Sneaky source tells me Adebayor’s City move is a done deal

Hello all. Just a very quick news round-up this fine Thursday before I nip off to the theatre (how posh does that sound?!):

  • Emmanuel Adebayor is ridiculously close to signing for Manchester City after being granted a work permit. I should add that a reliable source of mine tells me that Ade has been confirmed as part of City’s team list for their tour of South Africa so it really seems it’s a done deal. This despite the Togo man apparently saying he needs more time to decide.
  • Felipe Melo has been confirmed as a Juventus player. I really wanted him to come to Arsenal I have to say, but oh well.
  • Klaas Jan Huntelaar, a player who many see as a potential replacement for the outgoing Adebayor, is close to completing a move to German side Stuttgart. Personally I never thought he would come to Arsenal and I’m not tooooo concerned that he hasn’t.

Anyway, that’s it. Enjoy yourselves.

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  1. Hey SF…

    On the Huntelaar thing, the only reports I’ve seen are ones indicating that while RM and Stuttgart have agreed a fee, Huntelaar has been very reluctant to go into personal terms negotiations. In fact, his agent the other day indicated he didn’t think a deal would be completed. Not to contradict what you’re saying, but do you have any other info about Huntelaar completing the move to Germany?

    Spasibo bolshoi. 🙂

  2. He is ‘stalling’ on this deal as he feels it will be percieved as being greedy back in Togo. Give me a break. This saga could be as bad as the Arshavin will he wont he signing.
    Hope he does everyone a favour and goes. I’ve never known a player to be disliked by his own fans as much as Ade.

  3. Well i like adebayor, dont know where he was this season but i think he can play extremely well given he doesnt get big headed.
    I think its a shame hes leaving on a bad note and 4 20 mill to man city after ac millan offer 20 plus flamini, so i think we could have negociated a better deal especially with cash rich man city. And i reckon we need a world class striker not just on the field, but to be a role model to the youngers and to show how to win matches. Huntelaar to arsenal (even though i know this wont happen).

  4. @Gooner4life

    I don’t think that AC Milan offer was legit. There’s no reason for them to offer 20m plus Flamini.

    Aside from that, the City offer is for 25m, not 20m.

  5. I don’t understand this new development with Ade at all? ‘I want to sign for you for 160 grand a week but they’ve never heard of you in Togo so maybe not…’ Smells like bullshit. There’s something fishy going on. I mean he can’t exactly come back and play for Arsenal now can he? Maybe he’s just realised it means he’s going to have to live in that shit-hole, Manchester. Stupid ****!

  6. I don’t get it; why are the various media in the UK saying he is being offerend to man u due to his stupid wage demands –

    will be glad to see the back of this guy

  7. As 4 me selling players in arsenal is always a problem bcos there will be no redmade replacement flamini, henry ade is going maybe chamark i dont knw much abt him all i knw he wil be going 4 afc in january why not fabiano, villa and if we’re searching 4 a young sharp striker i wil go 4 atildore dat u.s.a player he plays like drogba how are we sure v.persie is going 2 play all season without injury so maybe edurado and chamark or bedtner or vela when v.pesie is injured £25mil 4 ade is very good but there shld be a perfect replacement dat all.

  8. paresh, what exactly is bs? that he’s been offered to man u, or that the medical + work permit for city is sorted?

    He will be a confirmed Citeh player by the end of this week, I’d bet huge lumps of money on that

  9. At the present moment dont forget we still have a young squa who are developing and i am not willing to wait 2 more years for bendtnar to develop. It has been so depressing to see arsenal come away with nothing season after season and see the likes of man u just win everything. This shows u that something needs to change if we want to pose a stronger and real challenge. I am not willling to allow bendtnar to fill adebayors shoes, the shoes that was left by henry. We need real quality right now!!!! At least the fa cup…come on, i want to be enthusiastic when i see the arsenal squad players but in reality i doubt certain players are ARSENAL QUAILTY or will be arsenal quality in the future. R u guys forgetting who arsenal are…if anything it should good young players coming in and becoming quality in the future (walcott, fabregas), not shit players coming in and becoming good players in the future (denilson, song). THIS IS ARSENAL WE R TALKING ABOUT NOT FLIPPIN FULHAM. Bring in match winners not players like this chamkh guy, have you seen his highlights on youtube, there all of him missing opportunities and 13 goals at 25 means your not agood striker and is not ARSENAL QUALITY. Sorry if ive blabed on, i just believe arsenals reputation is going down the drain. And is this melo guy takin the piss, look how long we were interesed in him and as soon as juventus shows interest he replies immediately that he would love to play for a big club like Juve… wot isnt arsenal a big club, are we not worthy of the likes of melo. Look at our reputation falling further and further, i dnt even think huntelaar wuld want to come arsenal!!!

  10. The baffling question is why would Mark Hughes – indeed why wold any manager – want to sign a bloke who is incapable of making up his mind and prone to change it as much as our daft Togolese ?

