Something funny to distract you from the Cesc garbage

I have had some requests from people via the comments and on Facebook to do an article on what Arsenal should do if Cesc leaves. But to perfectly honest, I can’t really see the point.

As things stand he is an Arsenal player. Until I see some quotes from the player, the manager or the club I really don’t see any point getting emotionally involved or putting any sort of energy into detailed analysis.

Instead, I am going to try and enjoy myself.

And what better way to enjoy myself than by looking at the following hilarious photo for the next five hours:

I. Am. So. Going. To. Buy. That. Book.

Have a great day! Don’t let the media get you down!


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  1. I always though his autobiography should have been called ‘In Lehmann’s Terms’. Real missed opportunity there.

  2. The Madness is on the Court according to Google translate but presumably they mean pitch.
    I wonder if there is an English language version, sure hope so!
    I’m also ignoring the rumours about Cesc despite one of my workmates going on and on about it and quoting the quotes tat have quoted the quotes of the quotes of some spick journalist.
    Everyone is just making whatever shit up they want.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, so it will be an insight to his life through his eyes, so you can find it in the Fantasy section of any bookshop. Ha ha ha ha ha, love the guy.
    I wonder what he says about aluminium……

  4. he!he!he!he!he!, So what if Cesc is going!? the earlier and sooner he goes, the better, at least that will give other players who are staying better focus than being toasted here n there on the Cesc issue.
    All i know is that, He will not be a star as he is here at The Arsenal, watch and see all the players who have left Arsenal for Barca, they all have become a shadow of their former self, and reflected back on the bad moves they made. It is no secret that Cesc is not assured of a starting place when he goes to Barca, he will have to fight for it with the rest of others who are as good as him, if not better.
    I just wish he thought about it, and stayed, However, if he goes, he goes, Arsenal still remains and will be stronger every season.

  5. Is Jens Lehman’s book in English? I would love a copy, only I can’t read German.

  6. Oh what a great sight!! Just wish he was playing for Arsenal for the last few years.. At time he is great… Even if Arsenal loses, he will come out something comical to make us forget the match.. gonna buy his auto. if i saw one..

  7. I also feel the sooner he goes,the better and that will give the proffessor enough time to reorganise.This business of Cesc to Barca every day is not doing the club and fans any Joy at all and I am pissed that Man U have made their signings already while we just have Chamak as a potential signing. So let that which has to be happen now so that we can land into the future and not being marooned on speculation island.

  8. @ White Ox – No thanks, the thought of watching him piss on the side of the pitch at The Emirates is enough to turn me off.

    He’ll be a brilliant coach, I reckon. If he’s game to give it a go.

  9. He is so very German looking. I think it would be impossible to look anymore German. I like to imagine him as a kind Nazi, like Oskar Schindler. I miss Lehmann.

  10. I’ve always believed that the main thing our team needs is the right attitude and mentality. I think some of the crucial games we lost or even ended up with a draw is because of that. I’ve expressed many times, with a little fine tuning, a little concentration and with going over individual mistakes . We have seen the same thing happen to us over and over again at crucial times in a game, such as swtching off just after we’ve scored, ball watching, not picking up a free man running into the box and not being more aggressive in the box to name those few. I would bet working on those would save us at least 10-12 points per season. A couple of individuals do walk into the squad to easily. We have to create competition, which will breed desire and that will produce better results eventually. IMO

  11. I believe this was actually not a bad season at all. We improved significantly over last season, never looked like finishing outside the top four and were even right in the mix for the league title up until the fifth last game – Sp*rs away. And, during that game, from the 20th to the 68th minute, we were without arguably our SIX best players injured (Vermaelen, Gallas, Song, Fabregas, Van Persie and Arshavin), which I will come back to.

    In the Champions League, we comfortably reached the quarter finals where we lost to possibly the best team in the world – having given them a scare.

    In the FA Cup, we folded in the 4th round. However given that our draw would have been: West Ham (A), Stoke (A), Man City (A), Chelsea (A), Aston Villa (N) and Portsmouth (N) I suggest that even a full strength team would have been hard put to progress all the way? As we were far from full strength during this period, saving players may have made the difference against Porto? It was then very unfortunate to be drawn against Barcelona!

