Some realistic examples of players that Wenger could consider

With just two games left in the Premier League season and third place all but secured, I’m going to follow Arsene Wenger’s example and talk about transfer today. 

I’m going to keep it short and simple. I am going to name the positions that I feel we need new players and also a realistic example of the type of players who could fill those positions.

To get straight to the point I feel we need to make three or four signings this off-season: a goalkeeper, one or two central defenders (depending on who leaves in the break) and a striker.

Word from the manager is that he is going to conclude whatever deals he is working on before the World Cup starts, just like Tomas Rosicky’s signing in 2006. Let’s hope it all works out.


In goals I feel both Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski have lost the faith of the manager and the supporters with their error-strewn performances this year. Fabianski has time on his side and the raw ability to recover from the horrendous start to his Arsenal career, but for Almunia there really is no going back. I believe Wenger needs to bring in a good-quality goalkeeper of decent size, with reasonable amount of experience, to come in with intention of playing the entire season as No 1.

Realistic Target: Manuel Neuer (Schalke)

Central Defence

With Alex Song’s ability to play at centre-back in emergency situations, we need to start next season with four reliable central-defenders (not including Mikael Silvestre). Thomas Vermaelen is a shoe-in while Johan Djourou will be back from injury, but question-marks remain over both William Gallas’ and Sol Campbell’s participation next season. Personally I think Campbell will stay and Gallas will go and if that is the case, I would like to see Djourou promoted to the first-choice position and a new signing come in to fill the fourth spot.

Realistic Target: Serdar Tasci (Stuttgart)


At the start of this season our 4-3-3 formation contained a frontline of Andrey Arshavin, Robin van Persie and Nicklas Bendtner, an ideal balance of physical power, pace and trickery. When van Persie and Bendtner both suffered serious injuries and Arshavin played alone up front that balance was lost, the high-pressure game disappeared and we struggled to score nearly as many goals. The manager knew this and immediately went about recruiting Marouane Chamakh from Bordeaux to provide the physical outlet we so desperately needed, however the Moroccan was under contract and the French club would not let him go.

Signing Chamakh this summer is imperative to our ability to score goals next season, not because he will get bucket-loads by himself, but because it will ensure that we will never go without a strong player capable of leading the line. The 4-3-3 formation that we started the season with relies on hard-work from the front line to push up high and pressure the opposing defenders and allowing Chamakh to rotate with Bendtner and van Persie will mean we stay fresh during the injury-free periods and cope well when we’re under the strain.

Realistic Target: Marouane Chamakh (Bordeaux)


Have your say on potential transfer targets in the comments (and please, please, please try and stay on the topic!).



  1. I think you’re absolutely right about the roles that need to be filled in. My guess is that Campbell will another season at least if not two, but that may be stretching it. I’m not sure about the targets set but perhaps a central defender is a wise choice for Wenger. Also Fabianski, even if he does have the time he needs drastic improvement and needs to perform when the No.1 keeper is out. He didn’t show that this season. Almunia does need to be let go. Also Chamakh does sound like a good choice but I’m not sure about the other targets.

  2. You’ve listed one center half noting Song’s ability to cover that position. May I ask who is to cover Song’s position? Denilson is as much use as a chocolate fire guard. Since we’re likely to get Chamakh for free we should be looking to get a keeper at least one center half and a holding midfielder.

  3. @ Anon – I guess that makes him quite realistic 🙂

    @ Jay.D – Cheers. They’re just examples of the fact that there are players out there who can fill what we need to complete our squad.

  4. no central player needed you think?

    i think that we need to cover for the possibility that song may be injured, or required at centre back.

    im not sure who would be suitable for us, though… yaya would be fantastic but im not sure he’s attainable

  5. Those are 3 good targets, Andy. There are a couple players at GK, CB, CD & ST that are in the same vein (price/experience) as those you mentioned.

    If Chamakh is indeed a done deal I don’t think we’ll bring in any more strikers, but I do think this is the summer when we add Hazard. His value will just keep increasing and AW will rue the day someone else snaps him up.

    Much will depend on who actually leaves the side. The Gallas situation will weigh heavily on who & how many CB’s we bring in.

    Also, we appear to be in very good shape with the new 17+8 rule for home grown players, but this too might have some effect on potential targets.

  6. The one area in the team i would like to boost is defensive midfield area. Song has done well and whenever he isn`t playing we are very exposed. We need a combative hard tackling guy in that position.

