Tequila first, then Arsenal v Celtic

More goals could be on the cards in Arsenal v Celtic II

With Panda’s 18th birthday today and some drinkies planned for this afternoon I unfortunately don’t have time to do up a full preview of the Celtic second-leg game. Instead, here is a quick summary of my thoughts on the match:

  • Only a monumental cock-up will see us lose this tie. I’m not taking it for granted but I honestly think the manager could rotate a few more players and we still wouldn’t have a problem getting through.
  • With Celtic needing to score at least twice they will be hugely vulnerable to the counter-attack and I think that’s where we’ll get them. And if we score again it’s curtains.
  • In terms of player availability Cesc Fabregas will be out (although he may be back for United) while everybody else who was fit is available. The manager has hinted that Aaron Ramsey will come in for the captain and I certainly like that idea.
  • Up front I think Robin van Persie will get a rest and Nicklas Bendtner will play as the centre-forward with support from Eduardo and Andrey Arshavin. Down back it should be full strength with Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna set to return to the starting team.
  • This game will – like the Portsmouth one – be as much about preparing for Manchester United as it is about getting through to the Champions League. A solid defensive performance will see us through and I think the manager would be smart to give a few more key players a rest if we happen to go a goal further in front.

It sounds like I’m taking the game for granted a bit and maybe I am, but I just don’t foresee any problems at home to Celtic. With a strong defensive unit and Alex Song back in the side we have the strength required to nullify their threat and with opportunities set to come on the break I wouldn’t be surprised to see us win 2-0 or even 3-0.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m off to have some beers and possibly some tequila with the Panda and Co.


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  1. Lets hope for a good result and then a good draw on Friday, is it Friday? Ramsey will be a good back up player for Cesc, he was a very good purchase for us.

  2. I will prefer Diaby to Ramsey on less Denilson will not start. Also RVP should lead the attack with AA and B52. Thus Almunia Sagna-G10-V5-Clichy Song-Denilson Diaby Bentner-Arshavin VanPersie

  3. yeh the tie is all over..that wonderful free kick from the training ground was a master stroke and proved the Arsenal class.Although i applaud the football created by players i do sense a smugness in some comments.lets hope the game is an advert to football

  4. SBS do have it. Delayed though. For those of you Aussies with ESPN, they have it non-delayed 4:30. Probably 5:00 Kick off.

  5. It is going to be a tough game,
    but we shall overcome.
    So far so good the team is fantastic.

  6. I have nothing to add than Cheers! Don’t drink too much, otherwise you can’t follow the match tonight…

  7. I dont think it will be a walk in the park as they dont have any big names anymore but they know how to work. Even though they have won only once away from home in europe in 8 matches or so. The 1st goal will decide the tie. can’t stand the twits commentating on espn so I’ll wait for the sbs game as well.

  8. Its a beautiful morning here in Dagenham London, where all road leads to the Emirate later 2day. I will prefare we use all our best (aka) 1st team squad to play Celtic so as to be double sure of Champions League qualification rather than save the best for Man United. Any slip will cost us everything we have worked for. So we better be wise.

  9. Should be a win – as long as we don’t get cocky. 2-0 again. P.S. to Icehammer – sorry abt the violence v Millwall pretty bad news.

  10. Permit me ANDY – Comments from JESS yesterday…..
    I miss when we used to fight about Bendtner. Denilson and Diaby fighting = boring. All we need to do is remind Denilson every now and again that he is really is Brazilian and he’ll be fine. As for Diaby I think he is really trying to make an effort and show some commitment..what more can we as fans ask for?

