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Some thoughts on what Arshavin will bring to Arsenal

Andrei Arshavin. Andrei Arshavin. Andrei Andrei Arshavin, Andrei Arshavin, Andrei Andrei Arshavin. Is there really anything else worth talking about? The big news of today/yesterday is that Arsenal have agreed a deal with Zenit St Petersburg for You Know Who (and no, I don’t mean Voldemort). However, there is one teensy-weensy catch; it’s yet to […]

Who’ll budge first on Arshavin: Arsenal or Zenit?

Observe these quotes from agent Dennis Lachter about Arsenal’s move for Andrei Arshavin: “Unfortunately in this matter there is no movement. The sticking point is, of course, money and rather the totally unacceptable amount of Zenit’s demands for Andrei. The position of the club remains unchanged and that is the reality that we have faced for a long […]