    I don`t think Chamak is the kind of Striker we need. He is a quality player coming for free and he from French league. Two reasons good enough for Wenger to sign him. But i think we need a top-striker in the mold of Torres,Villa, Traves, a Pacy striker is wat we lack!!

    Goal Keeper: Bring in Buffon or some experienced guy. Sale off Almunia , Fabiansky. Make Vitto as second goal keeper , and Szczesny as the third choice.

  7. * Note – CD in my original comment should have been DM. Sorry – it’s 2am here & I’m half asleep. 😉

  8. We definitely need a goalie, aswell another defender. I have a good feeling Chamakh will join. But i also feel its time for Rosicky to step out to open up a spot for Wilshere. Think it will also be good to make a move for Everton’s Rodwell to help cover the mid. What do u think Andrew?

  9. The thing is the required players need to be signed. There should be a reappraisal of tactics.Messi was from another planet when he smashed four goals.Against Inter in both legs he was 90% if not completely neutralised..Admittedly Mourino has the personnel to do the job.

  10. i do agree with the positions of need that you have identified. but im not sure we should have neuer as our first choice. wenger loves buying good young players but the team is so young as it is, we need an experienced first choice to help guide the youngsters. sebastian frey has been mentioned – he may fit the bill as a good reliable, experienced keeper for a few years while mannone and szczesny gain some more experience (on loan).

    as for central defence, silvestre frankly cant be relied on and must go. i dont think wenger wants gallas to leave but time will tell. that leaves gallas, campbell, djourou and vermaelen. but if one of them does leave, let’s not forget about havard nordveit on loan at nurnberg, who can play CB and DM. he is very highly rated and has played 40-odd first team games at only 19 yrs old. i see nordveit and the verminator as our future CB pairing.

  11. I don’t agree with you Robert. I think Rosicky should definitely stay. He is a great player even if he didn’t have a great season. Maybe like Homer said, Fabianski needs to go..Getting an experienced keeper is going to be tough. Hope Arsene makes a good choice if he does pick up a keeper. Andrew, I also think that having Walcott in the front 3-pronged attacking line is a good decision yet you haven’t mentioned him. What are your thoughts on him and the possibility of that position?

  12. @ r y – Re: Neuer, he will likely be Germany’s No1 at the World Cup. He might only be young but he’s a strong and experienced goalkeeper.

  13. I`m glad that someone finally posted some realalistic transfer traget rather then dreaming about D.Villa,Dzeko etc..I also belive Chamakh is a done deal and I belive he will be very useful..I hope Wenger keeps his word and gets players early this summer..Hopefully a new GK someone like S.Frey(Fiorentina Failed Champions League maybe even Uefa Cup)…A new defender and a strong physical Midfielder….We shall wait and see

  14. goalkeepers might be Frey, Neur and Romero or even Alder but I think It will be frey if we can get him
    CB might be Hangeland, Subotic, Tasci, Mexes
    ST is already done with chamak

  15. Andrew, i agree that neuer is a great young keeper with alot of experience for his age, but i’m pretty sure rene adler will be germany’s no. 1 this summer, Joachim Low even announced it.

    anyway, the point is that we have two good young keepers developing really well (especially Szczesny) who are the future no 1’s for arsenal. if we were playing fantasy football then wenger should go for neuer, but i just cant see arsene blocking the paths of Szczesny and Mannone – its not his way of doing things.

    btw any ideas/info on havard nordveit, andrew?

  16. r y – Last I heard Adler damaged his shoulder and might miss the World Cup. Could be wrong though.

    If a more experienced keeper is on the cards then we could do a lot worse than Mark Schwarzer. Experienced, consistent and capable of match-winning performances (as well as performances where he just needs to concentrate and make one save, like during Australia’s WC qualification) he could be ideal.

  17. I agree with all your suggestions Andy. Definitely a keeper and a defender. But I am worried about injuries in our defensive department. If Vermaelen or Song gets injured it could cost us

  18. Good points all round – first from you, Andrew, then in the comments.
    But why is nobody willing to take the chance on Szczesny? I know he’s young and may be no Cassillas, but maybe he is. We buy a veteran goalie as back-up/ coach (not a lemon) and try it. Third choice Flappy or the Don.
    And with Chamakh aboard, we’ll have three tall forwards who could, if Plan A isn’t working, include a Plan B which includes long balls.
    But defence is the most important and I hope that Arsene knows a decent DM.