  11. should be routine toni and hope ramsey,merida and wilshere get some gametime…bentdner and arsha need to show some form with the massive game at the weekend….all is completely dead in relation to transfers so are we all agreed that there wil be no incomings????seems

  12. should be routine toni and hope ramsey,merida and wilshere get some gametime…bentdner and arsha need to show some form with the massive game at the weekend….all is completely dead in relation to transfers so are we all agreed that there wil be no incomings????seems like along time ago now that kenya gunner stated we had signed villa and de rossi on pre-contracts…lollllllllllll

  13. Happy 31st Panda Bear, have a good one.

    I would personally love to see us steamroller Celtic tonight, stick another 4 or 6 goals past them, such is my distaste for Scottish football. I’d love it if Bendtner scored all six.

  14. It won’t happen but I’d like to see:

    Sagna – Song – Verm – Clichy
    Ramsay – Denilson – Diaby
    Wilshere – Bendtner – Eduardo

    Rest key players due to our obvious advantages in this game and give a couple some additional champions league experience.

  15. 3-0 will be good. rest some key players since we already have a 2-0 advantage and we’re facing the red devils.

  16. Cannot believe everyone’s confidence – dare I say it, overconfidence. Celtic will give it everything tonight. It is our most important game of the year in a financial sense. Winning this game is worth more money than any other game. We can recover if we drop points to ManU on Saturday but a slip up tonight means no Champions League fopr 12 months. A win over Celtic should see at least one more signing, a loss could easily mean a couple of good players out the door. No Cesc means no one else should be rested until we are two up tonight and four ahead overall.

  17. Dally

    CL group stage draw is 5 pm UK time on Thursday

    Hopefully Celtic will be the ones interested in the Europa Cup draw at 5 pm on the Friday

    As for tonight as the Jocks would say “ghertintiiyerm” and we’ll be fine

    Eddy – I want to see you shine mate

  18. I’m going to stick my neck out and say 3 – 1 to the gunners.


    A good balance between attack and defence, youth and experience.

    The correct result tonight and we will see the cheque-book out and one or two signings before the deadline.

  19. So far so good.The results of this game should give the right grip for the naxt game.We simply have to continue with the bung we started with.Not less than 3 goals in a game.Go gunners go!!!!!!

  20. As much as i want The Gunners to really put up a show and beat man u away from home, whts more important is to qualify for the cl. But if we play the starting back four, i see no reason not to ratate upfront.

  21. I see everyone is going for the rest Van-P tactic which i am immensely happy with I dont know whether it would be a good idea but i want to rest Denii too,there is going to be alot of runnin for him at OT so to have him rested will be a bonus so i would go with this team


    with Bendt52 and Eduardo intershanging coz quite frankly i dont think any of us know who will fill in for lets say if Van-P gets injured..

    Maybe having both Ramsey and Diaby from the go aint such a good idea but the played well together on staurday with a less defensive Denii so they should excel with Song there instead…

    3-1 to the Gunners
    Eduardo,Diaby and Arshavin


  22. Its dead and buried,all i wanna see is our lovely football…eye candy,so just bring it on.Kenya gunners fans catch it 9:45 pm.
    Prediction 3 or 4 or 5 to Arsenal celtic 0 or 1

  23. My brothers,Charm refused to sign for West Ham on Monday and guesss what,same fee as offered by AW. Blanc, I beieve is wiser than he seems, I see him calling AW any minute from now with tail in the mouth and something like, Le’proffessuer’ Je sui’ maladi. Come get your Charms or I walk away with a Blanc cheque.

  24. Just seen a bunch of Celtic fans being led away by police at Paddington station. Well done guys, way to adhere to your stereotype! Must’ve been celebrating Panda’s birthday.

    This is why we must obliterate them! Would enjoy seeing Ramsay and Wilshere feature at some point tonight. Ramsay was a forgotten player last season, he probably played more games for Wales.