    The League Cup once again provided good experience for our younger players. We eventually lost to Man City (A) – again, a tough draw that might even have been beyond a full strength team.

    However what, to my mind, made this a good season was the number of injuries we were carrying right the way through the campaign. This season has been by far the worst for injuries I have ever known for Arsenal – and I have been a fan for 40 years – and perhaps as bad as any top flight club has ever had to endure? To back up this assertion, I have analysed the availability for league matches of our 21 leading players – on the assumption that Wenger would almost always select his strongest available squad for these games. These players would almost always be in the 18 (there were not too many occasions when we had fewer than 3 players injured!) – although I accept there may have been a handful of occasions when they were omitted despite being fit.

    (Ed’s note – I can’t reproduce tables in html format, so the table that should be here is above in the image box between the first and second paragraphs)

    Some notes.

    – I have excluded Campbell, although, apart from a couple of minor knocks, he was generally available following his signing.

    – Song and Eboue’s absences include the Africa Cup of Nations which was predictable.

    – We hardly had any suspensions.

    – Although the level of absence is bad enough, it should also be noted that players generally need a few games following their return to get back to their previous level.

    So, I believe the question that we should be asking is not “Why was it such a disappointing season?” but “Why did we have so many injuries?” As per above, on average, 30% of our 1st team squad were unavailable at any one time.

    There was an interesting interview with Colin Lewin on the club website a few weeks ago where he noted that we had 7 fractures this season (typically 1 or 2) and that we also entered a vicious circle – the more players that were injured, the more the remaining players had to play which, in turn, increased their likelihood of getting injured. He also noted that Arsenal players run further than any other team.

    It is also worth noting that I believe our injury load has generally been bad for the last few seasons – but nothing quite on the scale of 2009/10?

    So what specifically may be the cause?

    – Our quick one-touch passing style of play: This invites late tackles. I think this is definitely a factor, but not unique to this season.

    – The smaller average size of our players. This makes them less robust(?) and also invites a physical approach from the opposition. I think this is valid too but again not unique to this season. I also note that we won the fair play league – not really a good thing in my book…

    – Lack of protection from referees. Contentious. Possibly true – but would not explain this exceptionally bad season as again this has been a factor for a while.

    – The turf at our home stadium – do the artificial fibres reduce the give? Bernard Azulay has noted that you never see divot marks at home games… I haven’t tried to analyse where injuries are incurred (predominantly home or away?) so can’t comment on this but it could be a factor? Certainly the deterioration in our injury situation seems vaguely related to the move to the new stadium.

    – The relative youth of our players. Does this make them less robust? I am sceptical about this. Younger players recover faster from injuries.

    – Poor fitness/conditioning training and poor medical care. There have been a couple of comments that, while 10 years ago we were at the forefront, we haven’t moved forward and other clubs have at least moved level with us.

    – The fact that both the doctor and the physio are relatively new and inexperienced. Has this impacted the quality of medical care? Possibly – hard to say?

    – Bad luck. I think this has clearly been a factor this season, but I also think something deeper is at work.

    So hard to be too specific about this. Let’s see what happens next season – although the omens are not good since injuries generally tend to be worse after a major international championship – which makes this season even more shocking!

    What can we do? Well, if the club can’t sort this out, the only solution will be to carry a larger squad – which clearly is more expensive. Even then, the continuous chopping and changing required due to injuries will be detrimental to our prospects.

  12. i think if cesc was to leav it would be hard to accept that but then everything happenz for a risen if he does leav gudluck to wher u going to

  13. Longlive Arsene Wenger,RVP and other loyal members of the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we will achieve our dreams to the sooner with our HEALTHY game and philosophy.

    Cesc,with all respect,i want to remind you to take a lesson from what happened on Flamini.after he left arsenal he is completely please Cesc,take a big lesson from Flamini!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I want you all to cast your mind back before the election in the UK. Gordon Brown is on a loser and he knows it. He is willing to make any play that has the potential to paint him in a popular light so he turns his attention to football. I’m sure that he decided that as football is a national obsession in the UK and pretty much everybody has a team that they support on some level, suggesting a policy change that would appeal to the majority of them was a sure fire winner.

