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I was going to use today’s post to give my opinion on some of the comments that were made on yesterday’s blog. Unfortunately though, I simply don’t have the time so I’m going to make sure I speak a little bit about it in tomorrow’s post. What I will do quickly is just thank everyone for voicing their thoughts – there were some lovely comments and it sparked quite a bit of conversation. Excellent stuff.

Today though it’s just a short wrap-up of the news floating around while most of the Arsenal boys are off galavanting on international duty. As is usually the case when international games are on there’s not a lot going on and Arsene Wenger is a bit annoyed about not having his players around. Which is fair enough, really.

The only other bit of news worth going into are some comments made by Chelsea captain John Terry about Arsenal’s title chances. Unlike the entire English media and a fair portion of the Arsenal supporters Terry has refused to write off our boys and stated that he still rates them as firm title contenders. In his own words:

“I still consider Arsenal a contender, you should never write off the big sides. They have the players to do it and they will put a run together. We still have to play them at home and away and anything can happen.”

It’s a fair comment really and a surprisingly gracious one at a time where a man like him might instead choose to stick the knife in. It is interesting to consider that if Arsenal did beat Chelsea home and away (a long shot, mind you) they would gain six points on the current leaders. However, the problem remains that our side are struggling for consistency and aren’t taking maximum points agains the smaller clubs in the league. Until the manager and the players start to do that then the title will remain a pipe dream.

That’s it for today in a very short blog so I’ll turn your attention to the latest weekly edition of The Gooner Gazette. This week sees Arsenal’s young guns top the ‘Good Week’ recipients while Robin van Persie is featured in the ‘Bad Week’. There are wrap-ups of the win over Wigan (*cheer*) and the loss against Villa (*tear*) and a few more Things We Learnt This Week.

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  1. Keep going mate !
    I understand how painful it must be for u to bring out the gazette this week …

  2. terry knew we are a strong side arsene need to talk to the boys to raise there game bcos we need to be consistent we shud stop loosing point to smaller team.4rom daso in nigeria.

  3. You do a fantastic job thanks, since i battle to even talk football when we perform so badly…neverthless if they can beat City on saturday and we will all start feeling good again.With regards to the championship…i do not believe that we will make it…it is a negative comment but i have followed the Gunners since 1970 and the game is different and far more competitive and there are champions league games,FA cup and the Carling…..u just cannot play catch up agaisnt the likes of United and Chelsea and dont forget Liverpool who are getting the results.We have to spend some money for one /two players to remain in the top four, and win some silverwear .

  4. wenger need to get another midfieder 4 us in replacement of flamini we shud also another central midfielder

  5. I dont think Terry too knows he doesnt mean much of what he is saying … he is just being diplomatic … May be some jounalist asked him “are arsenal’s title chances over ?” to get some sensational news and he just played it down saying what he said…

  6. Call me John Terry if you must, but I also refuse to write Arsenal off.
    “They have the players to do it and they will put a run together.”
    Shit yeah we do! We have the players in the squad to beat anyone. That is a simple fact which everyone can accept. We are missing some elements in this team – yes, but I still believe the squad has what it takes. They can put a run together for sure John. I know they can.

  7. I agree with Terry and Spanishfry that we are still not out of title race, only mathmatically. We will have a chance only if (Big IF) we can remain unbeaten untill the end of season with couple of draws. We will need a miracle which we all know is imposssible for this team. Maybe it will be possible with the invincible team we had four season earlier. But is there any comparision between the invincible team and this shite team. Not at all.
    We need Eduardo and Rosiscky back so that we can finish fourth and challenge for cups. My only hope is CC though.

  8. not bad…but stop thinkin’ that way…don’t wtite them off and don’t give them high expectations….i think terry meant it that way

  9. let’s take a look at the teams and player’s Arsene’s had and how the current crop compare.

