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Vermaelen to Arsenal speculation seems legitimate

Well, I may have said “Farewell!” on Friday but here I’m back again on Monday with some very intriguing transfer news. There were reports floating around last week that Arsenal had agreed a deal for Ajax central defender and captain Thomas Vermaelen, with £11 the apparent fee. And while I initially wrote the news off as […]

I want Arsenal! I want Arsenal! I want Arsenal!

The International Break is really starting to drag on. While it was nice to see Australia edge microscopically close to a World Cup place after beating Uzbekistan, I can’t deny that watching my home country play in games like that just doesn’t give me the same rush as a typical Arsenal game. The good news is […]

Calling all Australian Arsenal supporters

No news to speak of today so I thought I’d set you, the regular readers of the Arsenal FC Blog with a little homework task. For those that aren’t aware – and I’m sure there are quite a few of you – despite being an Arsenal supporter I am a born and bred Australian who […]