Aston Villa we would be just as annoyed.

    Anyway, I just want to hear some constructive chat so if you’ve got something useful to say then please go ahead. Otherwise you may as well go on a Tottenham blog.

  95. Spanish Fry…In the last couple of seasons Wenger’s sportsmanship (small that it was) seems to have diminished further. Do you feel that the pressure of ensuring Ar5ena1 qualify for the CL is beginning to get to him?

  96. Ian Evans – you are correct when you say I don’t have much insight into Tottenham’s plans for financing the stadium, but a quick look around t’internet showed me that not many other people do.

    Your own club’s website for example:

    Direct quote from Daniel Levy:

    “The global financial markets do not currently present the best environment in which to raise funds for major capital projects and we shall have to look closely at our options and the merits of each option going forward. I shall report on this as the process develops.”

  97. Spanish fly.

    Lets put it this way.. all fans are whinging feckers especially if you throw away a 2 goal advantage with 5 min of normal time to play. Hell you just have to look at Spurs to see that we have suffered this fate on a fair number of occasions and you will also see how the spurs fans whinged and bitched.

    Lets ask you and your fellow Arse supporters this honestly, IF we was the team leading 4-2 and the Arse-scum was to pull a draw in the last min of extra time, wouldnt you also be on the Spurs sites bragging and bitching, hell we have suffered this on many an occasion.. This is just time for a little over due payback.. HAHA

    Anyway no problem with a vast majority of Arse fans, just the idiots the rattle of things like Spurs fans lack IQ when it is clear that the cunt is not blessed in the brains department!!

    OH well.. you carry on supporting your team and so will I.. Just remind your fellow Arse supporters that if they cant take it dont dish shite out!!


  98. @ Yid – I don’t know about that. I think he wants to win the league and it hurts him every time he misses out. He wants to prove to the world that his methods still bear fruit and, right or wrong, he will defend those methods until he succeeds. Whether or not people agree that what he is doing is right or wrong – most Arsenal fans would like just a little more of a clinical touch at crucial times – Wenger will keep at it.

    I think any coach in the world would struggle to show great sportsmanship if their side had conceded two goals in the final few minutes to throw away victory against their most hated rivals. What do you think?

  99. totty. i realized what kind of person im arguing with. I’ll let you go.

    I think arsenal fans are too negative. it was a magnificent game, and we were incredibly unlucky.

    I’mjust glad that we have several players that I can’t wait for next game to watch. What players do Tottenham have that you would watch the game only because that player is in it.

    For me those players are Robin Van Persie(my favourite), walcott, fabregas. and we have some young players like ramsey, vela, wilshere etc that i love to watch.

    last nights game was packed with beautiful induvidual performances, and also wonderful displays of beautiful team play.

    arsenal drawing that game was a slap in the face for football in general. cause arsenal is what football i all about. it is a sport for spectators and arsenal gives orgasms for the eyes. arsenal winning premier league and champions league would be a victory for football all over the world.

  100. @ Totty – I’ve got no problems with the fans or the players celebrations. I don’t know if I would go to Tottenham blogs bragging. I guess I can’t speak for everyone though.

    I guess on this blog I really try and promote civilised and constructive feedback so that people who want to have their say don’t feel intimidated by all the bullsh*t. I can definitely understand the lure of stirring the Arsenal fans but you’ve been on here for an hour and half doing it which just seems a bit petty.

    Just my opinion.

  101. Fab4 it seems you dont understand what levy was saying? He is stating a clear and logical fact that, although we are looking to build a 60k seat stadium, we are not gonna blindly get financing and will look at all options to find the best means to finance the stadium without bankrupting/saddling the club with huge debt repayments ala the Arse!

    Actually this is a much better time to do this as banks/lenders will be more open to a well managed loan to a financially sound club like spurs! and the payment terms will be more to our liking and control.

    Now I do understand that you are getting scared that the sleeping (or should I say comatosed) giant that is Spurs is starting to awaken.. again.. possibly.. hopefully.. hahaha..


  102. Fab4. Levy’s comments are a statement regarding the current financial markets only. Not regarding what arrangements there are in place regarding the propsed new stadium. As a listed company he has to inform the stock exchange of anything directly involving the finances of THFC first. Do you think that having made that statement he would then go ahead and borrow substantial funds anyway. I think you will agree that even Mr Levy is a bit cleverer than that. The fact remains that he will be starting from a sound financial base, despite our lack of success on the pitch. I just wish Gordon Brown had been as smart with our finances.