    David Seaman, Jens Lehmann and Matty Almunia
    So who was the best goalkeeper out of the three? I’d have to say big old Dave without a doubt. I’m sure most of you would agree. Seaman in his prime was an immense player. He only made a few mistakes is his whole career (all of them highly publicised) and if ever a keeper saved us points during a season, it was the golden oldie himself. Lehmann was his successor and in his first season was outstanding – remember he was the only keeper to go a whole season without losing a game. Both Seaman and Lehmann maybe stayed a season too long and this was apparent in their falling from grace. Finally, when Almunia joined us – an unknown goalkeeper plucked out of “La Liga Secunda Divisionio” [replace with correct spelling]. One of his early first team Carling Cup was against Man United, if I am correct, where his fumble in the first minute or so cost us the game. He’s been a steady keeper and not done anything majorly wrong. His performance against Sp*rs was probably one of the most questionable, but his recent captaincy also showed his desire and leadership quality. What’s your verdict?

    Nigel Winterburn, Ashely Cole and Gael Clichy
    Should Flamini have been included, well not really based on his position, although he did play admirably in our Champions League run in 2006. Should Sylvinho be included, maybe because of his goal against Chelsea… But in reality, let’s compare the three above. Winterburn obviously was part of a formidable back four, probably the best defender out of the three, but you’re looking at Winterburn at a time when he was about 7 years older than Clichy, so is it fair to compare? Of course it is. Clichy’s work-rate and desire stands out as his qualities. He’s been incredible, shown immense stamina and courageous running. Clichy’s spirit is what’s it’s all about. I’ve never seen such emotion from a left back. He’s currently strained from the pressure of losing and he’s made a few mistakes recently. The one thing about Gael is you know that you he will learn from his mistakes. I felt so sorry for the guy when he scored the own goal on the weekend because you know he was trying so hard. Winterburn or Clichy? (Cole is disloyal, money grabbing **** so is automatically excluded).

    Lee Dixon, Lauren and Bacary Sagna
    So, as I write this, I swear I am missing an awesome right back. Okay, so Lee Dixon, whom we used to love, the no-nonsense Man City supporter. A fierce defender and deft crosser of the ball. But as Lee Dixon has started his media career, he’s lost some of his old shine. So over to Lauren. He was a player’s player. He was pretty good going forward, and did take a nervy penalty that equalled a win against Sp*rs. Sagna is the current right back and there is something very solid about him as a player. He’s rarely puts a foot wrong. He has a cross on him, can also get stuck in and is a good header of the ball. The major worry nowadays is that the player is becoming increasing injury prone. Ah, the awesome right back I forgot was actually Eboue – yes, he was awesome for one season, 2006 and then last year and this year, he’s regressed into the player that was at Beveren. No, Luzhny was surely the awesome rigt back?

    Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Steve Bould, Kolo Toure, Sol Campbell, William Gallas, Senderos, Stephanovs and…
    The centre back list just rolls of the tongue and there have been some great centre backs. Again, who am I missing? Tony Adams and Martin Keown stand out as a great partnership. A simple no nonsense approach to defending. Ball in the air, first one to head it wins. If in doubt, get it out. Take the ball, and if it takes it, take the man too. Campbell and Toure were pretty good together too, and there’s a theme forming here. A tall no nonsense defender, with a slightly more ball playing one. Sol at his prime, was awesome. He literally defended everything. I remember times when it felt that he was a one man wall. But he lost it mentally when his abilities started failing him… which brings me to Senderos. He’s a pretty damn good defender and at the start of his career, when his place in the team was debatable, he excelled next to Toure. But as the place became his, youthful energy turned into the inconsistency and mistakes. He was shipped off to Milan and Gallas and Silvestre have now taken the mantle. The jury is still out…

  10. Some questions Wenger has to answer in regard to our defense problem;

    1. How many errors Almunia has to make to be dropped? We all know Lehmann was dropped after two errors. Fabianski came to Arsenal as a long term replacement for Lehmann at Arsenal so why not give him a chance to shine.

    2. How come Manu’s third string Leftback play at the heart of our defense instead of more effective Djourou? With Djourou in defense Arsenal hasn’t conceded this season.

    Now back five should be:
    Sagna Toure Djourou Clichy
    We need no more French quartet.

    Now Wenger has to change the team and try some talented Youngsters. Cesc should be captain from now and Denilson, Diaby, Bentdner should be on bench for at least this season. Ramsey, Wilshere and Vela deserve their chance.