    Craig Bellamy is one thing but this is a leap into the recruitment dark too far for Sparky I think !

  11. Adebayor will be a Man City player don’t doubt it. He might want to know if AC Milan will match City’s offer but that’s it. And they won’t pay him anywhere near the City wage and they won’t pay the same transfer fee so he’ll be at City shortly if he isn’t already.

    The Huntelaar thing – he would certainly come to Arsenal over Stuttgart, that is why he is stalling over a deal with them. He is the perfect Ade replacement but I’m sure Arsene is aiming at Chamakh.

  12. @gunner4life
    agree wit alot of wot uv said but in relation to ur melo comment im nt sure we know the ins ands outs.
    i commented on this blog last week about my frustration at how our club tends to do its business…wer too slow to act and when we do we haggle and try to outsmart the selling club and dats why,in my opinion, weve missed out on quality signings such as ribery,given,benzema,etc look at ferguson when he wants a player he lets that player know and go gets his man…no sagas,look at how he got owen aswel that wil prove a great piece of business….my point is when ur a top player u want to feel wanted by a club and i think our way of doing business is too slow and impersonal and juve probably made melo feel they wanted him more,and who knows maybe he has just settled to italian life.
    sick of ade now just leave….hes upset hes been exposed as a gredy shit and hes obviously surrounded himself wit bad advisors who are probably waiting for barca,ac or inter to swoop late on….good riddance
    chamakh is not the answer,wil be angry if AW signs him….kenwyn jones for 12-15 mil and a def mid…that will do nicely

  13. Hey gooners fans, even if the deal is on the brink of collapsing, lets push it up to succeed. Ade must go! He has nothing more to offer arsenal if he stays. He must not be allowed to remain in arsenal this season because he will play even the worst now that his has gotten this far. But I think that Prof. Wenger must go for a better replacement and not rely on bendtner at all. If the money is there, good strikers are available. Go Ade, go!

  14. SF if u said “deal done” i will accept becse u’re not like other bloggers./….then i think now we have to talk about 2 transfers..1 central midfielder and 1 striker…the real one!!…huntelar?? i prefer someone else…..some one like villa

  15. crouch at sunderland for talks…cnt understand why they wud want jones and him,there too similar….im tellin u all KENWYN JONES is our ade solution with benefits….come on AW make the right move goddamn it.
    jones way better option than huntelaar

  16. AW can sell Ade because Arsravin is better as a supporting striker. So that give us VP/Ars or Eduardo/Arsh or do the combo

  17. @ Gooner4life – you speak as if Arsenal have a history of spending big money on marquee players. Name one signing from our history who didn’t make his name by playing for us?

    Besides, it’s not just Bendtner – I see Eduardo as a capable replacement for Henry and Ade’s boots. He is a special player and has Vela/ Walcott waiting in the wings. That’s more exciting than one Huntlaar or one Eto’o.

    Rememeber Reyes? Sukur? Give our own strikers a chance!

    We all wanted Arshavin and we got him. But here you all are complaining again, forgetting that Arsene has to put the club before our selfish desires to put a new name on the back of our strips.

    Do you guys really think we are losing face because we refuse to gamble stupid money on a name? It’s just not the Wenger way.

  18. Lucio to Inter- would have loved us to get him… not sure what the price was tho

  19. @ Filipino Dan – arsenal spending small and getting results takes time (which we r not willing to wait any more), and with the likes of man city and real madrid around spending crazy money and becoming a real force, we cant just say that we need little improvement especially on the back of last season. We need to improve alot especially with other teams looking to challenge us for 4th place. but the truth is 4th place is not good enough for arsenal, why cant we be a real contender for the title instead of contenders for 4th place. the improvement needs to come if we want to win. And as you know there is still quality out there for a good price e.g. huntelaar 4 15-17 mill. It might sound expensive bt 4 2days market where players are being bought 4 80 mill that is a bargain for a quality player and would be a shame if tottenham got him.

  20. @ Filipino Dan
    You are spot on!

    @ Gooner4life
    Running a successful football club is WAY more than just buying big name players and spending loads of cash during transfer windows. Have you ever taken a business course in school or been a part of a successful business? These clubs that spend tons and tons of money on huge players will not last. Either the clubs will go under at some point, fall off for a significant period of time, or will be stuck with the same squad for years to come. Real and Man City can’t continue year in and year out to spend over 200 and 300 million on transfers each year. There is no way buying all those players will bring in more than the money they spent on the players and turn a profit.

    Arsenal has one of the best long term business strategies combined with a great youth program and are in it for the long haul. Take a look at Man United. They spent big over the past several years but have chose to spend little this off season after banking with the sale of Ronaldo. Why? Because they need that money to sustain and pay back debt they accrued when buying big names in the past. Same thing with AC Milan and Kaka. If you want to be an Arsenal fan for the rest of your life, then I suggest you put your trust in AW and let him run the show. He knows what is best for the club on and off the pitch.