  25. Hi lads, I had tickets to go to the game with two of my sons. Got on the train at Barking station and noticed how tense the atmosphere was. My wife called me on my mob telling me not to go to the game because she was on her way from work on the DLR and there was fights occuring near Canning town. My mum and dad still live in Eastham so i decided to take my boys there for safety reasons. I myself still went to the game. For the 1st time in a long while i felt nervous while on the underground and to be honnest after about 10 minutes of being inside the stadium i realised that i had made a mistake comimg to the game. The banter between the Millwall and Westham was very viscous and belonged in the gutter. It was a bloody discrace the racist names the black Westham players were called. I myself am of Caribbean parents and felt sick to the stomuch how people can have so much hatetrid

  26. Would like to see Wilshere at some point tonight. Him starting would be good but if we are winnig and dominationg then Merida and Wilshere can come on in the second half to get some good UCL exp and game time. I think we need to rest a couple of players. Bendy and Dudu to start upfront and the option of Arsha, Wilshere, Merida, RVP to play on the remaining strikibg place. Mid should be Diaby – Song – Ramsey. Diaby was so good at Pompey he just cant be left out and I want to see Deni start at United so rest him or bring him on for a little while. BAck four should be Sagna – Verm and Gallas with either Gibbs or CLichy and Almunia in goal. Not sure wot AW wil want though

  27. Sorry i didn’t finish what i was going to say. because of ones colour. Appart from that the so called westham fans that taunted and mocked the millwall fans and then ran onto the pitch so many times should be strung up stripped and beaten, then fined 5k and banned for life. How can people call themselves fans and act like that at their home ground. Surely they must consider the consequence towards themselves and the club they are supposed to love. My club has now been dragged back into the gutter of the early and late 70’s. God help us if we are punished with another massive fine. All i can do is apologise to all you decent supporters out there for making this country look so bad. Im off. PS good luck for tonight.

  28. wel ice wot occured last nite was a disgrace and has no place in football but in my opinion it was on the cards since the teams wer drawn against one another because of the rivalry and the fact that the teams rarely meet now due to league positions…it was always gonna bring out the thugs and the powers that be are to blame for not anticipating it and setting out precaution for the thousands of real football fans who went to watch a game last nite..it was a good call to leave ur boys at home and good news that u wer unharmed physically but obviously it has left a bitter taste in your mouth
    @ enemyairships- i had no idea the celtic fans were viewed as trouble makers as youve suggested,i thought they wer wel conducted and respected by fellow fans around europe and have received commendation from fifa in recent years for this…maybe im wrong but i think u are wide of the mark wit ur generalisation just then
    anyway 1 hour to kick off and am lookin forward to seein the boys go out and put on a good show please god….come on the little russian get ur season started

  29. dont apologise icehammer shit happens but i dont think ur beloved club wil be tarnished cos of the actions of a couple a hundred clowns…

  30. icehammer, its sad that football is going back to the old bad days when blacks and Asians were afraid to go to games because of xenophobic violence. However, why bring it to Arsenal blog?

    Yes, we feel sorry for what happened but this is our yard and only Arsenal stuff should discussed unless its a team we thrashed or something. Thanks for coming but not thanks to hammer problems on our doorstep.

  31. Don’t worry shambo, I wasn’t picking on Celtic fans, but rather making an even more outrageous reference to the link between Scots and getting drunk!

    Glad you’re all right Icehammer. I think Zola and his team are the complete opposite of what the reputation of West Ham is built upon. I hope his style and football win out in the long run.

    Almost disappointed to see Ramsay on the bench. Looks like the boss is taking this a bit more seriously than anticipated. That’s why he’s the boss, there’s still a lot at stake. Let’s bury ’em!

  32. nice 1 airships
    cant see us scoring many toni wit eduardo our only serious threat
    prove me wrong guys prove me wrong

  33. Eish u guys ar crazy u tokng abt a qualifier w ol fibres in u.oh pliz gt a lyf gunerles folks.liv w it,yo tim ar jus brydgrums evn if u win 20 nil 4 ol we ke.arsenal z jus arsenal.smolanyana tim lol.blue 4lyf til 6 ft unda

  34. Eduardo will be criticised for the dive after the game but he is having a great game. The man is pure class and makes chances out of nothing. I love how he plays (minus the dive of course). And EBou is something else when he has confidence… Really good dribbler…

  35. I have read one time, a player has said, Arsenal have to learn to do the dirty work, I wonder if that was meant what Eduardo did today’s night? Maybe that’s the way you can win titles and silverware. I’m sorry, I don’t like that.