    P.S. If we do not sign a defensive midfielder(who can do a donkey work) in Janaury, we might struggle to finish fourth. So-called small teams do not fear playing Arsenal at home anymore. Sidwell can dominate Arsenal midfield with ease. These are facts and now we need change.

  11. @arsenal.com
    Why do somebody always do this. If you wanna post whole articles from other websites please at least give credit

  12. diots who make stupid comments like…’we should of played the kids’. Ok. If we played the kids against Villa on saturday, we would of got spanked by a larger margin you morons! The reason the ‘kids’ supposedly seem to be looking much better and more fluent on the ball when playing other teams (we have only played Wigan this season anywhere, so dont know where all of a sudden this misconception that these kids are world beaters has come from), is because other teams set up shop differently when playing the kids as opposed to the first team. The kids other teams ACTUALLY try and play football against, i guess they feel that there’s no need to play physcially, as they are only kids, so, like occurred, Wigan and Sheffield united tried to play a technically footballing match. Subsequently, all that was established is that technically, our youngsters are extremely good, and therefore won both these games with ease. The difference is, very few teams take this approach with our first team. They use more defensive pyhsical tactics, and hence our problems to break them down (think about it!! Man United actually tried to play against us, and im not saying we are supirorly better than them technically, but if they had played a negative physical game, would surely have taken the 3points). This is the same reason why (although only a small appearance) Vela didint look nearly as comfortable in the first team than against Wigan. THEY’RE PLAYING A DIFFERENT GAME!!! Plus, teams also play a different game in cup competition than the league. Wigan came for the win, if it had been a league game, they probably would of played for a draw. I know we have problems at the moment with our first team, but some people should think before they make stupid comments

  13. Vela on loan? I hope not… He should be ahead of Bedtner for sure… Ade/ RVP/ Eduardo/ Vela should be our strike force…

  14. @ ramugunner

    Thank you for bringing people back to reality, some of you are living in the same fantasy world as Wenger.

    We are not and have no chance of winning the title. You cannot win the title with more then 5 losses. I think the most losses a team has even had and won the title was 6. Arsenal can not stay undefeated until the end of the season. If you say they can then you obviously haven’t watched the team play this season. The fact they they sometimes play like they dont give a shit is the proof anyone needs to see we have no chance. A team with no desire cannot win out the remaining season with only a few draws. Face it, our title hopes are over. I think it Wenger wants a trophy hes best to aim fo the CC or the FA

  15. @ Demetrio
    Dont forget the CL mate. I agree with you and ramugunner, we are out of the EPL race, i know it’s still early in the season to write them off and we can still win the title(mathematically), but we have to be realistic here. We just have to make sure that we secure that CL spot for next season. We have the CC, FA cup and the CL left, i’ll be happy with anyone of thows (i’ll be very happy with the CL).

    Man, it’s tough being a gooner these days. Anyway, looking on the bright side, our future is looking great, if Le Boss keeps the Young Guns (the B team) together for a few more years, we will win a lot of trophies (including the EPL). The suffering will be over, and Arsene will be our saviour again. Lets get behind Wenger and his boys and have faith them, complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves won’t get us anywhere. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  16. @ Gibbs – Haha, it’s not too tough being a Gooner. A little frustrating, yes, but we’re still one of the leading teams in the Premiership and playing in the Champions League. The thing I like about what John Terry said (which I agree with) is that we will put a run together at some stage. Whether it’s sooner or later matters, of course, but we’ll at least get that 4th spot and hopefully push a little higher as the table as the season progresses.

    It’s a long season people.

  17. @ Jay – Just updated it in the ‘Quick & To The Point’ section on the front page. It’s really bad news. Who do we play out there now? Fabregas? Denilson? Wilshere?


  18. I would certainly be tempted to place Wilshire in, but not agaist Robinho or SWP this weekend. Maybe Toure right back, and its a guessing gas to what Le Bos will this weekend.

    Maybe Play: Nasri Ramsey Denilson Diaby.. Left to right this is…

  19. Just Like to add tat these rumours of Vela going on loan i hope are rubbish! He is a brilliant striker and given a run of games can easily outsmart prem defenses. Should be ahead of Bendtner is pecking order. His left foot is brilliant –

    Dont do it Wenger!!!

