Saturday Arsenal links: RVP, Vieira, Vermaelen and Aguero

A few fun links for you in the build-up to the Arsenal vs Wolves game:

Arsene Wenger calls Robin van Persie the best striker in the Premier League.

ESPN Soccernet looks back at the impact made by Patrick Vieira in his time at Arsenal.

Soccerlens predicts which teams will qualify for the knockout rounds of the Champions League.

Arseblogger reviews the week on the always excellent Arsecast.

The Guardian has a comedic pictorial tribute to Thomas Vermaelen.

Studs Up has the first of what is sure to be many comics focusing on the suspension of Chelsea’s transfer ban.

Right then, enjoy the game. Come on ARSENAL!!!

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  1. Arsenal will be expected to beat Wolves – and rightly so, given the relative merits of the 2 teams. Of course anything can happen in football but with the form Arsenal are in and the lessons (hopefully) learned from West Ham and AZ we should see a strong performance from the lads with a few goals. I think Wolves will struggle with Arsenal’s movement and passing. They won’t have played a team like it before. Yes, they may snatch a goal themselves but I don’t think it’ll affect Arsenal’s progress to a win. This isn’t over-confidence or underestimating the opposition. It’s about form and skill and the right attitude which I believe Arsenal have at the moment.

    I also think Chelsea will beat manure. manure don’t deserve to be where they are in the league. They’ve survived on their usual mix of luck, referee’s and teams rolling over for them. I think they’ve already benefitted from 3 own goals this season – including ours of course which handed them the win. Chelsea should beat them comfortably. This means, after the weekend, (assuming our win) we’ll be level on points with the scum but second in the league because of our GD. We’ll be 5 points behind Chelsea but we’ll also have our game in hand.

  2. Isn`t it about time Arsenal FC Blog changed it heading picture? Toure and Adebayor are not the heading I want to see.

  3. it is obvious that Arsenal will win.and what i want to see is that the boys have to play the same way they out classed spurs.with a consistent pressure.Go Arsenal .

  4. @ Hey Nonny Mouth – Yah it is clear that Chelsea are a better team to win, but care sh’d be taken somehow as Man.u’s success always is based on luck and the Referees’ scandals.

    Besides a draw is far more better for us than a win for any team.
    Let’s consecrate on our game and see what 2moro will have in store for us.

  5. Just come back from a night out in which I met a Chelsea supporter. Being at a friend of the wife’s I had to be on my best behaviour and so discussed football with the chap in a reasonable manner but really – I’m so glad I support The Gunners. Even if Chelsea win the league this year they really are a sad bunch aren’t they? Who’d want to support such a team? It’s just dire having to sit through the turgid fare that Chelsea dish up week in week out. And when Abramovich gets tried of his toy they’ll sink back into the ‘also ran’ mire from whence they came. Even their fans are boring – because after all – what is there to be excited about? They were a more exciting team before Abramovich bought them – when the likes of Zola and Di Matteo were playing for them. Chelsea win games but my god do they suck ass. I’m so happy to be a Gooner and support the greatest team in the land.

  6. @senior Citizen – as long as we win this W/E we’re in a win/win situation with the Chelsea / manure game. If it’s a draw great. If either team loses – still great. The worst for us out of the three possible results is Chelsea winning because it puts them 5 points in front of us but it’ll still mean we’re second plus there’s the added delight of seeing manure beaten which is always a joy and then reading fergsuscum’s pathetic bleating excuses in the papers the next day in which, no doubt, the ref will will be blamed.

    I truly believe Arsene will send the boys out against Wolves with the right frame of mind. E.g. Take nothing for granted. It’ll be a few more wins before they switch off again(!). Mick McCarthy says they’re going to ‘go for it ‘ against Arsenal. I doubt it, But I hope so. They’ll be crucified. The only way teams can get a result against us in our current mood is to ‘park the bus’ and hope for a set-piece goal.
    Up The Arsenal!! RVP to score again.

  7. nice1 old timer,wel said
    wel id like to see utd win beacause they are definately flattering to deceive at the moment and dont deserve their current place, i mean the og vs us to get 3pts,rios little bros og to salvage a point home to sunderland and the bolton og to win 2-1….their mediocre this year and ferguson knows it,wait and see the panic buys in january…so id rather see the grinding machine that is chelsea get no points at all and 3pts awarded to the team that wil get found out in due course
    anyway who really cares about them…wer the form team in the league at the mo and are bangin in the goals….RvP got player of the month aswel!!!
    come on u gunners

  8. Ugandan Man’s fans and Chel sea’s are already in trouble and all are busy looking for support from the Gunners’ fans and LiverPull’s fans.
    Let’s wait and see who will be who. As for me I don’t care who will win, but a draw will be a great deal.

  9. @Hey Nonny Mouth – I agree with b’se I share the same feelings u have, but for the good of the club, Let’s pray for a draw.

    The other thing is that Diaby should rested from 2day onwards untill he improves. Let’s not wait for him to make a nother blunder that will cost us pts. He is never good.

  10. any result from Manure n Chel’s game’s fair for us. but i would rather “pray” for Chelsea’s defeat than Manure losin’ coz it’ll help us close their it’l give us a give us a great chance 2 the top just in case the boys value their game in hand so critically.
    so i think we w’d spare some of our energy in catching up the Manure….en who knows they might drop points to the likes of Burnsley? lets keep it cool.
    Go Arsenal….

  11. thanks for the informatin stuff Andy, the Arseblogger has a really warm voice, reminds me to the one of Mel Gibson 😉 , of course I can’t understand all, at the end he talks something about a ‘dentist time’ ?? could someone explain what he is saying there or have I misunderstood something?? ❓ , great podcast in any case, I have set a bookmark on that side. So I can listen to two podcast a week now. ❗
    but now ……… Arsenal – Wolves
    (it’s strange in Germany we have the same expression for ‘Wolfsburg’ ‘die Wölfe’…… :mrgreen:

  12. 3-0 people og, eduardo and fabs. wolves put the pressure on from the kick off they had a few chances, diaby was injured and song came on early. wolves defender zubar scored into his own net after eduardo put pressure on him at a corner kick. eduardo scored the second with a cheeky chip after ramsey carried the ball on the break. the third goal was something rather special with sagna crossing to van persie and he set up a rampaging, yes rampaging, fabregas who slotted it pass the keeper lovely lovely goal.

  13. no! ‘der Wolf’ (singular) ‘die Wölfe’=’the Wolves’ (plural) :mrgreen:

    I suggest songs for this game:
    …it’s raining, man ……. Halleluja …… .it’s raining, man ……….
    I can’t stand the raiiiiiin ……….against my jersey ……..
    o.k. too negative, but it’ts pooring isn’t it?

    so briefly, the ‘Wolves’ are playing less defensively than expected I guess, with 0:0 I would have said a hard nut to crack, but with 3:0, first two goals with luck and expertise 😉 and Faby was so cool, he really is confident in front of the goal now, I don’t think the Wolfes have the ability to turn that match …. but you know in football, you never never know………. ❗

  14. since they have Shava, there is no lack of killer instinct any more……
    he really knows how to be at the right moment at the right place…. 😉

  15. Well you can’t argue with 4-1 away from home in the rain. Disappointing to concede so late (and from a set piece) but as with the Alkmaar game it really didn’t matter. Well played boys and two superb goals to celebrate!

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