  36. Honestly spkng do u guys thnk u wl win e cl or evn e lig?u shld b tokng abt e fa cup w yo partners in crime everton,tote,pompey and nw man city,thts where u stand a reasonable chance.u hv unreasonable faith tht shoots strayt t stupidity n ignorance.as long as u ar an academy 4 chelsea n barca u wl neva win big.in setswana we col timz lyk yoz smolanyana lol.shapa drogba shaaáaaaapa.jubilant arno_wa lebleu

  37. Jus wondaring wy big tims lyk chelsea barca inter man u(i dnt blv i mentioned em)real n gerrard fc ar nt playng 2nyt…is ths rily cl or wat? Oh ey ar qualifiers 4 smolanyana timz,let m go t bed cz ths z torture t my eyes lol…shapa drogba shaaapa upset arno_wa le bleus

  38. nother thing- Bendtner is simply not very good and I would be real worried if RP/ Dudu get hurt… WOuldnt mind a backup with some reliability…

  39. And one final remark. I wish Celtic all the best in the European league. That was really bitter for them, to loose in such a way.

  40. The funniest thing is half the people complaining are ManU and Chelsea fans. Seems they have forgotten Ronaldo quickly. And Drogba has gone nowhere either… Never before has Eduardo dived- and there could have been contact still… I feel if he didnt fall, Borud would have indeed taken out his legs so he isnt as guilty as people make him seem…

    Hope For Eduardo, RVP, Arshavin front line vs Man Utd

  41. @Arnold le blu fool. would like to see where you would be, without abramoil´s money? you clown,you pissed cause we not cheap sellouts like you.

  42. @anonymous money z th name of tha game if u ddnt kno.if u hv it its nt treasonous t use it yu moron.ask wenger e economist wy h selz hs best talent @ yr t biga clubs,to mk profits sani.h knoz its a profit mkg developmental academy 4 clubs w ambitions,u sold viera,petit,ovamars,henry,flamini,adebayo.t.mention jus a few wen they were at their peak..col.tht ambition? Lol as 4 nicho n henry ey med it clear ey wanted timz where ey cn win trophies n ey both dd at real n barca.wen a playa z redy t win trophz h hs t mv 4rm yo mickey mouse academy lol its fact:lets chek;wen last dd u win at list a cup? I dnt rememba myself,19thiery henry hahahahahaha u guys ar damn pathetic,actualy it tks a psychopath t suport arsenal

  43. Cm end of sizen yo usual dog it dog w everton,villa n nw man city 4 4th place wl b on n u wl b as empty handed as in e past 6 yrs lol.seriously u ar nt xpectng bentner t score mo thn 10 golz cz h cnt.lol.and w man city n tote hot im séeing yu morons in uefa cup nxt sizen.wonda wy fabregas z wastng hs talent playng high xul soca w no returns,beautiful shoe shine piano type of soca w no trophiz z meaningles,im.sure u kno by nw and buying cheap african no name brand playaz lyk song wont win yu e cl.denilson znt evn in team c 4 hs national tim,e les syd ab goal shy rvp e betta,and yo sun t retire mr potential diaby wl go t th grave w hs potential.i fil sory 4 cesc bt im sure h wl do e ryt thng nxt window period lyk ade.jubilant_arno wa le bleu

  44. Tom14 diaby’s 1st tach z police case,hs tactical ability or lack thereof z embarasing.h.dsnt.kno wen t realease n hold on.hs timing z very treasonous.i col hm mr potential n waste part z h hs bn around 4 mo thn 5yrs nw bt h is regarded as e future lol.sympathetic arno_wa le bleus