  103. Ian Evans – Oh right!. So your previous comment about “already considerable funding being in place” was an early April fool then?

    Make your mind up.

    Levy is saying they need to look at the options rather than bankrupting the club. Fair enough. Wise words. Just don’t give it the big one about the funding being there already.

    Don’t forget – before we started building the new stadium, we were running at a higher profit than you currently are.

  104. The game was terrible from Arsenal. Mentality is what is letting us down. And even though he wasn’t that bad, Gallas. I can forgive almunia. I feel he has really performed well for us this season. And that Bentley goals was magnificent. Bentley is however a prick, but you cannot blame almunia for a shot like that. The funny thing for Tottenscum supporters is that they are going to be thinking that players like Daren Bent are the ones who are going to bring them titles. Clearly laughable. There is only one player on the Tottenham team who i would have considered for Arsenal, and that is Modric. However not anymore.

  105. Norseman.. Orgasms for the eye!! HAHAHAHA you have to be kidding me.. I have to quote you on this!! hahahah…

    Errrr.. by the way, No you dont know what kinda person i am.. how could you from some posts on this blog? But what little information i know about you clearly points to you being a grade A Moron.. HAHAHA

    Spanish fly.. yeah I am gloating.. but normally i am constructive or try to be. I have some free time right now so explains the length of time i have been on here haha..

    Well good luck with your dream of a constructive & civilised blog for Arse fans.. wont happen but good luck anyway. Well its been fun for me anyway.. keep up the good work..


  106. The complacency is so frustrating, i can barely contain myself.

    Our whole squad is lightweight and not good enough. Been sayin it since the start of the season, not just kneejerk.

    Our Defense is all over the place..

    Gallas – Awful captain.
    Toure – Dodgey Season so far.
    Silvestre – Man utd didnt him, why do we?!?
    Clichy – Always has a mistake in him, but brilliant going forward.
    Sagna, our best defender, no problems.

    Compare this to Terry, Carvalho, Bosingwa, Bridge/ Cashley and Then Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra and Brown and we are weakest.

    Our midfield is lighweight and it worries me, technically we are brilliant but when we need to dig in, in massivce games even more so we will struggle.

    Fabregas – Love him.
    Denilson – Wrong partner for cesc, not defensive.
    Song – Not ready.
    Ramsey, very gifted but again, lots of pressure if he was placed in first 11 at 17.
    Diaby – very skillfull but so injury prone.
    Rosicknote – Foget he plays for us.
    Walcott – Stunningly uick but still learning.
    Nasri – Has impressed me some weeks, then seems lazy and drifts out of games some weeks.
    And then we have Wilshire who is so young and Bischoff who hasnt played a competitive game in 2 years and wenger admitted the signing was a “gamble”

    Compare that to Chelsea – Lampard, Ballack, Essien, J.Cole, Deco, Beletti, Malouda (shit to be fair) Mikel. All this lot are very experienced and are real winners. Man utd as well have so much talent there and its balanced.
    Ronaldo, giggs, Nani, anderson, Hargreaves, Carrick, Scholes, Ji Sung park and fletcher. Winners who have skill and can dig in when needed.

    Van persie is a such a talented man, but frustrating the next week. Adebayor looks to have taken the hype to his head. How this bloke is worth 80k per week, i will never know. Vela is raved about but wenger never plays him in the league. Bendtner is still improving, his first touch needs work – and if Eduardo comes back and is the player he was, i will be happy.

    To be fair chelsea only have drogba as a decent forward as anelka is terrible these days but they score more goals from midfield than us.

    Man utd have so much talent. Berbatov is brilliant, slightly lazy at times. Ronaldo can play there and then there is £60m worth of talent in Rooney and Tevez.

    Arsene, please sort this huge dilemma out. Im begging…

  107. i like it. SF, I agree whole heartedly with what you’re saying about the long-range shots. Often they’re the trickiest ones to defend against and certainly were in this case. A messy second half is something i think Wenger and the lads can work on for the next game. Mental.

  108. tottylover- I understand that you have waited 10 years to gloat, and have only been given that opportunity in the last year, but a draw is not a gloat.
    Lets be honest. Aren’t Tottenham the team which are going to break the top four? laughable.
    As for Arsenal’s stadium. If Arsenal maintain their profits, they would be able to have paid of the debt in the next decade, even the next five years. Arsenal= Responsible management.