  20. These injuries are killing us, why can’t lady luck be on our side for a change?! This is frustrating. Anyway, maybe Ramsey will replace Walcott, he was great against Fenerbahce and Wigan, Toure/Eboue will play RB.

    @ SF
    I agree with you, Terry has a point. We will bounce back, i hope its sooner rather than later.

  21. Bendtner is seriously a very average player….his ok to bring off the bench, but his first touch and his finishing is average.
    Hed make a ok mid table striker..
    If arsenal have goals to win tournaments, Having bendtner in your team is going in the wrong direction.

    One thing i have noticed is that arsenal dont have a icon…someone who represents arsenal…someone who gets going when its not so easy..United have Rooney, Firdinand, they have icons like Giggs, Scholes…Chelsea have Terry and Lampard…Liverpool have Gerrad and Carrager…
    Arsenal maybe have Cesc but to be honest he looks very uninterested…Gallas is finished, his slow, his not the same player.
    When teams like united and chelsea lose u see how furious the players are…u see how angry they are…when arsenal lose they dont seem to care….i think that is because they are such a young team that lack experience and hungry players.

    Just my opinion

  22. @ abbey I loved your 1st post but your 2nd didn’t really sit with me as did you watch any pre season games? The kids were out against euro teams in 2 cups and they played well. That was the 1st time I got a good glimpse of wilshere and he is awesome. Vela did well as usuall and did you see the jump he did to chest the ball down for ade to then go and fuck up his shot as usual. Why can’t we dock his pay cause he’s half the player he was last year so the “I’m henrys replacement” tag hasn’t lived up to himself so come jan beg milan to have him for 25 mill of flog him to barca and get yaya and henry back as who would rather see henry back as cappy and lifting the team? Imagine cesc passing wonderfull balls out to the left for henry to take out 2 defenders and slip the ball through vela to chip the advancing keeper. Just wipping the tear from my eye and now realising that isn’t going to happen and we will just use half average players like denilson to get us to 3rd spot as liverscum won’t last as if we couldn’t last year with a great manager then they won’t once rafa looses 3 games in a row that the yank owners who know f-all about football unstabalises the club again and threaten to sack him again.

  23. I am afraid that Wenger is almost finished at Arsenal. Last summer was the most crucial summer he had in years. Having lost experienced plus quality players in Flamini, Hleb, Lehmann and Gilberto, Wenger did not replace them wisely. Nasri for Hleb I will take it although we still miss Hleb’s ball retention ability and creativity. Nasri will be a wonderful players in years to come but he has been a hit & miss till now. With his talent I have enough faith in him if he can stay fit.

    1. Almunia has been a joke. I was laughing at some Arsenal fans who compared him with Buffon, Casillas and dared to call him a world-class. How on this world a reject from Spanish second division with zero international appearance can be a No 1 at Arsenal? He is not even Bolton standard, Jussi Jaaskelainen is more superior than him. I also don’t think Fabianski will be a great keeper but he can do no worse than Almunia. He hasn’t get enough chance to show if he has quality. Please Wenger either buy a quality keeper or stick with the Polish Lad.
    2. Sagna & Clichy has been below par and careless after they get a bumper new contract.
    3. CB pairing has been a joke all season except Manu game.
    4. Denilson, Song, Diaby can play for mid-table teams at their best.

    Solutions for this Janaury:

    1.Buy AKinfeev or Jaaskelainen.

    2.Buy strong CB like Campbell, maybe Zapata.

    3.Buy world-class CDM who can play rough and tackle with intensity, Toulahan, DeRossi, Veloso, Matuidi whoever.

    4.Sell Adebayor to Real madrid for 25 million so we can collect fund to buy three players.

    This team will bring a drastic change to our quality and mentality.

    Sagna Zapata Toure Clichy
    Walcott Cesc(c) DeRossi Nasri
    RVP Vela/Eduardo

    Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Gibbs, Ramsey, Denilson, Wilshere, Rosiscky, Bentdner.
    Song can go back to Charlton, Diaby to Metz, Gallas to PSG, Almunia to Almeria bench.