  19. Wenger Should not be allowed to spend any more of our money until he sign a new contract. The board should give Wenger a deadline to sign or F**k off. They have back him over the years and it time for him to do what he paid to do that is win silverware. The squad has been crying of for investment for some time now but Wenger ego always gets in the way. For an Old Islington Bod like me, It’s not cheap to watch the Arsenal, so the least Wenger can do is put a squad THATS wins silverware, it not to much to ask?

  20. i wish we brought in a a decent partner for cesc but the nutty prof will not get one. he will stick with the current recluses and when they all get injured again towards the end of the season he will say all our players were injured bla bla bla Groundhog day anyone?

  21. We also need a tricky, flair winger who can dribble cross. We cant keep putting central midfielders in the wide areas, as they are unproductive.

  22. campbell will stay, arsene wenger is so adement to get him to te world cup. if he thought is was good enogh to play for england then he is good enough for arsenal. I agree with your other transfers but we need a controlling holding mid. either rodwell or sissokho.

  23. Great suggestions!

    For GK I feel we really need someone with experience and presence, someone who can lead the defence. In that case Schwarzer or Frey would be better options than a young, promising, highly rated GK like Neuer… we have that in Szczesny and Mannone already, they could be great no2 and 3.

    The same goes for CD, with losing Gallas, and Campbell is only ever going to be a stand-in, we need a solid, experienced player in that position. Maybe Djourou is coming up, but is he quite ready to cut it for us at the top level? Think about the defensive quality of Inter Milan, that’s what we need to match!!

  24. Hey mate,

    Regarding the goalkeeper, what are your thoughts on Hugo Lloris, Igor Akinfeev and Sebastian Frey? All are being linked to the Emirates.

    Also being linked is Hangeland and Cahill as centrebacks, again your thoughts?

    Also sadly, I think Eduardo hasn’t been the since THAT injury, do you reckon Wenger will sell him now? Vela hasn’t been given a decent run either. Do you think these guys have a future at the Emirates?


  25. Andrew, what do you think about Walcott?
    Is he good enough for a starting position, when we have Arshavin, RvP, Bendtner and possibly Chamakh? Do we need another pacey winger who can deliver the crosses into the box?

  26. German Press says Rene Adler had a slight rib fracture on 17.04.2010, sounds not good, rest is speculating I guess

  27. Diara will be a mistake. Attitude problem. Andy identified the weak points but I think we need back up for Fabregas. Has anybody thought of why Barca wants Fab when Xavi is still there (Iniesta too though injured). Nasri has been a disappointment when needed most. I hope AW will not just fill the positions but fill it with experienced players. I have not recovered from Inter’s defeat of Barca, an obviously better side due to discipline and experience. The way Zanetti caged Messi was unbelievable.

  28. Joe Hart presently on loan with Birmingham to me is better GK choice. Young, agile and determined. If only M. City will let him go.

  29. I’d definitely looking into buying Joe Hart. Experience in the premier league and being relatively young – two big positives. Yes, there is a bit of hype about him, but I think he has the results to prove he is top class.

    Never heard of the Schalke guy.

  30. Next season our season our tactic should be to kill our fans, I mean literally kill them…..with our level of skill and possession football….until they’re dead.

  31. i agree with u except that i dont think djourou will be ready for a starting position. he will probably have a season where he goes on small but annoying injuries.

  32. For goalkeeper bring back Szczesny, make him number three behind Fabianski and a new goalkeeper, Frey, Neuer or Sergio Romero (though I think Frey is the best answer), don’t bring in Lloris (not good enough, press talks too much about him).
    Defence, sign Campbell and Gallas, you have four defenders, plus sign Méxes or a younger guy, and start games with Gallas and Vermaelen, then integrate new defender slowly.
    Whatever people say, I still think Arsenal need a central midfielder. A guy who can score goals from 25 metres, create assists and defend. Denilson could be this guy, but I just don’t believe in him. Should get a 25 year old African or French guy from French championship. Typical Wenger.
    Striker: Chamakh. I would still sell Eduardo and Bendtner, neither are good enough. David Villa would be the best, strong, fast, precise goalscorer, though Wenger will never buy him.

  33. a goal keeper-anyone but “dumb” & “dumber”- a cb-pref zapata,a dm pref moussa sissoko & an other winger pref eden hazard-plus already got chamakattack-then offload the deadwood-take your pick from at least half a dozen-promote the top prospects i e jack “the lad” etc-bring ina defensive coach-god knows we’ve loads of past masters in that art to call on i.e keown,adams etc-sack our inefficient medical team-who couldn’t put a plaster on properly- the five point master plan-prob sorted!