    Can’t wait to see Wenger beat down on some players. Gallas should really take a bigger role.

  109. 2007/08
    Derby County FC P 10 W 1 D3 6 points

    THFC P10 W1 D3 6 points
    nuff said

  110. I am one of those people who is going to place blame on Almunia. That shot by Bentley should have never gone in, he has saved shots at that height and he had plenty of time to get in position. He spilled to vital shots and the Jenas goal was Clichys fault. Am in a foul mood because the game was ours to win.

    @ Eddie – if arsenal are a shit and 3rd in the league what makes bottom of the league?

  111. Spanish- I guess we’ve got to expect a bit of bragging from yiddos after last night. We’d be doing the sdame if we’d scored 2 goals in 5 mins and grabbed a draw away to a team that we know is much better than us. As I said earlier, they haven’t beaten us in the league for 18 games, spanning nearly a decade. There is hatred between the clubs but not genuine rivalry, as they simply haven’t been good enough to challenge any of our achievements for the last 20 years. An away draw for them is like winning the league; their horizons are so much narrower than ours. They call us arrogant because we think we’re better than them. This is because we are. Let’s let them have their moment; they’ll be back to their relagation dogfight come the weekend…

  112. SF,
    You should be lucky that all arsenal and spurs fans are fighting on your website simply shows how popular the site is.Arsenal reminds me of kids that are overwhelmed by the fact that thye never expected to play in the CL,EPL etc. My biggest problem is ambition. They are not ambitious. They look like they actually dont care what that fans feel.we made this mistake in anfield and again in the emirates.I also noticed that there is no leader. Gallas is a clown, fab is tooo young and fed up.
    Can we for once take our chances. Wenger will not win anything if he continues with this team.Pls bench aluminia so he can learn his lesson.
    I wish them well cos i got a query for leaving work early to watch those idiots only for them to LOSE.Its a loss as far as i am concerned.
    Idiots.Is denilson good enough to play for arsenal? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  113. Yeah i agree w- Jays long explination of the differences between the top teams, plus jay didnt talk much about Liverpool´s force. They are more title contenders than anyteam according to me. Anyway what else is there to say, Arsenal lost to the club at the bottom to the league regardless of the fact that it was Spurs!!!

  114. The thing here is not to let the wallow catch up as it does with us!
    We need a strong response against stoke- is it me or does Ade’s attitude really stink

  115. I don’t disagree. I did get shot down by a few people when I suggested we would finish outside the top 4 this year but I can really see it as a possibility.

    We still haven’t played any of the others in the Big Four and we are level with Hull and Villa on points.

    I’m less bothered than others about winning the Carling or FACup – but if we fail to finish in the top 4 then my other prediction about the move to the Emirates being the start of the end will become a harsh reality…..

    The past year and a half has all the hall marks of the end of the George Graham era. Constant soundbites from the club about the manager having money to spend, whilst the manager in question trips out the same old lines e.g. “players not available at the right price, we already have great quality, still looking for one experienced player etc etc etc”. In George’s time we went from winning two titles to mid-table. Never say lightning can’t strike twice !!

  116. I don’t think its that bad, but yes even a blind man can see we need some one who can command this team. The MDFLD is a joke at the moment & Cesc is going to burn out if wenger keeps using him in every game. He also needs to play Vela, what the hell is on the bench for, when I saw eboue coming on, I was like what the…
    lets forget this and move on swiftly. next sat will see Utd and chelski pick up 3 points just by turning up;

    Liverpool have a tough task on their hands now, spurs will be up for them-that should be one interesting battle-and whoever loses that I’m happy.
    And finally for us- just hope we can rise to see off the might stoke

  117. I think Liverpool will shit on Spurs. All this bollocks about their great spirit last night papers over a lot of cracks.

    I was watching Redknapp on the line. He looked a broken man after 85 minutes.

    No other team in the Prem would have thrown them a lifeline like we did – they were shit for all of the 2nd half.

    I am now more interested in watching results from Villa and the rest of the chasing pack. League title long since over for us – 4th is the new 1st !