    On many levels he was correct but it would appear that he failed to factor in how unpopular his government had become and so his proposal that this same government would implement a programme that would eventually leave 25% ownership of every football club in the hands of their supporters (presumably through the mechanisms of supporters trusts) at least for now, came to naught.

    Now it was a blatantly populist move with absolutely no thought as to how it could ever be achieved, but it did at the time send a chill deep into my very soul.

    Forget for now the mechanics of how this would come about. I am more interested in the philosophical perspective of the idea……and how darkly dangerous it is.

    On the face of it, it is fair to say that most fans would like the “idea” of being involved in the ownership of the club that they support. That being said, it is also fair to say that they wouldn’t want to have to pay for it otherwise they already would have.

    The problem from my perspective is that the vast majority of fans aren’t very bright and in some cases they are thicker than two planks. One only has to see how easily that they are led up, down and around the garden path by the mainstream media especially in the last couple of days, to have that point confirmed.

    Imagine if you will, the population of LeGrove, the guys that jeer our own players during matches and the people who thought it would be a good idea to leave messages on Cesc’s sister’s twitter calling him a c*** for wanting to leave, all having an input into how our club is run.

    “This wouldn’t happen!” I hear you say. Wrong. Dead wrong. It was only last year at the shareholders meeting that Arsene Wenger had to put up with cheap shots at his players and the club’s policies which caused me to write my first article on this site calling for everybody to get behind the club and the team.

    The problem with these types of meetings is that people tend to get an over-inflated sense of self and their own position. Just because owning 1 share allowed them to attend the meeting, they took a liberty off of the back of this to express their own minority view in an insulting and unconstructive manner.

    Had I been Arsene Wenger at that meeting I would have offered to purchase his share on the spot given his unhappiness with the club. That would have shut him right up.

    It is worth noting that the club has postponed the next similar meeting no doubt to avoid what is certain to be a more vicious repeat of last year’s events.

    There will be a cretin sector of the supporters who will say that they have the right to express these views in whatever manner they choose because it is “their” club. To put it quite simply is is most certainly NOT their club. The club belongs to the major shareholders and not to a bunch of malcontented morons with no business acumen, no historical perspective and no common sense. Dear GOD! what would happen if this ilk of so-called fans had the influence behind them that a 25% stake would afford?

    Now I know that there are many AST people who post comments here and for the most part they seem decent and reasonable supporters. It should be remembered however,that were the Supporters Trust to grow from its paltry few shares to a major shareholding stake, it would not be these reasonable well intentioned people who would be sitting at its head but rather the power-hungry, agenda-bearing, political self publicists that these organisations always draw as they gain momentum.

    Give me an AST with 25% stake with Consolbob anyday because I know what I am getting but I think we all know that instead it will be somebody who will greedily consolidate their own position to make it almost impossible to shift them short of dynamite. You can bet it wouldn’t be somebody who had personally contributed heavily from their own funds to acquire the shares either. Members who did in fact own shares would find themselves watching others wield them for their own ends with little hope of change.

    I am not specifically having a go at the AST here because generally speaking they are at best genuine supporters and at worst harmless in their current incarnation because they possess very little shareholding, but how benevolent would they be with a large shareholding?

    One only has to look at the insanity that occurs at Real Madrid and Barcelona every election year and indeed every season with managers being sacked who “only” win La Liga but not the Champion’s League. All to please the supporters by making popular political decisions which become more important than long term planning that ensures sustainability.

    It is only the inequity of TV money distribution in Spain that perpetuates the hold of the these two clubs. Were they ever to have to rely on sound decision making for success on a level financial playing field they would be badly hampered to the point of dysfuntionality by their form of ownership. Would you like that bedlam year in and year out at Arsenal because I certainly wouldn’t.

    Some will point to the examples in the Bundesliga where supporter ownership has a much higher profile with Bayern Munich as an example. Bayern’s debts like those of Madrid and Barca are there to make my point for me. Success that puts the future of any club at risk is no success at all. Portsmouth may treasure their FA Cup but they do so from the championship next year and may be doing so from league1 the following year, if indeed they survive at all.