  34. Hello Andrew. Like AlanC it’s good to read realistic transfer targets being suggested even though I don’t actually know anything about any of these foreign players being mentioned, even Chamakh hardly.

    – I think you may have overlooked Ramsey and Gibbs in your thoughts.

    – aren’t the squads being reduced to 25 next season? With this in mind I say OUT must go –

    ‘moonia, Flappawanski, Silly, Dopey (Diaby), Gallas (cos he’s crocked), Traore, Senderos & Vela. The first three are obvious, the others a bit harsh but someone has to make way for the good stuff. I think Diaby almost made it but…you know..not really…and we’re not running a holiday camp.

    IN must come-

    a proven top notch goalkeeper. Not easy but actually not that hard either. There’s plenty around who wouldn’t cost the earth.
    A tall defender – ie. like Haangeland.
    A tough tackling defensive midfielder who can play in either positions. When we’re 2-0 up you bring this guy on.
    Strong, direct striker. I would say Carlton Cole but you all seem to think we’ve already bought Chamakh so hopefully he is that.

    That will make the squad 25 thus:
    New Keeper1, Manone2, Szesny3
    New Defender, Sol, Sagna, Verm, Gibbs, Djorou, Clichy
    New DM, Fab, Denny, Ramsey, Song, Eastmond
    Walnut, Rocky, Nasri, Eboue,
    New striker, Bendtner, Eduardo, Ashavin, Van P.

    World beaters!! Of course half of them will be in the treatment room all season.

  35. Denilson ain’t world class, but if you look at the goals he’s scored for us this season there not your typical (“walk the ball in to the back of the net type”)

    Give em a chance, if song can improve so can this boy.

  36. Steve, Denny’s goal against Everton is STILL my favourite moment of the season – which is sad because it was the very first goal we scored. It didn’t really get better after that!

  37. There’s german striker,he’s just 20 bt very sharp,strong & a gud finisher. He plays Mochenglabach in germany.

  38. The truth is we’ve actually scored more goals this season than we did last season. However, I’d put that down to perhaps the first few teams not knowing how to play against us with the 4-3-3 formation and the fact that Van Persie and Fabregas weren’t injured. Wenger switched to this formation because we were conceding too many goals but in reality we’ve actually conceded more goals this season than we did last, as I’m sure you’re aware. 10 of these goals were against Man Utd & Chelsea which, quite frankly, is embarrassing. The formation doesn’t really work for Arsenal. It works for Barcelona but the quality of our squad doesn’t compare to theirs. Everyone knows our team lacks depth when it comes to the squad. I prefer the 4-4-2 formation personally. Wenger’s image of a 4-3-3 is more like a 4-5-1, as the wide players he plays upfront play more like midfielders than strikers. I would revert back to the 4-4-2 next season, use Van Persie as a supporting striker, bring in a quality out and out striker, quality backup for Song, another quality centre back, and a good goalkeeper. No doubt what Wenger will do will be something completely different though. Probably introduce another semi-attacking midfielder to the equation and some youngsters. Fergie proved you can win stuff with kids. Those were quality kids though.

  39. I don’t hink that we will get Neuer, he will be very expensive and he is also alot like Lloris great on the line but lost in the air. Adler is an option 🙂 Blaise Matuidi is a midfielder that Wenger preoblably will be very intrested in 🙂

  40. Good article and excellent input from everyone.

    Arsene is loyal to those players that train hard and fuel team chemistry. So for this reason, I don’t see Eduardo or Rosicky going anywhere.

    Rosicky has looked his old self this second half of the season & easily a back up for Cesc.

    The fact that Merida has not resigned, its doubtful his heart is at the club.

    As much as I like Denilson, he is not developed to fill in at the DM role and Arsenal struggled whenever Song was missing. Can’t see Diarra returning, as stated above, an attitude issue (forever).

    I would not miss Gallas & Silvestre if they left. For the last 3 seasons, Gallas is injured the last 4-6 weeks.
    They are not the club’s future. Buy a 24-25 yr old with experience, to pair with Vermaelen & rotate Djourou + Nordveit / having Song as 5th option.

