Senderos leaves on eve of Stoke tie

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Senderos signs for Everton

Philippe Senderos has joined Everton on loan for the rest of the 2009/10 season.

The Swiss defender has been open about his desire to leave Arsenal to gain more first-team football before the World Cup and should find that at his new club. With Lucas Neill off to Galatasaray the chance is there for Senderos to step straight into the team and play a big part in the second half of Everton’s season.

This will be Senderos’ second time on loan since joining Arsenal in 2003 with a stint in Italy with AC Milan for the whole of last season. I don’t think anyone quite knows why the defender has fallen so far out of favour but had it not been for Johan Djourou’s serious knee injury then Senderos would probably have left Arsenal over the summer.

As it is with Senderos desperate for football to make Switzerland’s World Cup squad and Thomas Vermaelen, William Gallas, Mikael Silvestre and new boy Sol Campbell standing in the way, it would have been harsh by Arsene Wenger to stop the defender from leaving.

Whether we’ll see him again is debatable – although the fact that he hasn’t signed a permanent deal with Everton suggests he may still have a future at Arsenal.

Stoke team news

Arsene Wenger gave a big indication of the team he is going to play against Stoke in yesterday’s pre-game press conference.

Based on these comments this is the team I’d expect:


Coquelin   Campbell   Silvestre   Traore

Thomas   Eastmond   Denilson

Walcott   Vela   Wilshere

While that is the team I’m expecting there are a couple of alterations that might be made.

Wenger could look for Cesc Fabregas to lead the team and play him from the start, while Kyle Bartley may indeed play at centre-half instead of Sol Campbell. Craig Eastmond could play at right-back while Eduardo or Andrey Arshavin might be called upon to play in the front three.

Based on that team we’re going to have our work cut out to beat a decent Stoke side on their own turf, yet I’m still hopeful that this young team can get the job done.

Come on boys!

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  1. I would be delighted if AW plays the team u have put out Andy !’Just don wanna see any of our first team players getting injured.
    Frankly, I dont care about this match and wouldnt feel so bad even if we are knocked out.
    My point abt the cups is u either gotta win it or get knocked out very early. going till semis or final and getting knocked out doesnt serve any purpose , and rather affects the league games too.

  2. And all the best to Senderos. I dont think anyone will have any hard feelings towards him. he shd consider himself lucky that wenger stuck with him for so long.
    hope he makes t to world cup !

  3. I care a lot about this game. If we can get past Stoke somehow with this team, we don’t play the next round until after our four big games, and I’d back us to go on and win it. Fingers crossed we can do it.

  4. The team looks very in experienced in the front. I like the fact we playing stoke, which is a physical team, and i know silvestre and campbell would relish to play agaisnt such a team. I really hope we win, come on this might be a treble trophy EPL,FA,CL. Wont that be epic!?

    Good Luck for the boys, I really hope that cesc is put in the bench for just in case we need a real maestro.

  5. i want arsenal to win this match, but i also want the 1st team players to be rested,, i like the kids, although they dont have enough experience, they are entertaining, especially @ home, but now they are going to a stoke side, who only knows how to bully and use their strength to push us around. we could only hope that we win. am not expecting anything 4m that game. win or lose, am proud to b agooner!

  6. —————Fabianski

    Coquelin Campbell Silvestre Traore

    —-Rosicky/Cesc Eastmond Denilson

    ———-Walcott Vela Wilshere
    I wuold like to add a little bit of experience in the middle.I `ll put Eduardo on the bench and call up incase things aren`t well..Arshavin needs a breather.. he shuld be rested n be made to start fresher for the AVilla match.. Hope, Diaby is not so seriously injured and come back on time for the Villa Match.

    If Song manage to come bak on time for Villa Match then i wuld be such a decent squad..
    My Squad for Villa match `ll be
    Sagna Vermaelen Gallas Clichy
    Rosicky Eduardo Arshavin
    Sub: Vela Bendner Selvester Traore
    Man, wuldn`t u love to `ve this squad…

  7. Sandros is a restless player.When meeting with Drogba of Chelsea,he allowed goals for chelsea by many means.I hope his carrer may meet some u-turn in Everton.

  8. @andy, its a shame yr boys r out for i beleive it was another cup thrown away by Asene by picking such an inexperienced side. Stoke did they homework and not only deserved the game in the strength departmt but also in the passing and moving departmt. I thought Sol had a very good game considering the circumstances of his return. One or two of the youngersters did well, but again i thought Theo was non existent and just couldn’t get into the game. To often the build up of play was to slow and predictable so that when the pass finally got to him he was in a tight position and could not produce any quality or speed with the ball. To me it didn’t really look as if he was desperate enough to get the ball. He needs to improve his movement off the ball and get into more space. Most of the time the middle played the ball out to Vela who also had a poor game and until the final 15 min of the game his crossing and passing was as poor as i have seen. The french right back also had a very poor game. Den was not very good either and i lost count the number of times he lost the ball because of his lack of strength even Fabs was out muscled two or three times. The addition of the subs changed the game for a few moments but Stoke strength and directness and passing was to much for the team today.