    Our club may have had half a decade of no trophies but in that time they have made vast stride in terms of infrastructure and financial clout. This has in turn raised our profile on a global scale. We have held fast in our league standing against a ridiculous level of financial doping from our competitors and it finally looks like they will be called to account by either administrators or UEFA leaving us in an almost unassailable pole position. This has all been carefully engineered and shepherded by both the board and the manager and those who criticise them for it are bereft of sense and reason.

    Long may it last that they are also bereft of ownership.

  15. whats with reusing untold’s article?
    Its a good article none the less. Lehman, while great, and magnificent, also left for a reason. Its hard to see players like him leave. But it is always for a reason. The time is now for Arsenal to find a keeper with the ability we so desperately need.

  16. Oh we miss you Mad Jens Lehman!! Yep shambo, I wonder what he has to say about aluminium or flabbianski he he

  17. Lehman, what a legend and nutter. Still remmember how he choked Van Nistleroy then both suddenly fell to the ground when the ref came. If only the book was in english.

  18. @nairobi gooner & laninja,
    What about the robbie keane scuffle that time, the mad yolk nearly cost us our invincible season!!
    Ye still gotta love the guy tho!
    P.S for anyone who doesnt have the ‘benefit’ of the british and Irish tabloids; there has been absolutely nothin about the Cesc to Barce ‘deal’, I think theres alot of eggs on faces at the mo.

  19. Just a quick one on Cesc . I live in Spain and in yesterdays copy of AS , which is a major Sports daily , there was a photo of Cesc signing ‘barca shirts for kids last Saturday !!

    Need I say more ?

    I will say “sod him” though as he still has 4 years on his contract, but if it’s his desire to play in an inferior league where there are , year on year , only two teams competing for the title, then “bugger off sunshine”.
    Inferior League it is too, as this year, Valencia , who finished third , were 25 points behind Real Madrid , who finished second . That’s how it is every year. Go warm the ‘barca bench tosser .

  20. Fabregas has four years left on his deal, we’re not obliged to sell

    If Alex Ferguson doesn’t want to sell a Manchester United player he doesn’t sell. He didn’t sell Cristiano Ronaldo when the player initially wanted to go, Fergie sold him when Real Madrid bid £80m. Time to sell, bye! The 23 year-old Cesc Fabregas has four years left on his Arsenal contract. On that basic premise, Arsenal have no motivation to sell him.

    Ronaldo is an eye-catching high-scoring match-winner, a creator and a scorer. Fabregas is not quite at the same level in the goalscoring stakes but is a world-class playmaker. So what is he worth? What Barca want to pay, or what we’re prepared to sell for? There is a belief that an entity is worth what someone will pay for it but, until or unless it is sold, it is worth what it is valued at. Barca apparently want to pay no more than £30m for Fabregas. So what? If Ronaldo went for £80m at the age of 24, shouldn’t Arsenal be using that as a barometer for the 23 year-old Fabregas? Should we not be settling for nothing less than £50-60m?

    In the same breath that Arsenal would not want to keep Fabregas if he fervently no longer wants to play for the club, he is our player and he is contracted to us. We are not obliged to sell him. Player power is much lauded in modern football but a contract is a contract and it gives benefits both ways. Players sign them to land security of a fat pay cheque for a determined length of time and they can hold a club to its terms by refusing to leave, even if a club is hell-bent on selling them. Hello Winston Bogarde! Equally, a contract gives a club security to demand a big transfer fee if another clubs wants to sign the player.

    Many Arsenal supporters are not convinced that the club gets the best deal for players who have been sold in similar contexts – think, Henry and Vieira – that we try to act tough but then accept less than we should do, gurning uncomfortably that somehow we have pulled off a great bit of business. I joked on Twitter a few days ago about Arsenal playing it cool. “Waiting 4 Arsenal 2 play hardball. AFC “We want 40m!” Barca “We won’t pay a penny more than 30m.” AFC “Okay, 25m!” Barca “It’s a deal.” We hold the key here, we have the player.