    What the team is missing in attack are pacy wingers with skill. Theo continues to remind me of SWP. Great pace but not a linking player TOTALLY NECESSARY FOR OUR STYLE OF PLAY; he needs to spend the summer developing this aspect of his game or move him to the middle.

    Hoping that Ramsey makes a faster than expected recovery – as I admire his determination; ditto for Wilshere, WHAT GREAT SIGNINGS.

    re: GK
    Despite Porto & Wigan, I prefer Fabianski over Almunia, but the team needs a new #1, mature with experience.
    Almunia does not instill confidence.

    What does Arsene have in store for us?

  41. I don’t care who he buys as long as they’re made from nails and bulletproof. The biggest reason Arsenal hasn’t won anything this season is the crippling injury list. What’s the odds of all the following making it through next season without a long term injury: RvP, Cesc, Nasri, Arsharvin, Walcott, Eduardo & Rosicksy? About zero.

  42. Joe Hart, is a class goalkeeper. I have no doubts that he will travel to South Africa with his countrymen. I have doubts with Arsenals ability to piry him away from the money vault of Manchester City however. If Arsenal are to enter a bidding war with Man CIty, or Even Chelsea, we will always come off second best. But I am fine with that. It just means that when they go to buy another striker, and they over pay for them two things happen. First, it pushes Ade down the pecking order, demoting him to water boy (and no, in this one bobby does not save the day) and two, the player becomes useless and they are left to justify their spend.

    Realisticly, Frey is looking like he will be the one, for the reasons stated by another, that a top class young keeper will hamper the development of wha twe already have, in two top class young keepers.

    As for defenders. We will not get Mexes. Wish we could. However it does not look like Terry. Just one who grabs headlines for the right reason

  43. Why are so many people down on Vela? I don’t think he’s been given a fair shake in the team and his goals for the national team have been sensational. I think we keep him. If not we’ll regret it.

  44. a lot of praise is being heaped on mourinho today and credit to inter for making the final.however i wish i was getting back the 90 mins of my life i wasted watching the game!it was dire.a training exercise made worse by barcas unrelenting diving and inters time wasting.i could understand time wasting after the red card but jose had them doing it from the off.i have never seen a more negative game plan in my life.truly awful team to watch as they were against chelsea.prior to the game and during the pre match hype i was starting to warm to jose.i admire what he has achieved but at the final whislte last night i remembered just why i hate the man.never seen such undignified disgraceful behaviour.he looked rediculous running around the pitch.i would be ashamed if arsene behaved like that.however he never would because for al his shortcomings he has dignity and respect by the barrell full.yes mourinho is a winner,no doubt but i never want to see that vile,ego maniac manage my club.he is a cretin and i hope robben does a number on his awful team in the final

  45. Wenger says one thing and does another, we can be the eyes by finding the right players but wenger will look the another way, sad but the truth.Oya stop with this thing over david villa and torres coming here becoz they know the epl is to physical so one is looking to escape where there is freedom of expression with the ball(spain) and villa willn’t come here becoz he might spend time on the injuries list.

  46. Neuer is not a realistic target – he’s a Schalke boy and if he were ever to leave the club, it would be for Bayern anyway… Adler is Germany’s No.1 at WC and is back in training after rib fracture, so no worries there…

  47. Andy, I like your outlook but i would add one or even two wide players because i feel we dont have natural widemen that can cross and supply for nic and chamakh when he does arrive,also RvP will contest in the air if the service is good.
    For me, Walcotts final delivery is poor and often an after-thought when his pace alone isnt enough to beat a defender, hes the opposite to Beckham who hadnt the pace to by the full back so he instead perfected the angles and timing of his delivery….right now Theo neither beats his man or crosses accurately on a consistant basis.
    Arsha simply wants to be within shooting range and gives little thought to supplying aerial crosses, Rosicky and Nasri are the same and lack the pace to skin a defender,get to the by-line and whip in a dangerous cross.
    Wenger failed to repalce many important players from our successful sides, and in this case the glaring mistake was that of Reyes….constant threat and pace and trickery made him the most fouled player in the PL in his time at our club and he was a fan favourite and consistant, but homesickness played a big part and Wenger offered little resistance when he requested to leave.
    I think Capel could be the guy for us, hes electric and robust and strong across the ground, he could also be available for a good price having not been a regular starter this season for seville, hes certainly a talent and has been talked up by Wenger before.
    Also can i just ask, can anybody tell me when we last recruited a player that is already proven in this league??? Rooney,Ferdinand,Mascherano,Lampard,Tevez,Adebayour,Given,Defoe,Valencia,etc have all proven they have what it takes at this level in this league and have made big money moves to top teams in recent years and gone on to bring their game as per usual, my point is their not gambles and we wont have to listen to the crap about them needing time to settle in when they under-perform.
    Whats wrong with the Tim Cahills,Bents,Pienarrs,Artetas etc in our league that we must go to the bundesliga and french leagues for ‘bargains’ who ‘must be given time’….

