Some final fun before the big one

Although I said that yesterday’s post would be the last before the Arsenal-Manchester United game, I decided to add a little bonus for anyone trying to pass the time before Saturday’s big game.

If you’ve been scouring the internet in the past few days you’ll realise how much interest there has been in the game between England’s current two best sides. There’s been some really interesting articles as well as heaps of other Arsenal-United-related bits and pieces, so I thought I’d compile the best of it and give you some things to help the time race by. Enjoy!

From which club did Arsenal sign Robin van Persie? Just one of the questions in Football365’s Arsenal-United themed “Great Friday Quiz” this week. Test your knowledge here.

Got around 35 minutes to kill? Check out Arseblogger’s always excellent Arsecast which features a match preview of the United game as well as heaps of other hilarious titbits.

Cristiano Ronaldo: a diverWe all know that Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player, but he’s also a big diver. Check out a great video featuring his 30 “best” dives here. Some of them are pretty awful and should get any Arsenal supporter’s blood boiling before the game.

Manchester United are going for their fourth consecutive away win at Emirates Stadium. Check out all the statistics on the big game in the BBC’s excellent match preview here.

Finally, if you missed the match previews from this blog you can check out the one from an Arsenal perspective here and the one from a Manchester United perspective here.

That should keep you guys happy. I’m starting to get very excited about this one and I’m sure you are too. I said it yesterday and I said it the day before and I’ll say it again today; I really think Arsenal are going to beat Manchester United. I’m going to put $5 on Arsenal to win 2-0 and another $5 on Alexander Hleb to score the opening goal – hopefully when I post again it will be to celebrate a wonderful victory and some financial gain as well. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you really enjoy this one and I’ll talk to you on the blog tomorrow. Cheers.

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  1. I can’t wait, last season i was hoping that the gunners would beat manu when we faced them ( which of course we did, twice! ) but this season i am believing and knowing we can beat them, the squad, the enjoyment, the positivity of the club right now is at a high and we have the strength to beat the red devils!

  2. We are winning this game and the worst it’s gonna be will be a draw but it’s quite unlikely..i still got bout 5 hours to the game and time seems to be a stand still.

    i already bet Ksh 1200 with 6 Man U fans on Arsenal winning and my Damian Gong cd collection on Ronaldo not scoring.. 😉 hope i won’t loose my collection. Keep it real guys!

  3. Did you know that Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is a great gooner fan? if a celbrity superstar like Combs is Cesc Fabregas’s(another superstar) fan won’t that make Fab a double superstar or will it be superstar squared? who knows?

  4. man, am i the only one who can’t sleep?!?!?! I AM WAY TOO EXCITED YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! C’mon you Gunnerssssssssssss!!!!!!!

  5. i just want to inform every one that i failed my grade 9 math exam, becuse i watched the arsenal-sheffield game the night before the test!!


  6. but diddy met up with the manu players. why’s that??? is it cos theyre more famous worldwide???? or in the u.s.

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