    If Arsenal refused point blank to sell Fabregas, if we told him that he would be staying, that we would be signing some excellent players and then actually went and did so, we could still move forward here, keep Fabregas and perhaps be stronger as the season progresses. Fabregas wants to leave because he wants a successful club football career and it could get a whole lot better at Barca, the world’s best club side. Fabregas is a European Champion with Spain, about to attempt to win the World Cup. On the international scene, that is about as good as it gets too.

    We all know that it is inevitable that Fabregas will join Barca at some stage. So Arsenal’s question now is do we get tough and hold him to his contract and deliver better calibre around him, or do we take the biggest fee we can get, while we can get it, at what is probably going to be the best time we will ever get it? As I’ve tweeted (hate that word) today, “Nobody wants long Fabregas palaver but on other hand wld love 2 c Arsenal say “he’s got 4 yrs on his deal. Match CRon’s 80m or rack off!”.

    If Arsenal do decide that selling Fabregas is the best option, we must make it very clear to Barcelona that Real Madrid’s £80m fee for Cristiano Ronaldo is the yardstick fee for a player of similar age, talent and potential. Don’t expect any favours from us. Don’t expect to pay a smaller fee now because we got him off you for nothing – that is meaningless, you should have had him on a proper contract. If you want to talk big, pay big. If Arsenal want to be a serious player, it’s time to play serious.

  21. @ivan,
    Is your second name Gazidis??
    Where do you get off calling Cesc a tosser, your giving yourself away as a bit of plonker there, if he leaves hes still be a legend in my eyes because of his passion and the way he played when he wore the jersey, if Diaby/ Nasri/ Deni stay their whole careers and dont get out of second gear does that make them better than Cesc. Get real pal.
    Oh yeah and its ridiculous statements like yours that would close the door on a return in the future, hes only 23, we all makes mistakes and if 4 years time he wants to come back he’ll always be welcome.

  22. Yay! we finally signed Chamakh. He’ll wear the #29 jersy. This prolly the main reason why Wenger has not said anything about the Cesc saga. Goody, now tell Barca to go **** themsleves and then address our defensive problems and we’ll be sorted.

  23. Shambo,

    Hahahaha I remember that incident with Keane Lehman is such a character. At his peak he was the best in the business, a factory goalkeeper you may call him. The Americans have been trying to emulate the German way of producing factory goalkeeper but none impressed so much, maybe Howard during his early years at ManU.

  24. @laninja,
    Will we ever see the likes of him again bro?
    Welcome Chamakh,now I can get me a jersey with Sham-akh on the back, my wife wants us to sign viviano cos of her name but i want her to get one with no 4 and ‘cescy bitch’ wrote on it…….lets hope hes still around,eh?ha ha ha cheese supreme!
    Seriously though good luck to him, i hope he manages much more than the 79 goals in 9 years he had at bordeaux….

  25. Jens was a complete nutcase but he’s still a 100 x, no a 1000 x better keeper than the no hopers we have now! Cesc is still under contract but if we have to sell him to Barca lets at least make them pay for it? £80, 000 000 would be a start and not euro’s lets make them come up with real money!

  26. So it seems the end is nigh. Arsenal FC is about to collapse. We will struggle to finish in the top half next season, let alone the Champions League spots.
    That’s what the media and even many Arsenal fans are already thinking and to be honest I’m not sure why. Cesc is a fantastic player no question. But has his time here left a legacy like that of Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry or Pires? Will he be remembered as a great captain like Adams, McLintock or Samson?

    The short answer is no. This is probably not his fault. He has not had the real quality around him that the previously named had. Cesc has had to do it mostly himself, which in this league is a big ask. The problem is we put him on a pedestal simply because he is clearly our best player in the current squad, but he is not the best player to ever pull on an Arsenal shirt, and when he finally does leave and the dust settles, everyone will again see, as we did after Thierry left, that no player will ever be as big as our club.

    I had hoped Cesc may give us one more year. One last chance to grab a piece of silverware with him here. Unfortunately his time here will read: Great player, Good Team, No titles, End Of. Shame but true. Great players can almost always be linked to a great team or a great season. Cesc can do neither during his time here. He missed the Invincibles and since then we have failed to make a prolonged challenge for silverware.