    I get so sick of the fans who constantly put down the club and our manager as if they have no clue what they are doing. Have you ever run a successful football organization…I didn’t think so. You can’t win everything every year and expecting that is just absurd. Live in the real world, get a grip, and have some faith in your squad…if not faith, then at least your all out support. If you can’t do that, then go join the ranks of Man City. They will surely spend the cash you want Wenger to spend and go under in 10 years or less. I ARSENE and ARSENAL I trust! Up the Arsenal!!!

  21. Gooner4life – YOUR SPOT ON!
    if like me you spend your hard cash to go see arsenal most weeks, you will know the REAL frustration – Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world and if we carry on the way we are in the future we will be a average team competeing for carling cups and fa cups, the way we are heading 4th spot is a dream! its a disgrace. i make my self sooo skint to buy a ticket, i borrow money to get to matches if i have too! i wish the board could put in even half the effort we true supporters make and invest in some real qulaity players – a few years ago , we could of got david villa, yaya toure for quater the price they are now – but we had no money for players! its not A.W’s fault , if he had the funds he would use it! as for bendtner, i dont wana spend my hard cash to watch a waster like him play, he is worse than ade by far


  23. @ Breezy – If read what commented on properly i didnt say we should spend money like man city, what i did say is that with our current squad we may only win something in he future. The truth is if we want to win something this coming season we cant buy potential we have to buy realised qality right now. R u claiming that arsenal cant fork out 15 odd mill for a quality player… oh thats right, we did that with arshavin and look at the results. Im not looking for arsenal to buy fabiano or villa as i no these players r out of arsenals reach. And if you want to talk about business, dont you think our lack of recent achievement is making it difficult to attract quality players, who in turn could contribute to our immediate or future success and bring in extra revenue from sales, commercial revenue and revenue from winning competitions. Look at how this melo guy messed us about after we were clearly after this guy but i reckon he thought to himself if i go arsenal i am going to give my best years of football whilst playing alongside the likes of song and denilson. What quality player would seriously be attracted to playing alongside those guys, quality players want to be around quality (unless you can offer them crazy money)!!!!!!! Quality players will either come to a club because of the money or the reputation of the club, arsenal reputation as a football club not as a business but as a club is declining and we cant compete in the money department because of our lack of and our strict transfer policy. Once in a while we need to spend money to be competitive in the premier league and europe whilst also cultivating our youngsters.

  24. @ Gooner4life / mickeythe gooner

    I think it is fair to say that we already do “once in a while spend money to be competitive”. But you also know that Arsene has great faith in the youth system and with the additional clout of the credit crunch, it is less likely than ever that he will buy a big name. Even a Huntlaar would probably command big wages and a club record fee and I am not sure Arsene will see the point, with the players we have in that position coming through.

    As I said before, I would love us to buy someone like Huntlaar but like Mickeythegooner I spend my hard earned cash to travel from Scotland (and in the past from further afield) to get to games each season and it is hugely depresing to see us fighting for fourth but it’s clear that Arsene won’t go changing his policy now.

    On the plus side, other top four teams are getting weaker this summer whilst we are keeping the players that care abut the club and tightening up our defence. Man City won’t gel yet so there is no reason why we won’t win a trophy.

    Look, we all have a point; I hope that Arsene finds a balance and signs a player, not neccessarily a ‘big name’, who can play in a position that is crying out for reinforcement. And we all know where that is.

  25. lets buy christian poulsen.hes a quality midfielder that will only cost 8 million

  26. I wish these people like Abramovich and the Arabs that own Man City – who are throwing millions of pounds down the drain – would chuck some in my direction. I’m totally skint.

  27. How much earns Adebayor at year ??

    Because the diary of Real Madrid (Marca) its saying that they already agreed the fee for 20m.

    But Stuttgart offers Huntelaar 2m at year and he earns 4m at Real. So they said that Huntelaar will wait 2 weeks until a club offers him more than 2mill. (I think this suggest that he´s also waiting for a better team)

    And last summer when Huntelaar finish the season with 30goals or something, many teams offered more than 20mill for him but he said the he was a BIG FAN OF DENNIS BERGKAMP and like Dennis was joining Ajax with Van Basten he decided to stay but months later he had some problems with Van Basten and thats why he signed for Madrid 6 months ago. So dont you think he will love to play for Arsenal??

    And also u could call “dreaming” a player who is at the same age and score more goals to sign him for 5mill less that the money that u will receive for Adebayor??

    Unfortunately I think this will be a “dream” cuz Arsene like to buy cheap. When buy someone for 20mill when ure receiving 25 sounds to me like an amazing deal.

  28. whoever keeps suggesting us to buy david villa is out of their mind.the day we buy villa is the day tottenham wins the premiership.

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