Tell me your favourite Arsenal player to win a FREE Arsenal shirt

A little while ago I announced that the Arsenal FC Blog had been nominated for the 2009 Soccerlens Awards as one of the Best Team Sites.

I asked you all to be kind enough to vote for the blog and while I’m sorry to say that it didn’t win the award (that honour went to The Republik of Mancunia with This is Anfield the runner-up) I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted. I was truly honoured to get so much support and I think it is testament to the fantastic community on this blog that it was nominated in the first place.

To show you just how much I appreciate your support I’m giving away not one but two FREE Arsenal shirts!

The Arsenal jerseys are compliments of the good people at SoccerPro and all you have to do to be eligible is by emailing me who your favourite Arsenal player is and why (in 25 words or less).

Please send your responses to admin[at]arsenalfcblog[dot]com (replace ‘at’ and ‘dot’ with ‘@’ and ‘.’) and the two best will receive either a free Arsenal jersey. Too easy!

Thanks again for your support and good luck!

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  1. hahaha

    So much for reading the instructions in the article. 😉

    My submission for favorite player is in your email, Andy.

  2. Song. He is the most improved player and personifies the heart and fight we need to win in a league as tough as the premiership.

  3. I’ve just read all these ‘pro-Wenger’ and ‘anti-Wenger’ pieces and I’m a bit disappointed because we Arsenal fans are renowned to be poised and reasonable people, and here we’re just losing the point of the situation. First, I’d like to point out that the position of our manager, in my opinion, is firm and solid as ever. Nobody will kick him out and he’ll not leave the post until his contract is seen out. He’s certainly the most overachieving manager in the world but at the moment he’s coping with lack of money, and lack of ‘quality’ too, as he’d put it.

    If you go on right now, you’ll find a pathetic headline: Diaby has improved tremendously. I don’t really know how many of us agree with this. So, Wenger is a legend, of course, but at this moment he’s saying… well, not very intelligent things, he’s in a difficult moment. We simply cannot compete with top sides because we have no money (well, there’s money but buried deep in our directors’ pockets).

    So, this is the situation. A great manager having a bad time. A long bad time, ok. But this is it. Don’t just focus on the manager, he’s trying to do his best with what he’s got (and if he doesn’t spend, I don’t think it’s for pure stubborness), that is, a team of dwarves. Just point the attention on the dwarves themselves: they don’t always they give 100%, and can’t always compete, because they simply are not top level. I’m not talking about Cesc, Arshavin and Van Persie here, of course, but of the Diabys, Denilsons and Eboues we have. But now, let’s not be pessimistic.

    Let’s focus simply on one thing: we’ve won where the supposedly better sides have lost, Everton and Fulham above all; we don’t perform well with the top four sides (don’t forget two wins out of two with Liverpool), but our performances against the lesser sides are excellent, and those could really win us the league. Just think about it. We’ve now got seven winnable matches, while Chelsea and Man U face tougher fixtures and will surely drop points. Talking about Wenger going or staying etc. is just a waste of time. There he is and there he’ll be until the end of his contract.

    By saying this, I don’t mean you all have to shut up, everybody’s got their opinion, but I thought this situation was beginning to become personal and we need to be united as fans. Let’s focus on what’s best for our team now, that is, winning the league. I’m not the most optimistic person in the world but, logically and arithmetically, we can do it.

  4. For me it has to be the Verminator. He has to be the buy of the season by a mile. I remember reading an article when he was signed where Alan Hansen was saying that the Dutch reporters he had spoken to were completely shocked that we had splashed out 10 mill for him and that he really was a mediocre player and that Ajax were laughing all the way to the bank.

    Obviously listening to anything Alan Hansen has to say was my first mistake. Together with Cesc, he’s been our best player easily. He’s always committed, he never gives up and his attitude is always spot on. It’s these sort of guys that we need in our team. I don’t doubt that we have the quality and talent but heart and the will to win is not something everyone in our team possesses. Vermaelen has it in abundance. Here’s to that rubbing off on the rest for the remainder of the season.

  5. Ofcourse Thierry Henry is every Arsenal fan all-time favourite player! For now Cesc, could be but he’s fishy i think he may leave us some time! Definately RVP

  6. At the moment it is Vermaelen…when the title it at stake, he plays through injury. He has a huge heart and he is made of steel. All time favorite player is the silky-smooth Thierry Henry. Not sure why the boss couldn’t bend the over-30 rule to keep him…especially because we need him NOW! Henry is a legend.

  7. Samantha, i think henry was getting to a stage where his outside life was having a effect on his footballing matters. he did produce moments of magic but nothing of the old henry we were used to seeing.

    Cesc summed it up nicely about when he said when henry was there all the young players just thought pass to him and he’ll make it happen & you could see henry was gfetting frustrated at the younger players which was having a negative impact on the youngsters – so i think wenger got it spot on by selling him.