    Cesc’s departure will undoubted fill the bank account with a healthy sum. £40-50 at least I would say. The pressure on Wenger to spend it all will be huge. If he invests wisely and buys two to three £20m plus seasoned international players including a decent goalkeeper, then there is no reason to fear for next season.

    Of course as a player of true skill and class we will miss him, but he like any player can and will be replaced.

    All the best Cesc… It’s been emotional

  27. Mate, you can stick your head in the sand if you want but the silence from both Cesc and Arsenal is deafening. He’s on his way I’m afraid…

  28. I’ve decided that I fucking hate FC Barcelona. I hate them even more than a proper kick in the bollocks.

    I can’t believe that after all the tapping-up and the constant noise that Barca really want Cesc Fabregas they haven’t even put a bid in for him.

    They have tried their damned best to unsettle our skipper and are trying take the easy route. Basically they want to drive a wedge between Cesc and Arsenal resulting in him putting in a proper transfer request.

    What confuses me most though is that if Barcelona wanted Cesc Fabregas that badly, why didn’t they try to sign him before David Villa?

    It seems to me that Barca want him just for the sake of it. Just because they think they can. Because they are the mighty Barcelona.

    That’s why I’ve decided I really hate them now. I used to think that the likes of Chelsea and Real Madrid couldn’t be bettered for arrogance. Well I was wrong.

    I used to like them. They were my favorite side in Spain. Well no more.

    Sometimes I wish Arsenal were a little wankerish in how we do things. Maybe we should start acting like cunts and maybe we will start to turn a few heads and people might start to think we are a big club too.

    Then I think bollocks to that. We are too classy a club for that nonsense.

    I think the silence from Fabregas and Wenger is deafening. I didn’t believe the conversation happened as speculated at first but maybe it did. Or didn’t.

    Anyhow I hope that if Cesc Fabregas has made his mind up to leave then I hope he realises that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

    Yes he has Barca in his ‘DNA’ but will he be as revered out there as he is here? Will he become skipper out there? Will he the first choice in the starting eleven?

    I doubt it.

    I love Fabregas and I can understand his desire to rejoin Barcelona one-day. It was always on the cards but I didn’t expect it to maybe happen so soon.

    However doesn’t he feel a little embarrassed about how his ‘new’ or ‘old’ club are acting? Surely he would want Barcelona to act accordingly? Clearly they aren’t.

    There is no respect from Barcelona in this move at all. They said they would respect Arsenal wishes. Well where is that respect?

    Arsenal have already said they don’t want to sell but the Barca media onslaught continues. If Cesc wants to be a part of that, part of a club who think they are royalty then let him.

    But I hope he knows what he is letting himself in for because it ain’t gonna be as rosy as he thinks it might be.

    Joining a club with no morals only to warm the bench isn’t going to be easy for a player used to adulation and captaincy.

  29. Wow, wow I missed you Jens, still remember the day you brought down Etoo in the Champions League final, whether that was good i dont know but That event has refused to go off my mind.
    BUT, Jens the day you jumped over a billboard to PEE will never be erased, that was a total display of human and nature put together.

  30. Arsenal still remains and will b stronger everyseason if fabs goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@D, it comments like yours that make me switch off for a while. Non-sensesical, absurd, foolish, drivel, trash, rubbish, ridiculous, balderdash, fiddle-faddle, piffle, cobblers, that’s a crock, bombaclart, gibberish, incoherence, baloney, schmegegge (yiddish), humbug, balls is what i think.

  31. I think our team will do well without Fabregas.We can have Nasri or Arshavin to play that role.But we may fail to defeat the bigger teams but will do well to earn a top four place.I hope the possible candidates for his replacement are Ramsey,Merida and Wilshere in future.With Merida expected to leave it ends up with Ramsey and Wilshere.Let’s not worry about Fabregas.Noone is bigger than the team or club.He is also like us and trying to do what is best for him at his age.Let wish him the best if he leaves and enjoy watching him if he stays .