  48. Chamakh is a good signing not because he’s the superb striker we need but he comes free and we need somebody to take over the right from Theo/Rosicky/Eboue. I’ve grown tired of watching the hype that is Chamakh, maybe its just me but Bordeaux are on the up because of Gorcuff not Chamakh, If Gorcuff joins us Van Persie will be a 30 goal striker consistently.

    Guys, Bendtner scoring record is almost equivalent to Chamakh yet people piss on Bendtner just because he’s the slow Hartson type of striker. I rather dream of signing Luis Suarez or Toulanlan.

    I hope Denilson have a bit part to play though I suspect Wenger had enough of him and would be relegating him as a backup. Song has been a revelation but to me he still not the finished article. I really see Song as a deputy hatchet man or a proper centreback.

    Anyway my list are just dreams, Wenger probably had signed some players on a pre aggrement. Whatever happens he must sign a goalkeeper, if not he is taking the supporters for granted.

  49. There are plenty of good keepers in the Premiership and Championship that we could go for? I think Sorensen or Gordon are both highly reliable keepers. Spend a bit of money and Robert Green or Joe Hart spring to mind? Alumina and that Polish muppet have to go, no question!

  50. @ shambogunner. Absolute you just nailed it. At least one world class winger is essential. Look at the past Ljungberg and Pires were one the most gems that arsenal had for all that success we had. I still didn’t understand why wenger allowed pires to leave. Just look at this goal and tell me apart from FAB and RVP nobody is good enough to do this
    @andy as far the targets are concerned arsenal need to rebuild atleast we require 5 players atleast.
    GK Most important one Joe hart will do for me
    CDM Veloso,Lucas(Liverpool),Blaise Matuidi.
    Winger Diego Capel (Sevilla)-this guy is fecking ace
    Silva (Valencia)
    Jefferson Farfan (Schalke 04)
    Rodrigo Palacio (Genoa)
    ST Agbonlahor.
    CB Gary Cahill (Bolton),Ledly King (Spurs).
    Allow Gallas,Silly,Aloo(Almunia),Frecky(fabinski),Eduardo(Miss him the most but unfortunate).

  51. Lads, check this out; Diaby and Ben Arfa fight whilst at Clairefontain……….Ben Arfa calls Diaby a ‘son of a bitch’ and it kicks off…..where has this aggression been since he joined us?
    maybe thats the secret, we need the opposition to insult his mother for him to show some aggression….fascinating stuff this!

  52. Hats off to fulham. What an acheivement and a reward for a manager who did his homework on all the opposition,set his team up tactically and exceeded their potential beating the holders shaktar,juve,wolfsburg and now hamburg to get to the final….hats off and goodluck to them.

  53. I think Chamakh will be good. Will link up well and can head which will be a nice change. Out of left field I would take a chance on Babel. I reckon he has underperformed at Liverpool for whatever reason, but he has pace, is strong and could deliver crosses better than Theo ever could. So you have a strike force of Arsh, RVP, Chamakh, Bendtner and Babel to rotate and have Speedy Walcott to come on for the final 20 mins when defences are tired.

    What about someone like Scott Parker for midfield? Agree we need some extra steel there to back up Song and Cesc. Yaya Toure could be a realistic target because he does not seem to be first choice at Barca.

    I reckon one of Gallas and Campbell will stay, with Vermeulen and Djorou then I reckon one other defender is needed. I heard the German Metzelder mentioned as a possibility.

    And as for keeper – any one has to be better than Almunia and Fabuianski! Hart, Akinfeev, Adler, Sorensen or Schwarzer could do the job.

  54. I am total ageement with your suggestions. The current team will not be able to challenge for the championship. The team lacks a consistent threat in the striker position, a dedicated central defender who love to defend, and an aggressive midfielder to complement Fabregas.

    These additions will certainly improve th quality of play and enhance the club’s chances of winning both the champions legue and the EPL.

  55. any thoughts on possible starting lineups next season?