  8. Current team Cesc without a doubt.
    All time can only be Dennis if only he was 15 years younger.



  10. In my opinion Arsenal should offer Gallas a two-year deal if that is what it takes to keep him at the club. Regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve always loved him and stuck up for him. Even during those ‘dark days’ when he cried at Birmingham.

    The man has been immense this season.

    The untrusting amongst us will say Gallas has raised his game to put himself in the shop window, earning himself a massive deal, either at Arsenal or away from us.

    I prefer to think that he has been liberated by his partnership with Thomas Vermaelen. They seem to enjoy playing alongside one another.

    It is no secret that Gallas and Toure didn’t get on. Perhaps we are only seeing the best of Gallas now because Kolo has gone.

    Yes, it may seem petty and on paper a partnership of Gallas-Toure looks a brilliant combination but sometimes things don’t always work out.

    Vieira and Fabregas? That never really set the world alight did it?

    Gallas is experienced, and more importantly, experienced in winning the title. I still believe he is World-Class and not only that; he is a warrior. Despite crying on the pitch.

    I know that I would rather have William on my side rather than against me. Look around the Arsenal side. See many warriors? Gallas is definitely one of them.

    Another of the warriors is Fabregas. There has been speculation about him since the dawn of time. It can get very boring.

    I feel very sorry for Cesc. There can only be so many times he can come out and tell us he is staying at Arsenal.

    Despite him saying he is staying there is a growing belief that he will actually leave this summer.

    I concede that there maybe a time he will leave Arsenal. But I don’t believe it will happen this year and when he does make the move away the Emirates it will be to join Barcelona. Not Real Madrid. Not AC Milan, Inter or anybody else.

    Who honestly would begrudge him a move back to his homeland? I wouldn’t because in my opinion he has been loyal to Arsenal and in this day and age that is something to be treasured.

    Fabregas could end up staying at Arsenal forever though. I’m sure I know how too.

    Cesc loves Arsene Wenger and feels he owes him a lot. It could be that our skipper stays as long as Arsene does.

    Cesc also loves Pep Guardiola, the Barcelona manager. He is an idol to Fabregas. Perhaps when the day comes calling Pep could take over the managers job at Arsenal.

    I’m sure I read that Wenger invited Guardiola to England a few times to watch Arsenal and visit the training ground. Maybe he is keen for the Barca manager to take his place one day?

    Arsenal could offer Guardiola complete freedom, something he doesn’t get at Barcelona, a new challenge abroad and the opportunity to continue the way Arsenal play football. Like he does at Barca.

    If Pep Guardiola came to Arsenal I would be 100% sure that Fabregas would stay. Maybe even until the end of his career.

  11. Arshavin! Can you imagine how good he would be with a world class forward in front of him? He’s been played out of position for most of his Arsenal matches but I can’t wait to see him smash another 10 this season. We were VERY lucky to have him when Van P got injured.

  12. *sigh*

    3 new injuries ahead of the Porto game – not counting Song and Arshavin.

    Gallas, Eduardo and Almunia are all excluded from the 18-man squad. Not too bothered about Almunia, I feel Fabianski or Mannone deserves a chance… However, with Eduardo out again, we’re lacking options up front.

    At least Vela is in the squad! Weird how his injuries or problems are rarely mentioned on the official site…!

  13. gallas,song,arshavin now added to the injury list and set to miss the porto game more f..king injuries when will they ever stop??????? oh yeah fawlty manuel,s injured as well but i,m not too bothered about him.

  14. Hello, I’m from Brazil and I’m the biggest Arsenal fan from here. I don’t speak a very good english, so I ask you to make it easier for me. My favorite player is Andrey Arshavin because he is the best player and also is charismatic and funny. Hugs for everybody!

  15. What did everyone think of Milan v Manchester? IMO Man U got very very lucky. Milan thoroughly outplayed them its just that ‘never say die’ attitude and a crucial mistake or two… Too bad. Hope Milan somehow turn the tie around

  16. Denilson is my faverate player. Being that, at his age and what he does on the pich is wonderful.

    And he can play any where in the midfield.

  17. R u kidding me?DENILSON?did u actually watch him play?or should i say, giving the ball away which he recieves from his team mates, ignorantly letting rooney and other team mates pass him easily and score(with out even trying to block their shots), if he is infront of any player, he will just let that player in with out any kind of resistance what so ever.If it was me i wouldnot use him unless for small games.Him Almunia and Fabianski.

  18. Cesc, he is very wounderful player in arsenal,i love him… if i was wenger i would not let him go beacuse he is just a good player in his carrer. please send me an arsenal jersy with may names.

  19. Thumbs Up! for the good job. I can assure you that this is just the beginning of better things to come your way.

  20. WALLCOTT, its……obvious that there are many good players in arsenal and i do love it…bcoz we are the gunners…

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