  32. @voley_gun,
    Merida has left on a free.
    Ramsey suffered the same injury as Eduardo so there can be no guarantee on how he comes back from that, just look at Eduardo who is a shell of his former self.
    Wilshere is still nowhere near the level of cesc and putting him in that position with that pressure would only stunt his progression.
    Nasri is not good enough, Diaby is not good enough or consistant enough and Arsha is a mixed bag who will surely be sulking when Cesc leaves and is replaced by more ‘unknowns’.
    Does anyone know who this Laurent Koscielny guy is???? He plays CB for Lorient and we are rumoured to be in talks.
    I can imagine Song, Vermaelen and RvP will be excited to hear of this possible addition to the team.
    The players we should be looking at are Gourcuff and Stephen Ireland and Scott Parker as cover in behind.
    Like I have said before, we will never win anything with Diaby and Nasri in the team.

  33. I will still not comment until the bloody fool makes the first signing. Chamak was free and not bought.Waiting to see him spend.Tired of shit every season.

  34. Think we should offload Diaby for 5mil????
    Eduardo for 3.5mil????
    Cesc 40mil
    Total : 48.5mil
    How much player can we spend for that????

  35. Ok, Iv found out a bit about this French/Polish CB who weve had a bid rejected for, according to the media.
    Laurent Koscielny,25 in sept, signed for FC Lorient last year after playing in the french second division with Tours FC for 1.5M. Now its is rumoured Lorient, who finished seventh in the french league, 20 pts off winners marseille, want 9M for the player.
    I cant speak for anyone else but if we sign this guy I am gonna lose the plot altogether, it will, once and for all confirm that wenger is the most stubborn, careless and ego-driven manager of all time….its has been confirmed that Cesc and Wenger had this talk and that Cesc is to trust Wenger and just concentrate on the world cup.
    Im sure that Cescs mind may have been changed by Wenger and that he may have convinced him to stay one more season and wait until the team has been strengthened.
    If this is his idea of strengthening the team then cescs mind will be made up once again to leave…..not only are we now looking at mid twentys players with no International experience, we are also looking at guys who dont know who to pledge their internatinal allegiances TO.
    Wenger never ceases to amaze/ infuriate me.

  36. Adebayor = 25mil
    Cesc = 40mil
    Eduardo = 3.5mil
    Fabianski = Free???
    Silvestre = 2mil
    Almunia = 6.5mil
    Diaby = 5mil
    Merida = Free???? (i’m not really sure what’s happening?)
    25+40+3.5+2+6.5+5= We could spend for 4 experience players!!!!!!!!!

  37. @ShamboGunner – I mentioned Ramsey,Merida(who left on free) and Wilshere as the possible future replacement for Fabregas. I believe Ramsey will come back good as he have age on his side.Until that time it is the responsibility of Nasri,Diaby ,Arshavin and someone who arsene find to do the creative role instead of Fabregas to do the job.Nasri will emerge good in successive seasons and so do Diaby like Nani for ManU.
    But we cannot win silverware for next two seasons may be.

  38. @Volley_gun,
    just not sure about the commitment or desire of Nasri and Diaby mate, something that Cesc had bucket loads of…..aswel as character and integrity….not sure about Arsha in this respect.
    When the goin gets tough Nasri, Diaby and Arsha dissappear whereas Cesc gives his all

  39. This french lad is just a mere jocker and shadow of his past .He never commands any confidence in the fans.I believe we have had enough of wht he can do and its time to move on.I wouldnt give a fuckin damn if fab left and we replced him with Gourcaeff.Nasri can raise up his game in partnership with Rosicky and Arshvin.What matters is getting the right maximum amount from Barca.Playing a cautious well thought style of game will see us win trophies unlike the stupid, predictable approach wengerhas always used. I regret that we were beaten by Barca comprehensively because of Wengers tactical inefficeincy to match Maurinho.I just cant immagine how patient arsenal fans are with such a coach.He has totally lost the tactical acumen whe the club is in crisis.Let me just prepare for world cup and brush off that French mediocre.

