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Arsenal Season Review – Part 2 – The Defence

Today is the second in a series of posts reviewing Arsenal’s 2008/09 season. Yesterday I reviewed the performances of our goalkeepers over the course of the season and up for scrutiny today is the Arsenal defence. Unlike yesterday’s post which looked individually at the performances of Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski, this article is more […]

Three points a must for Arsenal at Chelsea

First things first, sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I’m not embarassed to say that I was at quite an emotionally-involving work conference yesterday that left me without the energy to do my usual thing. For those that don’t know when I’m not blogging about Arsenal I work with people who struggle coping with mental […]

No post today, come back tomorrow

Just a quick one to say that I’m still pretty sick at the moment and won’t be able to post today. I’ll have a match preview and some words to say about William Gallas tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Don’t blame me, blame my headache. Have your say by leaving a comment.