    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Clichy

    Fabregas Nasri

    van Persie Chamakh Arshavin

    possible but any better ideas?

  56. Yeah, Chamakh is a good signing which AW should have done in january. Arsene should give his most importance to the back four and the keeper. Arsenal is a top club needing a top goal keeper and good experience. I suggest we bring in Neuer or Doni ,the former would be much better.Coming to the back four ,watching the leakage our defense has caused I don’t think this should be the state of the defense of a big team like Arsenal.Manager needs to bring in some better defenders into the side.I suggest we buy two very good center backs as we have a spare in the form of Campbell.
    Wenger should get rid of regular injure prones like Rosicky and I also prefer to sell Eduardo as the squad numbers are getting shortened.One more forward would be better for the season if some thing goes wrong in November the dirty month.

  57. Let’s take our minds back to the beginning of the season, like you we at Arsenal Debate felt the feeling of anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm. After all, it was the beginning of a new term and even if we hadn’t dwelled into the transfer market in search for exceptionally experienced players there was a sense of optimism in the air as far as getting off to a good start and pushing ahead as the season went on.

    The season started well with an absolute mauling of Everton until we eventually succumbed to capitulating a few games later when we lost to both Manchester City and Manchester United in consecutive away games. Don’t forget we actually did play well during both matches; however the all too familiar lack of bottle and heart came to the fray as it has in recent years where we crumbled under the pressure of going behind even while in complete control.

    Indeed we have played very well at times this season, the terrific games versus Porto, Spurs and Villa spring to mind and of which brought back wonderful memories of the glory days not too long ago.

    All in all, as it seems to have become a norm in recent times, it was an up and down season for the mighty Arsenal. Absolutely outplaying the lesser teams while playing without confidence against the likes of Man United and Chelsea; but what to do? Should we expect the same old failures next season? Could Arsene Wenger expect the same? There are those who argue that with retrospect to our financial incapability’s in comparison to our competitors, we as Arsenal fans should understand the current situation, but a growing minority aren’t. Why?

    Are Arsenal fans simply losing patience with the ongoing promises of glory, consistency, and potential? Perhaps the gunner’s faithful would prefer a clear sense of honesty in the true proceedings taking place behind the scenes at the Emirates.

    As readers of Arsenal Debate, where do you truly believe the problems lie? In the boardroom, the manager, or simply the impatience among the supporters clearly visible at home games when circumstances don’t go our way?

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  58. I’d like to see us purchase someone who is already an established Premier League player. Someone that wont have to come in and spend a season adapting to the fast paced, very physical league that we have here in England.

    Alot of people laugh when i say this but i’d like to see us bring in someone like Kenwyn Jones into the striker role. He win’s alot in the air so our crosses would then always be contested. We have players to do the ground work in Van Persie and Eduardo. It’s the air that we struggle in.

    Defensively one of the Fulham duo would be great. Konchesky or Hangeland would be perfect partners for Vermarlen. It would be great to see an approach for one of them two in their.

    With regards to goalkeepers im not sure. It’s always a difficult position to fill as goalkeepers always make errors and they are always the things that are remembered the most. Nobody remembers the fine saves it’s always the mistakes. So i wouldnt like to say on that position.

  59. What Fulham have done puts the big boys (de ammers included) to shame. Pride, passion, skill, stickability, technique, drive, direction, you name it theyv’e got it. And above all a fucking manager to do whats needed for the game at hand.
    @shambo where the hell do you find those clips, top shout mate.
    Im so appy the liver got knocked out.

  60. @arsenal debate, the only problem with yr team is that Wenger keeps buying similar players that are small skillful and nippy or that play keep ball very well in the gym. He does not seem to understand that a different type of leader is sometimes required when the going gets dirty or tuff. Look at old king sol for instance part of the old guard when times were good. THAT ALL IT TAKES. But……. as the song goes, I’ll (wenger) do it mmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  61. this is my wish list to go out the club

    almunia (its a shame but he can not do more)
    campbell ( dinosaur)
    silvestre ( dinosaur)
    denilson( hes at the top he can not do more )
    bendtner ( he cant stop a ball)
    rvp ( never finish a season compleate its a shame we dont need him that way)
    arshavin( its a cool chest and dont like arsenal is only make money)
    eduardo ( not too strong for england football, he is afraid now)

    as you see its a long list if wenger dont replace this people you who pay for the your seats in the stadium are going to watch another seson without nothing

    and me here in peru suffering and suffering year to a year in my home


    juan luis sanchez

  62. All of the suggestions sound great, but we have been led down the garden path before about signings.

    In the Jan transfer window AW said that he was going to sign someone and we ended up with Campbell??