  40. what is wenger waiting on to buy a keeper and a defender
    when madrid gets into this market all prices will go up does this fool know that then he’ll say “I won’t pay high prices for players we have people in house nasri, diaby, deneilson, djourou, almunia, bedtner” of whom i will not let one mow my lawn wenger you suck

  41. Time to reflect. The dust has settled on another disappointing season, which without a trophy for the fifth consecutive season is ultimately a failure. Where do we go from here? The two extreme schools of thought are: 1) Wenger’s project has failed. He has dismantled his team of Invincibles, replacing them with a bunch of overpaid, inexperienced, physically and mentally weak kids of which he is oblivious to their many frailties which we can all see. We will not win another trophy with him at the helm. 2) Arsene Knows. My feelings lie closer to the latter.

    As the wheels came off our title challenge, it left me with an empty feeling. The summer ahead will be an important one. With Cesc’s departure seemingly imminent and the arrival of Marouane Chamakh, any other business conducted will have to be of the requisite quality. Top of the agenda is a world class goalkeeper. I have always thought that Almunia lacks the presence to ever be a world class goalkeeper, Fabianski has age on his side and sending him out on loan may be the best option for him to gain experience and confidence. Wojciech Szczesny looks to be our future number one, having received rave reviews following his loan spell at Brentford and Arsène Wenger even issued the bold statement that he will ‘certainly’ be an Arsenal number one. A world class defender to partner Vermaelen is required if Gallas leaves and a world class midfielder if Cesc leaves. That’s up to three world class players to strengthen the spine of our team and with the rest of our young squad one year older and wiser, a few young guns ready to make their mark on the first team and better luck with injuries, I feel we stand in good stead for next season.

    I watched the recent question and answer session with our CEO Ivan Gazidis staged by the Arsenal Supporters Trust. Since his arrival, I have admired his intelligence and honesty. He is more in touch with the fans than other Arsenal board members and his involvement in the ‘Arsenalisation’ of the stadium shows that he appreciates that the fans are the heart of the club, something which has been lacking since the departure of David Dein. I thought he answered the questions with sincerity and assured us that the managerial staff will thoroughly analyse the team’s performance. One of the points he mentioned is that we may think that Wenger has an obsession with this team and can’t see things. However, he prefers not to publicly criticise his own players and I think this is the way a club that wants to be regarded with virtue should act.

    Another issue that was raised was the significant number of injuries. Mr Gazidis attempted to answer this question by stating that we are a young team playing possession football and run more than any other team, so injuries were inevitable. He also pointed out that we have less rest days than the opponents we are playing in comparison to our rivals; 36 in total, compared to Chelsea 22 and United 24. The long term injuries have been impact injuries. Injury problems have plagued us for many seasons now and he did reassure us that this would be examined and also mentioned a new GPS system, which will be used next season to anticipate injuries.

    Let the lot from down The Lane bask in their so-called glory with their manager losing the little dignity he had in ‘The Sun’ advert, having previously been charged for tax evasion and will undoubtedly leave them in disarray as he previously has the Hammers, Saints and Pompey. Look at the big picture. Having settled into our new stadium, we have one of the world’s finest sporting arenas, generating enough income to ensure our future at the top is secure for years to come. Once the debt has been paid off and other clubs are hit by the irrational management of their finances during a global financial crisis, plus the possibility of a spending cap based on income generated, we will be in a financial position of most clubs’ envy.

    Wenger’s vision has made this future a reality. He knew we would be handicapped in the initial years and planned for this period of transition into a new stadium but couldn’t have foreseen factors out of our control i.e. Abramovich. We are fans for life. I’m not old enough to know what it was like during the barren spell post 71 but I’m sure that this doesn’t even compare and I’m also sure that one day the chickens will come home to roost for other clubs and we will be rewarded. Enjoy the summer

  42. fabregas
    -wenger pick him up from a rubbish and polish him into a gem stones…please be like henry…go out from arsenal after 29 years old…show your loyalty Spaniard…
    -wenger must sell him now for more than 50 mill + ibrahimovic and use the money to buy arteta or joe cole or maybe Gorkhan Inler…and buy another center back…try to catch samuel from inter…he have so much experienced to be shared with arsenal youngsters….

    -arsenal best GK ever after david seaman…

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