  118. hi spanish and gunners
    i was affaraid of such thing yesterday and i have told ya that….anyhow….just leave those rottenham kids’ thoughts because they don’t qualify to say anything about us because the table can tell them that…but the lads should get that insult( imean the comment from the losers)…for their attitude yesterday and the boss for his failure not to fill the gap in the mid of the park….by the way i agree on all whta u have said SF but i loved and agree on on what my fellow s bakht commented…lokk at most of the goals scored against us; it should be tackled in the midfield but it ain’t happened….so if we have to solve this problem let the boss get some one to tackle those shots from the source and save almunia from being a goal keeper whom 2 goals of the week scored against him within 10 games…..thanks
    let’s pray that le boss starts to hear our vioce and comments of others…..amen a million!!!

  119. rilib:
    You’re right mate, 4th is the best we can hope for. I agree with you Asas, these are worrying times. Several bragging yiddos made the point on this blog this morning saying we’d be in deep financial trouble if we don’t qualify for the CL every season. This is absolutely true. We need the £20m it gives us to service the stadium debt. Even with this money, it seems we don’t have any money to spend on quality players- it’s kids and has-beens again. In the last 3-4 years we’ve benefitted from the fact that the chasing pack haven’t progressed, so we’ve usually managed 4th comfortably (excepting that last game decider in 2007). This isn’t the case now; Villa look a real threat and the millions going into Man City will have an effect in a year or 2. We’ve had a team of “promising youngsters with great potential” for 3 years now, with no sign of us making the step up to serious challengers to Man U and Chelsea. I agree that this feels like the end of the Graham era in some ways. He was a great manager in his time, but who was left behind as he failed to adapt to changing times. I feel the same could be said for Wenger. The squad needed strengthening in the close season and he didn’t do it adequately. In this day and age of huge squads, no club can win the Premiership with a small squad made up mostly of young, inexperienced players. Also, Wenger doesn’t have the tactical ability of Ferguson, Mourinho or Scolari- Spurs played a 4-5-1 formation last night, looking to restrict space in midfield and push on to support a lone striker- we played without a competent DM. It was obvious to anyone with a basic knowledge of the game that our back 4 would be exposed and they duly were. Song or Diaby are better at playing DM than Denilson. Even if he didn’t start either of them, he should have seen that the problem existed and acted earlier, especially when we were 2 goals up and should have been looking to close out the game. We were tactically naive, and this is down to the manager. We need a huge improvement just to consolidate 4th this year. If we fail to achieve this then serious questions need to be asked of the manager. Our progress in the CL should see us bank the £20m we’ll get from progressing thru’ the group stages, but it would an optimist indeed who would bet on us getting much further, once we start to play the good teams, not the ones just making up the numbers. I’d still much rather be a gooner than a yiddo, but I confess I’m worried.

  120. Al this about its looking like the end of George Graham’s Reign all over again i think is very true. Hopefully Arsene can see the team needs investing in. Midfield needs a battler and the defense needs a real shuffle. The same old lines of “we ave enough talent”, “right player not available” arrived in the papers everyday in the summer!! Its frighteningto think we might not finish in the top 4 Would Wenger go an sign players then?!?! I still doubt it.

    The game is moving on and Wenger is getti n left behind. If he has had money, its not for looking at – buy somebody!! Arsenal is becoming a business with a production line of players at a young age that impress, break through and have no leader to look up too. Gallas needs to sort himself out if he is to be captain of Arsenal. Why the hell wasnt Fabregas placed as captain. Even give it to flamini if it means he would have stayed!!! Im worried about this team. I shouldnt be worried about going to stoke his weekend, but i really am. I dont think the “mental strength” that wenger rants on about is very strong within our young lads.

  121. A well placed shot, a well positioned individual(not necessarily a good player) and an untimely lapse can undue any team in the world any day. Yes we dropped points we shouldn’t have dropped but Spurs too their chances. Defending is the surest way of inviting pressure on yourself and decent players who are inteligent can NEVER be properly defended against. That’s why I like Eduardo and RVP and Denilson. If Theo spends some time with Eduardo, he is going to be DEADLY in Caps.
    What we needed yesterday was Toure’s speed at the back to be able to chase the rebounders. Whether we like it or not, Our best CD pairing should have Toure in it and NOT Gallas. I like Toure Sylvester.

  122. Taygoon: I disagree that defending is the surest way of inviting pressure. There’s a difference between camping on the edge of your own penalty box and playing cautiously by not committing too many players forward. You’re right about a well placed shot causing anyone problems, but with a good DM playing in front of the back 4 there would be less opportinuty for that type of shot happening. This was what we lacked last night. That, coupled with slack defending in chasing up the rebound, and the fact that Almunia didn’t hold a thing all night proved our undoing.

