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Getting up for the cup

A rare evening for me not spent working on a Saturday night meant I could sit at home and shoot the breeze (albeit alone and in my head) about the state of play down at the Emirates and a few conclusions have been drawn. Wilshere’s setback has made him anything but “like a new signing” […]

Three points a must for Arsenal at Chelsea

First things first, sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I’m not embarassed to say that I was at quite an emotionally-involving work conference yesterday that left me without the energy to do my usual thing. For those that don’t know when I’m not blogging about Arsenal I work with people who struggle coping with mental […]

No post today, come back tomorrow

Just a quick one to say that I’m still pretty sick at the moment and won’t be able to post today. I’ll have a match preview and some words to say about William Gallas tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Don’t blame me, blame my headache. Have your say by leaving a comment. Loading…