  9. Question, is Traore a better prospect going down the left wing delivering crosses than Vela. For at this moment in time Traore finds it difficult to defend deep in his own half because he tries to come away with the ball rather than just put the attacking player into the stand and because of that loses the tackle. Vela cant defend, full stop. But when on the attack Traore has much more potential and success in beating the right back with a ‘lolly pop’ and getting in telling crosses.
    Question, can Sol get into the england squad, especially after such a solid performance against stoke.

  10. No use crying over spill milk,it was there in writing when da 11 was chosen,weak defence that neva play regularly n unknown forward line so da expection were low,either draw or loss.i hate havin 2 c man city n chelsea havin n easy run playing n full strenght side,so much anger against wenger 4 in da fa cup we had 50/50 chance of winning it n now it gone n what wil da arsenal mood b when facing da next opponents.anyway it bridge over water.

  11. sa gunnar, will the next few years end the same for yr boys in the fa and league cup because Wenger uses those comps to blood players. If so that means you might never win it as longer as Arsene is in charge.

  12. sa gunnar, I have been watching Jay since he was 13 at the academy, he is a massive prospect, but not a striker. He might score lots of goals but they are mostly from midfield. One for the future though.

  13. i feel sorry the likes of Fabs because he puts so much into evey game. I dont understand how he finds da drive and enthusiasm to keep going when the team is on a hiding to nothing in the league and fa cup because of Wengers attitude to those games. I cant understand it when Wenger gets so angry on the touch line when the team are loosing games like those. To me it is so obvious why. He needs a kick up the arse by Pat Rice to think of the fans just this one season. Win the cups that are possible and play the kids in the Champions league…….JOKE!

  14. SA, Fabs has paid his dues twice over, arshavin stills owes. Why has Wenger not spent some of those millions the club is making every year. Im confident that an addition of two players can give the first team the added strength they need to come up wid the title. Alas…i feel Manure will somehow win it again. There are beginning to get that bite they have been missing. Rio is back ‘and Rooooney’ is bang on form. Im beginning to get that nasty taste in my mouth i have been getting when my team let me down.

  15. It could b another 3-4 years b4 the youth come through to form a 1st 11. Look at Theo, e has been around for a while now and still he cant play in that system. Vela seems to be a waste of space equally. Ive had enough,and the worst part is…i dont even support the f-ing team. You just appen to play in a style da ammers are trying to emulate. SA see you later mate. Peace out.

  16. This week i got n gud feelin that rio wil get n suspension that wil weaken da team,i havin seen n player score n hat-trick n continue it again in next game,thumbs up song ,diaby n bendtner back n perform well

  17. Ice hammer.Thanks 4 chattin,it da first time that someone chat 2 me on this website since entering it almost 2yrs back,wel enjoy urself in hammers arena whatever u re doing there!

  18. Ironically, we should have played Senderos instead of the dinosaurs we had in the middle of the back today. Defending was terrible.

  19. wel the boss has to hold his hands and say he got it wrong big style,goin to one of the hardest places in the country against one of the biggest teams in the country and fielding lightweights like vela,theo,deni with the inept sylvestre and first-timers thomas and coquelin…it was one of the worst excuses of a football match iv ever seen,our goal was fortunate and rumour has it sorenson had to be treated for frostbite he was that idle in the game…..terrible,even when we got back to 1-1.denilsons attempt at getting back and cutting out the cross of sidibe for their second is the reason why he is not a def midfielder and he was overpowered all day today… sick becos i thought this represented our best chance of silverware this season….vela and walcott were shocking and im sorry to say eduardo did zilch when he came on… man required
    worst signing ever…..sylvestre….ferguson must be still the guy all he does is hail mary the ball forward,some one give me some positives from that game.,please!!!

  20. Is it bad I don’t care?

    If I was in charge Cesc wouldn’t have been near the field. Could you imagine if he got hurt?

  21. I feel really bad about this… 3 goals are excessive tfor a team like stoke although losing the game was a result that could be expected. In the other hand we have CL an PL… but those are the most difficult cups… fingers crossed, we need no more injured players…

  22. Arsene Wenger is a genius – but a flawed one. I wouldn’t put that team out against Stoke Newington let alone Stoke City – in an FA Cup match. It was a right dog’s dinner. Looked like he’d drawn the names out of a hat. What was he thinking? Stoke City aren’t mugs. They’re a good strong team of dedicated pros who would love to be in an FA Cup final. We were lucky the score line wasn’t worse.
    And then he goes and plays Fabregas. The one player he should have rested. We’re going to have to be jammier than the Robertson’s Golly to win anything now, that’s for sure…

  23. Thank f*ck we’ve already played Everton this season. Senderos will probably go and be brilliant for them now. And Arsene will say “Yes, we know what a good player he is…”. Wha’????

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