  45. F*#k me my sides are splitting arnoldwablue my 4 year old can write better english hahaha. Flamini did not get sold and we are going to be ok in 10 years time and when your roman sugar daddy leaves no one else will be able to spend the type of money needed to keep buying players and your youth set up is crap. We will have wilshere, thomas, randall and heaps more keeping us at the top while you will be in div 1 again.
    @ Goonerbeall icehammer has been coming on this blog for a few months now and has always been a true gent and his son is in our academy and it’s not up to you to say who and can’t comment on the blog just Andy.
    Also it was a great win but wasn’t that happy about the pen as the result was always going to come and has all our players been practising swivels as diaby, sharva and eboue have all scored after a nice little swivel. Bring on manure as ol red nose was in the stands looking a bit nervous.

  46. Arnoldwablue, that was pathetic. please dont devalue my opinion with your rubbish grammar.

  47. Could somebody please translate what “”Arnoldwablue”” is speaking, please?

    English is not my natal like many of the readers here but everybody make an effort to speak in english. I dont understand japanese.

    – – –
    BTW Denilson was amazing today, same Song and Diaby. Well almost everybody except Merida and Bendtner.

    And we need a real backup to Willy, at the end of the game it seems like he was close to fall out on the grass. He needs a rest.

  48. @ Arnoldwablue – If you’re going to leave a comment, please make it readable! You seem like you have a bit to say but your comment is just indecipherable. No-one is going to read it unles you use proper English…

  49. *(mistake) Not Merida, I mean Ramsey.

    And hey Andrew I send you a couple of mails, did you receive it? I have the impression that went directly to your spam box.

  50. i have doubted denilson since i saw his debut but he really impressed me 2day.he played with real heart.wen wilshere made a bad tackle on the celtic player and they all started approaching wilshere,denilson is the only one that stepped up and made it his fight.hes really impressed me this campaign

  51. @ Tom14

    Diaby was very good on this game. I dont remeber him losing the ball or something, what you mean about his poor first touch??

    The only two players that have a bad first touch were Ramsey and Bendtner.

  52. C’mon guys ! Leave arnoldablue alone. Hes probably drunk, coz he lost his betting. Hed predicted an arsenal lost ! Hence the funny groggy english. Anyway, congrats to arsene wenger and his boys and the whole staff for the deserved win. Cant say anything disapprovingly about dudu. The mental scar after the horrific Birmingham game last year is there to stay. The fact that hes still playing is itself a miracle ! Cheer up boys ! Its time for partying !

  53. We won we won we won!! Well played lads.

    @ MoMoney- Ha ha some good old Bendy bashing that’s what I like to see. No seriously though I think Bendtner is working his ass off and I love the fact that he is actually running. I haven’t thrown anything at the screen and yelled “Run Bendtner Dammit” yet this season. He actually galloped tonight it was great.

    @Tom14-You are a hard man to please sir. We just qualified for the group stages and you seem more happy about Diaby having a so called bad first touch than us winning. Why?

  54. @Arnoldwablue – You really love this Arsenal side don’t u? Cn’t wait to play against your retirement village, and have Drogba totally outclassed by The Verminator. Shapa edu shapa..

    I’m certainly disappointed by the manner in which we scored the first goal, even edu felt bad, notice how he went straight to the change rooms when the final whistle was blown? Nyway, a great win for us…cnt wait for the CL draw.
    R7 has been training with the team, and might be available on the bench on Saturday. wonder if AW will release Jack on Man U..the kid’s got some wonderful touches