    Jay: we’ll see at Stoke whether we have the mental strength Wenger goes on about. The games following Birmingham last season proved we didn’t have it then; we’ll see if anything’s changed.

  123. i have just one word for mr professor…..please do not put me through this again.
    i watched d match at a viewing centre with all the other fans of the big 3 watching and while i saw the deft touch of berbatov, the tenacity of carragher, and the steel of lampard all i saw from our game was a petulant gallas screaming at no one in particular removing his gloves.
    i thus believe the reason we lost( for me its a loss when u r 4-2 up and draw on the same day the others won) is bcos of leadership. mr wenger must agree that the leader on the field gallas does not have a clue how to lead on the pitch. apart from almunia and the DMF position which is going to haunt us this season through, i did not see the kind oif leadership that makes liverpool fans call gerrard capt. fantastic.
    le professeur had better go back to his books, the reason we went unbeaten for a season or won the double twice where bcos we had in tony adams, henry,bergkamp and pires leaders who where willing to get the job done. i am still sore from the loss so like someone said i am taking a break from watching the gunners live for at least a week.

  124. Gallas and Eboue are doubtfull for this weekends trip to Hull. Hopefully this will give Silvestre and Toure the chance to shine.

    Up the gunners.

  125. Sorry I meant stoke!!!

    Gallas and Eboue are doubtfull for this weekends trip to STOKE. Hopefully this will give Silvestre and Toure the chance to shine.

    Up the gunners!!

  126. ya hav plenty of experience gallas, silverster, toure ar all near 30! van pirsie an adebayor and sagna ar in der mid 20s an fabergas an nasri ar both full enternations with plenty of experience!! the problem is ya dont hav any leaders in the team!! theres nobody the gives orders or takes control

  127. If we still had Ljungberg or Pires, they would make great captains. I think our best captain out of the sqaud we hav at the moment is Fabregas. He is the heart of arsenal, and he wants the best for the club. He is what gerrard is to liverpool and look at how successful gerrard and ultimately liverpool are. He needs to be top priority at Arsenal. Everyone knows Gerrard is vital to liverpool and he is their captain and he makes them go, makes them tick, makes them win. If Fabregas got the armband, he would be soo happy, and try anything to win because he would think its his responsibility for the gunners to win, sorry for the long post, anyone understand what I mean.

  128. I love how you spuds come in here after a draw and think you did something. But i do understand your excitement since you will be playing in League Championship next season to try to finally get that top 4 finish you have been talking about. I fancy you have a better chance there. Or since your team is shit just drop down to League 1 and stay there so you can consistently have a team to challenge for the title.

    The lose was simple. We do not have the goalkeeper we need to really be dominate. Almunia would be a fine backup, but we need a top 5 GK in the world to really be solid. Swagger is a good word to describe the attitude of the team. I was a little mad a Clichy yesterday, but his “casualness” on the ball when he slip perfectly summed up what was happening up to that point. They lads thought the games was over and just got out of the mind set of playing a game, by the time they realized they were still in the game it was too late. You cannot just stop playing and lose the rhythm of the game, and then just turn it right back on. If you remember, Ade scored in the 64′, and RVP in the 68′. Had they kept that up, they could have scored at will. The scum was dead and out of it and really nervous from having to defend way back in their end. Arsenal still haven’t developed that killer instinct. Until we do, im sure we wil still have many days like the one against Tottenham we’re we should win but just dont finish the game and end up dropping points.

  129. @ MoMoney – I agree i think the comments made by Fab and Ade were very unprofessional. When you play a derby game, you don’t need to give the other team any more motivation then they already have to come in and play well. Its just another example of the cockiness this team sometimes show that they think some teams cant beat them. Wenger needs to grow a pair and step up to these players and put them back in their place so they stop under estimating other teams.

  130. Would all Arsenal fans please call 4-2 4-3 4-4. We’d like to teach you how to hold on to a lead.

  131. I hope Gallas’ injury is what I think it is. He lost his cool when living the pitch and started bambling again, almost like @ Birmingham, who knows what his attitude was in private. In that case, we might see him sidelined with an “injury” for a very long time and I will be a very happy gooner.

  132. @RSPCA – I assume you are a spud supporter. We Arsenal fans would love to show you have it feels to finish in the top four. But seeing how the scum wont finish in the top four we invite you to support a real football club called Arsenal FC.

    P.S. 2-nile, and you fucked it up. remember that?