    There is no way that Arsenal can go another season without at least getting a final of a competition. All these names being thrown about are wonderful, but realistically AW has never been one to spend £20 million on a player, so talk of David Villa and Joe Hart and Mexes is very silly.

    Chamakh if we get him will be on a free. So ii think that he should go out and spend money on a decent defender and Goalkeeper. I also think we need cover for song; there is no one in the Arsenal team who is a defensive as him.

  63. @ icehammer – “BY THE WAY CHAMAKH IS NOT THE ANSWER.”

    Care to provide any sort of reasoning whatsoever to back up that statement?

  64. If we are looking for a pacy striker then Chamak is not one of them.At best he is like Adebayor.Moreover free.Its high time you people realised that this moron is not ready to spend. He is planning to cheat us next season with mediocrity. Guys wouldnt you feel better being a Fulham fan.I think Wenger can manage the Europa cup better and the Champions league is for the other top teams. He is a failure on all fronts and doesn’t seem concerned just like his keeper who kept on praising how good Barcelona was on being thumped 4. I would kill the fucker if he ever put on the Arsenal shirt next season.Where is the sense of pride we enjoyed as the gunners.We should stand up early this season to the board and only rest after seeing five different players come in.

  65. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is once again asking for the fans to ‘trust’ him ahead of the summer’s probable recruitment of numerous players. Wenger has already admitted that he requires new faces in order to challenge for the title next year and to stay on the heels of both Chelsea and Man Utd at the top of the Premier League.

    There is no denying the Gunners have been hampered with injuries all season with stars Van Persie and skipper Cesc Fabregas both missing sizeable chunks of the season, however even while taking in account Arsenal’s injury list, the squad doesn’t seem capable of even pulling together during times of hardship as all teams inevitably go through at least once a season. Wenger also refused to buy in January when many fans called on him to sign a new striker, but he insists plans are in place for the summer.

    With a deal for Bordeaux’s Marouane Chamakh already agreed, Wenger is hopeful of making further strides in the market.

    Wenger said. “They have to trust us because historically we have done well in the transfer market. Last summer we bought Thomas Vermalean, nobody knew about him and now he is in the team of the year, so they just have to keep faith in what we do.”

    “As always we will try to be intelligent, sensible and take care of this club in the right way.”

    Wenger insists he will not allow his side to be broken up, adding: “One or two will go out, which happens every year, but the first target is to keep the squad together.

    “This team has a future. I believe the players want to have a future together and that is why it is my job to keep them together.”

    Arsenal Debate – A forum for all fans…feel free to comment at this link

  66. I agree with getting rid of sylvestre cause he is worthless now and i dont think campbell can keep up with the pace of the premierleague anymore, so i think we need to look at another CB. I think Joe Hart would be a good buy for keeper if we get rid of fabianski, and if almunia leaves, but i think we should still give a chance to thetwo keepers coming up the ranks at arsenal. other than that chamak will be a good buy, and we just need another mid especially if rosicky leaves

  67. 1. Chamakh (Striker) and Oscar Cardozo(FC/Target man)
    2. Veloso (DM) or Palombo (DM) or Yaya Toure (Anywhere defensive)
    3. Brede Hengeland (CB) or G. Chiellini (CB/DL)
    4. GK….give Mannone some love…been pretty solid in all his outings except his communication with his defenders..but otherwise he’s a capable, confident, strong keeper.

  68. Silvestre deserves to go, but Campbell deserves another year.

    We need 5 players ideally 2 CD, 1 CDM, 1 CF and 1 GK.
    Considering Chamakh is Arsenal bound and if Wenger keeps back Senderos and plays him, we can do with 3.

    I suspect some players might go on loan or be sold as well!!

  69. Could consider David James in goal! And with Portsmouth’s troubles he could come cheap & maybe easy!
    Also, i think, Diaby & Eduardo need to go. The striker’s just not the same since his injury. Have seen him fluff more chances than he’s put away.
    & speaking realistically have serious doubts wether Cambell & Gallas can keep up with their fitness & the pace of the game against the quicker fwds. And all the top teams have those “quicker” strikers.
    Also Chamakh should proove to be a good signing.
    And lets put our trust in AW!

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