  55. I totally agree with your comment mgeiks, I felt the same, I was disappointed with how the decision felt with that penalty, I don’t want to blame Edu, every player of the world would have fallen down in that situation, and either the referee can’t be accused really, you never know how they have seen the situation, it’s a decision of milliseconds like a reflex, I think, if you whistle or not, I don’t want to be a referee, but at the first moment I was totally disappointed about this situation, and sponaneously a bit angry with Edu too, they had two goals in hand and then such a penalty, it was so unnecessary, they would have scoared definitively even without that decisive penalty, but it made the further goals worthless for me, I was disappointed with that development, that’s all, of course I’m happy Arsenal is in the cl, and of course they deserve it, AW’s statement of today about the matter’s of the match I like much, and I think the manager of Celtic was extremely fair with his comments too, so, it’s no drama, it wasn’t the absolute injustice, cause Celtic would have dropped out of the cl with I would say 98 % probability even without that penalty, that manner was just a bit disappointing, I would have been more pleased with that match without it, that’s all

  56. hello guys! it was fantastic to watch how the guns were bringing down Celtics. seeing the guys reminded me of non other than the invisible unbeaten. i pray that all will be fine for us thisd time and i have no doubts that we shall be the champions this time. any arsenal fan lady who would like to be my friend? reach me on owekmenocharles@yahoo.com

  57. I can be a bit negative about our team sometimes – but tonight I just had to take stock of where we are.
    4 games 4 wins. We’ve scored 15 goals and conceded 3. we’ve had 9 different goal scorers. We’ve qualified yet again for The Champions League. We’ve earned more money in transfers then we’ve spent. We’ve unveiled a major new talent to the EPL in Vermaelen. We’ve brought on new young, exciting talent like Wilshire, Ramsey and Gibbs. We are brilliant. And Arsene Wenger is a certified genius. We are Arsenal!!

  58. Good that our team won. For those who worry about Diaby can also worry about other players too.When he is one on one with the goalkeeper i really see him as a clinical striker .Is there anyone who says no on this?.

    He still has age and can improve.For the moment forget him and let him play .

  59. Whilest I don’t condone diving I think Eduardo really personified what we we’ve been missing and what the team generally is starting to show this season – the win at all costs mentality. This is as heartening to see as it is to see Eduardo himself back on the pitch and scoring again.
    How many times have we seen other teams dive and win penalties and free-kicks off us – from which they’ve scored? I still haven’t got over Rooney’s dive to end our unbeaten run. I’ve bellyached about it ever since. Well now it’s someone else’s turn to bellyache and you know what? I’m enjoying hearing their whines and squeels. Good on you, Eduardo.

  60. Lads, it is just a simple matter of fact. I presented the argument that Diaby has a poor first touch (possibly the worst at the club) and everyone seems to disagree. But when he gives me about five/six examples in the Celtic match, nobody saw it.

    Nobody saw him receiving a 10 yard pass and it hitting him in the face or the various other incidents where he had to totally change direction, and the flow of play, because he hit the ball so hard when controlling it.

    Great win, tarred by the dive, but who cares?

  61. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet,too much, but I got the score right (see my post above) although Celtic had me sweating untill the last minute before coming good. Lol.

    With the income from the Champions League group stages secure I expect to see some activity in the final few days of the transfer window, Scott Parker would fit the bill nicely.

    Apparently that classless mob from Glasgow are calling for Eduardo to banned for an alleged dive. It seems that all the Arsenal haters have chosen to ignore the fact that Boruc’s thigh hit Eduardo’s foot. The referee indicated this to Boruc, but nobody wants to acknowledge the facts.

    The question of how to punish football hooligans can be solved by the reintroduction of a well tried punishment from the 19th. century: Transport them to Australia! I’m sure some secure accomodation could be found in Van Diemen’s Land. Lol

  62. Cheating diving ladybhoys, I can’t wait till Fergy snd his Manky U’ gub your nancy boys and your hypocritical manager… when did you last win a trophy you 2nd rate pussies?? .. Up Manky United

  63. A bit of Arsenal magic required here ” go on Edwanko.. hit the deck me son!! hahaha Who are Mank City Arse ne was asking last season?? hee haw.

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