    Realmadrid are looking for a striker so badly that they will pay 25 million for Ade in Janaury even he is not worth that much. Jaaskelainen can be acquired for nothing and 10 million for Zapata and 15 million for Veloso / Toulahan…. We can buy Ade repacement in summer.. Very good deal.
    Don’t be surprised though if Wenger buys a 17 years old prodigy from Afganistan and 16 years old Knewye-jhake-bayor from Kenya.

  24. @ ramugunner – Your suggestions are too drastic and they’re not going to happen. There’s not that much going wrong with the team that a couple of tweaks here and there can’t fix. At the moment it’s a weak mentality and lack of a partner for Cesc that’s holding us back. The changes you have suggested are a little over the top in my opinion.

    Let’s not keep this depressing mood going all through the week off. We all know that things aren’t great at the moment but let’s try to keep it positive and talk about what the team can do in the near future.

  25. Agree with you that a partner for Cesc and change in team mentality can bring some change. I also believe Wenger will buy one DM in Janaury cause he has already suffered from his decision. We should be able to finish fourth with a good partner for Cesc but nothing is granted. We saw how Astonvilla are and we will see how big-money Arabians perform. Where is our quest for glories and trophies so we can count Arsenal as a top club. Arsenal should challenge with Manu, Chelski, Barca and Milan not with Astonvilla and Everton. Even players like Sidwell and teams like Hull and Astonvilla loves to play Arsenal at Emirates. No more teams fear to play Arsenal just because our players are a bunch of losers with no passion to win. Players who hate to lose can only play at this level. Almunia, Gallas(now), Song, Diaby are on the top of the list but what we are lacking is the overall mentality in our manager, board and players.
    With this team, I will take fourth place and a chance for CC/FA cup, that’s it. I have heard someone saying now Arsenal can concentarte to win Champions league. Oh Lord! Lets first win against Hull, Fulham, Stoke and Villa before dreaming CL.

    My major concern with Arsenal now is with Wenger. It’s rational to balme him than blaming Denilson, Song, Diaby, Almunia. He is the one who thought we will challenge for everything with this bunch of craps. I am tired of his words: Quality, Potential and Character with his players. Right now only few Arsenal players possess those qualities, maybe from reserves squad only.

  26. @ ramugunner
    You can’t put all the blame on Wenger. He played a team that beat ManU(English and European champs) 2 weeks ago, he expected to see the same comitment and performance from the same team against Villa, so did i, that’s why he played 4-5-1 again, but he was let down by the players. Blaming him alone is unfair.

    For the game against City, i think Le Boss must play 4-5-1 again with Ade as a lone striker. Without Fabregas, Sagna, V.Persie and Walcott, this would be my line up:

    Def: Toure,Gallas,Djourou,Clichy
    Mid: Ramsey/Vela, Wilshere,Denilson,Diaby,Nasri
    Str: Ade

  27. Selling Ade to Real is an interesting point… I have never been a humongous fan of his but Im not sure it would be a great move for this reason: He is the type of player needed for the EPL- Scores easy goals on headers and tap ins- its the big games he doesnt always show up for… I wouldnt mind selling him but that would make all of our strikers very similar and mean that in the summer we would have to look for a tall striker who is good with his head… I wouldnt hate the move if Wenger pulled it but Im not so sure about it either… DMF is the absolute priority… Give me De Rossi please… Is Veloso that tough minded kind of physical player we need? I havent seen much of him…

  28. Well I’m the Vice-Chairman of Arsenal Mumbai Supporters Club. I wonder can we fans of the Supporters Club all over the world join hands and force Wenger to make few decisions:

    1) Sell Gallas, Ade in the Jan Transfer Window

    2) Make Cesc or Clichy the captain.

    3) Bring 1 top quality striker, 1 midfeilder(Holding), and 1 top quality CB like metzelder.

    I think fans in Barca, Real have achieved that. They play a major role in sacking of player, coaches and bringing in players also..

    Why cant we gooners do that?? :X

  29. Terry is right! Though the chances of going top are slim, nevertheless, our young guys are getting a lot of game time; and if they can get us through to the Champions League again, watch out. Good luck to the “lads”. Bugs Bunny.

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