    @Taygoon – I dont, think what Gallas does is right. But at least soemone on the team is getting upset. Because if it wasnt for Gallas there would be no emotion on this team. I dont really even like him to start, i’d rather it be Toure/Silvestre or Toure/Djourou. But Gallas came from Chelsea when Chelsea is winning. I think he gets pissed because when Chelsea lose they come out the next game and so forth and they are playin like a team that is angry and wants to punish everyone for a loss. Arsenal on the other hand usually come out the next game with attitude. Then they sink back in this attitude that they can half ass it and still win. So in that manner Gallas has every right to be pissed and i wish more of our players shared that same fire to win.

  133. There was an article yesterday about how Ferguson was angry with ManU’s performance in the 2-0 win vs west ham because they let off the throttle in the second half… That is the differnce in mentality… Wenger does the right thing by providing his players with lots of confidence but he also has to make them realize they are not the greatest and they have to go out and earn everything…

  134. @ RSPCA – like many spud fans, you think you are now the best team in the world, but that 4-4 draw means you are still BOTTOM of the league, and boast ONE clean sheet in the league, compare that Arsenal and we are THIRD in the league and boast MORE THAN ONE clean sheet. So before spud fans get to cocky, Arsenal are the team in the top 4, the team in the champions league, the team that has lost only ONCE to spuds in past 9/10 years. We are the best team in North London. I mean spuds even admire our stadium and want an exact capacity copy of it.

  135. I was wrong, spuds hav TWO clean sheets in the league, no matter, Arsenal still beat that! I would love seeing spuds go to Turkey and play in the stadium we did and see if they can manage a draw let alone a 5-2 win!

  136. @ jay-jay – You are right, spuds would be torn to pieces in Turkey. They cant even go to Stoke and get a win.

    @ MoMoney – Steve Mandanda is good, i wouldnt be overly excited with him. I’d still take Frey from Fiorentina over him or many GK’s. I think Frey is pure class and a major reason Fiorentina finished where they did last season ahead of AC.

  137. As a neutral Arse obviously deserved to win the match,but methinks you are beginning to suss out Wenger.The sale of big Paddy Viera was disasterous for the Arse,they have not looked 1/2 the team since he packed his bags and have won nowt since he waved bye bye.Your contributors are right the big 4 is turning into the big 3.It is now the 4th season since Viera went and as last night showed Wenger is as far away as ever from making good the loss.The Arse wage bill is right up there with Man U and Liverpool so if you are to bring in experienced and expensive players you need to have a clear out first.

  138. You have a point. Viera was the tough guy leader that we are lacking… The problem is that this guy has to be extremely talented (like Viera) to fit into the squad…

  139. I was so hoping that when Gallas and Toure were out injured against Fenerbahce, Prof would make Cesc the captain.

    Honestly, he seems to be the only natural leader we have right now. And I don’t quite buy the ‘He’s too young’ theory. Almunia is less than a couple of years older…

    I know that changing a captain midway is a desperate measure, but I hope that the next time Gallas is out injured (which could be as early as Saturday), AW makes Cesc the captain

  140. Spanish, I don’t know about you, but waking up at 7am just to watch your team demonstrate how an exemplary kamikaze defending looks like sure is pleasing. Makes you wonder why don’t they start showing every Arsenal match at 7am, cos then we would all be happy. HURRAHHH !

    And just in case you didn’t get the sarcastic tone, I am not a lily-white cunt.

  141. And now a 2-1 loss to Stoke. Arsenal are much less beautiful this season than they were the last. This season will be the biggest challenge of Wenger’s career. The key questions will be: 1. Will Arsenal qualify for the Champions League?; and 2. Will they be able to retain Fabregas and Adebayor in the summer? I am a neutral but I am saddend by what I think is going to come for the once beloved Beautiful FC.

  142. we failed to win because wenger forgot that the best way too defend is to attack plus we keep under estimating teams thinking we are Gods gift to football but we are not..wenger needs to wake up otherwise all the players we love theo,cesc, ade van persie will leave

  143. I think Arsenal will not win any titles this year or in the next two years …If they seriously want to win any title in the near future ,they should find a better finisher instead of adabayor & bartender ..I mean bendtner & they should also find a better goalkeeper in place of almunia ,who is a bad omen standing on the arsenal goal line. By the way Van persie has failed to live up to the expectations Arsene wenger might have had from him after the departure of the Great Thierry Henry ….Hey gunners stop shooting blanks

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